[Release]N Terraria Mod(RPG and Action Mode,Quests,Races,Events and others)

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Nakano15, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. MashiroSora Snow Flinx

    i would play with you.. the only problem would be that i dont know how much time i've got to play.. and i would need to know which timezone you are in and at which times you are on
  2. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    Central, all the time on weekends, any time past 4:00 PM on most/all weekdays.
  3. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    i do often host a server but i'm on the latest version so you cant play with me...(if i go back to the recommended version my characters wont load)
  4. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    I saw earlier in the thread that the latest version is very buggy in MP...

    By the way, Nakano, there's a bug with most magic items in the game. If they autoreuse (crystal storm, laser rifle, cursed flames, basically all hardmode magical weapons) they tend to move back to their starting position before being used a second time, and this both wastes mana and cuts the fire rate in half. If this is fixed in the latest patch, then i'm playing it! If it isn't, then let me know!
  5. blasterman4 Slimed Zombie

    got a fix for it?
  6. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    don't double post use the edit button
  7. Devesa Piranha

    What makes you get this error? Or rather, when do you get this error?
  8. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    if it says something about the steam_api.dll is while trying to launch the game... happened to me once but i don't remember how to fix it
  9. Devesa Piranha

    Okay. If you have not launched regular Terraria before, there may not be a steam_api.dll in the Terraria folder. If there is the steam_api.dll, I'm not sure what you could do other than try deleting it then launching regular Terraria again before launching NTerraria, as whan you launch the game from the Steam client it should generate the steam_api.dll (or at least I do believe so). As a last resort, check file integrity, it may download a few files, if it doesn't and you continue to get the error, completely remove Terraria and redownload it.
  10. Joe Dolca Blazing Wheel

    I just found out you cannot reforge Crissaegrim or it will disappear.

    Is this intended?
  11. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    No. There are also a few other items that would disappear when reforged, such as the Mana Flower and Magic Dagger.
  12. terrarian4 Green Slime

    it wont run it sees to launch the game with steam client
  13. Cavious Demon Eye

    Can u make a server with N terraria? Is like setting up a regular server?
  14. Devesa Piranha

    Then launch Terraria through the Steam client. If you have installed the game launcher then that screen will pop up and you should be able to launch NTerraria through that, else install the game launcher.
  15. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    Nakano, I'm on the latest patch now and I have only two major problems left.
    One, disappering items when you reforge them.
    Two, extreme server lag. It doesn't start until a few minutes minutes after I start the server, and only any sooner if I repopulate the world's treasures manually. I don't know if that is directly the cause of my lag problem, but it certainly seems to be. The lag does not occur on the Toparia mod, or on Vanilla Terraria.
  16. blasterman4 Slimed Zombie

    i get it when i try to launch it i have had terraria for ages same happens with other client mods like toparia ex ex tconfig works fine though
  17. Joe Dolca Blazing Wheel

    Quick question: If I modify terrain around where a treasure used to be, as long as I don't cover up teh spawn point, will it respawn anyways?
  18. MashiroSora Snow Flinx

    i think the treasures will be placed on spots which are free
    randomly assigned spots to be exact
    this could also be the reason for life crystals to spawn above ground level
  19. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    It respawns in any location, heart crystals are the only one that appear outside their natural place, the underground.
  20. Nakano15 Devourer

    How funny,i stay away for a few days from the forums,and the party get started.Ok,just a little advices.
    I'm having to split time with the mod and my game project,so,i may not work so much on it,also....
    I was working on TehModAPI version of the N Terraria latelly,but there had ridiculous bugs there,so,the N Terraria version of TehModAPI will not come so early.
    Also...Don't use the reforge button,or use at your own risk,but before using,save the game first,and then,use it,if the item be destroyed,use ALT+F4,to restore your game.But beware,the game may try to save during that,so,backup your saves before doing that.

    Also,all other bugs,that aren't from the reforging bug and Steam API bug(try with gamelauncher bro,or check if you installed it on the correct folder),report here : http://nterraria.wikia.com/wiki/Bug_Report
    No need for account,also,it is better for me,so,i'll not need to look all the pages of the forums to find the bugs that were reported.

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