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    RussLeeIV Tim

    Here are a few of the things I have put together. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I have making them. If you think of ways they could be improved or balanced please feel free to let me know.

    Mods are marked MP Compatible when applicable.

    Content by other Moders belongs to them and permission for its use must be garnered from them.

    Mods are listed with the tConfig version that they were last built with. Unless otherwise specified all should work with the current tConfig version after rebuilding.

    These mods are no longer actively maintained. If anyone is interested in taking over one or more of them, please contact me.

    tConfig info
    Installation Guide
    Mod rebuild instructions

    Please let me know what you think. << Survey (no login needed)
    Survey Results Overall 88.86% (6.22 / 7) (open)
    Bag Slots 97.29% (6.81) [21]
    Liquid Fun 94.29% (6.6) [20]
    Item Pack 92.86% (6.5) [16]
    Portal 92.43% (6.47) [15]
    All Stacks 250 91.86% (6.43) [21]
    Base Mod 91.14% (6.38) [21]
    Teleport 85.71% (6) [16]
    Packed Block and Ore 84.86% (5.94) [16]
    Mod Settings 84.86% (5.94) [16]
    Builders Blocks 84.% (5.88) [16]
    Backpacks 81.57% (5.71) [17]
    Builder Mode 81.29% (5.69) [16]

    Bag Slots v0.29.01 01 (Bags not included see Bag Packs) (MP Compatible) - Updated 2013-04-14
    (API) Additional slots for holding bags that are accessible while in your inventory!!
    You to can make your own bags and Bag Slots will recognize them! Details inside!!
    Tunnel Kings Vacuum Fix Now Included
    Bag Slots Features (open)

    Last non-split version v0.28.05 01
    • Eight Bag slots have been added next to the ammo slots. Only four generic bags can be equipped at a time.
    • Bags can range in size from 1 to 45 slots.
    • Open and close bags by right clicking them.
    • Items can be dropped into the bags even when closed.
    • The Piggy Bank and Safe can be placed in these slots as well.
    • Items will stack to the bags first when picked up. Alt + Right Click on a bag slot to toggle this on and off.
    • There are two Ammo Refill Modes. Ctrl + Right Click on a bag slot to toggle.
    FIFO: Ammo slots are shifted up when a slot is emptied and then filled from the first available ammo bag.​
    Adjacent: Ammo slots will only be filled from and adjacent ammo bag.​
    • There are two Bag Fill Modes. Use Mod Settings to change this option.
    GenericInventory: Generic Bags slots are filled before Inventory slots.​
    InventoryGeneric: Inventory slots are filled before Generic Bags slots.​
    • There are three Slot Count Modes. Use Mod Settings to change this option.
    Used: Display the number of used slots.​
    Empty: Display the number of empty slots.​
    None: No slot count is displayed.​

    You can create bags too!!
    If you add these methods to your items cs, Bag Slots will recognize it as a bag.
    public static bool IsSpecialty() - Is this bag a specialty bag? This is for the four generic limit.​
    public int SlotCount() - How many slots does this bag have? (45 max)​
    public static bool CanPlaceItem(Item item) - Can the given item be placed into the bag?​
    Optional Methods:
    public static bool IsAmmoBag() - Does this bag only store ammo? If true ammo slots will restock from it.​
    public static bool IsPotionBag() - Should potions be used from this bag?​
    Check out the specialty bags cs files in Bag Pack - Classic for examples.

    Known Issue:
    Due to a change in tConfig 0.34.1 (or there about) if no bags are equipped or there is no space in your bags for the item, the item will not vacuum even if there is space in your inventory or another mod. It appears there is not a passive way to dismiss OverrideItemVacuum. Tunnel King has generously provided a fix for this issue and it is now included.

    Bag Packs: (Bag Slots mod required)
    Bag Pack - Classic v0.29.01 01 (MP Compatible) - Added 2013-02-23
    All the bags from the original Bag Slots mod before it was split.
    Bag Pack - Classic (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] by Me!
    [​IMG] cleaned up by Phlebas
    • Bags ranging in size from 5 to 45 slots in 5 slot increments.
    • The generic bags can be purchased from the Merchant, Dryad and Clothier.
    • The specialty bags can be crafted from Silk and Fallen Stars (5 Silk per slot and 1 Fallen Star per 5 slots).
    Ammunition: Stores ammo and ammo will be auto equipped from these bags.​
    Potion: Stores potions and Quick Heal, Quick Mana and Quick Buff will use from these bags first.​
    Builders: Stores building materials such as Blocks, Bricks, Walls and Wood.​
    Mineral: Stores ores and bars.​
    Seed: Stores plantable seeds.​

    Gel Bottle by MiraiMai
    [​IMG] Crafted at a Furnace from 20 Glass and 5 Fallen Star ;)
    Mod Settings v0.29.01 01 (MP Compatible) - Updated 2013-04-14
    (API) An easy to use menu for changing the settings of Mods while in game!!
    Mod Settings Features (open)

    Interface sprites by MiraiMai
    Supports Boolean, Enum and Int32 settings.
    Holding shift, control or alt will increase the amount that the Int32 setting is increased or decreased by 10, 100 and 1000 respectively, this is multiplicative i.e. shift + alt = 10000.​
    Access Mod Settings Mod List via F2 - F6. (Override option)
    The game will pause while the menu is open. (Single Player Only)

    Add settings to your Mod!
    Add these methods to your World.cs
    public int GetSettingCount()​
    public string GetSettingName(int setting)​
    public object GetSettingValue(int setting)​
    public object SetSettingValue(int setting, object value)​
    sample code (open)
    // get the number of settings
    public int GetSettingCount()
    return 3;
    // get the name of the specified setting
    public string GetSettingName(int setting)
    switch (setting)
    case 0:
    return "Bags First";
    case 1:
    return "Ammo Fill Mode";
    case 2:
    return "Sample Int";
    return null;
    // get the value of the specified setting
    public object GetSettingValue(int setting)
    switch (setting)
    case 0:
    return bagsFirst;
    case 1:
    return ModPlayer.AmmoFillMode;
    case 2:
    return sampleInt;
    return null;
    // set the value of the specified setting
    //  return the new value
    public object SetSettingValue(int setting, object value)
    switch (setting)
    case 0:
    return bagsFirst = (bool)value;
    case 1:
    return ModPlayer.AmmoFillMode = (ModPlayer.AmmoFillModes)value;
    case 2:
    // adjust the new value as needed
    int val = (int)value;
    if (val < -10) val = -10;
    if (val > 100) val = 100;
    return sampleInt = val;
    return null;

    Base Mod v0.29.01 01 (MP Compatible) - Updated 2013-02-14
    A few small changes like Toggle AutoPause while in game, display the Real time on screen and Mech Accessories act as if held.
    Base Mod Features (open)

    AutoPause Toggle - Pressing the "Pause/Break" key will toggle AutoPause (Single Player Only)
    In Game Clock - Added a clock showing real world time in the lower right corner of the screen.
    Mech Toolbelt - The Toolbelt is now tagged as Mech and any equipped Mech accessories will work as if held.

    Item Pack v0.29.01 01 (MP Compatible) - Updated 2013-02-14
    Several Accessories and a Telescope!
    Item Pack Features (open)

    Band of Regeneration A+
    [​IMG] Band of Regeneration A though E crafted at Tinkerer's Workshop by combining two of the lower version with the exception of C which is made from 2 B and 1 A.

    Explosive Bullet
    (This came from needing a better way to use dynamite to remove the corruption and hallow.)
    Three variety of the Explosive Bullet can be crafted from 1 Dynamite and 5 Musket Balls at a Workbench, makes 5. One does damage, one breaks tiles and walls and the other does both. Damage dealt by the explosion is most at the center and less at the edge.

    Obsidian Horseshoe Shield
    [​IMG] The Obsidian Skull, Lucky Horseshoe and Cobalt Shield can be combined at a Tinkerer's Workshop.

    Shackle A+
    [​IMG] Shackle A though E crafted at Tinkerer's Workshop by combining two of the lower version with the exception of C which is made from 2 B and 1 A.

    Spelunking Helmet
    [​IMG] Crafted from 1 Mining Helmet, 5 Blinkroot, 5 Moonglow, 5 Demonite Ore and 1 Mana Crystal at a Tinkerer's Workshop.
    A Mining helmet that also applies Spelunker. In addition both helmets work when in the vanity slot.

    [​IMG] Crafted from 2 Gold Bar, 2 Wood and 2 Lens at a Workbench.
    In single player will summon a meteor to the telescopes location when the player has 5 Fallen Stars (consumed). The meteor will "land" when the player is sufficiently far from the site.

    Alternate Versions by Others
    Band of Starpower A+ (MP Compatible) by GameCharmer (Not Included)
    [​IMG] Band of Starpower A though E crafted at Tinkerer's Workshop by combining two of the lower versions.

    Directional Splunking Helmet (MP Compatible) by Phlebas (Not Included)

    All Stacks 250+ v0.28.0501 - Updated 2013-04-14
    Any stackable item can now be stacked up to 250, 999, 9999 or 99999 excluding coins.
    Builder Mode v0.29.01 01 (MP Compatible) - Updated 2013-02-14
    Now you can build forever!!!
    Builder Mode Features (open)

    Toggle Builder Mode via F6 or using Mod Settings
    When in Builder Mode if the held item is placeable it will not be consumed and can be placed faster!
    The cursors color is inverted while in Builder Mode.

    Liquid Fun v0.29.01 01 (MP Compatible) - Updated 2013-02-14
    [​IMG] Drain - 1 Iron Bar at a Workbench, removes any liquid in its tile. When connected to wire, only drains when activated.
    [​IMG] Spring - 1 Water Bucket, fills its tile with water, if it is full then the tile above is filled and so on.
    [​IMG] Flow - 1 Lava Bucket, fills its tile with lava, if it is full then the tile above is filled and so on.
    [​IMG] Float - 2 Iron Bar at a Workbench, activates wire every 1/4 second when submerged.
    Teleport v0.29.01 01 (MP Compatible) - Updated 2013-02-14
    [​IMG] Craft this from 1 Spell Tome, 1 Life Crystal and 1 Mana Crystal at a Bookcase.
    A teleportation spell tome. When carried, shift + right clicking will work!
    Portal v0.29.01 01 (MP Compatible) - Updated 2013-04-14
    [​IMG] Craftable Portals that will transport you to the next or previous Portal in the chain of Portals. Crafted with 2 Iron Bar, 1 Gold Bar, 1 Amethyst, 1 Topaz, 1 Sapphire, 1 Emerald, 1 Ruby, 1 Diamond and 5 Fallen Star at a Workbench
    Hold shift, alt or ctrl to travel backwards.

    Various Other Mods - each sold separately, batteries not included
    Other Mods (open)

    Backpacks v0.29.01 01 - Updated 2013-02-14
    [​IMG] A craftable backpack, 10 Silk, 1 Gold Bar requires the Loom. Can be stacked up to 10, the functional limit as well, there is no benefit to having more.
    They can be opened while in inventory by pressing the number of the bag you would like to open. If you only have one backpack only 1 is available.
    Additionally if you have the Piggy Bank or Safe in your inventory it can be opened with "minus / underscore" or "equals / plus" respectively.
    Builders Blocks v0.29.01 01 - Updated 2013-02-14
    1000 of any of the below listed items can be turned into a Builders Block of that type. Builder’s blocks are not consumed when placed.
    Block List (open)
    Adamantite Ore, Ash Block, Blue Brick, Blue Brick Wall, Candy Cane Block, Candy Cane Wall, Clay Block, Cobalt Brick, Cobalt Brick Wall, Cobalt Ore, Cobweb, Copper Brick, Copper Brick Wall, Copper Ore, Demonite Brick, Demonite Ore, Dirt Block, Dirt Wall, Ebonsand Block, Ebonstone Block, Glass, Glass Wall, Gold Brick, Gold Brick Wall, Gold Ore, Gray Brick, Gray Brick Wall, Green Brick, Green Brick Wall, Green Candy Cane Block, Green Candy Cane Wall, Hellstone, Hellstone Brick, Iridescent Brick, Iridescent Brick Wall, Iron Ore, Meteorite, Mud Block, Mudstone Brick Wall, Mythril Brick, Mythril Brick Wall, Mythril Ore, Obsidian, Obsidian Brick, Obsidian Brick Wall, Pearlsand Block, Pearlstone Block, Pearlstone Brick, Pearlstone Brick Wall, Pink Brick, Pink Brick Wall, Planked Wall, Red Brick, Red Brick Wall, Sand Block, Silt Block, Silver Brick, Silver Brick Wall, Silver Ore, Snow Block, Snow Brick, Snow Brick Wall, Stone Block, Stone Wall, Wood, Wood Wall, Wooden Beam

    Packed Block and Ore v0.29.01 01 - Updated 2013-02-14
    A full stack of the following items can be packed into a single item that can later be unpacked. While holding a Packed block pressing Tab will toggle AutoPack.
    Block List (open)
    Adamantite Ore, Ash Block, Candy Cane Block, Clay Block, Cobalt Ore, Cobweb, Copper Ore, Demonite Ore, Dirt Block, Ebonsand Block, Ebonstone Block, Gold Ore, Green Candy Cane Block, Hellstone, Iron Ore, Meteorite, Mythril Ore, Obsidian, Pearlsand Block, Pearlstone Block, Sand Block, Silt Block, Silver Ore, Snow Block, Stone Block, Wood

    Special thanks to the following Terrarians for their exceptional feedback and assistance in making these mods what they are today.
    Listed in order of appearance
    Update Log (open)

    Edit 2014-06-16: Updated Bag Slogs obj with Tunnel Kings fix
    Edit 2013-07-12: Added Known Issue for Bag Slots
    Edit 2013-04-14: Rebuilt all for 0.29.1. Updated Bag Slots, Mod Settings, All Stacks250+ and Portal.
    Edit 2013-04-02: Added note that Bag Pack - Classic needs the Bag Slots mod.
    Edit 2013-02-27: Updated Bag Slots.
    Edit 2013-02-26: Updated ModSettings.
    Edit 2013-02-23: Updated Bag Slots and added Bag Pack - Classic.
    Edit 2013-02-20: Updated descriptions.
    Edit 2013-02-15: Update ModSettings.
    Edit 2013-02-15: Updated descriptions.
    Edit 2013-02-14: Updated all to 0.28.5 and some fixes.
    Edit 2013-01-04: Updated Status.
    Edit 2012-12-12: Updated Liquid Fun.
    Edit 2012-12-10: Updated Liquid Fun.
    Edit 2012-12-03: Updated Bag Slots and Updated Survey stats.
    Edit 2012-11-30: Updated Bag Slots and Updated Survey stats.
    Edit 2012-10-26: Added Mod Survey Link.
    Edit 2012-10-26: Updated All Stacks 250.
    Edit 2012-10-21: Updated Mod Settings and Builder Mod.
    Edit 2012-10-19: Updated Mod Settings.
    Edit 2012-10-18: Added Special Thanks and moved Builder Mode out of Various.
    Edit 2012-10-17: Updated Base Mod, Bag Slots and added Mod Settings.
    Edit 2012-10-13: Updated Bag Slots.
    Edit 2012-10-06: Added Builder Mode.
    Edit 2012-10-03: Updated Bag Slots.
    Edit 2012-09-26: Updated Bag Slots.
    Edit 2012-09-14: Added link to MiraiMai's Gel Bottle. Added optional bag method signatures.
    Edit 2012-09-13: Added specialty bags and four more slots!!
    Edit 2012-09-07: Updated Bag Slots with additional steps to handle the first run on a player.
    Edit 2012-09-05: All mods updated to 0.24 format. All Stacks 250, Backpacks and Teleport updated.
    Edit 2012-09-04: Updated Bag Slots and Portal and combined some mods into the Base Mod and Item Pack.
    Edit 2012-08-31: Updated links. Moved files into Terraria directory.
    Edit 2012-08-30: Updated Bag Slots.
    Edit 2012-08-25: Updated Backpacks.
    Edit 2012-08-25: Updated Bag Slots.
    Edit 2012-08-23: Grouped Mods by Functionality.
    Edit 2012-08-23: Updated Bag Slots and Backpacks.
    Edit 2012-08-22: Updated Bag Slots.
    Edit 2012-08-18: Added Bag Slots.
    Edit 2012-08-09: Added Images and wrapped up block lists as spoiler.
    Edit 2012-08-09: Reposted all mods build against tConfig 23.8. Also Portal now works in multiplayer.
  2. kingicarus

    kingicarus Floaty Gross

    Im having difficulty using the backpack. When I try to open it inside my inventory, the backpack opens and then closes after a fraction of a second.
  3. RussLeeIV

    RussLeeIV Tim

    Off the top of my head I realize I never tested it with open inventory not pausing the game. Is that it?
    Yoraiz0r likes this.
  4. kingicarus

    kingicarus Floaty Gross

    Yeah, when I pause the game to open my inventory and access the backpack, it immediately closes itself (the backpack not the entire inventory). Hopefully it's an easy bug to fix, ive been longing for more invent space for quite awhile now.
  5. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Nicely written mods , well organized thread , Confidence in modding community +1 on my mind.

    Keep up the great art :D

    small tip of randomness - regarding the builder blocks mod , I think it could be a better idea to just 'toggle' a block's state into a builder block via a hotkey. (check if the item places any tile (placetile > 0) and then toggle its stack to 1 , max stack to 1 , consumable to false , and if an item with these 3 properties is found when you click , check if the default of that item has a stack bigger then one , and if so , convert it back to its old state , this system should be working for all tiles =x)
  6. GameCharmer

    GameCharmer Zombie

    Does your portal mod work in multiplayer?
  7. kingicarus

    kingicarus Floaty Gross

    Ok, through a bit of testing ive deduced that the backpack does in fact work, but it performs a check to see if the last chest interacted with by the player is nearby (within roughly 5 tiles in any direction).

    Edit: I believe it's a problem in the world.cs file, but dont hold me to that as I only skimmed through the code and there was a lot about chests and checking them.
  8. RussLeeIV

    RussLeeIV Tim

    Thank you, honestly I didnt like having to create so many items myself. I like your idea, more of a builder mode than item specific. I will look into it when I get a chance.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

    To be honest I have no idea, I havent played multi player at all. I would love to know if it does. If it doesnt I believe I just need to tell the server where the player moved to.

    I think you are right. When the backpack chests are created they are placed off the map a little. I always play with autopause on, so that is likely why I never noticed the issue. I think I can just update the locations of the backpacks on player update to the players current location and that will fix it. I will try this out later today when I get a chance.
    kingicarus, GameCharmer and Yoraiz0r like this.
  9. GameCharmer

    GameCharmer Zombie

    Thanks for the info. I'll give it a shot tonight if I get the chance to get on and see if it works correctly in MP. Props to the current portal mod for doing what it does, but this means I don't need a portal room, and I get 3 times as many points.

    I tried this out the portals on multiplayer and they don't work. I can place them, but their functionality is gone, they are not consumed from inventory on place, and they do not drop anything when broken.
  10. RussLeeIV

    RussLeeIV Tim

    After digging through the code, the issue with the backpacks closing when autopause is not on, is due to chests closing if the tile is not active or the player is farther than ~5 tiles away.
    The solution that I have implemented has one side effect. If you are not within range of an active tile, the open chest sound is played over and over until you are.
    If anyone else has an idea about how to get around this please let me know.

    The mod has been updated. In addition I am now including a version file in the zip's.
    Yoraiz0r likes this.
  11. GameCharmer

    GameCharmer Zombie

    Liquid Fun is MP compatible! It might be a good idea to put something in the descriptions if they are MP compatible or not. I'll gladly test when I can. :)
    Yoraiz0r likes this.
  12. RussLeeIV

    RussLeeIV Tim

    Excellent suggestion, I will start noting above when they have been tested for multi player.
    Yoraiz0r likes this.
  13. RussLeeIV

    RussLeeIV Tim

    Thanks for testing it. I will look into what needs to be done to fix it.
  14. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    some possible solutions include...
    -> mimicing the effects of 'opening a chest' , where the chest location is indeed 'close' to you. (and updating the chest position as long as one of the latter chests are open)
    (recommended) -> making a custom tile interface to support the latter chests.
    I personally prefer the custom tile interfaces you can create in tConfig , such as the cheat menu , satchels and so on.
    making one is not hard at all , and they can be easily updated of position when required.
    you can also name them for easy checks and so on.

    To be more bluntly specific why I support them , is because I made a 'satchel' item , which essentially is exactly the same as the chest , just without the 'sort' buttons , and is keeping data within the item.

    edit: you shouldn't double post , you can edit a post and it will notifies people.
  15. RussLeeIV

    RussLeeIV Tim

    The game actually inspects player.chest, chestX and chestY and the tile they describe during Terraria.Player.UpdatePlayer(int). The coordinates on the chest itself do not appear to be used for checking the closeness of the player to said tile, but the referenced tile must be active and within range. My solution was to find any active tile that would fulfill the requirements and set chestX and chestY to its location. If a tile is not found then the players coordinates are used and the main terraria code attempts to close the chest.

    At one point I looked at the interface options of tConfig but was not able to get one to open through code and not just when the player activates a tile. I didnt spend that much time on this really, so I will revisit it when I can.

    I apologize for the double posting. I will be sure to not do it again.
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  16. GameCharmer

    GameCharmer Zombie

    Band of Regeneration A+ works fine in MP. Are you planning on making a Starpower version? I could put that together if you want.

    What is the Mech toolbelt supposed to do?
  17. RussLeeIV

    RussLeeIV Tim

    I dont use spells that often so I hadnt thought of a starpower version but it makes sense and would be easy enough. If you make it I will add a link to yours next to its brother or post it and credit you or I could make it, your choice. I mentioned that I thought about doing it with shackles, but didnt because they are much more readily available and would be to op, agree / disagree? If people want it though, it can be done.

    The mod looks for an equipped Accessory marked as Mech and shows wires accordingly. In addition the toolbelt is now marked as Mech.
  18. GameCharmer

    GameCharmer Zombie

    Well, it looks like manaIncrease doesn't do anything, and there isn't a regenMana option in the Item Class, so I guess modding the starpower band is pointless. I tried it out, got them to successfully craft and everything, but they unfortunately don't do anything. I take it I'll have to write something in C# to get this to work.
  19. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    just add an Effects method to the item , and add something to player.manaRegen.

    an example
    public void Effects(Player P)
    not hard.
  20. GameCharmer

    GameCharmer Zombie

    Thanks man. This is my first run at doing anything mod related. I just got tConfig decompiled successfully and am going through things. :)

    Awesome, here it is!

    Band of Starpower A+
    Combine Bands of Starpower to increase your max mana!

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