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    Hello all,​

    This mod is the culmination of a strong desire to see more Doctor Who content in Terraria. Inspired by Dogsonofawolf's fantastic Other Worlds and NPC Pack, this mod adds a variety of weapons, NPCs and items from both the classic and new series of Doctor Who.


    A video showing an early version of the mod by Frey117:

    The video Caldaminis made for his article about the mod:

    My thanks to the following, without whom this mod wouldn't have reached the point where it is today:
    • Dogsonofawolf - provided the daleks, 11th Doctor, and the timey-wimey objects amongst a variety of other things. He also offered advice during the early days of the mod's development.
    • rangerofthewest - gave me coding advice
    • Yoraiz0r - answers my quesetions on the tConfig thread, and, most importantly, allowed me to adapt his Holoraces mod.
    • Malunis - provided the cybermen sprites, as well as 9 & 10's clothes.
    • NerdyBoy - allowed me to include his TARDIS.
    • Acheld - let me adapt his 'bookmarks' system in the form of the Vortex Manipulator
    • Obsidian54 - let me use his Time Portal and pet bunny code from his mod.
    • Blahblahbal - allowed me to adapt his 'superhardmode' and 'wraith invasion' code.
    tAPI Verision: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/sonicrs-doctor-who-mod.842/

    Download - Version 1.00 (requires tAPI r10 and Game Launcher 3)

    Currently only contains the 13 Doctors as Town NPCs

    Installation Instructions
    - Download & install the latest version of tAPI and the Game Launcher
    - Run tAPI via the Game Launcher, then close it (this will create a tAPI Mods folder)
    - Download the mod
    - Cut/Copy the SonicR's Doctor Who Mod tAPI file from the download
    - Paste it in the following directory: My Documents/My Games/Terraria/tAPI/Mods/Unsorted
    - Launch tAPI
    - Enable the mod

    tConfig Version (Discontinued)

    Enemy NPCs

    100/60 HP
    25/10 Damage
    10/5 Defense
    Spawned by the First Master/Spawns on surface

    50/160/345 HP
    16/55/70 Damage
    6/33/44 Defense
    Spawn on surface and in caves

    Varying HP
    Varying Damage
    Varying Defense
    Spawn on surface

    Enraged Ood
    Enraged Ood.png
    123 HP
    26 Damage
    22 Defense
    Spawns on Ember world types

    Sky Shark
    Sky Shark.png
    300 HP
    40 Damage
    30 Defense
    Spawns on Ember world types

    200 HP
    60 Damage
    50 Defense
    Spawns on Ember world types

    The Master
    The Master.png
    6500/10000 HP
    50 Damage
    60 Defense
    Spawns when the Paradox Machine is used

    200 HP
    50 Damage
    25 Defense
    Spawned by the Fourth Master

    Weeping Angel
    Weeping Angel.png
    370 HP
    120 Damage
    70 Defense
    Spawns in caves in Whomode

    45 HP
    14 Damage
    10 Defense
    Spawns on the surface near oceans

    Friendly NPCs

    Pet summoned by the Dog Whistle​
    Romana the Lady President​
    Spawns only on Gallifrey worlds​
    Sells Romana's Sonic Screwdriver​
    Rory the Last Centurion​
    Rory Williams.png
    Summoned by using the Roman Sword​
    Sells the health potions​
    Leela the Sevateem Warrior​
    Spawns only on Gallifrey worlds​
    Can be summoned by using the Janis Thorn on Gallifrey​
    Sells all items with stone in their crafting recipe​
    The Doctor
    The 11 Doctors.png
    The 1st Doctor is summoned by using the TARDIS Key. The 2nd through to 11th will spawn when the previous incarnation is killed
    All Doctors sell the Cosmic Watch, Vortex Manipulator and Temporal Obfuscator. When Whomode is activated, they will sell the Untempered Schism

    1st Doctor also sells: Astrakhan, One's Shirt, One's Pants
    2nd Doctor also sells: Top Hat, Two's Shirt, Two's Pants
    3rd Doctor also sells: Three's Shirt, Three's Red Shirt (Blood Moon only), Three's Pants
    4th Doctor also sells: Dog Whistle, Fedora, Janis Thorn
    5th Doctor also sells: Celery, Five's Shirt, Five's Pants
    6th Doctor also sells: Six's Shirt, Six's Pants
    7th Doctor also sells: Seven's Shirt, Seven's Pants
    8th Doctor also sells: Eight's Shirt, Eight's Pants
    9th Doctor also sells: Nine's Shirt, Nine's Pants
    10th Doctor also sells: Chameleon Arch (only if the Chameleon Arch mod is installed and turned on), Ten's Shirt, Ten's Pants, Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, Void Glasses
    11th Doctor also sells: Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, Fez, Fish Custard, Stetson, The Doctor's Shirt, The Doctor's Pants

    Alternate Doctors
    The Alternate Doctors.png
    These Doctors are from the 1999 spoof 'The Curse of Fatal Death' (Incidentally, I highly recommend you watch it on youtube!)
    The Ninth Doctor will spawn when the 8th Doctor is killed in Whomode
    All Alternate Doctors sell the Cosmic Watch, Vortex Manipulator, Temporal Obfuscator, and the Untempered Schism (Whomode only)


    "I wear an Astrakhan now. Astrakhan's are cool!"
    Bought from the 1st Doctor

    "It's an excellent restorative"
    Heals 75 Life
    Bought from the 5th Doctor

    Chronosteel Bar
    Chronosteel Bar.png
    5 Cybersteel Bars, 10 Dalekanium Bars at the Untempered Schism

    Chronosteel Blade
    Chronosteel Blade.png
    "Tears your enemies apart"
    90 Damage
    35 Chronosteel Bars, 1 Breaker Blade, 10 Huon Particles at a Dwarf Star Anvil

    Chronosteel Armour
    Chronosteel Helmet.png
    Chronosteel Platemail.png
    Chronosteel Greaves.png
    "Armour forged in the heart of the Time Vortex"
    Set bonus: +25% melee damage, +15% crtitical strike chance, +2 defense
    64 Defense (total)
    66 Chronosteel Bars, 50 Huon Particles (total) at a Dwarf Star Anvil

    Cosmic Watch
    Cosmic Watch.png
    "Changes night to day, and the other way round, too"
    10 Dalekanium Bars , 1 Iron Chain, 1 Daybloom, 1 Moonglow at a table and chair
    Can be bought from all of the Doctors

    Found in Locked Chests

    Cyber Armour
    Cyber Helmet.png
    Cyber Chestpiece.png
    Cyber Greaves.png
    "You have been upgraded!"
    Set bonus: +25% magic damage, -25% movement speed, +5 defense, +50 mana
    61 Defense (total)
    60 Cybersteel Bars, 15 Wires, 36 Huon Particles (total) at a Dwarf Star Anvil

    Dalek Armour
    Dalek Headpiece.png
    Dalek Chestplate.png
    Dalek Base.png
    "Now you look like your most fearsome foe!"
    Set bonus: +25% ranged damage, +25% movement speed, +3 defense
    59 Defense (total)
    60 Dalekanium Bars, 22 Dalek Hemispheres, 15 Wires, 1 Dalek Gunstick, 1 Dalek Eyestalk, 35 Huon Particles

    Dalek Hemisphere
    Dalek Hemisphere.png
    "Otherwise known as Dalek 'bumps'"
    Dropped by all Daleks

    Dalek Statue
    Dalek Statue.png
    Spawns Stone Daleks when placed and connected to wires
    150 Stone blocks at a workbench

    Dalekanium Bar
    Dalekanium Bar.png
    Dropped by all Daleks

    Dog Whistle
    Dog Whistle.png
    "Audible only to the tin dog..."
    Summons K9
    Bought from the 4th Doctor

    Dwarf Star Alloy Brick
    Dwarf Star Alloy Brick.png
    2 Dwarf Star Alloy at a Dwarf Star Workbench

    Dwarf Star Alloy Wall
    Dwarf Star Alloy Wall.png
    4 created by using 1 Dwarf Star Alloy at a Dwarf Star Workbench

    Dwarf Star Alloy
    Dwarf Star Alloy.png
    "The densest material in the universe"
    10 Dwarf Star Ore at the Untempered Schism

    Dwarf Star Anvil
    Dwarf Star Anvil.png
    "Used for crafting Chronosteel and Dwarf Star items"
    5 Dwarf Star Alloy, 1 Iron Anvil at the Untempered Schism

    Dwarf Star Axe
    Dwarf Star Axe.png
    200% axe power
    20 Damage
    10 Dwarf Star Alloy at the Untempered Schism

    Dwarf Star Bed
    Dwarf Star Bed.png
    1 Bed, 15 Dwarf Star Ore at an Iron Anvil

    Dwarf Star Chair
    Dwarf Star Chair.png
    1 Wooden Chair, 4 Dwarf Star Ore at an Iron Anvil

    Dwarf Star Chest
    Dwarf Star Chest.png
    1 Wooden Chest, 4 Dwarf Star Ore at an Iron Anvil

    Dwarf Star Door
    Dwarf Star Door.png
    1 Wooden Door, 6 Dwarf Star Ore at an Iron Anvil

    Dwarf Star Hammer
    Dwarf Star Hammer.png
    200% Hammer power
    20 Damage
    25 Dwarf Star Alloy at a Dwarf Star Anvil

    Dwarf Star Ore
    Dwarf Star Ore.png
    Dropped by Meteor Heads

    Dwarf Star Pickaxe
    Dwarf Star Pickaxe.png
    200% Pickaxe power
    20 Damage
    15 Dwarf Star Alloy at a Dwarf Star Anvil

    Dwarf Star Table
    Dwarf Star Table.png
    1 Wooden Table, 8 Dwarf Star Ore at an Iron Anvil

    Dwarf Star Workbench
    Dwarf Star Workbench.png
    3 Dwarf Star Alloy, 1 Work Bench at the Untempered Schism


    There are three features that I feel are the standouts of this mod. While neither are original, they do add a lot to the mod.

    The first is the addition of new worlds that can be travelled to, either via a portal in-game, by using a special prefix when naming your world, or a percentage chance when worlds are generated. Currently, there are only two words, Gallifrey and Ember. Gallifrey can be accessed by using an item dropped by the boss, or by using the prefix "DWGallifrey ". Ember can only be accessed by using the "DWEmber " prefix when naming your world.

    Gallifrey is a orange dominant world with silver trees, and is the home planet of the Doctor. Ember is the snowy planet seen in 'A Christmas Carol' (2010) and features flying fish, as well as some Ood and the Snowmen from the 2012 Christmas Special. As such, it can be considered an amalgamation of snow-themed planets from Doctor Who.

    The second standout feature is adapted from Yoraiz0r's fantastic mod: Holoraces. When a new character is created, he/she will have an additional item in his/her inventory upon spawn: a Chameleon Arch. When used, this enables the the player to change species. Currently, there are 5 species available, Human, Saturnyne Vampire, Silurian, Sontaran and Time Lord.

    - Playing as a human offers no additional gameplay experience.
    - Playing as a Saturnyne Vampire means you cannot be on the surface during day, but will be more powerful when underground or on the surface at night. It is advised that you do not become a Vampire during the day.
    - Silurians have increased speed and jump height, are immune from the poinsoned debuff, and can detect monsters when underground
    - Sontaran's have a variety of damage bonuses applied to them, and have increased defence
    - Time Lords can tell the time, breathe for longer, have slightly increased defence, and can regenerate when killed. However, doing so changes your appearance into one of 429 configurations.

    This changing of species features is included in the download as a separate modpack, called Chameleon Arch. If you don't want your character to change his/her appearance, there is a second version of the species change, called No Change, where the character will not change appearance after regenerating.

    The third feature is the addition of a new gamemode, Whomode. Adapted from the Superhardmode in Blahblahbal's Avalon mod, the defeat of the Masters will cause harder enemies to spawn. Make sure to see the Doctor to buy an item that will allow you to forge better armours to combat the monsters!


    Version 1.07


    - Added Celery
    - Added Seven's, Eight's and Three's Red Clothes
    - Added the Pandorica
    - Added Translation Sphere
    - Added Janis Thorn
    - Added Romana's Sonic Screwdriver


    - Added Snowman
    - Added the First, Second & Third Masters
    - Added the Alternate Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth & Thirteenth Doctors
    - Added Gold, Grey, Imperial, Renegade, Skaro, Silver, Renegade Supreme, Supreme Council, Warrior Daleks
    - Added the Special Weapons Dalek
    - Added Cyber Leader
    - Added Mondasian Cyberman
    - Added Ood, Enraged Ood and Ood Sigma
    - Added Sevateem Warrior


    - Resprited TARDIS
    - Resprited the Untempered Schism
    - Untempered Schism can now be used to craft everything a furnace, hellforge and adamantite forge can
    - Dwarf Star Anvil can now be used to craft everything an anvil and mythril anvil can
    - Overhauled chat system, all Town NPCs now have more quotes
    - Romana no longer replaces the Guide on a Gallifrey world, instead, she will spawn only on a Gallifrey world when a free
    house is available
    - Dalek Statue is now crafted at a workbench
    - New addition: Whomode! This is a completely new mode, and features the majority of content from the mod. Activate it in
    hardmode by defeating the Master.
    - The Alliance is now a completely separate Invasion; it can be accessed on any world and does not replace the goblin
    invasion on Gallifrey
    - Resprited all NPCs' hair
    - Sonic Screwdrivers now emit light
    - Whomode Daleks have a chance to inflict the On Fire! debuff upon contact.
    - Cleaned up Gallifrey & Ember generation code
    - Gallifrey now has two suns and a copper coloured moon


    Version 1.06


    • Added the Dwarf Star Table, Chair, Door & Chest
    • Added Weeping Angel Statue. Spawns weeping angels when triggered by wire.
    • Added Cyber Gun
    • Added Six's Clothes
    • Added Sky Shark, Fish & Goldfish
    • Added Zygon
    • New world type: Ember! Name is from the planet in 'A Christmas Carol', and as such, only features the Sky Shark and Fish. I'm hoping that this world will eventually become a hybrid of various snowy planets in Doctor Who. This means that the Ood and Ice Warriors will eventually appear, when their sprites are done. Access the planet by using the prefix DWEmber . Remember to have a space after the 'r'.

    • Cybermen should now spawn less frequently in caves
    • Dalekanium Bar drop rate increased
    • Roman Sword sprite has been updated
    • TARDIS Key is now silver
    • Added female variant of Chronosteel Armour
    • Tenth Doctor sells the Chameleon Arch if the Chameleon Arch mod is installed and turned on
    • Weeping Angels now attack the player
    Version 1.05

    • Frozen in Time. Puts enemies in a Time Lock, freezing them in place for a period of time. (Works on bosses, hint, hint). Chronosteel Blade & Pike apply the buff.
    • Added the Dog Whistle
    • Added River Song's Gun
    • Added Void Glasses
    • Added Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
    • Added Five's Clothes
    • Added Romana
    • Added K9 (Code supplied by Obsidian54)
    • Added the Bronze Dalek
    • Added Weeping Angels
    • Dalek Gun is now classed as a ranged weapon, but still uses mana
    • The Guide does not spawn on a Gallifrey world
    • Pre-hardmode stats increased for all (custom) enemies
    • Re-coloured Dalek Armour and some associated items
    • Re-sprited existing daleks to be more accurate in design and colour scheme
    • Re-sprited Laser Screwdriver
    • River Song's Gun can be found in locked chests (requires new world)
    • Green Sonic Screwdriver now called 'Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver'
    Version 1.04:

    Added Dalek Statue
    Added Three's Clothes
    Added White Point Star

    Added Stone Dalek

    World Features
    Fish Custard can be found in locked chests throughout the world (new world required)


    Version 1.03:

    Added Chronosteel Armour
    Added Cyber Armour
    Added Dwarf Star Alloy tier items
    Added the Paradox Machine. ONLY USE AT NIGHT AND IN HARDMODE, unless you want to waste a lot of money and resources.

    Added the first Boss! Summon him by using the Paradox Machine in hardmode. Thanks to Dogsonofawolf for supplying the code

    Doubled the Daleks' defense, damage and HP in hardmode
    Meteor Heads have a 35% chance to drop Dwarf Star Ore
    All Dalekanium and Chronosteel items are now forged at the Dwarf Star Anvil, instead of the Mythril one

    Untempered Schism now costs 10 Platinum
    Ten's Pants can now be bought from the 10th Doctor
    Version 1.02:

    Added Chronosteel Pike
    Added One, Two, Nine & Ten's clothes
    Added Fezzes, by Malunis
    Added the TARDIS, by NerdyBoy
    Added the Untempered Schism

    Added Doctors 3-10

    Regeneration DOES occur
    Daleks DO have higher health in hardmode
    Sonic Screwdriver now activates traps from a distance

    Custom sounds don't work in multiplayer
    Sonic Screwdriver doesn't work in multiplayer

    Version 1.01:
    Added Dalek and Roman gores

    Added Chronosteel Bar
    Added Chronosteel Blade
    Added Cybersteel Bar

    Added Cybermen, by Malunis and Dogsonofawolf
    Added the First Doctor
    Added the Second Doctor

    Fish Custard now has a proper crafting recipe
    Lowered Roman Auton spawn rate & Roman Sword drop rate
    Version 1.00:

    Added Time Lord buff

    Added Cosmic Watch, Tardis Key, Temporal Obfuscator and Time Tunneller, by Dogsonofawolf
    Added Dalek Armour
    Added Dalek Gun
    Added Fish Custard
    Added Roman Sword
    Added Stetson
    Added 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

    Added Dogsonofawolf's Daleks & Doctor NPC
    Added Roman Auton
    Added Rory Williams

    Re-sprited Daleks

    Known Bugs/Errors
    Dalek Hemispheres only stack one at a time

    The mod is still WIP, so feel free to post any suggestions you may have. Also, feel free to make any videos/playthroughs of this mod, but if you post them online, please credit me appropriately.

    Disclaimer: I own no aspect of Doctor Who, past or present. This mod was created only for the enjoyment of myself and other members of the Terrarian community. No copyright infringement intended.

    You will need tConfig v0.34.1b or later to play the mod.

    Multiplayer is supported, though there are a few minor bugs.
    Download - tConfig Version 1.07.2

    Wiki here.

    Mod Article by Caldaminis here.

    Installation Guide
    Double click on the installer included with the download, and it will create a .obj file in the Modpacks folder. After that, run tconfig and load the mod in the settings menu.

    Have fun!
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    hmm lets see timey whimey things hmm sonic screwdriver the phone box and skill
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    I can do some spriting work
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    Finally someone starts making a Doctor Who Mod!
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    I just started watching Doctor Who!
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    Great! Send me an example of anything Doctor Who related and we'll go from there.


    Items Continued

    Eight's Clothes
    Eight's Shirt.png
    Eight's Pants.png
    Bought from the 8th Doctor

    Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
    Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver.png
    "It doesn't do wood!"
    Activates pressure pads, switches, levers from a distance, creates a green light around mouse cursor
    1 Copper Ore, 1 Green Torch, 1 Wire at a Workbench
    Bought from the 11th Doctor

    "At least it's not a Viking Helmet"
    20 Leather at a Workbench
    Bought from the 4th Doctor

    "Fezzes are cool!"
    Bought from the 11th Doctor

    Fish Custard
    Fish Custard.png
    "May grant you certain abilities..."
    Gives you the Time Lord buff
    1 Bowl, 10 Goldfish at a Cooking Pot
    Can be found in Locked Chests
    Bought from the 11th Doctor

    Five's Clothes
    Five's Shirt.png
    Five's Pants.png
    Bought from the 5th Doctor

    Gallifrey Asserter
    Gallifrey Asserter.png
    "Reminds the world what type it is"
    (Should) convert a world to a Gallifrey-type one
    1 Silver Coin anywhere

    Huon Particles
    Huon Particles.png
    "Ancient particles as old as the universe"
    Dropped by the Masters

    Janis Thorn
    Janis Thorn.png
    "Summons the Sevateem Warrior when used on Gallifrey"
    Spawns Leela
    Bought from the 4th Doctor

    Laser Screwdriver
    Laser Screwdriver.png
    "The Master's deadly weapon"
    Dropped by the Fourth Master

    Nine's Clothes
    Nine's Shirt.png
    Nine's Pants.png
    Bought from the 9th Doctor

    Normal Asserter
    Gallifrey Asserter.png
    "Reminds the world what type it is"
    (Should) convert a world back into normal Terrarian-style

    One's Clothes
    One's Shirt.png
    One's Pants.png
    Bought from the 1st Doctor

    Orange Dirt
    Orange Dirt.png
    Replaces normal dirt on Gallifrey worlds

    Orange Sand
    Orange Sand.png
    Replaces sand on Gallifrey worlds

    "Summons the Alliance"
    1 Cosmic Watch, 1 Temporal Obfuscator, 1 Vortex Manipulator, 250 Stone Block at the Untempered Schism
    Summons the Alliance Invasion when used in Whomode

    Paradox Machine
    Paradox Machine.png
    "Allows paradoxes to occur. Summons the Master"
    1 TARDIS, 20 Wire, 1 Wrench, 1 Wire Cutter, 3 Red Torches at a Demon Altar
    Summons the Master boss

    Red Rock
    Red Rock.png
    Replaces stone on Gallifrey worlds

    River Song's Gun
    River Song's Gun.png
    23 Damage
    Uses 5 Mana
    Low Knockback
    Found in Locked Chests

    Roman Sword
    Roman Sword.png
    "Summons Rory Williams"
    1 Iron Shortsword, 1 Copper Bar at an Iron Anvil
    Spawns the Last Centurion

    Romana's Sonic Screwdriver
    Romana's Sonic Screwdriver.png
    "It's better than the Doctor's!"
    Activates pressure pads, switches, levers from a distance
    Bought from the Lady President

    Seven's Clothes
    Seven's Shirt.png
    Seven's Pants.png
    Bought from the 7th Doctor

    Six's Clothes
    Six's Shirt.png
    Six's Pants.png
    Bought from the 6th Doctor

    "I wear a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool!"
    20 Leather at a Workbench
    Bought from the 11th Doctor

    TARDIS Key
    TARDIS Key.png
    "...All of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will - where do you want to start?"
    1 Gold Coin, 1 Golden Key at a Workbench
    Dropped by Daleks
    Summons the 1st Doctor

    "Transports you to a random point in time"
    1 Cosmic Watch, 1 Temporal Obfuscator, 1 Vortex Manipulator, 1 TARDIS Key at a Mythril Anvil
    Changes the time at random

    Temporal Obfuscator
    Temporal Obfuscator.png
    "Affects the flow of time when equipped"
    "Using it changes the type of effect"
    Bought from all the Doctors
    Speeds up, pauses, reverses, fast reverses time

    Ten's Clothes
    Ten's Shirt.png
    Ten's Pants.png
    Bought from the 10th Doctor

    Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
    Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver.png
    "Watch out for hair dryers"
    1 Silver Ore, 1 Blue Torch, 1 Wire at a Workbench
    Activates pressure pads, switches, levers at a distance, creates a blue light around the cursor

    Three's Clothes
    Three's Shirt.png Three's Red Shirt.png
    Three's Pants.png
    Bought from the 3rd Doctor

    Two's Clothes
    Two's Shirt.png
    Two's Pants.png
    Bought from the 2nd Doctor

    Untempered Schism
    Untempered Schism.png
    "Contains the heart of the Time Vortex. Only the most poweful items can be forged here"
    Crafting Station for many materials
    Bought from all the Doctors in Whomode only

    Void Glasses
    Void Glasses.png
    "Can see Void particles"
    Grants hunter potion buff when worn

    Vortex Manipulator
    Vortex Manipulator.png
    "Allows you to generate a teleport point"
    "Equip to set teleport point"
    Sets a second spawn point when equipped. Use to teleport there
    Bought from all the Doctors

    Weeping Angel Statue
    Weeping Angel Statue.png
    150 Stone Block at a Workbench

    White Point Star
    White Point Star.png
    "Opens the Time Lock!"
    Generates a Gallifrey world when used and transports you there
    Dropped by the Master
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    It's pretty terrible, but I have this done. I'm not too great at spriting, I just thought it'd be a fun thing to try.

    Attached Files:

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    That's really great! I could add it to the mod, if you like. All I need is the png and .ini file. Please, do more!
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    that looks pretty good actually, just add shading and it'll be perfect
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    I'm honored that you'd consider it for the mod :D But honestly, I have no idea how to write an ini or what I'd write in it >-< I just sorta opened up photoshop when I was bored and that popped out. I'd love to help though, so maybe if you could walk me through it I could be of more assistance :D I'm gonna clean that sprite up a bit as well, so it'll look better.
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    If you don't know how to write an .ini file, that's fine, just give me the png and I'll write one myself. But if you really want to know how to do one, you could look on the tconfig wiki, they have tutorials there, and I'm sure you'd find one on how to write an .ini. Basically, an ini file tells the program the height/width of the sprite, how to craft it, etc. Take your time with the picture, make it the best it can be!
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    I reckon that'd be done much better in your hands ^_^' I'm terrible with that sort of thing. I'll continue working on the sprite however and get a nice, clean, finished .png to you as soon as I'm done :D
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    Yay! some images!:).
    By the way I believe I resprited the roman sword and it looks a bit different to that. Just check if you got the new sprite.
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    I am working on a Doctor Who mod too!
    I have done the Daleks, Cybermen, TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver, and a couple minor things. Maybe I can help?
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    Mar 8, 2012
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    Definitely! Check your inbox!
  16. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Arapaima

    Feb 29, 2012
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    Sweet! Thanks! I won't be able to help alot, but I can supply code and stuff.
  17. SonicR

    SonicR Bone Serpent

    Mar 8, 2012
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    Hope you all are enjoying the mod! Version 1.01 should be out by late May/early June, depending on how my life is going. If you've encountered any errors/problems, or have any advice on coding, etc, please let me know so I can fix the bug/implement coding changes, therefore making the mod better for everyone.

    Hint for the first update:
    For those you haven't read the to-do list included with the download, my profile picture hints at my ambition on what I would like to do with the Doctor in-game...
  18. eliure

    eliure Green Slime

    May 23, 2012
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    love the mod, can't wait for more
    SonicR likes this.
  19. heartlesssoul

    heartlesssoul Green Slime

    Apr 28, 2012
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    you are missing the tardus
  20. SonicR

    SonicR Bone Serpent

    Mar 8, 2012
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    I know, but that's not my focus at the moment. Yes, it'll definitely appear in the mod sometime in the near future, but I'm currently trying to expand the three new tiers of weapons/armours I've created.
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