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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by MiraiMai, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    <Click here for the Wiki>

    Welcome to my first big themed modpack, The Legend of Terraria, a Legend of Zelda fanpack.

    This pack will consist of multiple smaller packs, and when enough parts are complete, I will start packing the mods together in a single easy download. If you want more info, check the wiki by clicking the banner. This page will only ever have brief descriptions and download links.

    [​IMG] Rupee Mod
    Downloads : <.exe> <.obj> <log>
    Possibly the simplest of the mods, this one replaces coins in the game with Rupees.
    Also adds two rare Rupees, Gold and Black, and a Wallet for RussLeeIV's Bag Slot mod.

    [​IMG] Pieces of Heart Mod
    Downloads : <.exe> <.obj> <log>
    A must have for huge Zelda fans, this mod replaces the Crystal Hearts in the world with Pieces of Heart.
    Collect 4 to create a Life Crystal. Comes with 3 difficulties to change how many pieces generate.
    Note: Will generate the extra pieces even in old worlds :)

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    Please read!
    Although I do release these open source for others to use, please do no claim ownership of any of my content, or use any of my content without crediting me and attaching a link to this page. If you let me know about your project using my content, I could place a link to yours on this topic as well.

    Also, a very big thank you to Surfpup, tConfig is an amazing tool and makes modding much more simple, as well as deals with conflict problems. Great job!​
  2. DarknessLilly

    DarknessLilly Cursed Man

    can not wait to see where this goes ^_^ *ish a zelda fan*
  3. Arkhalis

    Arkhalis Blazing Wheel

    Shenanigans! HAX! ERMAGHERD ZERLDER~!

    Good luck to you on this one MiraiMai - I am eager to see where you go with this. Personally, I'd love to see a magic mirror mod of some sort, but that would require quite the overhaul me thinks. (Not a suggestion, just a thought of how cool it would be to mirror in to the dark world or something lol)
  4. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    I'm not sure that would happen anytime soon, considering that sounds similar to Obsidian's parallel worlds, atleast to implement it.

    Also, I kind of want suggestions, of what people want to see. Obviously, from what's on the wiki, the "Hero's Sword" mod is coming next, but I'm not sure what order to do them after that. NPC's are a pain so I will probably hold off on them for a bit, other than the Minish, which I really want to see done. The Tools and Masks would also be nice to see(though the Minish Cap will probably take a while, still not 100% on how to work that...)

    Aside from what I have listed on the wiki, is there other ideas you guys would want to see?
  5. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Make a morphball-like item that lets you morph into them mini-ish men xD
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  6. Sapharan

    Sapharan Penguin

    How about alternate version of rupee mod, where it will not replace coins, but will be other currency. And some items from npcs would be bought for rupees, and some for coins.
  7. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Planning on it, that's the "Minish Cap" in tools :p If you don't know that, you need to play more Zelda games :eek:
    That would require me to completely rewrite the shop interface, because the only thing the shop cares about right now is the item's value, which is in coins. Maybe I could make another version that they could be something rare sold for coins, don't see the point in that though :p I could maybe make some other rare rupees though, like Gold Rupees, that are collectible, or when I get to The Minish Mod or Allies some people could trade the Gold Rupees for something valuable.

    And curious, because I won't get much work done today(Halloween themed party a friend is having :p) and I haven't started coding the Hero's Sword mod just yet, is there anything specific people want in the mod? Right now the planned improvements will be for damage, critical chance, speed, defence and magic. (which will passively increase magic damage AND add a "Sword Beam" to your swings, which will be magic damage) Any other ideas for them? Or more sword ideas? The current ones are clearly from Majora's Mask and A Link to the Past, but it was hard to find other games with a good clear progression that made sense with the mod. Another branch Pre-Hardmode would be nice, (After Kokiri Sword, always first one) but that would mean at least 4 more, if not 6 more, swords.
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  8. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    if I had a penny for every time someone mentioned the master sword in PASE.
    browse through the comments on the first pages of this old thread , you'll find funny stuff related to what people want for the sword.
    I remember some requested feature to 'hold the sword to face the cursor and light up ores in the direction' <-- was the most interesting one in my opinion
  9. NeonJ

    NeonJ Dark Caster

    I literally downloaded this just for the Rupees. They look so cool. xD

    If I had to suggest a Zelda feature I'd want in the mod, it'd definitely be the Minish Cap. xD
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  10. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Not so sure about lighting up ores, but I kind of like the facing cursor thing, more below.
    Well right now, all there is is the rupees! :p And yeah there's just something fun about being able to shrink tiny.

    I will probably make it so that most normal items won't work as a Minish(save a hell of a lot of effort trying to scale everything x.x) and that you can get Minish Weapons for use when you're tiny(the beginning one being a stick, then maybe a feather from Librari, and the Hero's Sword upgrades will all scale to Minish as well) so that you can still defend yourself. Might make birds aggressive to you while Minish xD And quite frankly, I think I'll make the Minish Cap in The Minish Mod, makes more sense. Have Ezlo randomly appear human sized offering to trade you for a Gold Rupee(or some coins if Rupee Mod isn't installed) for a "Valuable Item", which will be the Cap.

    As for the Swords, I need an opinion, because I can see some people liking this and some hating it. (so possible an optional feature I guess, but want to know if it's worth doing at least :p) I was thinking of changing the swords to have a unique usestyle, so you just stab it out, and hold it out if you hold down the mouse button. Then you could use it(similar to drills / chainsaws) to manually swing anywhere around you by moving your mouse. This would allow more unique sword attacks, such as stabbing down as you fall toward an enemy. Could also make it so that "stabbing" with your mouse(moving mouse suddenly away from player) as you hold it out could shoot the sword beams, seeing as you would just be swinging it with each press now.
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  11. Arkhalis

    Arkhalis Blazing Wheel

    For sword ideas, why not have a charge similar to OoT. Charge up for a spin attack...

    This is a bit of a reach but in Phantom Hourglass you had fairies, and link tends to have a companion of some sort? How about take Yorai's crystal elf idea or something similar, a vanity pet. That when summoned adds an ability to your current sword. Then you don't need "more swords" but those swords have more combinations and effects. Green fairy = wind and would shoot projectiles from sword like old classic link games. red fairy would add the OnFire! buff and maybe do extra damage to some specific mobs? Now if I get in to elemental immunities and whatnot it gets way out of hand so I'll stop there...

    EDIT: Sorry, I meant OoT you had a fairy. The idea for combining a fairy with a spirit gem type idea was from Phantom Hourglass

    EDIT EDIT: This is very poorly written lol. If this doesn't make sense please let me know so I can re-explain.
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  12. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    I think you should try to make it like in the NES Adventure of Link, where you have a default stab, and, while jumping, a downthrust that can bounce you off enemies and an upthrust.
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  13. Sapharan

    Sapharan Penguin

    Add as much as you can from zelda series, but please. No navi. I say no to navi. I will not stand "Hey, Listen" crap.
  14. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    I don't know about including Fairies in the Sword mod, but I do like the idea of a fairy that gives buffs, instead of the somewhat boring ones we have now that just give light. Maybe make the Fairies similar to the Sword mod, in that you could improve them and pick what bonuses they give. I see this requiring another unique slot, though x.X
    Except you could do that with what I have planned already :p I was planning to make you "bounce away" when stabbing an enemy in the air, though, would make stabbing down a somewhat dangerous attack if you didn't. Admittedly though, I've never really gone far into Adventure of Link, it just doesn't have the same feeling the rest of the games have.
    Is it bad I actually thought of this, just to be evil? :p I would make the Fairies not be annoying, don't worry.

    Random update, going to post up an update to the Rupee mod in a bit, small little update, adds the "Big Wallet" for Bag Slots, and adds Gold Rupees and Black Rupees, both rare drops that can be sold for quite a bit.(5 Red Rupees for the Gold ones, 10 Red Rupees for the Black ones) In the other mods that include NPC's, such as Allies and The Minish, these two will be used for trading.

    If you want more info for the dropping of these, look in the code, it's a little complicated, based on maxLife and whether or not they are a boss. A Green Slime will have a 1 in 1000 chance of dropping a Gold Rupee and 1 in 2000 chance of dropping a Black Rupee. The Destroyer, on the other hand, will have a 1 in 2 chance of dropping a Gold Rupee and a 1 in 4 chance of dropping a Black Rupee.
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  15. Arkhalis

    Arkhalis Blazing Wheel

    Fair enough, but Iwas more talking about the spirit gem part of Phantom Hourglass. You would select a gem in the game and it changed the way your sword acted, or gave you a boost of some sort. My way of translating that in to Terraria was to add summonable fairies which gave interesting effects to your swords. Or, you could just use a spirit gem custom slot (you brought up custom slots! lol). I was just thinking of ways to increase the depth and variability of your swords without having to flat out make more of them.
  16. NeonJ

    NeonJ Dark Caster

    Okay, we won't add Navi...

    We'll add Ceila instead. :D
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  17. Maholix

    Maholix Green Slime

    This sounds exciting! I will think on what I would like more, but for now, the first two things that occurred to me was themed music, and perhaps some new vanity outfits based on things you'd except to see in the zelda world scape. I don't know if a mod for those kind of outfits already exist, but from the moment I discovered "the hero's outfit" I've wanted more like it.

    I mean, imagine how cool it would be to have Zelda's dress for female character's, or a Zora's Shell that makes a person a zora rather than a "merfolk." There are plenty of outfit ideas that could make sense.
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  18. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    We'll see, like I said I'm already planning on the ability to improve the swords, so possibly add items that can be used at the Altar of Time to improve the swords, instead of just the "EXP" you gain with it. (I really need to think of something more unique than EXP...)
    0.0 I was thinking of adding the transformation masks already, but I didn't think of changing the Shell to turn you into a Zora, that's actually a cool idea.

    And the problem with Vanity outfits is that they are a pain in the ass to sprite... x.X I may get to them eventually, but I'd rather work on the easier stuff first. This is partially why I'm considering doing The Minish mod before Allies, shorter NPC's = less spriting :p
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  19. Wingzero007

    Wingzero007 Green Slime

    Dear Lord Mirai you kick so much ace this idea is the best zelda mod idea I have seen! I am truly looking forward to this!!! (I was about to pay someone to make a perfect zelda mod.)

    Octorks - Minish Cap Style*
    Deku Scrubs - Minish Cap Style*
    Subrosians -Age of Time/Seasons = Friendly and should sell ore at a decent price for ten
    Kafei - Should Sell You a random choice of 5 items should change each terraria day
    Majora - Custom Boss
    Happy Mask Shop Salesman - Deals Masks to player with unique effects
    Smithy - Can boost any melee weapons stats for a fee.(Creates a Tempered Style Effect)

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  20. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Lets see:
    -I've been thinking of Octoroks, though they would require a completely redone sprite, hence them not being in the logo :p
    -How do you mean "Minish Cap Style"? Octoroks and Deku Scrubs are kinda similar in all the games mostly.
    -Subrosians... Maybe, though if I do they would probably be Underworld NPCs, not normal town NPCs.
    -Goron's and Zora's... We'll see, lots of stuff already planned xD
    -Majora was planned for the enemies mod, though honestly I've never beaten the entire Majora's Mask so I don't know much about him, will have to play that again(curse siblings who take joy in deleting save files)
    -Already planning masks :p
    -Isn't a completely customizable, upgrading sword good enough? xD I may make a smithy that will Reforge but always get better prefixes, would be a use for the gold rupees :p

    Speaking of Gold Rupees. Updated Rupee Mod. Gold and Black Rupees, currently useless other than selling. (5 and 10 Red Rupees, respectively) Also added the "Big Wallet", which is only craftable if you have the Bag Slots mod installed. For some reason, money won't default to going into the wallet, will have to bug RussLeeIV about that...

    Oh and, fun fact, I hacked up the recipe list, and patched over the bug in tConfig that removes some of the money recipes, so now all of the "Rupee" recipes are in the game.

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