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Discussion in 'PC' started by darksog1998, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. darksog1998 Green Slime

    Hi, my name is Darksog.
    I'm new to Terraria and I could really use with a guide (not the in-game one :p)
    If you want to help, add me on skype: dark_sog
    Thanks for reading
  2. Spratt Slimed Zombie

    Hi Darksog1998,

    First off welcome to the Terraria community! Ok there's many different lace you can go for help:
    1. The "Guide" section: There are so many pages thta can help and there on all different thing mechanics, how to wire your house up, how to build a house, etc. Here's the link:
    2. There's a Terraria Wiki which has all the right set-up to craft things, all about bosses if you want to study your opponent, etc. Here's the link: (its also at the top)
    3. You can also just learn how to play by your self which is more fun, learn how to craft things on your own, buld on your own, etc. (This is what I did)
    I hope this helped you, have fun playing Terraria! Oh and don't forget to read the forum rules if your going to stay and keep posting here. :)
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  3. darksog1998 Green Slime

    Thanks but I'm just looking for someone to guide me through the game. I summoned the Eye Of Cthulhu and got completelly destroyed cause I only had a copper helmet and an iron sword... but thanks anyway, this still helps

    I finally got a grappling hook (those damn skeletons wouldn't drop a hook...).
    I also got a full iron armor set. Tried to kill the Eye of Cthulhu twice but died both times (I was really close though).
    The thing is I don't know what to do next... *sigh*
  4. Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    Get gold armor and equipment and buy a ton of shurikens from the merch then kill the EoC then make weapons out of his drops then buy/find accessories (like rocket boots and hermes boots) then kill Eater of Worlds once or twice and make Shadow Equipment then go to hell and mine the hell out of it.
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  5. Zawrus Green Slime

    Here's the trick:
    1- Make a house.
    2- Start looking for ores.
    3- ?????
    4- Profit!
  6. NyanTarts Flying Fish

    Try making yourself some Ironskin potions when fighting the Eye of Cthulhu, that way you won't take more damage while fighting him by doing the following:
    -Make some Water Bottles.
    -Collect Dayblooms and Iron Ores. (Dayblooms look like this >> [IMG])
    -Be right next to a Alchemy Table and make some Ironskin potions and you're ready to go.
  7. darksog1998 Green Slime

    WOW awesome thanks :D and thanks to everyone else too
  8. Oranje THE Orange Troll

    I suggest making your sig smaller. It's against the rules to have a big siggie. :3
  9. darksog1998 Green Slime

    Thanks :) Fixed it.
  10. Oranje THE Orange Troll

    No problem whatsoever.
  11. darksog1998 Green Slime

    Quick Update:
    I Now have a full set of tools made of iron and a golden broadsword.
    I also found an underground jungle but died 'cause my grappling hook didn't work...

    Quick update: I survived an entire blood moon fighing zombies.
    I have 260 health and 6 mana stars. I have a golden pick, broadsword and bow, the tools are iron (and the armor too) I also have alot of shurikens and an awesome boomerang. I think I'm ready to fight "Le Eye of Cthulhu".
    BTW I'm just sharing my experience with Terraria so if ppl wish me to stop, i'll do it. I'm enjoying it though :p
  12. Spratt Slimed Zombie

    Nice you might be ready to fight him your right, also you can post as much as you want it your thread just make sure not to double post and not to spam etc. To avoid infractions.

    Love to hear more! :)
  13. darksog1998 Green Slime

    Wow, good to know people support and help. Once I get totally OP I might start playing online ;)
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  14. Chroma-Equinox Yellow Slime

    Seems like weapon and armour wise you are ready. One really important thing you will need (if you dont already have one) is a small boss arena. These really help to dogde his attacks. I really suggest you use your bow with flaming arrows. Use shurikens if you like. Here's a small boss arena i just knocked up as an example: 2012-10-15_00001.jpg

    Also, add me on Steam if you need any other help. Name is Chroma | wF
  15. darksog1998 Green Slime

    The arena you made is awesome and i do have alot of flaming arrows
    thanks for the help :)
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  16. Classikly Frankenstein

    Seems like you just need a co-op partner. Do you have any friends that own Terraria?
  17. darksog1998 Green Slime

    Not really
  18. Chroma-Equinox Yellow Slime

    As I said in my last post, add me on steam if you need in-game help :)
  19. darksog1998 Green Slime

    Will do (later)
  20. darksog1998 Green Slime

    Big Update!!!!! :
    Finally did it! I killed him. I killed the Eye of Cthulhu! and it wasn't that hard!
    Here is the arena I made and my stats (and items):
    Show Spoiler
    Arena.jpg my inventory.jpg

    Now I don't know what to do with that demonite ore, I probably should keep it get stronger and re-defeat the Eye of Cthulhu so I can get more powerful. I'm so excited!!!!
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