[Release]N Terraria Mod(RPG and Action Mode,Quests,Races,Events and others)

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  1. Nakano15 Devourer


    Version 5 of the mod is in, easy to install, aswell to uninstall.
    Some features are missing right now, i am adding them overtime.

    This mod is open to Suggestions, so feel free to post your ideas!

    Welcome to N-Terraria!
    Take a look at some of the races that you can play in our mod!
    This is NOT a tConfig mod.

    And not only that but we also have Classes as well!

    All these classes have quests that you follow in order to go beyond being a Terrarian.
    Speaking of quests, all the npc's that you gather together in your town will give you quests periodically to do small tasks that will grant you money and exp!

    We also have another feature called NPPlayers!
    This allows you to select up to 2 of your other characters you have in your character list to come along with you and assist you!
    Whether that be a powerful spell casting demon or 2 little bunnies to hop along with you to fluff an enemy to death, you'll never be alone with these guys with you!

    Look at these helpfull friends! (open)
    PS:. That is the Version 3 of the mod.


    • Download and install gamelauncher from here.
    • Download from any of the three links below depending on your needs, Top link is always Newest. "Ad-Fly Supported"
    [IMG] V.5

    [IMG] V.2
    Thanks iPieuDie for the API and letting me mod it.
    • Extract all files found in the zip folder using any of your preferred zip programs such as 7-zip, Winzip, or other.
    • Download and Install Game Launcher on your Terraria Folder.
    • Place these files into your Terraria folder located in:
    • 64bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Terraria
    • 32bit - D:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Terraria
    • Open Terraria, and Game Launcher will pop up, click "Add App", then select N Terraria.exe
    • Afterwords launch terraria from steam then select "N Terraria" from the launcher.
    • Enjoy!
    Non Ad-Fly links (Please support our development! We require energy drinks to down those bugs and to add features!)
    N Terraria V.5 Latest

    N Terraria V.4

    N-Terraria Old V.3

    N-Terraria Old V.2

    This is an example of Dungeon at nTerraria, where your score changes the monster statuses too.

    Random pictures from Migue5356 (open)
    Goblin Army at Normal mode (open)


    • How to install this mod?
    You just have to put the files from the download into the terraria folder and open it from gamelauncher! :)
    • How to turn off the RPG/Action mode?
    Go to the options, and click on RPG Mode/Action Mode to toggle Gamemodes.
    • I don't want to test your mod, I fear my characters will get lost!
    No, they won't. This mod creates a own folder for Characters and Worlds in the "My Games" folder
    • Does this mod have a Wiki?
    Yes, it have.
    • I'd like to edit the Wiki.
    Feel free to! Just register and start editing!
    But please, don't post false information, it will make the other players confused!
    • I am getting a error saying that "system.argumentexeption:error loading "X"."(May be written differently on other systems).
    If the error started happening after a update, is because i forgot some content archives on the mod.
    If you got the error after you installed the mod, be sure to copy and replace everything at Contents folder.
    • Will the mod instalation cause damages to my Terraria vanilla?
    Well, since Terraria Updated from 1.1 version, N Terraria 3 will cause a few sprite bugs on Terraria vanilla.
    But N Terraria 4 have it's own section at the Contents folder, so, no need to worry.
    • Can't get Exp, aswell as when i go to options, and find action mode on, it does not turn off after changing back to RPG Mode.
    Go to "My Documents/My Games/N Terraria" and delete config.dat file, then start the game.
    • I still have unanswered questiosn...
    Visit this page then: http://nterraria.wikia.com/wiki/Frequently_Asked_Questions
    Have fun.

    I hope you like the mod.
    Something wrong?
    Photos, videos? Post here, i'll put them here, on the main post.

    Liked the mod?Add this at your signature.
    Server Listing.
    List of servers that are currently running.
    1. Polymorth's Locked server. IP : polymorph.ddns.net - Port 7777
    These are the photos of when N Terraria have begun, look how is it now adays.
    Impressive, isn't?
    The beggining... (open)

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  2. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    can we inport characters and worlds from the normal folders to this mod's new folder?
    Edit: i have noticed tehre are no install instructions and i tryed running the 2 .exe files taht came in the N Terraria.zip and it says its missing some files. do i put them in the terraria folder?
  3. Nakano15 Devourer

    Worlds,yes,but not the characters,because there's some changes on the chara...Hey,you gived-me an idea.
    But right now,you can import worlds to the new folder.
    Yeah,you have to put them on the Terraria Folder.
    Edit2:Update,now you can import characters too.
    Edit3:I will stay a few minutes on the forums,to the bug reports and suggestion,before i start my character on the mod.
  4. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    what kind of idea? anyway its nice taht im helping you with having ideas.
    oh and if the idea was that u could make other chars from the normal game to this mod you said it in one of your edits to ur post so if athts the case ignore this. :p
  5. Nakano15 Devourer

    That's the idea,and if you download the new patch,the characters will be able to be imported.
    ahmad_amjad3 likes this.
  6. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    i see you removed the attached file thing... do i download the patch from the link that u gave?
  7. Nakano15 Devourer

    Yup,the forum is kidding with me,when i click "More options",on the forum post edition.
    Edit:Don't forget,the mod have been released recently,don't believe so much that everything will be ok,so,keep a backup of your character and world.
  8. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    lol and when you create your char would you like to play on a server with the mod so we can get started? the only problem is i cant host
  9. Nakano15 Devourer

    I have tried to play this with a server,and there's no problem,but some peoples will notice you are "kind of overpower",but i plan changing that on the future.
    Also,if you host and play the game,the game may crash.
    Edit:I read all the post,and right now i can't,i must fix the critical bugs.If there's critical bugs.
  10. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    so we cant play on a server with the mod?
    oh and atm what do levels do?
  11. Nakano15 Devourer

    Not right now,i must wait the players test the mod,to fix the bugs they found.If there's bugs.
  12. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    i still havent found any bug so far but ive only started playing a while ago
    do you have a banner for the mod yet?
  13. Nakano15 Devourer

    So,if you find any bug,or have any suggestion,post here.
  14. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    now taht u talk about sujestions... maybe add a GUI sort of thing for the levels and maybe add some stats from rps(strengt for melle, intelegence for mana etc...)and the thing to open it could be next to the house symbol taht u use for the housing of the npcs
    and at level 5 you get to pick a class. the only problem i see here is it would be too complicated for only one person... do u have anyone helping you with the mod?
  15. Nakano15 Devourer

    I'm making the mod alone,and about the interfaces,i will make them later,when i understud the codes red made,at the interface.
    And about classes,sorry,i will not add classes,they give you a limit,but you can make your own class later,when i implement the status point distribution system.
    Edit:Forgot to tell,Pressing "L" in-game,show's the level info about the character.
  16. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    ok the classes thing i was just going by most rpg flash games out there taht i play(ALOT!!)because at lvl 5 usualy u get to pick a class
  17. Nakano15 Devourer

    Yeah,but on Terraria,you can be anything.Classes aren't suitable on Terraria.And more,who is better to choose class,than the player,by putting the character's status?
  18. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    yeah taht was what i meant.
    anyway in terraria the equipment choices taht already exist are basicly classes
  19. Nakano15 Devourer

    So,focus on the class you wan't.
    @topic I forgot to turn off the free xmas,updated again.Those who downloaded the mod before the last update,can sing "Jingle Bell" all the day.
  20. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    XD lol you mean santa will still exist?
    but taht means you updated the mod again to remove the xmas update?

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