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  1. I think every one of us have wanted to explore new worlds, different from the one default map style provided to us by the vanilla game. This modpack is a first attempt to remedy this. It introduces five new stable world types, and a few experimental/joke worlds. Simply enable the mod and create a new map; the world will randomly be generated as one of the new world types (though there is a 10% chance of receiving the vanilla Terraria world). You may also create particular world types by typing a prefix into your world name. The most notable changes to worlds are geological, though a number of aspects such as NPC spawns and timeflow have been adjusted.

    New Worlds

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    The asteroid world doesn't feature particularly tough enemies, but may be a challenge for other reasons. The planetoid lacks an atmosphere, so you can't breathe on the surface! Breathing aids such as Diving Helmets, or the new craftable Space Helmet and Oxygen Tank, will help you survive in this environment. There is also no sun, so exploring the surface may be just as treacherous as the ore-heavy caverns. You may find an item in chests which will allow you to spawn NPCs you have earned (as the lack of daytime will prevent them from coming automatically). Watch out for Vashta Nerada astronauts and Cybermen! Special thanks to Malunis for providing the Cybermen.

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    Provides a bit of an extra challenge due to the lack of wood and scarcity of water (you may still find some in rocky areas of the desert, and underground). Perhaps most dangerous, though, are the tunnels of sand ready to collapse on unwary explorers. There will be some solace in the jungle oasis. Enjoy the new Pyramid facade for the dungeon, and expect to see quite a few mummies. Also, keep an eye out for Phlebas' awesome jackalope!


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    New characters will be faced with the usual jungle slimes and bats, though some less powerful enemies will spawn on the surface as well. The corruption has been completely consumed by the rainforest, however, so will not be an issue. There are quite a few new landmarks to find, including the golden pyramid dungeon, a buried village and lava-filled volcano. Beware Phlebas' crocodile.


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    This world is not for the faint of heart. Beginning in hardmode means that upper-tier ores will be prevalent in the rock from the start... but also that vicious enemies will be upon you instantly. All water is turned to lava, and corruption extends across the world. The jungle is now hell, and demons have taken over the floating islands. You'll see some familiar enemies, but in surprising places.​

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    The snow world is easygoing, a place to relax and take a break. There is no corruption, few really dangerous enemies will spawn, and the dungeon is now your personal ice castle, which enemies will not spawn inside of. All bosses have already been defeated, so your NPC friends like Dryad and Wizard will come without having to be earned. Oh, and yes, Hell has frozen over.

    Other Other Worlds

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    Gallifrey is a desert-ish world from Doctor Who which has been partially implemented, but isn't ready for prime-time yet. There is a small chance you will get this world; feel free to check it out. You may also encounter the lucrative Shiny Planet, composed entirely of precious metals. Finally, the Empty World is... well, mostly not there. Try not to get that one. Hallowed was added later and may become fleshed out eventually. Confetti worlds are composed of a random mishmash of tiles.

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    Metal Bed​
    Metal Bench​
    Metal Brush​
    Metal Chair​
    Metal Platform​
    Metal Table​
    Metal Work Bench​
    Military Bunk​
    Sheet Metal​
    Sheet Metal Walls​
    Dark Metal​
    Dark Metal Walls​
    Ancient Desert Brick​
    Brown Rock​
    Orange Sand​
    Purple Rock​
    Red Rock​
    Yellow Rock​
    Ice Block by Phlebas​
    Ice Wall by Phlebas​
    Space Helmet​
    Teleporter Beacon​

    I've also included a number of "space-y" versions of common items, primarily metal versions of furniture, for those of you (well, me too) who don't think wood is appropriate in a space station. Also important to note are the number of "Asserter" items. There currently exists a bug-type-thing whereby your worlds may occasionally forget what type they are (this is important for NPC spawns, etc.). If you accumulate 20 tiles of the predominant tile in your world's biome (e.g. sand for desert), you can create an item which will set the world to the appropriate type.​

    Boring Asserter = 20 Dirt​
    Desert Asserter = 20 Sand​
    Nightmare Asserter = 20 Ebonstone​
    Jungle Asserter = 20 Mud​
    Snowy Asserter = 20 Snow​
    Gallifrey Asserter = 20 Orange Sand​
    Asteroid Asserter = 20 Brown Rock​

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    Jackalope by Phlebas
    Crocodile by Phlebas
    Cave Crocodile by Phlebas​
    Alien by Phlebas​

    Cyberman by Malunis
    Broken Cyberman by Malunis

    Desert Hare​
    Snow Slime​
    Skeletal Astronaut​

    Choosing Worlds
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    To select which world type you want, rather than randomly generating it, you can add a text prefix to the front of your world name to tell tConfig which world you want. For example, to create a Desert world named "Tanis", you would name your world "OWDesert Tanis". Your world will then appear in the world menu as simply "Tanis", and will be a Desert world. There must be a space between the prefix and your world name. The complete list of prefixes is below.
    WARNING: Using a prefix will cause your world to think it is DEFAULT, though the geography will be correct. Gather 20 sand(desert)/snow(Snowy)/mud(Jungle)/etc. to create an item which will set your world to the correct type. Normal random generation should be fine.
    UPDATE: As of August '12, these don't work anymore. Sorry!

    Known Bugs/Not Yet Implemented

    Note: Due to volume, I can no longer respond to all bug reports. To have your report be considered, please be as thorough as possible. Include your Other Worlds version number and tConfig version, and any error messages. Disable all other mods and reproduce the error once before reporting. And please make sure it's not on the list below; you're not expected to read the whole thread, but at least read this whole post.​

    *Must manually set world type if specify using prefix command (set the world type by creating an asserter, gather 20 of the world's predominant tile, see "items" above)​
    *Jungle grass sometimes fails to load (pink squares)​
    *Dart Trap Lasers don't hurt enemies
    *Furniture always points left
    *Custom Invasions still announced as Goblin
    *NPC Pack extension not perfect, have not limited NPCs to appropriate worldtypes

    Note: You'll need Tconfig to play.​
    Note2: The source code for this is hilariously messy and embarrasses me, but feel free to look through it and take anything useful. I intend to write a tutorial on world modification at some point to supplement this.​

    Other Worlds - Version 1.07​
    Other Worlds (NoGen) - Version 1.07​
    The modpack below includes all the same content, but won't modify your worlds on creation. Use it if you would like to play Other Worlds sometimes, but not be generating new ones.​

    EXTENSION: Other Worlds NPC Pack - Version 1.00​
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    This is a version of Dogsonofawolf's NPC Pack designed to be compatible with Other Worlds (no duplicate enemies). It adds the content that is not in Other Worlds without conflicting with the content that already is.​

    Let me know what you think. I have tested the pack, but due to the expansive nature of the content, fairly dramatic errors could occur (and have, during development). Please let me know if you encounter any issues. I hope you enjoy the pack, have fun!

    Show Spoiler

    Added Undead invasion to desert, Slime invasion to Jungle
    Slime invasion will finish with a Giant Jungle Slime miniboss
    Sand walls craftable
    Official integration with NPC pack, Doctor and Archaeologist included/bugfixed
    Jungle/Desert Invasions drop Archaeologist spawn item
    Asteroid/Gallifrey Invasions drop Doctor's spawn item
    NoGen can still generate Other Worlds with prefix commands (because of my workflow, I may forget
    to include this in later releases; be sure to tell me if I do)
    Compatible NPC Pack released
    Reduced use of custom tile slots by 8, total comes to about 47 now
    Added Ice Wall by Phlebas, craftable from Ice Block
    Added prefix for making a Hallowed world the starts in HardMode, "OWHH"
    Tweaked random world type chances
    Corruption grass will not be created near world center on Confetti
    Dungeon now made of random/confetti'd dungeon bricks! (on Confetti worlds, of course)
    Added Cave Croc by Phlebas (Jungle dungeon)
    Aliens by Phlebas (Asteroid)
    Laser Dart Traps hurt enemies
    Better gore for Skeletal Astronauts
    Fixed Metal Chair drop

    Goblin invasion replaced by skeleton army on Nightmare, Dalek invasion on Gallifrey and asteroid
    Added sheet metal walls (craftable), dark metal, dark metal walls, metal chairs
    Furniture should now count for houses
    Crocodile image updated (by Phlebas)
    Ice (by Phlebas!) added, surface water on Snowy will be frozen
    Tweaked backgrounds on all world types; should match world type closer now
    Dart traps fire lasers on space planets
    Dungeon mobs should now spawn only in dungeons on all worlds
    Minor image tweaks all around
    Grass, plants and vines on Gallifrey now recolors, so act as expected (though particle fx wrong color)
    Mechanic now spawns in dungeons (as will wizard and goblin, though only incidentally)
    Old man will no longer turn into a fire thing or whatever

    Fixed default prefix command
    All dungeons now working
    Added Daleks! Appear in Asteroid/Gallifrey dungeons.
    Fixed/tweaked Cybermen sounds
    Added "Dark Metal" tile for Gallifrey dungeon
    Title Menu now displays textures of last world you were in (currently
    affects Gallifrey and Nightmare only currently)
    Meteorite Jungle replaced by surface Hell
    Altered sky/backgrounds in Nightmare
    Gallifrey dirt now orange (still some bugs)

    Added Crocodile NPC by Phlebas
    Asserters are different colors now
    Added Confetti world type

    Added Jackalope NPC by Phlebas
    World type can now be specified by adding an appropriate prefix to your world at creation
    Added a Hallowed world type, fine tuning required
    Lava in Snowy world turned to water

    Makes metal furniture removable (some weren't removing properly)
    Skeletal Astronaut now leaves gore
    Snow Slime has particle FX

    Fixes (hopefully) to Gallifrey textures migrating, as well as world types migrating
    World Type displayed on loading world
    Asserters no longer require Metal Work Benches
    Added whatWorld item, craftable for a copper coin, tells you what type world is

    1.00 - Release

    Possible To-do
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    Try to reduce number of custom tile slots used to improve mod stacking
    Asteroid NPCs have space helmets
    Fix Helleton NPC
    Add Cthulhu Priest Mini-boss
    Consider proposed NPCs from other mods
    Space suit (body + pants)
    O2 generator (tile you place, allows breathe within radius)
    Ore processor
    Water world
  2. Darkbynight

    Darkbynight Demon Eye

    If people do not take this (Insanely awesome) mod as a testament that mods can bring us whatever we thought we would get in vanilla, then nothing will!
    Really, you amazed me with your NPC mod, now you stun me with this. :)
    When I read the words Vashta Nerada and Cybermen, my brain did a double take and my inner nerd screamed for joy. :p

    Now I'm off to try and find an Astroid or Gallifrey world. <3 <3
    Speed Lightning likes this.
  3. ProsaurusRex

    ProsaurusRex Undead Viking

    Ooooh, sounds cool. But Nightmare sounds impossibly hard if you're making a new character :confused:. But Desert and Jungle sound really awesome.
    Dogsonofawolf likes this.
  4. You're right of course; starting on Nightmare would basically be impossible. I thought it would be neat to have a "challenge" map for characters already higher tier, so they could jump in without having to kill WoF and find smash Demon Altars and stuff. But it is kind of limiting to make it off limits to newbies, especially since you can't control what world you get right now. I'll un-hardmode it if there is enough interest.

    Glad you like the idea though. Thanks for the feedback :).
  5. Of course, it wouldn't be a Dogsonofawolf release if there wasn't a desperate last minute bugfix. Those of you grabbing the files in first 25 minutes may have had the dirty trick of having every world be generated empty played on you. I apologize for the inconvenience, the files should be fixed now :-p.

    Tim Hjersted and Darkbynight like this.
  6. Darkbynight

    Darkbynight Demon Eye

    Your fix worked, thank you for being so speedy!
    The first world I created was a snow world but meh, considering it didn't sound like there would be much challenge (Combat and finding items related) I opted to keep it as a backup and make a new world.
    My second world was a desert world, which was fun. I didn't manage finding an oasis but I did go exploring a bit, finding a chest almost right off the bat, and fighting tons of vultures. :p
    This mod is going straight in my "these are the mods that will always be active" file. :D

    EDIT: Ohh yeah, and I found a desert hare! Beautiful little critters. :D
    Dogsonofawolf likes this.
  7. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron


    This, now THIS is an impressive mod. Bravo! Braaavo!
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  8. Sigia

    Sigia Snatcher

    So in the Nightmare world you START in hard mode? Where in the word is the hard mode variable even located?
  9. ridex

    ridex Green Slime

    um i have found a bug if i place the metal workbench it turns into demonite ore :(
    FreyModder and Dogsonofawolf like this.
  10. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Very impressive, though I will have to wait to get home in order to try it out.
  11. eliminate1337

    eliminate1337 Cave Bat

    wow, this is a very impressive mod. if anyone can give me a download for each world type that would be great, i don't want to have to generate worlds until i get one of each
  12. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I salute thee.
    Seriously , its nice to see the first biome-affecting mod of terraria released in such a variant manner!
    I love the worldly variants of tiles you made , truly an amazing feat!
    Mind if I mess around with the source more then just a bit here? :p
  13. Sun Tzu

    Sun Tzu Bunny

    This is amazing. :)

    Keep up the good work.

    Do you plan on adding more types of biomes eventually? People will begin to feel the same way about these newer and more unique biomes as they have felt about the older ones from the Vanilla Terraria.

    Anyway... Thanks. :)
  14. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    he already added Galifrey and some more stuff , its really neat!
    BTW Dogsonofawolf - Your source is written in a very understandable way! >.>
    I love how you wrote it , its very 'eased' on the user to make more biome times XD (provided they make the tiles they want)
    Thanks for uploading such a neat thing,
    Do you mind if I use some of these methods of yours in PASE to create my own biome (which will not replace the entire world , lol) ?
    That said , all credits will obviously be given~

    Edit : This is the simplest and prettiest method to make a village that I have ever seen! XD My own was freaking annoying with attempts to make all the houses unique and stuff with doors , lol.
    I love your source XD
  15. Darkbynight

    Darkbynight Demon Eye

    I'm still trying to get a Gallefrey world but so far no dice. :p
    I'm still trying to decide on a world to make my "play world"
    In other words, I am thoroughly enjoying this mod and it's really distracting me from making my own mod. ;)
    Great work on this!
  16. Sun Tzu

    Sun Tzu Bunny

    The jungle village in his photo reminds me of the buildings found in the underworld.
  17. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    if it is alright for you could i possibly use some of the code you have here for my space mod, you will be given all credit for anything that you did.
  18. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Abandoned Hell village = abandoned surface village. I bet it's the same civilization, only they didn't have access to Hellstone and Obsidian yet when they built their jungle villages. //Over-analyzing stuff for the lulz.
  19. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    that's because what happens here is that a hell building is generated and then converted to a surface one , quite smart XD
  20. Sun Tzu

    Sun Tzu Bunny

    I am guessing it is nearly the same code, with different materials in a different biome.
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