Quote's Biome Suggestion: The Hive.

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    The Hive

    Essentially this starts out like a cave, going deeper and deeper and such.​
    Eventually the cave starts to thin out, but not to where you need to dig or anything. Eventually it would come to a point where the background color begins to change and the cave starts branching out like mad, forks at every turn, and they end up connecting at points.​
    You get deeper, and the deeper you go the more powerful the monsters and the more maze-like the hive becomes. This continues until you see at the end which has a pathway, that's completely straight forward, that has a Queen on the wall at the end.​

    Hive Grunt​
    Hive Warrior​
    Hive Spectre​
    Hive Guardian​
    *Hive Queen​

    * = Boss​

    Boss: Hive Queen​
    Health: 10,000.​
    Spawn Production:​
    Spawn Children- Spawns Hive Descendants​
    Normal Mode: Spawns at a normal Rate​
    Crisis mode: Spawn Rate Triples in both production and speed​
    Mortal Danger: Spawn rate quintuples, and the Hive Descendants have double hp.​
    Spawn Helpers- Categories of spawning according to health %​
    100%: Grunt Spawn rate 100%​
    90%: Grunt 90%, Warrior 10%​
    80%: Grunt 70%, Warrior 20%, Spectre 10%​
    70%: Grunt 50%, Warrior 35%, Spectre 15%​
    60%:Grunt 50%, Warrior 30%, Spectre 20%​
    ------Crisis mode------ (1.5x Spawn Rate)​
    50%: Warrior 50%, Spectre 30%, Guardian 20%​
    40% Warrior 40%, Spectre 35%, Guardian 25%​
    30% Warrior 20%, Spectre 50%, Guardian 30%​
    20% Warrior 10%, Spectre 50%, Guardian 40%​
    10% Spectre 50%, Guardian 50%​
    -----Mortal Danger------ (2x Spawn Rate)​
    Last 500 HP (Cocoon Stage): Guardian 70%, Spectre 30%​

    Slash: Slashes forward with claw​
    Spit Acid: Vomits a bit of acid in front of her​
    -------Crisis Attacks-------​
    Bash: Constant Slamming of hand in front of her in a single spot​
    Spray: Vomits acid while moving head up to cover the entire field in front of her. Does massive damage.​
    Scale Ejection: Shoots little needles forward​
    (No attacks are done in mortal danger, but she does recover 1-3 hp a second, and she also will re-make her shield every 20 seconds)​

    The entire room, all the way proceeding up to when you get to the flat hallway, should be made in a material that cannot be mined, and this area should be relatively large as well.​
    The Queen would be an immobile target, but she'll be pumping out her children like mad; however, if the "unbreakable blocks" aren't put around her then people can just get up behind her and abuse this factor, making her extremely easy.​
    She'll spawn little flying versions of herself which fly mostly around her in a swarm like fashion.They wouldn't attack you, only fly around her to act like a shield for both ranged attacks (Meat shield) and physical attacks (They fly pretty far away from her, so getting in close would result in them bashing into you for damage).​
    Eventually, when she hits 500 HP, she roars that does a pulse, only inflicting 1 damage, but knocks you back to the wall of the room. When she does this she cocoons herself, giving off a mine-able material called "Crysalisct". This material is too thick for any sword / Magic spell to get through. (It's thick enough to where, if you don't mine it, your magic attack and swinging wouldn't reach) Therefore you have to get in there, by mining, while at this point she doubles the production of her minions, and is now strictly spawning Guardians and Spectres at you (Mostly guardians).​

    Acidic Pouch (Uncommon, Many Drop from Queen)​
    Queen Scales (Extreme amounts drop from Queen, but no one else drops)​
    Crysalisct (Queen Drops a few, but the mine-able material is also obtainable)​
    Heart of the Queen (Queen only. 100% drop for 1, 20-30% drop for 2)​
    Crystal Sac (Very rare from Guardians / Spectres, Decently Rare from Queen)​
    Core of the Hive (Decently Rare from Queen, and Queen only)​

    Scales Are used in the production of armor and various other materials as well as weapons​
    Acidic Pouches make strong arrows, and other weapons​
    Crysalisct is used in creating weaponry and armor.​
    Heart of the Queen requires 1 for each piece of armor (or at least for the chest, and if it is only chest I'd like it to require 2-3)​

    Crystal Sac is combined with any item created by this boss. Turning Queen Armor into Crystal Armor, and turning Any Weapon into a crystal version of the weapon. (unsure if this should also work for stuff like pick axe and stuff.)​

    Core of the hive is an accessory that gives off a glow (Miners helmet) as well as increases low HP regen​

    Note: Crystal Sac can Combine with Core of the hive, which would in turn make a "Crystal Core" which does the same thing as core of the hive, but also adds 3-6 defense along with a brighter light.​
  2. Dreviore

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    added to my thread.
  3. Poring

    Poring Cursed Skull

    This would be fun. Yay.
  4. 2muchwow

    2muchwow Green Slime

    Sounds like a fun concept, and with a little bit of balance and adjustment, would make a really cool addition to Terraria.
  5. Roxas

    Roxas Green Slime

    I know there a wasp in the Under Ground jungle... perhaps this could work the basic idea of it though some details may have to be changed...
  6. Quote

    Quote Green Slime

    Interesting. This working as a hive for a part of the jungle could be cool, but I was thinking a different sort of beast when I'm thinking of hive. A wasp is cool and all, but I think there could be something more disgustingly magnificent in there.

    Then again if they want to add it as wasp a wasp hive then so be it. It'd be bad ass if the entrance into it could be like caverns from the corruption.
  7. TJnr1

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  8. darklol

    darklol Green Slime

    10k hp is way to much, it wont make it harder, just longer
  9. Quote

    Quote Green Slime

    Hey if I get credit then that's fine with me.

    That statement is horrendously incorrect.

    Every 10% of its health it has a higher chance to spawn harder monsters, while attacking you and giving itself a meat shield (forcing you to basically need piercing attacks)

    Now at the 50% hp point it's going to increase spawn production, while spawning the hardest monsters you fight in that dungeon.

    This fight is as much of an endurance as it is a boss fight.

    If this thing had 5000 hp all it'd do is make it change forms real quick, which isn't much of an endurance, but because it's bumped up to 10,000 it makes it that much harder to survive as everything is wailing on you.

    I purposely made this with the intention of "requiring at least 1 friend" to kill, unless you're a damn boss and can solo it.
  10. TJnr1

    TJnr1 Green Slime

    Ok, thanks
  11. Crusty Cracker

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    The idea is great, and the queen sounds like a damn tough boss!
  12. darklol

    darklol Green Slime

    i know, but 10k?
    im ok with that if they add stronger wepons though(harder to get as well, from like a new harder dungeon)
  13. Quote

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    Well you have to also realize she is immobile. With monsters like the eye and skeletron they kind of dodge a bit, but she'll be full on taking it like a boss. She won't be small either. Therefore if you use something like "water book", which wall bounces at the right angle, you'll beast her out real quick.

    That, and , stronger weapons.
  14. darklol

    darklol Green Slime

    yea, just 10k seems like a bit too much with the currunt gear in the game.
  15. Crusty Cracker

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    Remember the multiplayer! 5-10 players could kill her easily.
  16. Dreviore

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    Shall we review Skeletron?
  17. Roxas

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    Vile Thorn all the way!
  18. darklol

    darklol Green Slime

    hes got 4k
  19. Quote

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    and took 1 damage against PBat during a glitch.
    that'd 4000 hits.

    Plus, he moved around, making him harder to hit.

    With current gear you'd do 12 dmg a hit to the queen, that's approximately 833 hits.

    Therefore, they had to hit skeleboss, which was harder to hit, with approximately 5x the hits it would require to kill current insect queen.

    around 24:40ish
  20. darklol

    darklol Green Slime

    i suppose thats good then

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