[Released] Hesperides Temple - A mod for builders (tConfig)

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Emcitement, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. AyeAye12

    AyeAye12 Paladin

    A bricky-brick one is the one for me. :)
  2. AnonTheMouse

    AnonTheMouse Floaty Gross

    Okay, this is kind of a silly thought, but in real life marble comes in a lot of different colours...so any chance of a +Gem = Coloured Marblestone addition?
  3. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    if you wanna try to make black bricks, you might try the palette from inactive stone blocks, minus the lightest shade and plus one darker.


    and/or flip the game and make the mortar lighter than the brick

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  4. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    Hmm, that's an idea and it'd also give some extra usage to gems. I imagine the colored marble could look quite pretty. I'll see to it.
    There's quite a lot of variations of marble. I can't say I knew that. But I found a huge list of all the different types of marble.
    All I'm use to seeing is the plain white look and the yellow-tinted look, but even those come in a load of varieties.

    Thanks. :]
    thanks. yeah, the lighter mortar is kinda' neat. I think the palette from the inactive stone blocks is similar to the one I was looking at which is the iridescent brick walls.
    I probably won't be adding them to this mod itself, but I'll keep that in mind should it come up in another. ;D
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  5. Zircon

    Zircon Cursed Man

    Not hating just correcting, you said Roman stuff, then said the Greek names Zeus and Posieden, so would it be Jupiter and Neptune (Roman) or Zeus and Posieden (Greek)
    (i get OCD about the difference between Greeks and Romans)
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  6. Nicktendo

    Nicktendo Bunny

    I'd love to see some kind of roofing tiles. It never feels right to just alternate between stone and wood. So if you could add in clay shingles or marble slats or something, that would be my biggest suggestion.

    Your grass backgrounds also remind me more of Hedges and I'd like to be able to make actual Hedge in the foreground too.

    I guess as a third suggestion I'd say gold-foil-trimmed blocks. Marble, stone, or otherwise. They would do great as an outside liner on anything built.
  7. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    For roof tiles, do you just mean ordinary blocks that seem a little more suited for roofs than the usual?

    foreground hedge sounds pretty cool. I'd like to do some more nature/ garden related things. the way I'm picturing hedges in my head is pretty nice.

    and for gold-trimmed blocks, are you saying like blocks with gold trim all the way around each individual block, or so it'd spread from block to block?

    Kind of hard to explain.
  8. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    Updated to 1.1:
    • Minor changes, most noticeable being something to make the brazier be a bit more smooth upon reloading worlds and the Ancient Breaker Blade prefixes have been fixed (though tbh I highly doubt anyone has even used it, but I still want everything to work)
    • Compatible with the newest version of tConfig (update tConfig if you haven't) which should also fix the lighting issues.
    • Added grass walls for all biomes that way this mod's theme can apply in more places apart from forests.
    Note: The Mushroom Grass Wall and Corrupted Grass Wall will have their colors tweaked to better match the grass blocks.


    @Anyone who has suggested things:
    Don't feel like I've ignored your ideas. xD Many of them may show up soon enough.
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  9. DrBob

    DrBob Cave Bat

    Question, why is it that with pretty much any mod the helmet doesn't work on mannequins?

    I was going to suggest a Marblestone Mannequin, but it would be a lot cooler if the new headpiece vanity items you made would go on it. :(

    Oh, also a toga.
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  10. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    It's a problem with tConfig rather than the mods so that's why it occurs on all of them.
    There's a bug that occurs when placing custom items on mannequins so it was disabled in tConfig for now.

    Though I like that idea as the wooden ones are quite bland if you ask me. xD

    And a toga, hmmm. There's actually already a sprite for that. I'll add it soon. ;D

    xXISPELLZZXx Eskimo Zombie

    95% builders. YEAHHH thats for me.
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  12. wsensor

    wsensor Yellow Slime

    Would it be possible for when near the Brazier that when you are firing wooden arrows that there would be a possibility for them to fire as flaming arrows?

    xXISPELLZZXx Eskimo Zombie

    No, thats practically giving it the physics of water..
  14. Nicktendo

    Nicktendo Bunny

    Those new Grass walls look great. I think the best part is how well they seem to mesh with the world of Terraria.

    For the roof tiles I'm still thinking of the old builder mod for tConfig where there was red brick tiles that slanted on the edges depending on how you built them. Same with the Gold Trim how it would outline the outside with a single gold line a pixel thick on the outside blocks, so that way it seemed like etching.

    On the subject of Garden, how about some Ivy Walls Perhaps? to place inside Stone walls or maybe as a background tile?

    Or perhaps a Trellis for Roses/Vines and such?
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  15. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    lol. but of course.
    there's only like 3 other mods that I know of targeted toward building. D:

    That would be kind of neat. :]

    Thanks ;D
    I still have to tweak a couple colors of two of them and they should look a little better.

    Oh okay. Maybe something like that shall come then. The only thing is about the slanted roof edges.. due to how the game is made, you would basically be walking through the air when standing on certain halves of them. I guess not an issue since they'd just be made for cosmetics though. Would make roofs look alot better though
    Hmm, that sounds good. :]
    A trellis is something similar to what I've had in mind. Just wasn't sure how to go about with it. I want to stick with the temple theme, but I'd like to add gardeny stuff. I suppose if I did it right it could be with the theme.
    I kind of wanted to have some sort of background wall styled in a trellis way as well as maybe a walkway variation of one that you can go through. Maybe with vines and things growing on them.

    I'll have to make a suggestion list that I can go through since some people like yourself are giving great ideas.
    I'll probably start working on adding some of the suggested ideas soon as I get a couple other things done. Trying to make an exact replica of the Dao of Pow right now which flails are kind of tricky with tConfig.
  16. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    possible, i have a a tile that makes you hover like a fan would, same principle would work for that.

    i reworked those red roofs so they look a bit smoother, the reworked version is in the dyed glass pack. and then thinking about that, i did part of the work towards making sloped tiles work right- i have code that allows you to auto-step up one block. full smooth step is just more laborious and not fun to do.
  17. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    that sounds like it'd make them a bit better.
    i'll probably add some slopey tiles eventually. who knows how they'll turn out.
  18. xland44

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  19. Science

    Science Green Slime

  20. xland44

    xland44 Lihzahrd

    I guess I did....... EPIC FAIL!

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