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What do you like the most about the wire system?

  1. Traps!

  2. Automatic Farms!

  3. Elaborate Entrances!

  4. Cool Decorations!

  5. Rube Goldberg Machines!

  6. Something Else! (Please share)

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  1. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    [​IMG] Never Enough Devices! [​IMG]
    Multiplayer Compatible Devices for all the wiring freaks!
    Click above for the mod wiki!

    Current Version: 28.1.15
    <Download .exe> | <Download .obj>
    Source included with the mod!

    One of my "Never Enough" mods, Never Enough Devices is my attempt to breath life into the currently bland wiring system. Probably the only actual "modpack" of my Never Enough series, I plan for it to add a huge variety of devices and tools in relation to the wiring system. Have an idea? Talk about it! I will gladly listen to suggestions, and browse the Suggestion's forum regularly for ideas.

    What's Included
    NPCs (open)
    [​IMG] The Prodigy

    Items (open)
    [​IMG] Mechanic's Workshop
    [​IMG] Complex Circuit
    [​IMG] Rubber
    [​IMG] Carbide

    Equipment (open)
    [​IMG] Rubber Mallet
    [​IMG] Sawblade
    [​IMG] Rubber Tire
    [​IMG] Burning Rubber
    [​IMG] Rubber Vanity Set
    [​IMG] Rubber Boots
    [​IMG] Rubber Rocket Boots
    [​IMG] Rubber Climbing Boots
    [​IMG] Legendary Rubber Boots

    Devices (open)
    [​IMG] Cables
    [​IMG] Interfaces
    [​IMG] Relays
    [​IMG] Resistors
    [​IMG] Diodes
    [​IMG] Pistons
    [​IMG] Conveyors
    [​IMG] Trapdoors
    [​IMG] Secret Bookcase Switch
    [​IMG] Extra Timers
    [​IMG] Wireless Devices
    [​IMG] Tripwires
    [​IMG] Multi-Purpose Blinktubes
    [​IMG] Solar/Lunar Panels
    [​IMG] Lava/Water Sensors
    [​IMG] Bloodmoon/Invasion Sensor

    Quick List of Recipes (open)
    Cable : Mechanic's Workshop : 4 Wire,10 Rubber
    Interface : Mechanic's Workshop : 10 Copper Bar,5 Wire,10 Rubber
    Relay : Mechanic's Workshop : 1 Lever,5 Wire,10 Rubber
    Resistor : Mechanic's Workshop : 1-3 Hardmode Bar,10 Clay Block,2 Cable
    Diode : Mechanic's Workshop : 5 Copper Bar,10 Clay Block,2 Cable
    Rubber : Furnace : 4 Wood
    Rubber Mallet : Work Bench : 4 Wood,20 Rubber
    Rubber Tire : Anvil : 30 Rubber,4 Carbide Bar
    Burning Rubber : Anvil : 1 Rubber Tire,15 Hellstone Bar
    Rubber Hood : Furnace : 15 Rubber
    Rubber Suit : Furnace : 25 Rubber
    Rubber Leggings : Furnace : 20 Rubber
    Rubber Boots : Furnace : 100 Rubber,1 Hermes Boots
    Rubber Rocket Boots : Tinkerer's Workshop : 1 Rubber Boots,1 Rocket Boots
    Rubber Climbing Boots : Tinkerer's Workshop : 1 Rubber Boots,10 Spike
    Legendary Rubber Boots : Tinkerer's Workshop : 1 Rubber Climbing Boots,1 Rubber Rocket Boots,1 Lucky Horseshoe
    Steel Bar : Furnace : 1 Iron Bar,4 Gel
    Spike : Furnace : 5 Carbide Bar
    Sawblade : Anvil : 30 Carbide Bar
    Piston : Workbench : 10 Copper Bar,10 Carbide Bar,10 Wire
    Creeping Conveyor : Workbench : 10 Rotten Chunk,10 Carbide Bar,10 Wire
    Wooden Trapdoor : Workbench : 4 Wood
    Iron Trapdoor : Workbench : 6 Iron,1 Wire
    Secret Bookcase : Workbench : 1 Bookcase,1 Switch,5 Wire
    0.5 Second Timer : Work Bench : 1 Gold Watch,20 Meteorite Bar,5 Iron Bar,1 Wire
    10 Second Timer : Work Bench : 1 Copper Watch,1 Silver Bar,5 Iron Bar,1 Wire
    30 Second Timer : Work Bench : 1 Copper Watch,1 Copper Bar,5 Iron Bar,1 Wire
    60 Second Timer : Work Bench : 1 Copper Watch,1 Stone Block,5 Iron Bar,1 Wire
    Piston DX : Mechanic's Workshop : 1 Piston,1 Complex Circuit,20 Adamantite Bar,20 Wire
    Wire x3 : Mechanic's Workshop : 1 Copper Bar,5 Rubber
    Dart Trap : Mechanic's Workshop : 250 Wooden Arrow,50 Vile Powder,20 Bone,5 Iron Bar,4 Wire
    Blinktube : Mechanic's Workshop : 10 Blinkroot,4 Glass,5 Copper Bar,4 Wire
    Solarpanel : Mechanic's Workshop : 10 Daybloom,4 Glass,5 Iron Bar,4 Wire
    Lunarpanel : Mechanic's Workshop : 10 Moonglow,4 Glass,5 Iron Bar,4 Wire
    Aqualamp : Mechanic's Workshop : 20 Waterleaf,4 Glass,5 Silver Bar,4 Wire
    Lavalamp : Mechanic's Workshop : 20 Fireblossom,4 Glass,5 Hellstone Bar,4 Wire
    Doomlamp : Mechanic's Workshop : 20 Deathweed,4 Glass,5 Demonite Bar,4 Wire

    What's Planned
    [​IMG]Climbing Mitts
    Block Sensor
    World-wide effecting Obelisks(Change time of day, force blood moon, etc.)
    A lot more devices!

    Feel free to contribute screenshots or videos!
    Blinktube Home Security (open)
    This setup will open the door at morning, and close it at night.
    Here's an updated version with wires. The house has a green light for open, and red light for closed.

    Cables Preview (open)
    Example of Cable connecting and device layouts. If the Grey Brick was a device, it would have 5 input/output spots.
    My test setup for the different Cables and Resistors.

    Recommended Mods
    Here are mods that work well with this mod and suggest using.
    Yoraiz0r's Holowires : Overlapping, colourable, point-to-point wiring :)

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    Please read!
    Although I do release these open source for others to use, please do no claim ownership of any of my content, or use any of my content without crediting me and attaching a link to this page. If you let me know about your project using my content, I could place a link to yours on this topic as well.

    Also, a very big thank you to Surfpup, tConfig is an amazing tool and makes modding much more simple, as well as deals with conflict problems. Great job!​
  2. Ijwu

    Ijwu Crimera

    Pistons. I want to see that happen pretty badly. Also, more sensors, always. By that I mean block sensors, specifically. Even programmable sensors. You tell it which block to sense and it outputs a signal on having that block near it.


  3. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Pistons are in the works, giving me a headache though. They are actually included with the mod, but no recipe because of them being abusable at the moment. Will hopefully be functioning soon :)

    In all honesty, I totally forgot about adding a block sensor, especially with pistons that's a good idea. I'll add that to my todo list. Will probably be programmable by right clicking on it while holding that block.

    The newer versions of tConfig automatically zip the obj file with the source included. Opening it with any archive manager should work.
  4. Ijwu

    Ijwu Crimera

    Very cool, glad to see that.

    Works fine, thanks.
  5. Arkhalis

    Arkhalis Blazing Wheel

    Looks great MiraiMai! I've been considering doing something similar myself, though I hadn't thought about what sort of tiles I would add lol, just wanted new things to do with mechanics.

    However, I have a question... Since you have already made a series of timers, instead of making them different tiles. Perhaps you could add a UseTile() method where when the tile is right clicked it just changes the interval?

    When I thought about adding new timers this is how I had planned to go about it - you could make it granular and increase by .5 each click 1 each click, or even just have it switch between the ones you already have.

    Just an idea~ feel free to laugh at me as needed :)
  6. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    I considered it, it would be more convenient, but the whole idea with the vanilla timers, and that I continued with mine, is that the faster the timer is, the more expensive it is. The 10 30 and 60 ones are slightly more expensive than the 5 second one, but that's cause I wanted the recipe to stay similar, so I threw the copper watch in. That and, for some reason I'm not having the greatest of luck with the UseTile method, so bleh! :p
  7. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

  8. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Hmm, I could do that I'm sure, would be interesting. Maybe make a "Laser Screwdriver" to remotely trigger the receiving blocks? :p Not sure if I should make it use a projectile for the laser or make it invisible and just check the blocks, though.

    And I don't see why it wouldn't be compatible, pretty sure Yorai made holowires work like normal ones, so they should trigger things the same way.

    EDIT: 24.0.1 is up :) Fixed all bugs except for the Piston, as far as I can tell, still seems to duplicate blocks so still no recipe for that. Added the Doomlamp, which glows and pulses during bloodmoons and invasions. Also updated textures for the liquid lamps and the default timers.
  9. hasikon

    hasikon Bunny

    i would love to se more traps and do you take ideas? i got a pair of ideas
  10. YX33A

    YX33A Bunny

    Two requests, if I may steal a moment of your time.
    First off, how about dart traps which can face up or down? Combined with the delay wire thingy you could make hallways which fire waves of darts when activated.
    Second, how about a way to MAKE dart traps? Full stack of arrows, bunch of wires, hornet stingers(for poison), and some stone and BOOM, home made dart traps.
    Of course, a trap which fires other types of munitions wouldn't hurt either(I'm looking at YOU, hellstone arrows~. Or grenades.), but as always, needs to be priced higher if it uses fancy stuff.
    Not that it's really a device per say, but boy I would kill for enjoy some turrets which can target foes. Even if it's just in a 45 degree arc, it's still worth it in my eyes.
  11. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    And don't worry, traps are planned. Here's some spoilers :p

    Uh oh future plans! (open)
    Arrow Trap: Hardmode upgrade to dart traps, will be 2x1 tiles that shoot more damaging arrows at a higher rate.
    Burning Skull: will drain lava from behind it to shoot out flames, can inflict "On Fire!"
    Frozen Skull: will drain water from behind it to shoot out snow, can "freeze" enemies, slowing them down.
    Other Fire Trap: No name yet, will use lava from below it to make a fire above it.
    Other Snow Trap: No name yet, will use water from above it to make a snowball below it that rolls like a boulder.
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  12. YX33A

    YX33A Bunny

    Just about to grab the update, just curious, does the bloodmoon\invasion sensor "blink"? If so, could you please add a version which does not, and just is active if there is one?(and maybe three logic tiles, AND, OR, and NOT, which do what is expected, AND outputs a signal if it's two(or three) inputs are receiving a active state, OR flips on if any of it's inputs are active, and NOT inverts the signal, which would be a basic set of logic gates which would allow for things which currently can not be done)
    A door blocking active block setup is useless if it keeps blinking.
    And a natural request would be a wall mounted lamp(I like lights in the center of rooms, but don't want chandeliers as they look "low-tech"). Nothing fancy, just like a wall piece which lights up. If it comes in colors, one could have different colors for different events(red for bloodmoon\invasion, green for day, blue for night time and a NPC is in a certain room which doesn't house a friendly one, etc).
    Last, a likely impossible sensor request: non-hostile sensor\hostile sensor, which when a NPC who fits the desired selection is on top(or near) of the sensor, emit a signal. Uses? You could wire up a dart trap to fire when it receives a pulse, and if that pulse comes from a hostile sensor which is near it, it would be able to fire darts mostly only at hostile mobs!
  13. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Gates I'm planning on, all in a single customizable tile, which will hopefully allow all possible gates to be made... Haven't tested them all yet in my head :p

    And there is some more info on the mod both on it's wiki page and in my Never Enough Mods post replies. The sixth and final plant-based tile is the Blinktube, which will be charged by a pulse, but slowly fade if it doesn't receiver more, giving a flickering fluorescent light effect. More importantly to what you've said though, the Blinktube will let out a single pulse when it becomes charged from empty, but not at any other time, making it a simple "filter" for the pulsing blocks. My whole idea is that since there is no continuous state in the wires, my fancier devices(such as the Gate device) will consider pulsing a HIGH and a lack of pulse LOW, for logic-sake.

    The Gate will make using the Blinktube kind of redundant, though, as it will be able to send out a HIGH/LOW signal or just a single pulse on positive/negative edge. You'll have to wait for all this stuff, though, as they will require my cable blocks, which haven't been coded yet :p I will try to get the Blinktube out with the next update though so the sensors are more useful.

    And hmm, a hostile sensor you say? It's possible I'm sure, I could see it being more useful for a PvP alarm than other things. Will see what I can do.
  14. eddylovegames

    eddylovegames Giant Worm

    more wires?maybe light sensors that,when night comes,for ex a lamp is powered??
  15. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Well I'll be adding Cables, which will have the same effect as more wires. There's already a coloured wires mod and the newer Holowires, I don't think there's any need for me to add even more. And like I said before, blink tubes will glow when pulsed with light, so you could have a Blinktube with a Lunarpanel on top for the effect you want.

    Just trying to update one of my other mods before getting back to work on devices, hopefully within a few hours I'll have the next update out.
  16. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    So I'm gone shooting bandits , raping an executable file and slaying every targetable object in this week's games for three days and this pops up?

    Nice one , MiraiMai!

    I have taken a -very brief- look at your tiles , (a)cute code! :D
    Have you tested multiplayer functionality on these?

    I have my suspicions that light wont appear in multiplayer clients the way it works right now...

    One more thing , since I am still going to be absent around
    -I already made some tiles , thought I can post their concepts here so you can attempt to recreate them with your own code

    For the sake of item savings , assume you make a tool that swaps a tile's state , and otherwise a bunch of tiles that can be modified in state with the said tool.

    A holopump (pumps upgrade , currently stands in a part of an unreleased modpack known as holocrystal machines)
    A single tile , with the following functionality :
    -> takes up 1x1 block
    -> when placed it is to be colored red (symbolizing output)
    -> when the tool is used on it , it will toggle between red(output) and blue(input) states.
    -> on wire triggering , the latter would act as pumps of the following type.

    I found that kind of tile very amusing , and I made a lot of creations easily with it , the small space consumption does wonders.

    A hololamp (solid torch tiles , visuals look like tinted opaque glass for the time being)
    -> A 'normal' tile , consumes 1x1
    -> Can be toggled on and off
    -> blocks light , and emits a light of its own color
    -> acts as normal blocks for the sake of making entire ceiling of the stuff.
    -> exists in multiple colors , such as white , red , blue , yellow , green , pink , purple , orange

    Regarding logic , here's how I would go at it , but I never planned on making this in the first place.
    'And' Level, 'And' base
    A single tile , with the following functionality
    -The base is a 1x1 tile , must be placed somewhere
    -The level tiles are a 1x2 tile , the top tile out of the two acts as a reciever for wire input.
    -The level tiles can be toggled on and off
    -The level tiles can only be placed on a base
    -Whenever a time exists where a base has at least 1 level above it , and all levels are toggled on , the base triggers wiring once , until at least one of the levels goes off , in which another wiring is triggered.

    This essentially makes a proper and gate with no wiring troubles of any sort.....(especially when used with holowires)

    As for trap tiles , I have a suggestion that might save you some work

    A 'vertical ammo trap' tile
    -> consumes 1x1 space
    -> faced up when placed
    -> can be toggled with said imaginary tool to be faced down
    -> can be right click to place ammo inside (anything with ammo > 0 and shoot > 0)
    -> shoots ammo with a certain determined velocity in the direction that has been designated for it when wire-triggered.
    -> for ease of use , item inside tile is not consumed , so that the trap can activate infinitely by itself without issues

    The same concept can easily apply to horizontal tiles , obviously.

    *huff huff* been a while since I wrote a wall of text , I must go and rest now , cya.
  17. hasikon

    hasikon Bunny

    i did think about a dirt or stone bloack that when ativates by wire there comes spikes out of them
  18. Deagroth

    Deagroth Cursed Man

    Possible names for the other traps could be 'fire geyser' and 'avalanche'. Simple, but they explain exactly what the trap does (at least to my mind). Looking forward to rigging these things up. :D

    Any chance the blinktubes are sprited yet and we could get a sneak peak at them?
  19. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    They're completely done, just posted them up(they were done last night about 2 hours before your post, but I fell asleep before posting them ^-^;; )

    Although one negative, I can confirm that the mod doesn't work multiplayer right now, so I'll have to look into fixing that. The blinktube didn't even pulse let alone light up when I tried hosting a multiplayer world. Not sure about the others, though.

    Here's an example of half of a security system:
    Images (open)

    In order to have it open in the morning though, you would need 3 more Blinktubes wired to a solar panel in a similar fashion. Note that Blinktubes don't automatically connect, you need to right click the side you want to connect with a wrench. This also means if you're using my Mainslot-0 mod, you can't be holding a hammer to connect/disconnect them, as you currently need to hold shift to right click on mod tiles :p

    Oh and incase nobody notices, added recipe for Dart Traps. And because Blinktubes connect the same way cables will, those should be coming sometime soon(which means resistors/relays/gates sometime after that :p)
  20. Reactorcore

    Reactorcore Cursed Skull

    What about using Yoraizor's holowires mod? I think he made a multiwire mod too, but holowires are far superior due to how you can connect them directly from point to point.

    Maybe combine the holowire mod with this mod?
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