[Released] TRPG - Changing the way you play Terraria ;)

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by DreadFear, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Chrono-logic

    Chrono-logic Green Slime

    This is the best mod yet!
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  2. 12yz12ab

    12yz12ab Green Slime

    How do I install this with the Terraria Game Launcher? I want to keep tConfig at the same time.
  3. Tyer

    Tyer Green Slime

    i dot ave the exp or single player it says that the api somthing is missing please help me
  4. NoUseForMyName

    NoUseForMyName Green Slime

    I Might be wrong here, but i just checked the vids, and i saw your paladin got 50% damage returned to the inflicter with 400hp...
    Hence to kill him, it costs 200hp.. which the tinkerer doesnt even have at max lvl...
    Unbalanced much? besides, we need a fair archer class for combat, not just potions
  5. Billis

    Billis Green Slime

    Having issues even starting TRPG I get this....

    I tried reinstalling but it didnt help...
  6. Jyezy

    Jyezy Green Slime

    Same here!!! :(
  7. SirSims

    SirSims Green Slime

    I can't start TRPG either! After following the installation instructions exactly the only thing I get on my screen is also the error message mentioned by Billis:
    The terraria excutable was not found!
    Is it in this directory?
  8. DeathCradle

    DeathCradle Cave Bat

  9. Haigen

    Haigen Bunny

  10. xland44

    xland44 Lihzahrd

    is this updated to 1.1.1?
  11. AmuHeart

    AmuHeart Demon Eye

    it isnt
    just tried
  12. Untouchablekill

    Untouchablekill Cursed Skull

    Read their website, development has ceased.

    KILLERWILSH Yellow Slime

    I have a question could you make this work with TehModAPI?
  14. Luke32141

    Luke32141 Snatcher

    "The Terraria Executable was not located!"
    HELP!! D:
  15. Ilinca

    Ilinca Green Slime

    Congratulations is spelled with a t, made an account just to say that.
  16. Luke32141

    Luke32141 Snatcher

    It's SUPPOSED to be spelled with a t. Y'know TRPG TerrariaRPG?
  17. cheese15624

    cheese15624 Demon Eye

    It wont let me download it. I put it exactly where you said and it says that my Terraria.exe file cant be found and when i open it with steam, it says there is an error and Terraria cant be opened. Help. D:
  18. AmuHeart

    AmuHeart Demon Eye

    you need terraria
  19. cheese15624

    cheese15624 Demon Eye

    yeah, i found out right after posting. sorry. :p
  20. Luke32141

    Luke32141 Snatcher

    Me to, I'm now playing TRPG. :D
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