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  1. Rockos

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    OP deleted.

    Updated 12 June 2013 on 21:58 UTC -05:00

    Released mod. (download link at the end of this post.)


    Released (open)

    Feature (open)

    -Level system.
    -3 stat system: STR(numpad7), DEX(numpad9), INT(numpad8).
    -Each stat gives you bonus to level up and affect your character gameplay.
    -Multiplayer support.
    -Interface reworked. (Thx to Yoraiz0r for the bar code ^^)
    -New item described below.
    -Beatiful level up text and exp text
    -Overkill system granting extra 10% EXP.
    -Every monster not originally in terraria should now provide 10% of their health in XP.
    -Numpad keys were binded for rare case.
    -Now Items have their own level. So you can raise a weapon up to lvl 10. It's unique to each weapon you have. (Thx to Yoraiz0r Credits goes to him)
    -Hp bar on the bottom screen for the monster you are battling.
    -Hp bar on each monster on the screen for those that took damage.
    -Option menu to set the new bar on and off.
    -Boss fight gonna get different bar depending the boss.
    -Team member hp bar below your. Customisable through the options in-game.
    -Now traveling is more rpg'er. Name of the place you visit is written onscreen.
    -The UI is full customisable via options in-game
    -The monster encyclopedia bete. Npc moded are included ! (removed for tconfig 31.0.)

    New item (open)

    Atma Weapon (open)

    -Grows with strengh. End-game weapon since it can deal ridiculous damage.
    -Grow in scale and damage with your current heatth.

    Blizzard Sword (open)

    -Drain mp.
    -Last blade of its path.
    -Great for mage.

    Bramble Blast (open)

    -The vilethorn with a little boost in damage.

    Cobalt Greatsword (open)

    -It is supposed to poison. (Not tested)

    Defender (open)

    -Grows with defense
    -Great for a tank character since it can deal ridiculous damage.

    Doom Lance (open)

    -Last Upgrade for the spear path.
    -Drain Hp.
    -Great for the hardmode exploration.

    Explosive Arrow (open)

    -Now drop every now and then from every monster killed in hardmode.
    -Explode on collision.
    -Deal very good damage.

    Frost Blade (open)

    -One of the mage sword.
    -Deal magic damage.

    Frozen Scimitar (open)

    -One of the mage sword.
    -Deal magic damage.

    Furious Feral Claws (open)

    -Upgraded version of the feral claws.

    Healing Circle (open)

    -Great because it heal party members too.
    -Heal at cost of mp. (Cleric job?)
    -Credits to Yoraiz0r on this one

    Ice sword (open)

    -One of the mage sword.
    -Deal magic damage.

    Life Giving Band (open)

    -Another regenerative item. Stack with others.

    Life Giving Book (open)

    -Use if you don't care about mana.
    -Drain all mana.
    -Greatly increase health regeneration.

    Lifepowder (open)

    -Health potion for team member.

    Lightning Bolt (open)

    -New spell for new character.
    -Easily craftable.

    Lucky coin (open)

    -Great for damage dealer.
    -Cost a platinum. :S (But worth it)

    Mage Hat (open)

    -An upgraded version of the wizard hat.

    Meteor (open)

    -Very powerful spell. A little bit slow but can devast a whole screen.
    -Cost is High. Deal a lot damage.
    -Can only be obtained upon defeating skeleton prime.

    Nature's Book (open)

    -An upgraded version of the nature's gift.

    Prismatic set (open)

    -New armor set. (Bonus is immunity to lava)
    -Give different stat for a warrior.
    -Sprite made By David Bouchard

    Regenerative Amulet (open)

    -Another regen accessory ^^. (You never have too much of these)

    Shining Armor (open)

    -Emit a light. As useful as the miner hat but in body armor slot.
    -Sprite made by Jonathan Matte

    Sorcerer's Hat (open)

    -The last upgrade of the mage hat. Awesome Stuff.

    Spelunker Helmet (open)

    -Name says it.

    Ultima (open)

    -The most powerful spell in the game.
    -Need channeling for at least 3 seconds.
    -Can be cast anywhere. Even trough walls.
    -Can detect holes in the grounds since it provide light.
    -Deal a lot of damage.
    -Can only be drop by 1 of the two twin eye. If you're lucky enough you can have 2 in one fight.
    -Tested a bit. Works fine for now.

    Ultimate Emblem (open)

    -The mix of the 3 emblem accesories. The best and stackable effect.

    Water Walking Boots (open)

    Name says it.

    Wizard Robe (open)

    -The robe is now useful. Craft this to reduce your mana cost.

    Wizard Staff (open)

    -Only the greatest can use it. The best emiting light in the game. Can provide half of a 1920/1080 screen.

    Known Bugs (open)

    -In rare case monster won't give EXP. It is unknown as for today.
    -In rare case you will put a stat points and it will use 2 and you'll get 2 stat. Annoying when you want to balance your stats.
    -Crash with the harpoon. It says outofmemory exception. Still unknown. Need more testing. So stay away from harpoon.
    -Activating the autopause will not let you spend statpoints. Please deactivate.
    -Check a boss in the encyclopedia bring up the boss hp bar. Closing the encyclopedia with the boss still viewing will make the bar apparent. To remove, open the monster enc. and change page.
    Known Exploit (open)

    -Team don't affect who get the EXP Stay near the monster and you get EXP
    -You get EXP even if the monster is killed by lava. So stand in a shelter near lava to power level.

    Screenshot (open)



    Currently updating stuff. Please be patient. Each thing will come by time.


    rwm8558, a member of the community decided to do let's plays of terraria mods. If you want to see his channel go to:


    rwm8558 have videos on Omnir's Mod Packs, Avalon Mod Pack, The Story of Red Cloud, The Binding of Terraria, The Necro Pack, Star Wars Mod, Toparia, the Metroid Mod, Stopping The Darkness, Moon Mod, The Ancient Spirits of Light and Darkness, Wizard Academy and GooSe Mod.

    He'll also post video about this mod too. Stay tuned!

    -Yoraiz0r For the great help.
    -Surfpup for tConfig and the wiki tutorial.
    -My two friends for the sprite

    This mod is tConfig only. So please make sure you have at least the tConfig ver 31
    I'm gonna include a file with the new feature into each update.

    PLEASE PLEASE: Report any bug and of Overpowered stuff. Even exp given by monster. It would be of great help!

    Also this mod Support MULTIPLAYER! All the codes were written for multiplayer play. IT works flawlessly. Still some glitchy graphic on the new spell. But the mecanic is A1.

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  2. Yoraiz0r

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    try this
    public void UseItem(Player P,int PID)
           int AmtToHeal = 20;
           float MaximumRadius = 200f;
          foreach(Player Pr in Main.player)
                if(Pr.active && !Pr.dead && Vector2.Distance(Pr.position,P.position) <= MaximumRadius)
                        if(Pr.statLife+AmtToHeal <= Pr.statLifeMax) Pr.statLife+=AmtToHeal;
                        else Pr.statLife = Pr.statLifeMax;
    UseItem runs on all the clients in the server , and only parts that check for Main.myPlayer are client side.
    this code is not client sided at all , so it should function well in multiplayer.
    Have fun =D
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  3. Rockos

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    YOU are a genius. Thank you so much. I'm gonna mess around with this.

    The file is temporary. This is for one guy.
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  4. Trace Kern

    Trace Kern Green Slime

    You should consider making a release of your stuff anyway. Doesn't matter if your not done making content, an early release allows you to gather interest while you work on more stuff, it also allows those of us who like to test things help you find bugs and refine your ideas by offering feedback on a regular basis.

    As for changing a thread's title, all you have to do is click the report link at the bottom of your first post, in the reason for the report just ask the mods to change the thread title, and include what you want the new title to be.
  5. Fish Bowl

    Fish Bowl Cave Bat

    What language is that, C# or Java?
  6. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    C# , tConfig only supports codes in either C# or Boo.
  7. Fish Bowl

    Fish Bowl Cave Bat

    I figured. I never realized how similar it is to Java.
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  8. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Yup , both languages are pretty similar , most of the different things will never even come into writing when you write tConfig codes~
  9. Fish Bowl

    Fish Bowl Cave Bat

    What do you think is the hardest thing to learn about C#? I've learned so many languages, and I was thinking on taking C#. Especially now that I'm back from the hospital.
  10. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    interesting, noticed in ur code that ur french, guess this place really does draw people from all over lol not that its a bad thing its just an interesting thing i've noticed.

    if i wasn't half asleep i'd figure it out for you but im practically braindead at the moment, but it seems u might have something of a gift for this modding thing, i'd encourage you to expand your thread and re-tag it [tconfig] cuz theres more than just discussion here if u got that

    oh and another thing, might wanna delete ur posts and edit them into your 1st post, otherwise you might get in trouble, doubleposting is a nono
  11. Obsidian54

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  12. Rockos

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    Upon testing a lot, I got some crashes but only since my friend started using the harpoon weapon. I think this is due to tconfig and not my mod.

    Here is the screen:
    Bugscreen (open)

    BIG EDIT: THE MOD IS RELEASED ^^. Please check it for yourself and havefun
  13. Rockos

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    Hi all folks!

    I have 1 question: How are the items are save/handled by terraria.

    I wanna insert a new buff for each item in the game. It is handled by each item possible for fighting. The system would work as follow:

    You kill ennemies and they can drop green sphere(like heart or mana star). Upon collecting them with the current equipped weapon, you gain exp for this weapon. At 100 you get +1 in your weapon name and +1 to the damage it deals.

    No need to write all the codes for me, But I'm curious how terraria handle items.
  14. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    uhm , just expressing my opinion first : BUFFS ARE NOT NEEDED FOR THAT KIND OF THING , THIS IS WHY U HAVE GENERIC ITEM.CS......
    -end of small rage-

    the way items are saved in tConfig (and terraria) is the latter

    -> save the item's netID.
    -> save the item's prefix.
    -> save the item's stack.

    (tConfig addition) -> save item custom data (tConfig item name , tConfig custom data from mods).
    tConfig also loads the items in the same order it writes them.

    ->load netId
    -> call netDefaults on item
    -> set prefix
    -> set stack
    -> lad custom data
    I highly suggest doing this in the following manner......

    Make an Item.cs file in your Item folder in the modpack , this is a generic code file that will apply to all items.
    in it , add something like 'public int exp = 0;' this will make an instance of 'exp' for every and any item.

    make a method 'public void AddEXP(int amt)' to the Item.cs as well , which increases the value of EXP , and in it also check for the item exp amt if it needs to level up and do whatever you need.......
    quick example
    public int exp = 0;
    public int level = 0;
    public void Initialize()
        exp = 0;
        level = 0;
    public void Save(BinaryWriter W)
    public void Load(BinaryReader R,int V)
          exp = R.ReadInt32();
          level = R.ReadInt32();
          for(int i = 0; i < level; i++) Levelup();
    public void AddEXP(int amt)
          exp+= amt;
    public void CheckForLevelup()
        while (exp >= 100)
              exp-= 100;
    public void Levelup();
          //change item stats here.....like
    all you need to do after this point.....is just call the player's selected item AddEXP.....like this in the generic NPC.cs
    public void NPCLoot()
    this will add 5 exp per monster killed , for example.......
    -and you didn't ask for a code written >_<' -

    Edit: Oh oh oh.....

    There's a method in tConfig called playerGrab or something like that (its on the wiki) , its called when a player picks up an item , and will run a code on the player instead of adding the item to the player's inventory (the only time it was used thus far is for my satchels to put items in themselves as you pick them up , and in draykon's curtain of bullets mod)

    You can make an item like the mana star and the hearts from that =D
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  15. Rockos

    Rockos Bunny

    Thanks a lot Yoraiz0r. You are helpful.

    Sorry for the first part when I wrote buff the item. I didn't mean literally buff but grow. I'm quebecois you know ^^.

    And I'm gonna test this and add this to my item.cs.

    An update will see the day soon. Thanks again mate!
  16. Xathos

    Xathos Bunny

    Any chance of making this compliant with Omnir and Obsidian's creatures? You could make XP granted based on enemy total HP. That'll help make it more universal and adaptable.

    Also, how do you spend stat points? Pressing the plus isn't doing anything.
  17. Rockos

    Rockos Bunny

    I never had this problem. I've been player with two of my friend and that never happened. Can you try to host and play alone to see if this take out the problem?

    On the other hand, I've been stuck with something when modding new projectile. It seems that when I spawn a new projectile then my friend spawn his, my projectile get replaced by his and vice versa.

    Example: I created a meteor spell that fell from the sky. I created a magic that channel. It's ultima. So I start channeling my magic and my friend use the meteor spell and my channeling is now a falling meteor. I know it's due to something with terraria having projectileMaxType = 112 since tConfig use the 112 projectile type upon spawning.

    Can someone light me up on this ?

    Edit: Oh and btw, ultima and meteor are coming for the next update.

    Edit2:I did test my mod in single player and works fine. I even changed the resolution. So maybe a mod conflict? Is it possible?

    Edit3:What are the monster in the omnir mod, are they powerful? How many hp they got. Maybe I can arrange something.
  18. Xathos

    Xathos Bunny

    I'm running TConfig 228. I've had issues in the past with multiplayer game stability on newer versions (methinks it's because newer methods used). This was the last stable version that seemed to work.

    I usually rebuild all the newest versions of the mods on the modbuilder for this version of TConfig. I figure you're probable using an option that's only supported on newer versions of TConfig. I can try out the newest version of TConfig and hope it doesn't have the same issue.
  19. Rockos

    Rockos Bunny


    Now the mod provide XP for monster not originally in terraria. So omd compatibility is upgraded.

    2 new spell. Meteor and Ultima. These are a bit buggy togheter but for right now its ok. They are compatible in Multiplayer. They show the projectile to every client! If the ultima and meteor are cast by two different user it will glitche a little bit. But no cure for this glitch. Otherwise, you can spam meteor or ultima at the same time. It should be okay. Still need a lot of testing.

    Explosive Arrow LIVE UPDATE on july 29 at 01:28
  20. Xathos

    Xathos Bunny

    I still can't spend any stat points? Is it suppose to be just as simple as pressing the plus button next to the stat?

    I usually play through TCCltc, but I've tried running the original tconfig, old and most updated one with NO other mods on besides this one. What's the problem?

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