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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by DraLUSAD, Dec 25, 2012.

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  1. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Wiki? ---> Offline!
    Under Construction!

    All mods here have been Compiled to tConfig 0.29.0
    Download a Release Copy here:

    Download:- Industrial Age Test Build Beta V2.0.4.1 -->

    As the Mod Develops, It would be nice in Receiving feed back, as well as, Ideas, and helpful suggestions, as there is only one who is Building/Testing this mod, there will be known bugs and Breaks in this, and its up to you to help point them out, its also nice to read suggestive feed backs, and help in its development, it will only grew faster, and better, with your help Combined

    You may also ask to help with its Projects, if used in the mod, you'll be credited with ingame Name Tooltip, to Verify of your design.

    Artist = None
    Coder = None
    Other = None

    Read this if you need assistance!
    Recipes and how to get started! (open)

    Want to learn how to build them Wondrous machines eh?, lets get started

    First of all, your gonna need the Basics, like you would normally do, so just mine as much as you can, make sure you mine everything, including the 3 new Ores/Items
    • Tin
    • Coal
    • Flint
    Once you got a nice amounts of these new Ores, including the original ones, don't forget to get your house up and running "Work Bench", "Furnace" ect
    Think you're ready? lets move on
    you should be able to Craft Recipe Book from just wood, these tell you what items you need for the building process, although, its just telling you the Core Recipe, doesn't actually tell you what each Core Recipes needs to make
    1st Machine: Extractor
    This machine is your first, basic machine, noticed collecting any "Sticky Gel" we will get to that once we get this Machines Running
    What you need to make!
    • 1x Machine frame
    • 4x Fluid Pipe
    • 10x Empty Bottles
    • 6x copper Wire
    Making the Machine Frame is easy, make sure you have 6 Iron Bars, and a Furnace, simply be next to the Furnace, and craft the new "Refined Iron Bars", whiles having 4 Regular Iron Bars, have some wood to, and be next the work bench, here you can make the 4 Pipes, dont worry, it comes in 4, so you dont need to make more, and waste them resources, then, get 2 Copper Bars, and find "Copper Wire", again, they come in 6, you also know how to make the Glass bottles, Dont you?
    Great, you've made your first Machine, this machine allows you to turn that lovely Sticky Gel into 3 pieces of Rubber, Good Job :)
    The other Machines, Require a bit more, so i wont go into Detail, other its Required Crafting
    Basic Components

    • 1x - Circuit Board
      • 6 Ins. Copper Wire / 2 Electrum Bar / 2 Refined Iron
    • 6x - Copper Wire
      • 2 Copper Bars
    • 1x - Ins. Copper Wire
      • 1 Rubber / 1 Copper Wire
    • 1x - Battery
      • 1 Ins. Copper Wire / 4 Tin Bars / 2 Electrum Bar
    Merge Components

    • 2x - Electrum Bar
      • 1 Gold Bar / 1 Silver Bar
    • 2x Bronze Bar
      • 3 Copper Bar / 1 Tin Bar

    Download:- Gem Chests -->

    Download:- Terra-ranger Mod [WIP] -->

    A new Inspired mod currently in Development!!! Lots of new Weapons & Accessories


    These Images show the types of Machines/Ores/Bars/Component in game



    I made a Machine that allows you to paint Bricks, for a more, Colourful options ;)

    NOTE!, Regarding to my Gem Chests, They are NOT Multiplayer Compatible, Please DO NOT attempt to play it Online, as it will break, Thank you

    NOTE! to the Ultimate Machines Do not take the Higher Form unlike the Furnace Family (Furnace, Hell Forge and Adamantite Forge), which means you will need both Tier 1 and Tier 3 machines together, cause Older Crafting will not work with Tier 3 Machines, so Make sure you build and place both of them (I.E. Electric Furnace and Induction Furnace)

    Last Edited at -> April. 1st, 2013 - 23:27PM (GMT Time)

    Hiya Everyone, I've been wanting to do a Bit of Modding for quite some time, and since i got the Urge, i decided to give Modding Terraria a Shot, no sure where to start, I looked into things i like playing, at first, Minecraft came to mind, then, A particular mod popped into my head, known as "Industrial Craft", took some thought into it, and said... "Why not, gotta start somewhere at lest", and of Cause, Here I am, with a Terraria Mod, Known as, "Industrial Age", built from the Grounds up (Except CS Coding, had to learn how it worked), this is where I started, Enjoy Future Content, as more and more are being Planned every day.

    I'm a Newbie at Modding and alot of Modsders Mods, will be way, way better than mine, especially the one I Enjoy "Toparia", it can be found here:-

    Credits goes to these modders (open)

    And a Final Word
    Credits Goes to these Modders and Users, with out them CS Codings, I wouldn't have Gained as Much Knowledge, as I have done, All CS Coding and Graphics have been Changed and Adjusted according.

    Mod "Avalon"
    User "blahblahbal"
    Forum & Mod ""
    Used his Armour.cs Code, Weapon.cs Code, Accessories.cs Code and Ore Generation.cs Code, with out them, i wouldn't have been able to Generate Natural Ores, and Redesign my own weapon and accessories stats

    Mod "Platinum Gear"
    User "Classikly"
    Forum & Mod ""
    Used his "Re-enforced Stars CS Code, which Explodes on Contact, which is Used in my Mini Nuke Launcher Weapon, which is deffently most useful

    How do i Install your mod? (open)

    How to Install my Mod!

    Make sure you have a Legal Copy of Terraria!

    download and install Gamelauncher GUI first

    Then Download and install tConfig

    Go to:
    Documents\My Games\Terraria - (Or where your Terraria Saves are kept)
    And add a new Folder called:

    Download my Mod and place the .obj file in Modpacks

    Laucnher Terraria from your Steam Libery

    Click "Game" Tab and then run tConfig

    Go to "tConfig Settings" and Enable my Mod, and Reload


    Please note, tConfig does not Overwrite your Main Vanilla version of Terraria, its completely safe, and you get back playing your old "Terraria" Saves, and Worlds with out any Confliction!

    (I Need to make this Page more... Cleaner LOL)
  2. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Tekkit is NOT A MOD. And is a collection of mods taken WITHOUT RIGHTS TO THEM.
    Seriously, I'll kill the next person saying Tekkit is great and oh so awesome.

    Other than that - good luck, have fun with modding. Also, just a note: making more tiers of ores doesn't make things interesting, at all.
  3. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Cant remember saying "oh so awesome", just an Inspiration, thought I'd attempt to do for Terraria, that's it, as I'm a Noob In Modding, I'd thought of Giving it a Shot, and this just came to mind
  4. Oblithirate

    Oblithirate Green Slime

    AyMayZayIng Start.
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  5. Bobrocket


    this - hence why forestry was removed in 3.1.2(?)
    they're made so newbies don't have to edit files, however for some computers you still have to (i had to install a custom optifine for the modpack to work ;-;)
    also, it looks like you've just stolen the ideas of industrialcraft 2 machines/items, add a lot of your own ideas!
  6. Kirome

    Kirome Blazing Wheel

    I think while some of you have good intentions, are being rather unfair to the guy.
    He just wants to recreate a mod from Minecraft so obviously he will take the same principles/ideas from it.

    I mean look at Omnir's mod he also uses characters from another series and everyone seems fine with that. :p [Not hating on u Omnir].

    I'll try your mod later gotta head out for Mexico to celebrate New Years.
  7. Bobrocket


    adj., -er, -est.
    1. Not just or evenhanded; biased: an unfair call by an umpire.
    2. Contrary to laws or conventions, especially in commerce; unethical: unfair trading.

    constructive criticism:
    1. Take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it: "thieves stole her bicycle".
    2. Dishonestly pass off (another person's ideas) as one's own: "accusations that one group had stolen ideas from the other were soon flying".
    1. Create again: "a single German state was recreated".
    2. Reproduce; reenact: "he recreated Mallory's 1942 climb".

    The exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, etc..

    Secure copyright for (such material).

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  8. AnonTheMouse

    AnonTheMouse Floaty Gross

    First off, shouldn't that be "Nano-rang" there?
    Secondly, I think if you're introducing things made with nanotech, how are you going about it? My thought is that, perhaps, you could do something more complicated to get them in the first place, but play with something that nanomachines ought to be able to do...reconfigure themselves. So, say you have the actual nanites, that take a fairly high amount of resources to make (Meteorite seems like a must, plus whatever else goes into them), then you have a second workshop, a computer of some sort, or maybe "Drive Fabricator". This produces circuit-like items..."nanite drives" if you want. By crafting some nanites with the appropriate drive, it creates a tool or armour piece. This can be done without a workstation. However, also without a station, you can "uncraft" the equipment back into its components. So, it's possible to save on the cost of nanites by making one batch, and just reshaping them into whatever you need at the time. Maybe even add in a "Nanite Blaster" that works like the space gun but with really low mana consumption. Just riffing here...
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  9. rasputin

    rasputin Blazing Wheel

    Industrialcraft from Minecraft is nowhere near how a proper Industrial mod should work, industry is slow, do you see Neanderthals killing people with space age lasers? Based on Industrialcrafts longevity, it takes only a few days to gain this "Nanotechnology" stuff.
  10. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    As I've stated before, I'm a newbie, so i needed to start somewhere, since Industrial craft seemed a Decent Start, felt like i could give it a shot, besides, you should know am new to this modding thing, so i needed some Structure First, besides, there are a few other mods that took ideas from other games too, so i aint the only one :)

    Its people like you that Think Beyond the Mod and not what am Taking from, but to be honest, am i really making what Industrial Craft has, I mean, Its Strong Component is "The Miner" and "Pump" i dont think am Going to Achieve such Device in the Future, Wish i could though :(

    Yes it should ^_^, but am Planning on Changing the Hole name a little

    Yeah, i see what you mean, SO am going to change the name, Maybe "Carbon Armour", as that's what's its Purely based off to be honest
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  11. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Watch multiple posts. Content creator threads such as this are allowed to double post for sizable updates...but try to keep it to ~24h or so.

    Point made on the originality of the mod. No need to debate it...lets see what comes of it from here. I'd say adding your own twist would be a nice touch vs just porting an existing concept - but you are free to do as you wish.

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  12. topazg

    topazg Corruptor

    I say good luck to ya, sounds like an interesting mod - being yours, you are not restricted to what industrialcraft / MC-tekkit mods have done either, so you can take it whatever way you want to.
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  13. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Awww, Thanks man ^_^, You've deffently given me a Confidence Boost to the mod :)
  14. joshyv

    joshyv Zombie

    Seems like an awesome mod, Going to try that out tomorrow or when i can
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  15. Merancapeman

    Merancapeman Green Slime

    Well, I'll be the guy from the other side of the fence.

    Even if you were making a direct port, I say do what you wish. Frankly, it's quite alright with me to see something familiar showing up in Terraria. I mean, after all, Minecraft took a few liberties from Terraria, and vice versa. To me, seeing those familiar textures in Terraria is kinda neat, and it helps that I already know what it does. Bringing the industrial fun over from Minecraft is an excellent idea, so what if it brings along some of the textures with it? It's like seeing my ol' carbon-based buddy show up on my doorstep and I'm all like, "Whoah, hey man, fancy seeing you here!"

    Keep up the good work, I'll have to check this out.
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  16. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Aww Thanks man ^_^
  17. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Hey Guys.

    Letting you all know that that Update and Content will be Temporarily on Hold, next few weeks or so is going to be Hectic, As am getting the Keys to a new house, and hoping to settling in, Although, Updating new Content and Fixes will still be going ahead, No Internet will be available, Please do Provide Any problems, or suggestions, and anything really, I should be able to pop on once in a while to check, and reply to what ever appears, Cya later Peeps
  18. fdg1997

    fdg1997 Zombie

    Hey i downloaded the mod and put the .obj file in the modpack folder but when i open modpack builder,it didnt show the Industrial age mod... can someone help me?
  19. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Have you a Legal Copy of Terraria?
    Is your Game Launcher and tConfig both up-to-date?
    Is it on Windows?
    Is it named "Modpacks"
    Is it in "Documents\My Games\Terraria\Modpacks"
  20. fdg1997

    fdg1997 Zombie

    Yes to all =D
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