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  1. Surfpup Arapaima

    The Portal Mod (v1.1.0)
    Requires tConfig 0.29
    Source/Obj (7-zip archive)

    • Each portal links to exactly one other portal of the same color.
    • 5 pairs of portals may be crafted
      • Portals must be crafted at a Demon Altar with the following: 1 Mana Crystal, 1 Life Crystal, and 24 Colored Gem
        • The recipe creates two portals
      • The color of the portal created depends on the color of the gem you use.
        • Red Portal: Ruby
        • Green Portal: Emerald
        • Blue Portal: Sapphire
        • Yellow Portal: Topaz
        • Purple Portal: Amethyst
      • Crafted Portals can be destroyed and placed as you would expect
    • 10 pairs of portals spawn at random locations during world generation. These portals cannot be destroyed or moved. (If they can, it's a bug!)
    • (Most) Portals emit colored light
    • When used, portals damage you by about 10% of your total health.
    • At least one portal will always spawn in the Dungeon.
    • Networking code implemented to make it work as expected in multiplayer
    Known Issues
    • Destroying tiles underneath the portal may cause the portal to be destroyed. Will need to look into this.
    • Portals may be destroyed by explosions?
    • Fun fact: There's a chance that a portal will spawn in lava. Haven't decided yet whether this should be changed, or should be considered a fun risk. :p
    Programming by Surfpup, Sprites by Yoraizor, and some WorldGen code borrowed from Dogsonawolf.
  2. Mvhnexus Piranha

    awesome!! thanks :D ill be using the Craftable one!!
  3. Himeki Green Slime

    Love the mod. Was hoping for craftable ones, so thanks for adding it.

    I can't seem to break the portals once placed however (craftable version). I did make sure they weren't both enabled, however the worlds I tried them on originally had the older version.
    They place and link up. But to break them you need to break the block under them instead of them...which doesn't update the portal links.
  4. Surfpup Arapaima

    Hmm.. Interesting. I'll look into fixing this! It's possible that this is the result of a bug in the modpack builder. Also, being able to break it by destroying stuff underneath it shouldn't work (for the non-craftable ones anyway) so that's another thing to figure out.
  5. Himeki Green Slime

    I created a new character and a new world, with only this mod installed. Same issue. (used another world to get the items from)
    Thought I'd repost my testing to make sure it was this and not something else.
  6. Surfpup Arapaima

    I'm testing it now. Looks like Blue Portals can be destroyed, but others can't. It's probably an issue with the modpack builder, as I suspected. I'm going to try to fix it now, but once it's fixed the mod will require the latest beta release.

    Edit: I've released version 1.0.4. This should fix any issues. One major change is that it uses the Initialize() method and no longer saves data, so you shouldn't have to worry about having problems with save data (for instance, if it refuses to 'unset' a portal location, just reload the map!).

    Also, I haven't tested this update on multiplayer, so as usual, keep an eye out and let me know if there's any problems.
  7. Xen0nex Angel Statue

    Thanks! I've been looking for something that does your craftable Portals for a while (running back and forth between mini-forts gets old fast). I'm gonna put this in a new world, but am too impatient to find out: Does crafting 1 Mana Crystal, 1 Life Crystal, and 24 Colored Gems give you a pair of colored portals, or just one, and then you need to craft a second?
  8. Surfpup Arapaima

    The recipe gives you two portals.
  9. Xen0nex Angel Statue

    Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for your work on this!
  10. Himeki Green Slime

    That was actually the method I was using to fix the portals not unsetting. Break under it, reload, place.
    As for multiplayer I had actually been testing it with my friend as well. Hadn't noticed any issues other than the same one.
  11. Himeki Green Slime

    This error comes up when I try to load a world. Creating a world and loading it works fine. (will test about the purple portal being crafted, placed and the world saved and reloaded.)

    Edit: This happens in a new world. When placed, there was no initialization message or activation. also I could put down portals without the stack count decreasing. (tried inventory open and dragging them out and placing, and putting them in hotbar and placing.)

    Edit 2: This also happened when I tried again with ONLY 2 green portals.

    Edit 3: (I really need to think ahead...) Blue portals also run into this issue. (tested because they worked partially right with the last one you said.) The portals CAN be destroyed though! So it's partially working right! Yay for some positives!;)

    Error loading tiles
    Code (Tile Purple Portal Initialize()) error:
    System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
      at Terraria.Codeable.RunSpecifiedMethod(String details, Object code, String methodName, Object[] parameters)
  12. Surfpup Arapaima

    Are you running tConfig 0.23.8?
  13. Himeki Green Slime

    I'm running tconfig 0.23.8a beta. As you said I would need the beta client, I assumed that's the one you meant.
  14. Surfpup Arapaima

    Nope, the beta is outdated right now. I released an actual update. Taking the beta down now...
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  15. Axe Garian Blazing Wheel

    I'm already running the Portals Mod from the CMHQ Thread. Will it still work fine?

    Edit: Turns out no... :( I Re-Compiled the Portals Mod I have for 0.23.8 & tried them in-game, & they're not working right anymore. :(

    Do I have to throw those Portals away, delete the current Portals Mod Version, Re-Download it from here, Re-Install it, & re-farm the portals ALL OVER AGAIN...? :'(

    Edit 2: Is there a difference between the Crafted Portals & the Spawned Portals? & do both versions have all the same colors available? (aka 6 Species of Portals for use)
  16. Renillus Green Slime

    Awesome job man , now i'll be able to get super fast to my beach house :)
  17. Himeki Green Slime

    This *IS* the portals mod from CMHQ. He put it here so he could update the post whenever he updates the mod. The crafted portals are only crafted, they are not found in the map, 1 heart crystal+1 star crystal+24 gems (color of gem is color of portal) = 2 portals of that type. Yes they have the same colors.
  18. Himeki Green Slime

    Oh alright, thanks. I'll swap over to that and try it out then.
  19. Axe Garian Blazing Wheel

    So... in regards to my Portals not functioning right... Do I have to pull them up & plop them back down to get them to 'Re-Link' or something...? I'm nervous with experimenting on them randomly when the Code for these things is a tad... well... fragile. I'm a Beta Tester, but I REALLY don't wanna have to re-farm them all over again for the ones for my normal use. Dummy Portals being tested in a Dummy World or some such would be another story.

    I'm damn glad I was cautious & gave my Castle an alternate Entry/Exit in case of Portal Trouble.
  20. Himeki Green Slime

    I didn't make it so I'm not 100% on it, but I'm fairly certain the portals are the exact same item (in both versions), picking them up and putting them down should fix it. But you would only be able to pick them up if it's the craft-able version.

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