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  1. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    This is a Fun, yet Overpowering Mini Mod, which takes the Form of alot of Unique, but powerful drops.
    There Level's starting from Lv.1 right up to Lv.8, along with special Lv.9 and Lv.10 items

    Each item as its own Strengths and weakness, so its ideal to mess around with them to find the perfect match for you

    IZ Terra-Ranger Installer.exe V.1.1.5 Release --> Installer.exe
    Alternative Terra-Ranger OBJ V.1.1.5 Release -->

    Old Update Release 1.1.3
    Fix: Curse Skulls in the Dungeon dropped Lv.4 items instead of Lv.5
    Changed: Swapped the books betwine Wall of Flesh and Skeletron
    Changed: Halved the white Stone HP Gain, and removed the Defense Penalty
    Changed: all Combined Stones and Crystals now do not have any uses, but still required for the end game stone
    Changed: Black Stones Mining speeds from 4% to 5%
    Changed: Berzerk book now has 100% Damage and Sets the defense to 0
    Changed: Quick Book's Mining, Melee and Move Speeds to 100%
    Changed: Buffed the Drop rates even further

    Old Update Release 1.1.4
    Fix: Mining Speeds on black stones
    Addition: Added 3 new accessory slots

    New Update Release 1.1.5
    Update from Mediafire to Dropbox

    The Drops
    Drops = Stones - Pro's / Cons
    White Stone = Regenerative Up! / Defense Down!
    Black Stone = Mining Speed Boost / no Penalties
    Red Stone = Melee Attack Increased / Magic and Range Attack Down! (For the Melees)
    Green Stone = Ranged Attack increased / Magic and Melee Attack Down! (For the Rangers)
    Blue Stone = Magic Attack Increased / Melee and Ranged Attack Down! (For the Wizards)
    Yellow Stone = Merged Stones
    <Secret> = Merged Super Stones
    <Secret> = End Game Stone

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Drops = Crystals
    Silver Crystal = Each level increases base defense / Melee and Mining Speeds Reduced
    Red Crystal = Increase in Criticals Boost / Reduced in Attack Strength
    Purple Crystal = Max Mana Increase, Reduce Mana Usage / Defense down!
    Black Crystal = Melee Speeds Boost / No Penalties
    Yellow Crystal = Mega Boost in Ranged and Melee Damage / Mega Reduction in Magic Damage, Large Mana Costs, and reduced Max Mana
    Cyan = Merged Crystals
    <Secret> = Merged Super Crystals

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Drops = Books NOTE! These are Boss Drops Only
    Critical Book = 25% Critical to all Damage
    Quick Book = Movement, melee and Mining speeds Increase / -10 Defense
    berserk Book = Defence lowered to 0 / +100% Melee Damage
    Treasure Book = Locates all Treasures
    Hunter Book = Locates all Mobs
    Battle Book = Increased Spawn Rate
    Wall of Steel Book = +30 to Defense / Movement, Mining, Melee Speeds -50%
    Immunity Book = Immune to Fire Blocks, Knock Back & Lava Source
    Gravity Book = Freely control gravity

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Future Update to be Considered! Help Wanted!

    Ruby Gem
    Garnet Gem
    Sapphire Gem
    Aquamarine Gem
    Emerald Gem
    Peridot Gem
    Topaz Gem
    Diamond Gem

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Each Tiers increase its Potential
    You may Equip same item at different Tiers, I.E. Lv.1 Yellow Crystal + Lv.3 Yellow Crystal
    Tougher Zones means better Tiers


    Please be aware, that these are Custom Drops, and may not Stack on other Mods Custom Drops, DO NOT download this Mod if your using Multiple mods that also Drops Custom items from the Same Mobs


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  2. TheStereo84

    TheStereo84 Herpling

    Pictures would be nice~
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  3. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Yeah sure :)
  4. TheStereo84

    TheStereo84 Herpling

    Thank you, kind sir.

    It just helps people have a visual about what they're downloading instead of just blindly guessing what it's about :p
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  5. redeven

    redeven Piranha

    Nice mod, I see you're on the road to making huge mods.
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  6. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Yeah, i know what you mean, I dont have alot of Images for my first Solid Mod, infact, There really aint Info on the Crafting, which leaves a Blind eye, onec i get round on doing it though, i will (Hope fully)
  7. kaan5484

    kaan5484 Bunny

    How to drop books?
  8. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Books drop only from Bosses, only the EoC and EoW Drops these Books for now, EoC has a 10% chance and EoW has a 0.1% Chance, because they are Very Powerful Drops, they are also the rarest
  9. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Terra-Ranger Link has been Updated and Re-freshed
  10. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    A new link as been added and Terra-Ranger has been Compiled for tConfig 0.29.0 (For safety reasons)
  11. Macbuk

    Macbuk Cave Bat

    This mod is really great, but you should lower the chances of getting items a bit, it's just too easy. Also the items are a little too overpowered (+25% damage?). Tiers also should be redone. Lvl 5 stones should be only dropped by difficult harmode enemies like Wyverns.
  12. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Thanks for your feed back

    As i said in the first post: "Its a fun, yet Overpowering mod", which is meant to be, at the moment.

    As for the drops, they will be reduces further later on, once i've balanced the Book Drops and its Strengths, and the final Tier's 6-8 Items will be added for hard mode soon
  13. NyanTarts

    NyanTarts Flying Fish

    Hm.. funnily enough, I actually know what most of the items are since I've played the webgame before. Looks pretty nice so far.
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  14. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    A Quick Update to the next Release in this Mod (Finally)

    Am concluding a Re-balace at the moment, although the Books will be removed a this time, Wondering what you all think of the new Changes

    Tier Stage - Pro's / Con's

    Lv1 White Stone - Life Regen +4 / -1 Defense
    Lv1 Black Stone - mining Speeds +4%
    Lv1 Red Stone - +4% Melee Damage / -4% Magic & Range Damage
    Lv1 Blue Stone - +4% Magic Damage / -4% Melee & Range Damage
    Lv1 Green Stone - +4% Range Damage / -4% Melee & Magic Damage

    Lv1 Black Cystal - Melee Speeds +4%
    Lv1 Silver Crystal - Adds +1 Defense / -2% Mining and Melee Speeds
    Lv1 Purple Crystal - Adds +20 Max Mana / -3 Mana Usage / -2 Defense
    Lv1 Red Crystal - Adds +2% all Crit / -2% All Damage
    Lv1 Yellow Crystal - Adds 20% to Range and Melee Damage / -20% Magic Damage / +6% Mana Usage / -20 Max Mana
  15. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    A new Version of "Terra-Ranger" has been Released!!!

    Whats New?

    1. Changed all Items CS File and Re-balanced accordingly for all Accessories
    2. Majorly changed and reduced the Drop Rate Further
    3. Changed what Mobs Drop what Items
    4. Desert Biome Mobs now Receive Tier 2 Stone Drops
    5. Corruption Biome now only drops the Crystals Tier 2
    6. Ocean Biome Mobs now Receive there own Tier 3 Drops
    7. Jungle now gets Tier 4 instead of Tier 3
    8. Dungeon now gets Tier 5 instead of Tier 4
    9. Added the 6th Tier of Accessory items
    10. Underworld now Receives the Tier 6 Items instead of Tier 5
    11. Items Sell double what they normally are "400" to "800" (Stones) and "1200" to "2400" (Crystals)
    12. Number Level Indicator for Items, Removed
    13. Info Card/Tool Tips have had a Change
    14. Tier 4 Items are set to Rare 1
    15. Tier 5 Items are set to Rare 2
    16. Tier 6 Items are Set to Rare 3
  16. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    I thought for a Minute and said "I can do this" and you know what... I did :)

    Introducing "Terra-Ranger Release V1.0 Full"

    Whats New!

    1. Added Tier 7 Crystals and Stones and at Rare 4
    2. Added Tier 8 Crystals and Stones and at Rare 5
    3. Added 3 new Boss Books, Immunity Book, Steel Wall Book & Gravity Book
    4. Top-side Hallowed have Lv7 Stones
    5. Top-side Corruption have Lv7 Crystals
    6. Cavern Corruption have Lv8 Stones
    7. Cavern Hallowed have Lv8 Crystals
    8. Acquiring all Same Tier Crystals will make 1 of the 8 Super Crystals (8 to collect) Made at Tinkers Work Bench
    9. Acquiring all Same Tier Stones will make 1 of the 8 Super Stones (8 to collect) Made at Tinkers Work Bench
    10. Fusing all 8 Super Stone/Crystal makes a Tier 9 Stone/Crystal
    11. Added a Tier 10 Ultimate End Game Accessory (Its a Secret, can you achieve it?)
    12. All books added to Respected Bosses (Including Goblin Army & Wyvern)
    13. Increased the rate of Drops
    14. Doubled and amped Sell prices for all Custom Accessories
    15. Accessories are somewhat Class based now "Ranged", "Melee", "Magic" (excluding Books)
    Challenge Accepted!!!!
    • Can you acquire the End Game Accessory?, Post screen Shot of your Success!!!
    Oh and of cause, Download a Copy here --->
  17. Macbuk

    Macbuk Cave Bat

    Now that's what I'm talking about. Keek up the great work on this mod!
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  18. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    I will continue the next update of this little mod, once 1.2 Comes out ^_^, I cant wait till the update gets released
  19. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    The Mod has been Updated to Support tConfig 0.31.1b
  20. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Cursed Skull

    Version 1.1.1 Quick Fix update released

    Download it here ---> N/A

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