Official Regarding The 1.2 Console Update Issues

Discussion in 'Console' started by 505Games, Apr 20, 2014.

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  1. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    Hello Terrarians,

    We apologize for any issues that may have arisen from this weeks console update. Rest assured, it is an absolute priority for both Engine and 505 Games to push out a new patch to correct this as soon as we possibly can.

    The patch for these issues is in the works and we hope to have a release date ASAP. However, we are doing our best to not rush it out in an effort to give us an opportunity to address as many issues as possible without causing further issues.

    If you experience any bugs, glitches, or issues with Terraria for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or the PlayStation Vita, it is extremely important that you report issues directly to us via our support team:

    Posting bugs and issues in the forums or on social media may get lost in the massive amount of messages we receive each day, and we want to make sure we get all the necessary information to improve your experience.

    Thank you all for your patience as we work hard to address these issues.

    - 505 Games

    <Loki Edit: Adding important note from 505 later in the thread>


  2. DudeAwesome

    DudeAwesome Slimed Zombie

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    1st fck yea
  3. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    Wow rude
  4. DudeAwesome

    DudeAwesome Slimed Zombie

    Not really,lol. xD
  5. SpecX

    SpecX Angel Statue

    So Terraria is pretty much unplayable for consoles until the patch right? Has anyone been able to play with no problems?
  6. EPICalex3714

    EPICalex3714 Green Slime

    Is there going to be any updates for android and iOS to add hardmode on Terraria mobile 505 games and codeglue?
  7. Lighter9

    Lighter9 Hornet

    And be sure to specify WHICH SYSTEM YOU ARE PLAYING ON! I can't say I've seen many people do this.
  8. AzureMetal

    AzureMetal Dungeon Spirit

    What I'd like to know is how many game breaking bugs got passed testing.
  9. Tw2Brick

    Tw2Brick Mouse

    Thanks for working hard to correct the game issues and keeping us informed. I could not ask for more.
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  10. Cenx

    Cenx Creative Director

    Thanks for the update! :)
  11. Famixcom

    Famixcom Green Slime

    why i can't find, plantera's flower ?
  12. rossmyh24

    rossmyh24 Cursed Man

    Because there is NO plantera's bulb
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  13. rush86

    rush86 Angel Statue

    What? No, you can play it just fine. Ive had no problems. Only thing thats wierd in my world is I only found like 3 chests. And ive dug underground for hours and hours. But maybe that's normal
  14. TTStooge

    TTStooge Cursed Skull

    They're rare,but not THAT rare.Pretty sure it's a bug.
  15. salfai

    salfai Angel Statue

    Just a question : Are you working on an "quick" update which fix the big bugs, or you'll make a big update for a lot of bugs?
  16. DerpLordII

    DerpLordII Mouse

    It isn't un-playable. Worlds from before 1.2 are usually screwed up or just won't load. Also, I've heard that plantera bulbs don't spawn. I made new worlds and they work fine and some of my old worlds work too. But with new worlds i can't seem to find many underground chests.(Xbox 360 Edition)
    UPDATE: I was also able to: break down the jungle temple door and fight the golem without killing plantera, i was able to get a stack of around 13000 cyan and black dye from the piggybank glitch where it changes the items you put in it(this can be fixed by exiting the game and going back in)
  17. TheGodOfCats

    TheGodOfCats Mouse

    The damn certification took a month. And I don't see many people yelling at Microsoft or Sony for allowing to get through testing like this.
  18. Put the trophies back to original. Not fair to change requirements for some. Like pet trophy. Now I need 23, you didn't even post these changes. Not fun
  19. Rimv911

    Rimv911 Angel Statue

    Wonder if chloropyte will spawn after the bug fix when I already starter a 1.2 world.. Same with plantera's blub's.. Not talking about golden chest they will for sure not spawn in that world.
  20. MichaelMMX

    MichaelMMX Mouse

    SlapSaint, no one got more Trophies, i didnt get anything new to do, also my Dragon Armor stayed the same, but my Trizona is Somehow the Terrablade... so i made a new player and am going ot do things legit till the next patch!
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