[Released] TRPG - Changing the way you play Terraria ;)

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by DreadFear, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. PortalShifter

    PortalShifter Lava Slime

    Now would be the perfect time for TRPG. =/
  2. wonay

    wonay Green Slime

    you can try mine ;)

    see my signature
  3. Luke32141

    Luke32141 Snatcher

    No, I tried using it with 1.1.2, it didn't work.
  4. FranMAD

    FranMAD Doctor Bones


    you should try wonay's because it's pretty good :p
  5. terraria_man

    terraria_man Green Slime

    vershon 1.1.2
  6. drsonic1

    drsonic1 Green Slime

    Can somebody take this mod up under their wing? Because this mod looks awesome.
  7. wonay

    wonay Green Slime

    i made my own , it looks like this one
  8. drsonic1

    drsonic1 Green Slime

    Yes, I know, I get it, I got it. It's just that this has a lot of new items and stuff.
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  9. Sprinkelz

    Sprinkelz Green Slime

    I like it.
  10. 00dragonking00

    00dragonking00 Cursed Man

    this mod broke my terraria and i cant fix it. i have tried deleting local content and deleting the entire folder but it didnt work. plz help me fix.

    i completley reinstalled terraria deleting every folder but whenever i go in any world it is completley black plz help
  11. Thrawp

    Thrawp Green Slime

    You have to manually go into your terraria folder and delete the files. And does noone read that this mod doesn't work anymore because they stopped supporting it?
  12. woniubbg

    woniubbg Green Slime

    But, How to install it?
    Application not verified! Searching Relative paths...Failed
    Press any key to exit...
  13. Ghostwish

    Ghostwish Green Slime

    Go figure as soon as I find a good rpg mod, it's unupdated and offline. Any idea when this will be fixed?
  14. drsonic1

    drsonic1 Green Slime

    Never, unless someone takes it under their wing. If you really wanted to play it, you could backdate your Terraria.
  15. RobottoDayo

    RobottoDayo Doctor Bones

    This mod is DEAD :p
  16. Rockos

    Rockos Bunny

  17. Blu

    Blu Moderator Staff Member

    Temp-locked until DreadFear comes back and decides to update this pack.
    It could happen, it could not. We shall see. There is no necro rule, but I'd rather not have the thread cluttered during his absence. Dread - PM me, or any staff member, or just report your own thread, when you're ready to come back. Thanks.
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