Regarding reforging items and losing legendary/unreal/mystical...

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by zblueboltz, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. zblueboltz

    zblueboltz Penguin

    Since the easiest way to reforge would be to click at hyper speed, which would mean a likelihood of reforging when it hits the best quality I suggest a simple solution: Failsafing

    Basically, if you attempt to reforge a Legendary/Unreal/Mystic item, it will ask you "Do you really want to do this?" at which point you must click yes or no.

    It could be set to accessories (and it's not suggested), but that would be tedious considering that 1/4 of the prefixes are technically the best prefixes.
  2. Flame Eliwood

    Flame Eliwood Green Slime

    I do actually kind of like this idea, truthfully. Because really, sometimes you can never even GET those unless you get EXTREMELY lucky. I think a better way, would be to just keep it at legendary/unreal/mystical anyways, and it not allow you to reforge it. From which the tinkerer says "It's already at it's best. I can't make it any better"
  3. Irrimn

    Irrimn Tim

    I don't see how you people could possibly ever have enough money to repetitively reforge an item over and over until you get the outcome you want WITHOUT CHEATING anyways. And if you're going to hack yourself in money or dupe money or get money from trading with people who have hacked in money, you might as well just use an inventory editor and give yourself that Legendary Excalibur anyways, because you're only cheating yourself out of playing the game the way it was intended to be played.

    And if you're going to argue in your own defense about how having to farm money is boring, yada yada, then why even have money in the game at all? If you're just going to give yourself as much money as you could possibly need, then money is pointless anyways.

    And if you're going to argue about how settling for a LESSER ENCHANTMENT on a weapon instead of spending 100 plat of hacked money is below you, then why even have lesser enchantments? Why not just make it so you pay a flat fee to get that Legendary? Or hell, make it so crafting the weapon automatically makes it Legenedary? Because that'd make some people happy.

    Wait, though... if we did that, we might as well just remove the enhancements all together and make the weapons epic without them.

    Just my 2 cents.
  4. Flame Eliwood

    Flame Eliwood Green Slime

    You know Demomite Bars are worth a lot. when you sell them, along with Hellstone bars. If you just keep making/getting and selling those, you could easily get a lot of cash.
  5. zblueboltz

    zblueboltz Penguin

    Oh hold on II can't really respond to that because his post had no point. What was his point?
    Anyway lets forget about settling for less here just to defeat the boss - you want an edge in PvP without cheating so what's one of the things that could help you?


    Anyway the reason why I didn't suggest not being able to downgrade is because some people might want a prefix that has it's only personal quality like "massive" where the size is larger than the "legendary" prefix. That's about it really. Still a factor though.
  6. Kidef242

    Kidef242 Paladin

    You do not need to hack to make it mythical or awesome... I have like 3 mythical weapons and I earned them with my sword. It took me more than a week to do at least ONE.
  7. Irrimn

    Irrimn Tim

    I love how you both insult my post because I'm whining about cheating (which if you really read my post you'd know that I was saying this idea was dumb because anyone that didn't cheat wouldn't have enough money to even utilize this feature since most people would be scraping up money just to reforge an item say, 10 times much less than 100) and then neither of you actually say that you don't cheat.

  8. Irrimn

    Irrimn Tim

    Oh, I wasn't saying that all people with the best enchantments are cheaters. I respect people that actually grind up the money (however they do it) to do it legit and reforge their weapons over and over to get that single one they want. I respect that a lot because I do it myself. But let me ask you, during this week, when you were reforging, was there ever a time you had so much money you could just spam-click the reforge button over and over without even looking at the result you got?

    I doubt it.

    Because when you actually EARN the money and take the time to do it honestly, you STOP, and LOOK AT EVERY ENHANCEMENT YOU GET, to see if it's a good one, because you don't just have enough money to reforge it 100 more times if you accidentally skip over that mythical enhancement, do you?

    So like I said before, only people who cheat to get lots of money would utilize this feature. And I'm sure if the devs were reading this, they would understand that factor.
  9. Kidef242

    Kidef242 Paladin

    To tell you the truth, I don't look what I reforged. I passed mythical twice and lost 30 more gold xD

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