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  1. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Currently discontinued on tConfig!

    Currently being updated for tAPI at:

    Nostalgia Version 3.12.09 is now out!

    Furniture Version 0.09.00 is now out!

    Simply download and install tConfig(Newest, here), then download and install any of the packs below (but only -1- of the Nostalgia packs). From there, launch tConfig from the Mod/Game Launcher (which automatic pops up when you go to run Terraria, now). Go to tConfig Settings on Terraria's main screen -> turn them on, or turn them to one of the settings (Digging, Blasting, No Blast).
    Reload the mods and you're done!

    IF YOU'RE GETTING ERRORS (Rebuilding, out of memory, or throwing axes):
    Show Spoiler

    1. Locate the modpack's .obj and open it with 7zip
    2. Extract the folder
    3. Place the folder in your "ModPacks" folder, in your Terraria directory where your world and player are also saved.
    4. Go to Terraria's folder in the Steam directory.
    5. Look for "Modpack Builder" and activate it
    6. Select the mod to rebuild
    7. Wait 7 years.

    IF YOU'RE GETTING ERRORS WITH THROWING AXES WHILE REBUILDING: You can -only- rebuild with tConfig 0.29.7 and above, due to subfolders now being supported (and my using it),

    Make sure when you rebuild with a new version of tConfig to rebuild all of the mods you are using with it. If problems continue to persist, turn off all of your mods,
    1. load a world,
    2. see if there are any errors,
    3. save,
    4. turn on some mods,
    5. repeat until all mods are on.

    Installation instructions can be found here!


    ****A List On Items and Where To Find Them(Click)****
    Thanks go to Cynicalmuse for doing this list all on his own!
    A map with all the items
    Thanks go to devilman337
    Note: Don't extract it, move the whole folder to your "tConfig" folder in your "Worlds" directory
    Omnir Beastiary 1.3.2.pdf
    Thanks go to Rune Skyr, who took it upon himself to create this awesome Bestiary : D
    A List of NPCs and where they spawn
    Terraria OmnirsMod
    An Incomplete Wiki
    If you want to see it grow, add to it :)
    You need Tconfig to get these mods to work.

    Firstly, I want to thank and support Surfpup* as he continues to work on tConfig, making it easier to make mods. I would not have been able to create these mods without his work and added help. *I'd also like to extend that to Yorai, who has been helping with tConfig.

    Also, I want to heavily thank Yorai, Obsidian and W1k for their help with coding :) Obviously I want to thank the whole of Relogic, as they continue to make the base game amazing. I also want to thank Cynicalmuse, and Rune Skyr for their help with the item list and bestiary.Lastly, though not least(ly), I do want to thank all of the "Let's Play"ers : D!


    The Downloads
    **YOU NEED tCONFIG 0.35.3a(or higher) FOR THESE TO NOT FAIL TO LOAD**
    Omnir's Melee Weapons V.2.2
    -Download-Media Fire-
    -Download-Speedy Share-
    Omnir's Nostalgia Pack v. 3.12.09*
    -Download-Media Fire-
    -Download-Speedy Share-
    Omnir's Furniture Pack v. 0.09.00
    -Download-Media Fire-
    -Download-Speedy Share-
    For much lower enemy HP
    Omnir's Nostalgia Pack Low HP v. 3.12.09
    -Download-Media Fire-
    -Download-Speedy Share-
    To Uninstall NPCs, Click This! (Mod that gets rid of the NPCs)

    *If you are experiencing problems, try one of the following:
    Nostalgia Packs Separated (open)

    Omnir's NP v. 3.12.09 Digging
    -Download-Media Fire-
    -Download-Speedy Share-
    Omnir's NP v. 3.12.09 Blasting
    -Download-Media Fire-
    -Download-Speedy Share-
    Omnir's NP v. 3.12.09 No Blast
    -Download-Media Fire-
    -Download-Speedy Share-

    information (open)

    My three mods are "Omnir's Nostalgia Pack" (Formerly known as "Omnir's Creatures, Tibia and Final Fantasy items"), "Omnir's Melee Weapons," and now also "Omnir's Funiture." Someone is working on a wiki, but I do not have time to make one.

    The Nostalgia Pack currently adds in ~133 creatures into Terraria (FF1 "Slimes", Sahagin, Mindflayers, Evil Eyes, Gigases, Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls, Demons, Quara, Minotaurs, Vampires, Uruk Hai, Metroid, Outlaws, Iron Giant, Ultima/Omega Weapon, Dragons, Wyverns, Malboro, Eland, Golems and some others.) Most are based on the creatures from the online game "Tibia," "Final Fantasy," or from "The Lord of the Rings." This modpack also includes the Four Fiends from Final Fantasy I, along with Chaos. I may later have an option to generate the world map to include the 5 "shrines," but that won't be for some time.

    Since some creatures are very large, I have included 3 different options in this modpack: Digging, Blast and No Blast.

    These mods are done, with the exception of tweaking and balancing. There -probably- will be more updates. They are not promised, though. Note that this is also a modder's resource -- use what you'd like for your own mods, but give credit.

    Digging: Allows the larger creatures to move through tiles (with pauses) when they cannot reach you. You'll hear the same sound as the giant worm, but more spaced out. the more powerful the creature, the faster they'll dig.

    Blasting: Allows the larger creatures to blast bricks (like a bomb or dynamite) to get to you. Depending on the creature, it may be fast blasts or slower ones.

    No Blast: Contains neither digging nor blasting coding -- The large monsters will act as the other monsters. They may spawn stuck, or get stuck, easily, but they will use traditional path finding to get to you.

    This pack includes 27 new armors sets
    Final Fantasy -- Red Equipment, Black/White Robes, Crystal Armor, Dragoon Armor, Genji Set, Bard's Tunic/Hood, Shell Armor;
    The Lord of the Rings -- Easterling Armor, Second Age Elven Armor, Armor of Sauron;
    Tibia -- Tribal Set, Leather, Studded Leather, Chain, Brass, Plate, Dwarven, Knight, Crown, Golden, Dragon Scale, Demon, Magic Plate, also rouge pieces that can be used as replacements in a set;
    Lego -- Red/Blue/Black UFO(x3)
    The armors are made to adjust to gender, so girls will have a different armor chestpiece.

    It also has 29 vanity outfits:
    Final Fantasy I -- Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage;
    Final Fantasy III -- Sage;
    Final Fantasy IV -- Paladin (Cecil), Dark Knight (Cecil), Rosa;
    Final Fantasy V -- Bartz;
    Final Fantasy VI -- Terra, Celes, Setzer, Cyan, Locke, Sabin, Edgar, Kefka;
    Fantasy VII -- Cloud, Aeris, Sephiroth, Tifa;
    Final Fantasy VIII -- Squall;
    Lord of the Rings -- Mirkwood Elven(Legolas), Nazgul, Witchking;
    Tibia -- Hero
    Mistress Rarity's request: Bunny.

    It includes ~55 weapons, 26 spell tomes, 8 scrolls, 9 runes and other items, also (including Gold Coin Tiles). It also includes 17 accessories, 3 "block" or "brick" sets and 2 wall sets.

    NOTE1: Nearly all items are to be looted, not crafted.

    NOTE2: This may have problems in multiplayer! Surfpup and Yorai have been fixing the multiplayer issues, so thank him with that : D! You may have summoning problems in multiplayer, also. I'm not sure what the deal is, but it's not on my end :<

    I may take suggestions, but I'm not doing anything outside of what I want to do. I did enough of that with my sprite sheets.

    Also, there are some people that expressed a desire to help. What I really would love help with consists of:
    1. Bugs! Report all that you find.
    Criticism is accepted, so long as it's informational. I do update/upgrade my graphics when I notice the problems :<​

    "Omnir's Melee Weapons" include 18 new weapon types (Scythes, Sickles, Bulgeons, War Axes, Pole War Axes, Great Warhammers, Zweihanders, Tachi, Nodachi, Kodachi, Ninjato, Claws, Falchions, Rapiers, Maces, Nunchaku, Whips, and Flail Maces.) with most being covered in all 10 types (Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Demonite, Hellstone, Cobalt, Mythril, Adamantite, Hallowed). Mostly only the "smaller versions" are left out of the last 5 tiers.
    Note: I do not have ranged and magical items included, as this is really only for melee variation.

    Note2: I do not yet have a working lighting code for the phasesabers. I'm working on it.
    "Omnir's Furniture" includes Tables, Long Tables, Goblets, Bowls, Chairs, Doors, Pots, Thrones and Platforms of various metals. It isn't complete, and needs a bit of revisioning, but there should be no bugs from it. It also has "bone pile" tile set.
    The "Great Doors" are not properly usable.

    Videos and Pictures - including two "Let's Play" series

    Videos and Let's Plays (open)

    Item Drop Guide

    Let's Play by Nekurazr

    Let's Play by rmw8558 ep 1

    Let's Play by Blue Ankylo ep 1
    Blue Ankylo

    Vianto Killing Omega

    BaumProductions Killing Omega with Melee
    Screenshots (open)



    Recent Changelog (open)

    3.12.09 (26th September, 2013) -- Added in summoning items for Demon Lord, Apocalypse, Massacre, Orshabaal.
    All summoning items are consumable, and stack up to 250
    3.12.08 (18th September, 2013) -- Changed spawning of Orshabaal's Tunnel, and Iron Golem.
    3.12.07 (8th Sepember, 2013) -- Removed Final Fantasy bosses having ridiculous defense when too far away
    Removed random damage Tibian weapons.
    Removed text suggesting the Protect Ring saves from sudden death.
    3.12.06 (26th July, 2013) -- Changed WitchKing's Spawn to include the dungeon
    Fixed Marilith's Trophy name
    Fixed Nazgul drowning -- they will not drop loot if they drown
    3.12.05 -- reverted some useless changes to decrease possibilities of errors.
    3.12.04 -- Added in Edgar Gold and Black outfit
    Added in Jack of Blades vanity to Great Dragon Lord drops
    3.12.03 -- Dolls, Stuffed Dragons and trophies stack to 250.
    3.12.02 -- Final Fantasy bosses now have ridiculous defense if players are too far away in stead of an automatic stun
    Added in Wind and Water Elementals
    Changed magic to include 1/10th of mana (non-runes), or 1/20th of mana (runes) as damage.
    3.12.01 -- Fixed Man Hunter and Uruk-Hai Archer projectiles
    Changed Earth and Fire Elemental FX
    Added Greater Health Potions to bigger bosses (drop)
    Ogre Chiefs no longer teleport
    Tibian Mage sells more runes and strike scrolls are far more reasonable.
    3.12.00 -- Removed availability of Death Penalty until fixed
    Reworked Bosses to be much harder, including: faster and stronger projectiles, homing spells (Thanks to Tim Hjersted for finding the code!),
    Reworked Ai to be more versatile (Drowning, bored)
    Fixed spawns, loot, items
    Added in Boss trophies. (Lich, Marilith, Kraken, Tiamat, Chaos, Ultima Weapon, Omega Weapon)

    3.11.00 -- Revamped spawning, again.
    Added in Bolt/Ice/Fire Bullets
    Added in Death Penalty
    tweaked Knight Axe damage
    Changed Masamune graphic

    Lastly mods I support (open)

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  2. Roll Volnut

    Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    Finally! Good luck with this. Does that mean you can help me with spriting now?
  3. 7UR7L3

    7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    Awesome. How many terraria additions do you plan on incorporating in your final release? Or will you just keep adding whatever you want until you stop.
  4. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Not done, BUT my offer still stands :) Just let me know what you need : D (if you sent that im, I didn't get it :( )

    Until I want to stop XD
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  5. 7UR7L3

    7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    Cool. I can't wait to see all of your new additions at that time.
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  6. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    I -plan- on making:
    FF6 Atma Weapon
    FF4-8~ Outfit Sets (FF1 is done)
    Ultima Tome (Spell)
    The 4 Fiends + Chaos (bosses)

    Smaller Dragons (these have large scales as they are very, very old)
    Behemoth from FF and/or tibia
    Like Likes (done)
    Metroids (maybe all their stages)
    Terminator stuff
    Halo Stuff
    Star Wars stuff

    Whether or not I do any or all of those is not something I can guarantee.
  7. Cyrman

    Cyrman Piranha

    My mouth drops. I love this mod finaly dragons
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  8. Matros Koshkin

    Matros Koshkin Green Slime

    This mod is awesome.
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  9. Merch

    Merch Fire Imp

    Sniper rifle, uzi, all the gun jazz!
    So its like CoD and Scary and, nvm.....
  10. Suika Ibuki

    Suika Ibuki The One and Oni

    The quaras are hot @_@
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  11. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    I made those and the serpent sword because you asked XD

    Did you see them in game?
  12. Seyren.W

    Seyren.W Squirrel

    This is an -excellent- mod and I heartily recommend it to anyone looking to breathe new life into Terraria. Consider increasing the hp and damage of regular Terraria mobs/bosses for a good challenge too. =)
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  13. Suika Ibuki

    Suika Ibuki The One and Oni

    I just saw the sprite sheets :0 Since idk how to use the modpacks ._.;
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  14. Roll Volnut

    Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    Go to my mod, I wrote an installation guide.
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  15. hunterzero_001

    hunterzero_001 Demon Eye

    those sprites set are awesome very nice work i love it!!
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  16. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    There are likely a good amount that need to be redone, but tell me it's not challenging enough XD!

    I'm making a run through on a HC character, and it adds that perfect suspenseful element I was hoping for.
  17. Suika Ibuki

    Suika Ibuki The One and Oni

    So apparently Juggies have a weird behavior :0 On some times they jump, and other times they don't.. Is this intentional?

    Oh and for some reason I always see the Iron Giant IN lava ._.; either he always falls down there before it appears on screen, or it spawns on lava x.x

    I have yet to see a dragon
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  18. Mr. Mystery

    Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    Can you please make a list of items and how to craft them?
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  19. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    The random jumping... I don't know. Everything does that. It'll happily jump to where it needs to, then just get stuck :confused:

    Dragons are super rare, but in the lowest layers of the rock layer.

    For the TaFF, there is nothing craftable, only lootable (Did this because there was once a limit with how many craftable items you could mod in -- so it was for compatibility. I also renamed the items/monsters for compatibility -- thus the "ancient," etc.)

    For my weapon's mod, Get at least 10 bars of the 4 lower tiers, and wood. For the demonite/hellstone, they require more (20-35ish? some 70)
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  20. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Double post, BUT it's an updated release (and I waited a couple days for someone to post :( )
    A couple of notes that I feel are important:
    • I changed how dragons, great dragons, demons, demon lords, juggernauts, iron giants and trolls work. They will now break down bricks between themselves and you.
    • All projectile shooting enemies will now jump and move!
    • Muramasa now have 4 levels of advancement. Every time you hit an enemy, it has a chance of raising the damage. after the first increase to 30, it will swap with the faster, longer version (that is harder to level). At 50, it'll switch, again. At 60, again. After that, you may raise the damage, but it will not save, and will revert back to 60 damage.
      • This is a very, very rare find, and cannot be found without a blood moon.
    • Fixed the issue with the wand of energy. The projectile was not doing damage.
      Fixed an issue with NPCs spawning in bulk in the Dungeon. I altered it to where only the Giant spiders/Giant pelican spiders/Vampires will spawn there + the norm
    With that, I'm working on the next update, which will focus far more on Final Fantasy. I need to figure out how to increase the damage if the creature is a certain creature (like giants taking more damage from "giant killer," etc.)

    Edit: Iron giants are now immune to Lava :3
    Edit2: Ah, messed up some hellworld spawns -.- update soon
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