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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by DreadFear, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. DreadFear

    DreadFear Green Slime

    Installation Guide for Single player and Multiplayer

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    DeathCradle and I(MayaTutors) are working (Mainly DeathCradle :p) on a new mod for Terraria that will completely change the way you play it. It adds an RPG element to the game, allowing you to play specific classes, gain new items, complete quests and level up! It adds a quest interface to the game, new NPCs, eventually new items and in the final version end game content that will require team work! It is currently in beta, however, more content is frequently being added and this game is mainly funded by member contributions. Not money, but ideas. So be sure to check out the TDSM forums to let us know what you want to see! www.tdsm.org

    Latest Version(Once you have downloaded it once, it will AutoUpdate):
    TDCM: For single player RPG fun.
    TDSM: For multiplayer or server functionality RPG fun. (You still need to download TDCM)

    Now, it's important to note. This does NOT distribute the client. It can only be run if you have a legit steam version (needs to be launched from steam or no dice (and it will be open source in the end, so inb4 someone thinks it will steal steam information . . .)) and is merely a "wrapper" for the actual Terraria.exe that gets all added functions from TDSM (Terraria's Dedicated Server Mod).

    Please feel free to leave suggestions in this thread or in the comments on the videos uploaded here.

    In the post below I will update it constantly with development news.
    Server: apocalypse.esper.net
    Channel: #TDSM

    If you're interested in TDSM - www.tdsm.org
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  2. DreadFear

    DreadFear Green Slime

    Update on Progress 17/8 (Video up in 12 hours):
    Got a "Leveled Up" banner to display (Sparkles soon to come)
    Quests now work and are dynamic
    Altered splash screen

    Developer Commentaries:


    Our first custom sprite :D Thanks to Delra

    You're awesome man! :D This is just the start, we will be bringing in some more "unique" npc's very soon, this was just a test to see how it would look and will be the first npc quest character for the paladin quest line. (With a face of course)

    Althought it looks similar to the default terraria walk animation, It's not :p

  3. Rainbow

    Rainbow Green Slime

    Good luck soldiers, the code is a unforgivable beast that will punish you for even a small mistake you do.
    Wear your helmets proud to be on this day sayin; "I modded terraria before it was actually supported"
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  4. Elder Merch

    Elder Merch Cursed Skull

    Looks like its going to be an awesome mod! Servers will start a new age in server modding! Tshock will look simple compared to this.
  5. Leotamer

    Leotamer Bone Serpent

    Ok you realize that Terraria is an antimmo kindof,i mean no classes and lvling up is their for a purpose it is the style of this game,but it better then making another useless class or lvling up suggestion i guess,but isnt killing monsters actally pretty tedious and boring.
  6. Rainbow

    Rainbow Green Slime

    But some people like it my good friend.
    They won't force the mod on you.
  7. Darkas-Pony

    Darkas-Pony Crimera

    This has so much potential, and if these guys make it good I will totally give it a try.
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  8. jokeren75

    jokeren75 Piranha

    this sounds totally awsome :D you guys got my support :3
  9. ChArGeR9559

    ChArGeR9559 Blazing Wheel

    Looks great, I will definitely be trying this out when it's done :D
  10. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    I guess i'll check it out when it comes out, keep us informed.
  11. Jfrie252

    Jfrie252 Green Slime

    I. AM. IN

    this looks like it is going to be the best thing terraria has coming for it.
  12. This has the potential to make a huge mark on the way we play Terraria.
    Terraria... RPG... It'll be a piece of epic dirt!
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  13. DeathCradle

    DeathCradle Cave Bat

    The mod already has plugin support ;D
    Worked on a few events last night, I am also working on better method for NPC Kills, I'm thinking that it may be based on the attack value of the NPC killed?
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  14. 11clock

    11clock Devourer

    Terraria doesn't have leveling for a reason. Who wants to sit there farming monsters all day? That's the main reason why I quit Maple Story. I'd rather get rewarded by going mining. There are a lot of cool stuff you can find down there.

    But anyways, good luck with the mod. I won't be using it though.
  15. DeathCradle

    DeathCradle Cave Bat

    Kay, It's not all about farming monsters, Just sayin'. Why make an unreasonable comment when you haven't seen the product? I have a working copy that rewards upon block destruction and such.
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  16. DreadFear

    DreadFear Green Slime

    You make a reasonable point, however, this is why we are including classes and quests. Im doing the classes, quests etc. and i plan on doing it in a way that doesnt make it a grind.

    Classes have there own xp benefits to as mentioned in the videos.

    E.g. A crafting class will get xp from mining, get more mats from mining etc. than from killing creatures
    A knight class will get xp from killing monsters and better weapons, but when the knight mines, they will only receive small amounts of xp.

    We also want to add upon some of the items in Terraria to hopefully make the quest/level rewards more interesting :)
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  17. SpiralGaming

    SpiralGaming Squirrel

    This will be awesome!

    Looking forward to the day this gets released.
  18. Tearlow

    Tearlow Green Slime

    Oh, This is terrible. An absolutely terrible ideal. Terraria would be aweful if we had to kill a whole army of Goblins... Wait... We are already! That's all I've ever heard while watching the feedback sub-forums.

    What part of Killing a whole Army of goblins, millions of slimes, thusends of Bone Serpents is not already "Grinding" per say? By adding an Element of RPG on top of it you simply add a reason to actually doing it. The word "RPG" does not mean "Grinding" even though most games advertising this is only that. There are good examples and bad onse such as anything in life really.

    "But It's a terrible idea to add this, Why would I need Level 50 to mine Gold anyway?" - Again, This is not what anyone that ever sugested a RPG element to be implemented.

    DreadFear, Hats of for you mate and I truely wish you guys good luck, as I'am sure to stick around eagerly for this :)
  19. Amy Heo

    Amy Heo Green Slime

    I like this idea! I always hoped for Terraria to have more RPG to it.
  20. Graceful Assassin

    Graceful Assassin No. XI MARLUXIA

    This is awesome, I will never play a vanilla server again upon release O.O
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