Ranger Mansion

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    The Ranger Mansion is an entirely legitimate home built (as of now) within five hours. It features 10 NPC houses (verified and accessible by the player via platforms), 'staircases' on each side, mine (closed because of invaluable paths!), and plenty of storage and crafting sites.

    Floors (open)
    *Top Floor (?) - Defense management/???
    Fifth Floor (5) - Hardmode/extra storage
    Fourth Floor (4) - Pre-hardmode storage
    Third Floor (3) - NPC Housing
    Second Floor (2) - NPC Housing
    Ground Floor (F) - My home, crafting

    * = not pictured




    The Ranger Mansion defenses are simple: firstly, a block tower/wall too high for normal hostiles to jump over. Next, sand systems for doors to (a) block off door access and (b) suffocate trapped hostile(s). Lastly, the chest in the bunker holds basic supplies (as of now: Wooden gear, Lesser Healing Potions, Arrows) for five (5) people.

    Blue torches represent the kingdom color - once I have acquired wire, these torches will be set to off. On the sixth floor and each side of the kingdom, switches will be hooked up to the regular torches to turn them off and then turn the blue ones on, representing a raid being carried on the castle.


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