TConfig [Released] Obsidian's Mod (100+ new Items, NPCs, Bosses, Pets, ... )

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    This thread is outdated. Please refer to this one :
    to get the newest version of my mod.
    OUTDATED (open)
    OUTDATED (open)

    Current Version : 0.99.4c
    Update date : 24/04/12
    Changelog :
    • 4b -> 4c : various minor bugfixes. (ice should now be breakable).
    • Drop for all the custom tiles finally fixed (or at least, it should ^^)
    • Indestructible Counter bug fixed !
    • Sound bug with the Giant Worm of the parallel world fixed
    • Recursive loop causing massive lag once in HardMode fixed
    • Omnir's sprite changed
    • Bomb bug fixed
    • Cobalt Hamaxe no longer need a Mythril Anvil
    • Melting blade now correctly need an Iron BROADsword (instead of a shortsword)
    • Meteor Hamaxe now consumes mana
    • Added a placeholder icon for the rain buff, making it easier to avoid, until i completely fix the problem (still unknown though :/)
    • Ice Spear infinite range fixed
    • Slowing / Poisoned / TP arrows now works correctly

      Tweaks :
    • MagicBow damages reduced ( Rand(10)+10 to Rand(10)+5 )
    • R. Magic Bow damages reduced ( Rand(30)+30 to Rand(30)+15 )
    • TorchArrow damages reduced
    • Frosty Helmet defensive stat reduced
    • All javelin packs now cost only 5 Wood (instead of 20)

      Currently working on :
    • Fixing Wyverns various bugs (already fixed some)
    • Fixing the rain issue
    • Fixing most of the MP issues
    • Fixing the invasions.
    V.99 changelog (open)
    V.99 changelog (open)

    Changelog :
    • Auras totally redone, sprites included. They now act as pets and works ways better.
    • Pets are now functionnal. You have to bring a NPC with less than 5hp on a cage to transform it into a consumable pet summon item. Currently it's consumable, but it's subject to change.
      Current pets are : Slime (green/blue), bunny, and Giant Worm.
    • Lot of bugfixes, including the recipes things.
    • First attempt to have a parallel world, but still pretty buggy. You have to defeat the Dark Wyvern to get the Time Portal. Once you're ready to travel to the other world, simply use it anywhere on your normal world. The game will freeze for 5-10secs while generating the other world. I'll put a loading screen in the next update, but for now i have no time for this. Once in the other world, there're new NPCs randomly spawning, but some of them are buggy. There's no special items in the parallel world for now, as it's basically an attempt to get this game mechanic working.
    Note : Later, mining through the parallel world will let you access a whole new tier of gears, and fight some new bosses.
    One last thing about the parallel universe : current version of tConfig force me to display the Parallel world once generated in the menu. You shouldn't be able to access it directly, and tConf might crash if you try.
    • First weather events : Rain (in normal world) and Meteor Fall (in parallel universe). Those two events are fully random, and are subject to change for the next updates

    As always, wonderful sprites by my friends Sebastian, TankNut, S@m, Zoodletec, Omnir, Nsogge, Elias & MCMo. <3
    (well, that's a lot of spriters xD)

    ! Spriter(s) Needed !
    Hey there, finally, after weeks of work, i'm releasing my mod. It consists in a quite huge pack of items & weapons, as well as some NPC changes. The idea of the mod is not to make uberpowerful items that does incredible damages, but simply to add some new mechanics or fill some blanks into the game.

    The most important change in my mod is the randomization of most of Terraria's Monsters. I changed the way most of the mobs spawns, in order to make them appear in different forms. For exemple, you can now encounter Normal Green Slimes, Armored ones (with an armor buff) or King ones (more armor, more hp, bigger, but drops more money). It goes like this for 32 NPCs, with (i think) really interesting changes, such as nearly invisible weak but deadly enemies, glowing ones, etc...

    In addition of those normal NPCs, i added a dozen brand new ones, mainly using Omnir's graphics. These are Trolls, Golems, Minotaurs, Giant Spiders, Crawlers and Cave Harpies (Hardmode Jungle Cave monsters), as well as many Ice biome monsters. You will also see two new Town NPCs, which sells interesting items...

    I also added three new bosses : the Ultra Slime (needs Dark Gel to be summoned), the Frost Queen (needs Ice Crystal which is a drop), and finally the Dark Wyvern, wich is basically a corrupted-coloured wyvern, with more segments (ALOT more), more health, more damage, and custom IA. This is the final boss of the mod, because it's harder than any other boss, and it drops a magic item which is useless for now, but will let you enter a totally new world later. This world will be covered by a huge jungle-styled forest, with lava oceans and constant meteor drop. You will access this world via a static item in your main world, and i will basicaly be a "raid world" (a world you go in only to get items, not to build a house). This alternative world already works, but it still needs alot of work to be fun to explore.

    Finally, you may see two brand new invasions, a bit buggy for now but still WIP. For now, they only works well if you're at home when they randomly decide to come. You'll encounter the deadly hornet swarm, and the Dark Bunnies Horde.

    Video Overview of the mod NPCs (open)

    Complete List of mod items (with videos !) (open)

    Here's the list of the mod items/weapons :
    (Auras are made at a Demon Altar)

    Day’N’Night, can change from night to day.

    Demon Aura, summon a demon aura that emmits light (and should grants you a life buff, but is still buggy)
    needs : 1 Soul Catcher + Demon Souls.

    Dying Soul, a powerfull Spell that summons an evil soul, which splits each time it hits a target.
    needs : 1 Spell Tome, 1 Soul of Night, 5 Fallen Star.

    Feather Cannon, basically a cannon which shoots feathers.
    needs : Feather, Handgun, Soul of Flight.

    Angler Fish Aura, grants Spellunker buff when wet.
    needs : 1 Soul Catcher + Fish Souls.

    Harpy Aura, Summons up to 3 Harpies to follow you, and fires 3 flaming arrows each time you attack an enemy. (they should attack by themselves, but the AI is still WIP).
    needs : 1 Soul Catcher + Harpy Souls.

    Hungry Harpoon, a Harpoon that reduces the potion cooldown each time you hit an enemy.
    needs : 1 Harpoon + 1 philosopher stone + Souls of Light.

    Intrepid Sword, a sword which inflicts insane damages... as long as you do not have tons of armor ! (fixed damage minus your current defense stat).
    needs : 1 Silver, 1 Gold & 1 Cobalt Sword.

    Death Aura, gives you an armor buff but slowly decrease you health.
    needs : Death Souls + 1 Soul Catcher.

    Magic Bow, a really fun Bow. I'll let you discover it.
    needs : 1 Gold Bow, 5 Gold Bars, 1 Lens & 5 Fallen Star.

    Reinforced Magic Bow, upgrade to the Magic Bow, much more powerfull.
    needs : 1 Magic Bow, 25 Meteorite Bars, 5 Diamonds.

    Rabbiter, a rabbit-shooting cannon, which has change to transform your target... into a rabbit !
    needs : Meteorite Bars, Rabbit Leather.

    Torch Launcher, basically launches torch that sticks on walls.

    Pixie Aura, summons a pixie that heals you alot, but slows you.
    needs : Pixie Souls + 1 Soul Catcher.

    Rabbit Armor, vanity armor that needs Rabbit Leather.

    Tanooki Armor, same as Rabbit Armor, but comes from rare enemies drops.

    Space Armor. You can buy it from Omnir's Shop.

    Titan Grapple, a grapple that damage enemies and has insane knockback.
    needs : 1 Grappling Hook + 1 Titan Glove.

    Necro Tools Set, slightly more powerful than Shadow Set, but consumes health.
    needs : Bones + Cobweb.
    Sprites by my friend TankNut !

    Meteor Tools Set, slightly more powerful than Shadow Set, but consumes mana.
    needs : Meteorite bars.
    (ps : Meteor Hamaxe has been a bit upgraded, his cost has been increased and it now consumes mana)
    Sprites by my friend TankNut !

    HardMode Hamaxes, because I love Hamaxes.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Javelins (One for each Tier), weak throwable weapons, but really cost effective in short terms. Could be use as an alternative to the Bows.
    needs : Wood + Bars (except Jungle ones, which needs Stingers).
    Sprites by my friend TankNut !

    Snow Balls !

    Ice, new material made out of 4 Snow Blocks

    Ice Sword, Weaker than Copper one, but much quicker, and cheaper.

    Ice Bow.

    Ice Spear.

    Ice Flail.

    Ice Winds, 100% drop from the Frost Queen. Pretty imbalanced.

    Ice Armor Set.
    needs : Ice.

    Frosty Helmet, make snow to fall down when equipped. Vanity item dropped from Ice Demons.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Ice furnitures, Made out of Ice. Barely the same as Wooden ones, but for decorative purposes.
    need : Ice, Ice & even more Ice.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    IR Emittor/Receptor, used to make complex wired systems. IR Emittors create invisible IR rays that triggers IR Receptors in a long range if they're aligned. IR Rays are emitted in every 4 directions.
    needs : Chipset, Iron and wires.

    Lava Boulder, like the Stone one, but with a bit more damages. Do not triggers pressure plates at the moment, don't really know why.
    needs : Hellstone.

    Cage, Trap low health mobs into them to acquire pets !
    needs : Iron bars.

    Elemental Workbench : Craftstation for every Elemental related items, such as Elemental Staffs.
    needs : Wood + 2 gems for each basic colour.

    4 Magic Elemental Staffs (with 4 levels each), (Wood + Coloured Gems, then Gems + Staff to upgrade)
    Each of these staffs shoots elemental-based projectiles, and can be upgraded using gems. For exemple, the Ruby Staff Lv1 shoots fire projectiles, and needs Rubys and Wood to be crafted. Then it needs some more Rubys to be upgraded to Lv2, etc...

    Note : If you're searching for Soul Catcher, ask Omnir InGame... ;)

    + some other minor items.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] ...

    Work in progress Wiki of the mod (feel free to contribute guys !)


    I have to say that the mod has not been extensively tested in multiplayer, so there may (ok, let's be serious, there will) be some bugs or desyncs. Please report me any of them, i'll correct them ASAP. I'm also open to every kind of suggestions/criticism.

    I plan to add alot more stuff, like a brand new tier of stuff, with it's own ore, new NPCs, new bosses, some activable stuff, etc... Stay tuned ! =)


    Next update features :

    • Fixing Wyverns various bugs (already fixed some)
    • Fixing the rain issue
    • Fixing most of the MP issues
    • Fixing the invasions.
    Upcoming features :

    -Vehicles ! Flying cloud, minecarts, boats ? I'd like to add those kind of things.​
    -Multiplayer support. Lot of work here.​
    -Moar parallel universes !​
    -Neutral tribes, building houses and villages on your world.​
    -Total revamp of the current invasion system.​
    -New events (Tsunami, meteor fall, volcano, ...)​
    -New stuff tier.​

    Download (v0.99.4b _ w1k "hotfix") :

    Feel free to donate if you like my work

    You will need Winrar (or other .rar extractors) in order to do this. Just google it and download a trial version.
    1. Back-up your saves before doing any of this.
    2. Download and install "Game Launcher".
    3. Download and install "tConfig".
    4. Download the "Obsidian Mod" from the first post in this thread
    5. Extract the files (or just open the .rar file with winrar)
    6. Place the "Obsidian Mod" folder and the "Obsidian Mod.obj", that you got from the .rar file, into the "ModPacks" folder. If it ain't there create a folder called "ModPacks" into Documents>My Games>Terraria
    7. Launch Terraria through steam to open Game Launcher.
    8. Launch tConfig from the Game Launcher window.
    9. Go to "tConfig Settings" and turn on "Obsidian Mod".
    10. Click "Reload Mods"
    If you want to bring over an existing character, just copy the files from Documents>My Games> Terraria>Playersand copy over the character files to the tconfig folder that's in that folder.
    The same could be done with worlds. Just instead of the "Players" folder, it'll be the "Worlds" folder.


    Take a look at my friend's work, they're all really good !​

    If you like this mod, here's what you can do to help :
    -Copy/Paste this image to your signature,
    -Make review videos on Youtube.

    Thanks for support !
  2. DarkFlow

    DarkFlow Cursed Man

    Looks really good, ill try it out soon :)
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  3. Dark Wall Of Flesh

    Dark Wall Of Flesh The Groom

    Hey i'm playing this mod and i don't know if this is a bug, the green slimes (with strange dimensions :confused: ) drops a lot of Voodoo Doll when i kill them D: Please fix it :)
    smokesjackson likes this.
  4. Nuclear Winter

    Nuclear Winter Cursed Man

    Some cool ideas in this mod- I like the effects on the staffs, can't wait to fight the custom bosses :)

    A few small bugs to report, will update this post as I find more.

    1. Dying Soul projectile doesn't split when it hits an enemy
    2. Jungle slimes are not animated
    3. Armoured Skeletons don't have variations
    smokesjackson likes this.
  5. Obsidian54

    Obsidian54 Cursed Skull

    Thank you for your bug report !
    I've fixed 1,2 & 4, they were all debugging things, sorry for that. The bunny bug is also fixed.

    Be careful with the Dark Wyvern, it's a very powerful boss ^^
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  6. smokesjackson

    smokesjackson Snow Flinx

    Fu**ing sweet man thank you love the mods
  7. Obsidian54

    Obsidian54 Cursed Skull

    Thank you =)
    I just changed the download link, make sure you have the latest version to enjoy even better the mod =) (v0.61)
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  8. smokesjackson

    smokesjackson Snow Flinx

  9. Dark Wall Of Flesh

    Dark Wall Of Flesh The Groom

    Hey did you fixed the bug of the 5 Voodoo Doll after killing Green Slimes? I noticed the incredible spawn rate of enemies xD And a few of enemies will disappear after killing, without gore or flesh D:
    PS. This mod looks very very interesting ! I am only at the beginning but i love this mod for the ideas! :)
  10. Obsidian54

    Obsidian54 Cursed Skull

    Desinstall / reinstall the latest version, the spawnRate / Voodoo dolls drop bugs are fixed in 0.61 =)
  11. Dark Wall Of Flesh

    Dark Wall Of Flesh The Groom

    Thank you very much !!! :D This mod is awesome, with no bugs! I love you man, now i go to play this xD

    Ops you fixed the spawn rate but the 5 Vodoo Doll are not fixed D: What a strange problem xD
    Obsidian54 likes this.
  12. Obsidian54

    Obsidian54 Cursed Skull

    Glad you enjoy it ! A new update with even more exciting content should come before the end of next week. If you like it, don't forget to spread the link (in your signature for exemple). Thanks for the support man !
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  13. Tctoocold

    Tctoocold Bone Serpent

  14. SSFAN

    SSFAN Green Slime

    Thanks for the great mod but I found 2 bugs so far. (ver 0.61)

    1. Dying soul doesn't do anything. When it hits an enemy, it does nothing then disappear. (no damage at all)

    2. When I fire a feather canon, it damages me. (50 - 60 dmg).
  15. DDogin

    DDogin Green Slime

    I like the mod, but the only thing that is quite annoying is that im not able to make torches because of the voodoo dolls dropping instead of gel, other than that it is very good!
  16. Obsidian54

    Obsidian54 Cursed Skull

    Please download latest version, this bug is fixed.

    @SSFAN : currently working on fiixing the Dying Soul bug, thanks for the Feather Canon one.
  17. DDogin

    DDogin Green Slime

    Already have Version 0.61 but green slimes drop voodoo dolls Blue Slimes drop gel so it is not the worst bug but still a pain in the butt ^^
  18. Obsidian54

    Obsidian54 Cursed Skull

    here they are sir !

    V0.63 out, only bugfixes.
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  19. DDogin

    DDogin Green Slime

    Fixed the voodoo doll bug, very much appreciated now it wont fill up my inventory anymore ;D What other things will be added in the future?
  20. Dark Wall Of Flesh

    Dark Wall Of Flesh The Groom

    Duh a question: can i combine multiple mod with this? I have this mod, Portal mod, Omnir's 2 mods (Creatures & Weapons + TFAA items), and Examples mod... will this not influence this mod with bugs or anything else ? :confused:

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