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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Shoot, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Shoot Cave Bat

    • Added support for Terraria v1.2.4.1
    Here's v5.7.2
    Download (adf.ly)
    Download (u.chbshoot.me)

    As with all tools out there, back up your characters before proceeding

    Please remember to back up characters and report all errors to:

    Happy Holidays everybody!

    Stats tab:
    Click on HP/MP bars to regen
    Looks tab:
    The "Show Equips check box has three states
    1. Full check - Show equipment
    2. Little box - Show social equipment
    3. No check - No equipment whatsoever
    Inventory tab:
    Buffs tab:
  2. lago Green Slime

    Yay, thanks for this.
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  3. Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    I have a suggestion
    How about, in stead of updating it to 1.1, you cease all development and take down the download?
    Just my humble opinion, I think nonexistence would make this mod a lot better!
  4. lago Green Slime

    you know what, mods confuse me alot so i'm going to stick with being a ghosts
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  5. Boxed_Internet Green Slime

    I don't see why he should stop.
    I like it, it's useful for when I made pixel art.
    I stopped, but it was useful.
    But not everything is meant to be bad.
  6. Necrolance Doctor Bones

    I think this is more of a cheat than a mod... You're able to edit stats, mana and pretty much everything else. It can be easily abused for servers, either by griefers or in a server where there's PvP. So yeah... It's more bad than good. I agree with Roll Volnut.
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  7. Wall of Flesh Squirrel

    I use this to change character name and appearance.. and it's great. Please don't force Shoot to get rid of it just because it has the potential for cheating- people who want to cheat WILL find a way to cheat, regardless of what happens.
  8. Necrolance Doctor Bones

    Then there should be at least a limit on the HP and mana, if there isn't one.
  9. Zepho Mors Green Slime

    This program can easily be used for cheating and greifing, as said many times.

    Perhaps, in-line with Necrolance's idea. Shoot, you should mess with the coding to only allow a set amount of certain items, such as: Zero Dynamite, or seven grenades. Including the items that are commonly used for destruction, and some of the much more powerful weapons.

    Just a suggestion, though.
  10. Novate Bone Serpent

    Ah this has the character aesthetics changing stuffs in it, only reason to get it really.
  11. Snwspeckle Green Slime

    Do NOT support multiplayer. These kind of mods ruin multiplayer server completely. Prevent this from being used online please.
  12. Shoot Cave Bat

    I wish I could do something about it but I know people who enjoy this for building purposes. As "Wall of Flesh" said, cheaters will cheat, that's no surprise.

    I hope one day Terraria implements a "cheater" or "inventory modified" flag so it would stop some, if not all, cheaters.
  13. Snwspeckle Green Slime

    I just think we need to switch to server owners have the options to:

    1. Require users to make new characters if selected
    2. Save characters to a server file rather than the local game cache
  14. FatObeseBird Snatcher

    To people who think cheating is stupid: This is EXTREMLY USEFUL for ADV/PVP/RPG map builders, without this its almost impossible to gather all those items and build. Like from minecraft all non-vanilla play style maps are created using invedit or TMI.
    i like this mod, hope it get updated to 1.1 soon
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  15. MuffinSeeker Green Slime

    Update to 1.1 please! :)
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  16. FatObeseBird Snatcher

    I wont rush it because i like to "beat the game" (getting every single 1.1 item,kill all new bosses, collect all data of updates) then cheat the items to make my server
  17. Adin Green Slime

    Will this get me vac banned??? also i agree with the people saying take multiplayer support out.
  18. zekerman99 Green Slime

    keep in multi support and can you make the inventory items have pictures for easy editing
  19. FatObeseBird Snatcher

    You cant take out multi support since charcters are client based, therefore it can enter any world unless the server has detection for items over max stack, Hp/Mp over 400/200 etc.
  20. Kanno Demon Eye

    for me building is what keeps me on the game and without inv edit building a giant castle would be nearly impossible. I'm not saying you can't do it legit just lots of time that I don't have.
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