Official Regarding The 1.2 Console Update Issues

Discussion in 'Console' started by 505Games, Apr 20, 2014.

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  1. Hens1123

    Hens1123 Angel Statue

    The plantera bulb was not implemented in the 1.2 update so this is the most major bug with the update because without it We cannot fight the pumpkin moon.
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    same with the chlorophyte ore.
  2. DAHbaddest

    DAHbaddest Mouse

    It becomes unplayable when your world doesn't go into hardmode once you beat the WoF. And gold chest are pretty important because of things like Magic Mirrors, Cloud in a Bottles, and Hermes Boots. Those are three VERY important items. Plantera is also a crucial feature that must be addressed.
  3. Hens1123

    Hens1123 Angel Statue

    oh yeah we also do not have life fruit so that adds up to: no plantera bulb, no chlorophyte, and no life fruit. These are major losses to the consoles please adds these items to the patch.
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    Wait so how did you get the terra blade without plantera? ... Did you hack it in?
  4. khandaker

    khandaker Slimed Zombie

    Plantera is just rare it isnt impossible to get.
  5. toby.

    toby. Green Slime

    I am not quite as far as the WoF so i didnt realise that it was bugging so much, same with plantera. As for the chests youre right they contain EXTREMELY important items, and its shocking that a bug this big could happen. But the update is still fun nonetheless, we still get to build with new blocks and explore new biomes and find new items which is still an up side :)
  6. Sweeco

    Sweeco Angel Statue

    I can't find any chlorophyte at all any one else having this problem. I have made three diffrent worlds beat wall of flesh went to jungle and havent found one single ore
  7. Spectre1

    Spectre1 Mouse

    u can get the terra blade before plantera? And it was glitched
  8. Didn't ever once say more trophies. I said trophy requirements were changed. Armor trophy requires item now not even attainable since game broke. Pet trophy increased from 6 to 23 to struggle to find now. trophies from playstation network you unlock.

    read a little closer next time.. thx
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    He means your worlds are torn in half, mine is and it's unplayable. New worlds can run around in. But things don't work. I made new world and not a single chest.
  9. VM 360

    VM 360 Mouse

    When you start with 5 blue mana stars in 1.2, achievement/throphy for max health/mana does not unlock, even when getting it up to 10 stars.
  10. A bug makes it sound like some random occurrence in nature. This is major poor programming. Deserves some accountibility.
  11. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    My understanding is that if the world has not been loaded since the update, there should be no issue once we issue a new patch. However, if the world has been opened and it autosaved, or manually been saved, it will have overwritten the good save with bad data. I am not sure if this can be corrected at this moment, I hope to have some more details soon as the patch progresses.

    Lets wait until the patch progresses for more specifics as to what can and cannot be fixed. Best to wait as they may be able to rectify many issues as they go through the patching steps.
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  12. TyraelTerrariaHelper

    TyraelTerrariaHelper Green Slime

    yeah I had the same problem with the bank just make a new world and go in from there, u stuff should be there.and plantera theres a glich with the bulb spawning the first time u kill destroyer, twins, skeleton prime and ocram instead of 100% it more like 0.1% but it is possible getting plantera hope it helped :D
  13. ludd_gang

    ludd_gang Angel Statue

    Yeah, thanks for the update, 505.

    These glitches have patterns. I'm guessing they are relatively easy to fix, prolly cut/paste errors (Brain of Cthulu), misplaced decimals (Plantera spawn), etc.

    This isn't major programming issues... Most of these glitches you don't notice until the midgame. Seeing how it is a free update, I am happy to function as a beta tester.
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  14. Devalaous

    Devalaous Eskimo Zombie

    I already lost all my data that wasnt on the cloud save feature to full file corruption just from manually saving the game.
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  15. minecrafter0482

    minecrafter0482 Green Slime

    It's still playable but you will NEED to make a new world (don't worry your characters are safe)
  16. Linkin17

    Linkin17 Angel Statue

    Also chlorophyte bullets do not lock onto enemies but instead will lock onto a different npc each time you go onto a world

  17. Thats just what i wanted to hear. I was so impressed with how my old world turned out that I saved it hoping that it will stay glitched out forever. Unless it changes again with the patch...

    Anyways, here's something that might be helpful.

    "Please reply including any of the following information not included in your original message.
    - The Game you would like assistance with
    - The Platform it is on (PC, XBox 360, PS3, etc)
    - If you are requesting help for an android device, which device are you having issues with?
    - Your First/Last Name
    - Your country or location"

    Just a piece of the reply you will most likely get if you dont include all of that information with your bug report/suggestion.
  18. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks Logan.

    Certainly, don't say anything you don't feel solid about.

    Appreciate whatever info you can give - even if it's painful and not what folks want to hear. :(

    Anything on the second question or is that TBD?

    I think maybe we should add a warning to the OP that says:

    "Please note: if you have not opened an existing world/character yet, please refrain from doing so. This will help increase the odds that everything will be perfectly fine with all of your existing worlds/characters once the coming bugfixes are in place"

    You ok if I add that somewhere? Just figure it may help some folks if they haven't heard yet....
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  19. Videogamer37

    Videogamer37 Angel Statue

    Ok i figured out how the piggy bank glitch works first look up terraria item id's on the internet then find the highest item id that is available to us on console then use that item in the piggy bank, dryads loincloth works best, then do then put that item in your piggy bank then save go off then come back on you will then have i think around 1856 pickaxes which should be the the exact id of the item you put in now just take of a few pickaxes getting you to a different number say 1803 pickaxes which is the id for the jungle key mold then when you go off save and come back you will have whichever number/id's item that you had pickaxes, sorry if thats hard to follow but hopefully jt makes sense to some one i do not recomemd however that anyone abuses this glitch as it will ruin your terraria experience i only used this to get a temple key for my key molds as i could not get plantera to spawn also 505 please fix this as it is pretty tempting and i do t want me or anyone else ruining there terraria experience
  20. Kalak

    Kalak Mouse

    So a failed to load world might be ok?! I know that you don't know for certain but hell, that takes a load off my mind... for now anyway. I'll patiently wait (aka check back here a lot) until more info is posted.

    Thank you!
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