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    This is my tConfig's Modpacks thread. I'll put every work from me in this thread (except Terrariastuck which can be found at its own thread). Hope you'll enjoy my mods!​

    (Sorry guys, removed the Screenshots tab to make things cleaner)​

    Videos (open)

    Video made for the Mods Creation Compendium showing Okiku and Ridley.

    Video showing the Dark Masks/Okiku boss and some other random things.

    Video review by cupcakemann95

    (Pretty old ones)
    This is a video made by me (with my brother) showing some of the mods that it includes.

    Another video including custom bosses.

    Another one showing my Ivy Plant boss working as it should.

    Another showing my Death boss.


    After various months in laziness, here's the remix of my old content packs. All the packs are now together into an huge single pack. Try out the first Terraria bosses ever made, or try out some of the new gems from the guy who people define the best AI coder of the whole community (that's a bunchload of lies but people just love my works so eh).
    Now with 50 npcs (11 custom bosses), 8 custom pets (1 combat pet), 144 items, game features rebalance and much more to come!

    Experimental Wiki

    Mod compiled with the new 7zip tConfig's feature. Source will not get uploaded anymore.
    to get them, open the obj file of your choice with Win Rar or similiars.​

    Packs list and Versions
    Metroid Pack : v1.02
    Misc Pack : v1.03
    Monster Hunter Pack : v1.03
    Touhou Pack : v1.02
    Warhammer Pack : v1.0



    Installation Guide (open)

    Installation guide video by cupcakemann95

    Or follow the easy installation guide for "niubaiz" below.​

    First of all, install the Requirements (yeah, tConfig. Why would you use a tConfig modpack without tConfig?).​

    Select one of the three available downloads, if a "boring altervista page" comes up, click on "qui", and your download will start. Then, follow the steps below depending on what download of your choice.​

    Download it, install it, activate it in tConfig's main menu.​

    Only .obj
    Download it, put the .obj file into your Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModPacks folder. If it doesn't exist, just create it. Then, activate it in tConfig's main menu.​

    If you don't know what to do, you'll probably never download this. Or, if the pack is pretty out-dated 'cause I've not updated it for a long time, just follow these steps.
    1. Download the pack
    2. Place it in your Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModPacks, and you'll find yourself with a W1K Modpack folder in that directory.
    3. Run the tConfig Modpack Builder, select my modpack and compile it.
    4. Done!
    If the pack is so damn out-dated that the modpack give's you random errors, just "try" to let me know it.​


    Changelogs (open)

    - Fixed Shadow Dragon's hitbox.
    - Okiku Doll is now an accessory. It now grants the ability to summon the Shadow Dragon for fast travel purposes. The Shadow Dragon can be toggled through the "P" key when the doll is equiped.
    - Fixed bugs regarding Ridley's boss music.
    - Death now has fancy music directly from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence's soundtracks.
    - Heavy rebalance, AI and graphic tweaks for Okiku.
    - Different boss musics for Okiku and all forms (Boss 1 for the Dark Shogun Mask, Boss 2 for the Dark Dragon Mask and Boss 3 for Okiku).
    - Minor tweaks and bug fixes to some NPCs and bosses.
    - Forest Vampire renamed back to 'Vampire' (this will not cause any incompatibilities with Omnir's vampires, as it used to).
    - Small cursor's sprite tweak to make it slightly more visible. This feature can be disabled in the Mod Config menu.
    - Supersonic Boots effect and recipe changed (Increase movement speed by 20%, recipe is 1 Hermes Boots, 10 Feather and 1 Anklet of the Wind).
    - Movement Speed Overhaul:
    - Movement speed (max speed, acceleration) is directly dependant from the total movement speed bonus.
    - High defense reduces movement speed. Movement speed bonus reduces this penalty.
    - If an high enough speed is reached, extra particles are spawned and the character can run on water as long as the speed is kept high enough.
    - This feature can be turned on and off from the Mod Config menu. It is recommended to keep it on as most contents are balanced in relation to it.
    - Enabling or disabling it has no effect if the Terrariastuck mod is loaded, as it has a more advanced and permanently turned on version of the same feature.
    - The helmets from the Power, Gravity and Varia suits now have a letter in their icon so it is possible to recognize what set they are part of despite being completelly identical in look.
    - Gravity Suit does not need Cursed Flames to be crafted anymore. It does, instead, require a small amount of X Remnants.
    - Gravity Suit pieces defense increased to 25 (30 with set bonus included).
    - Wall Shield and Spiked Shield do not decrease movement speed anymore.
    - Baseball Cap slightly tweaked to actually look more like an hat than an actual mask.
    - New prototype combat pet accessory added. In the future, there might be more kind of combat pets (shooting ones, stats increasing ones, etc.). Check New Items list for extra info.

    New Items:
    - Companion Bat (Combat Pet)
    New combat pet accessory. Dropped by most bat enemies (except statue spawned ones) at 1% chance. The pet follows the player like most others and attacks the closest hostile npc (having less than 100 defense) that are in line-of-sight with the player. It deals 3*level damages every 30 frames (0.5 seconds). Exp is gained by keeping the accessory equiped. It takes 5 minutes to reach level 2, time required increases by 5 minutes each level (to go from level 4 to 5, you need 20 minutes). Bat increases in size depending on the level. Level and experience are stored in the accessory and can be freely traded without losing said stats.

    - Dr.S (Vanity Hat)
    New vanity mask sold by Cronshade. Reference to the banned TerrariaOnline user, drsonic1.

    - Gravity Control Device (Consumable)
    Item to spawn Nightmare. Crafted with 5 Iron Bar, 5 Thick Gel, 10 Pixie Dust and 1 Gravitation Potion at a Mythril Anvil. Works like most other spawners and has no zone restrictions.

    - Le Melon Head (Vanity Hat)
    New vanity hat sold by Cronshade. Reference to the banned TerrariaOnline user, Bobrocket.

    - Mantreads (Accessory)
    New accessory crafted from 1 Cobalt Shield and 5 Leather at an Anvil. It allows the player to "stomp" on enemies heads. The higher the fall, the higher the damage. Using it without fall-damage-negating accessories doubles the damage it deals. It is a reference to the Team Fortress 2 item by the same name, along with the tooltip referencing one of the Soldier's domination lines, "This American boot just kicked your ass back to Russia!".

    - X Remnants (Material)
    New material dropped by Nightmare to craft the Gravity or Fusion suit.

    New Set:
    - Fusion Suit
    New Suit upgrade resembling Samus' Fusion suit from the Metroid Fusion game. It is paired on the same tier of the Gravity Suit, it has similiar bonuses and recipe (requires more X Remnants and less Gravity Cristals) but as a set bonus, along with the Obsidian Skin bonus, it also has 10% movement speed bonus, unlike the Gravity Suit, which has 5 defense instead. It also has no Cobalt Shield bonus.

    New NPCs:
    - THE PIZZA GUY (Mob)
    The Pizza Guy is a new special kind of zombie spawn that deals no damage but is able to open any kind of door instantly, regardless of wether it's a blood moon or not. Its spawn is announced by the message "The Guide orders pizza".

    - Nightmare (Boss)
    Nightmare from the Metroid series. It's a new boss, its drops are needed to craft either the Gravity Suit or the brand new Fusion Suit. The boss features a brand new multi-hitboxes system, destroyable projectiles and lot of gravity shenaniganing.

    - Cronshade Scourdevor (Town NPC)
    Cronshade Scourdevor will move in as a Town NPC once you have beaten Okiku at least once. She has no real purpose at the moment. She has 10 random dialog lines (8 completelly random ones and 2 blood moon related ones), plus a third button that enables a 20 lines long dialog that explains my own "tConfig's lore", her own story and an introduction to a small "quest" that will be completed at a later time. She also sells two vanity hats, the Dr.S (reference to banned TerrariaOnline user, drsonic1) and the Le Melon Head (reference to banned TerrariaOnline user, Bobrocket).

    Known Issues:
    - Nightmare might have some strange behaviors on multiplayer, specifically, it can spam the phase-change particles while receiving damages, it might switch its hitboxes with Gravity Shots temporarily, its weakspot will not change during the second phase, might mix some AI patterns randomly. I did my best to make it playable, yet, none of these issues is present on singleplayer.
    - An error might come up during the mods loading phase of the dedicated server. It seems to be a tConfig issue and seems to not affect the mod's features in any way. It seems to be related to the new Mod Config options. Let me know if any serious issue comes up.

    Pre-Repack Changelogs (open)

    Metroid Pack (open)

    Version 1.02 (open)
    Fixed some recipes having the wrong, old ingredients.

    Larval Metroid
    Fixed gores issues.

    Power Beam
    Damage : 16

    Fixed projectiles issues.
    Increased multiplayer compatibility.
    Damage : (60 Melee) (40 Flame shot)
    Drop : 10-15 Gravity Crystal

    Ridley Tail
    Increased multiplayer compatibility.
    Damage : 70

    Version 1.01 (open)
    Baby Metroid (new)
    Vanity Pet

    Gravity Crystal (new)
    value : 30s
    Dropped by : Ridley (100%)

    Gravity Suit Set
    Recipe : Varia Suit Set, 5/10/15 Gravity Crystal, 20/35/50 Cursed Flames

    Larval Metroid(new)
    HP : 60

    Damage : 30
    Defense : 6
    Spawn Location : Meteor
    Spawn Rate : 1/5
    Drop :
    Money : 1s 60c
    Thick Gel (1-2) : 50%

    Metroid Capsule (new)
    Tooltip : 'A capsule with a fake reconstructed Metroid. Maybe it might attract some Space Pirates'
    Recipe : 10 Soul of Light, 10 Thick Gel with Mythril Anvil

    Plasma Beam
    Recipe : 1 Varia Suit Greaves, 10 Gravity Crystal, 35 Cursed Flame

    Power Beam
    Recipe : 5 Thick Gel, 250 Musket Ball with Anvil

    Power Suit Set
    Recipe : 5/10/15 Thick Gel, 1/1/2 Topaz with Anvil


    HP : 20000
    Damage : (50 Melee)(30 Flame Shot)
    Defense : 35
    Drop :
    Money : 8g

    Baby Metroid (10%)
    Gravity Crystal (5-10) : 100%

    Ridley Tail(new)
    HP : 6000

    Damage : 60
    Defense : 35
    Spawn Location : Ridley’s position
    Drop : /

    Thick Gel(new)
    Value : 5s
    Dropped by : Larval Metroid (50%)

    Version 1.0 (open)
    First release as a themed modpack.

    Misc Pack (open)

    Version 1.0.4 (open)
    Renamed Zoodle into Zoodletec to prevent conflicts with Zodletec’s Necro pack.
    Fixed (hopefully) Zoodletec eventually coming more than once.
    Zoodletec will now disappear if Zoodletec’s Necro Pack is loaded.
    Zoodletec will not sell Sister Maggy and Meat Boy if Zoodletec’s Binding of Terraria pack is loaded.
    Fixed Junglix and Aquatix using the wrong particles.

    Drop :
    Money : 20g
    Okiku Doll : 100%

    Okiku Doll
    Tooltip: 'The powerfull doll of pure darkness, now turned into a lil' and cute doll.'
    Tooltip: Break it to turn the doll into a vanity set. You can rebuilt it after with the same pieces.
    Value : 1g
    Recipe : Okiku Set
    Dropped by : Okiku

    Okiku Set
    Tooltip: Can be turned into a doll when all the pieces are together.
    Dropped by : Okiku Doll
    Used for : Okiku Doll

    Version 1.03 (open)
    Aquatix (new)
    HP : 6000
    Damage : (Melee : 25) (Spirit Mode Melee : 10) (Projectile : 10)
    Defense : 18
    Drop :
    Money : 8g
    Crest of Water : 100%

    Broken Okiku
    Increased multiplayer compatibility.
    Drop : 20g

    Dropped by : Death (10%), Ivy Plant (5%)
    Used for : Death Chao, Ivy Chao.

    Crest of Earth (new)
    Dropped by : Junglix (100%)

    Crest of Fire (new)
    Dropped by : Firax (100%)

    Crest of Water (new)
    Dropped by : Aquatix (100%)

    Damned Soul
    Increased multiplayer compatibility.

    Dark Dragon Mask
    Increased multiplayer compatibility.

    Dark Shogun Mask
    Increased multiplayer compatibility.

    Death Caster (new)
    HP : 100
    Damage : (Melee : 50) (Shadow Shot : 30)
    Defense : 18
    Spawn Location : Dungeon, HardMode
    Drop :
    Money : 3s
    Golden key : (5%)
    Bone : 1-2 (95%)

    Death Chao (new)
    Vanity Pet
    Recipe : 1 Chao, 30 Obscure Essence with Mythril Anvil.

    Desert Scorpion
    AI tweaked.
    Increased movement speed.

    Fiery Egg (new)
    Spawns Firax.

    Dropped by : Imp (5%)

    Firax (new)
    HP : 6000
    Damage : (Melee : 30) (Spirit Mode Melee : 10) (Projectile : 14)
    Defense : 18
    Drop :
    Money : 8g
    Crest of Fire : 100%

    Fire Queen
    Increased multiplayer compatibility.
    Increased projectiles firing speed.

    Grassy Egg (new)
    Spawns Junglix.

    Dropped by : Hornet (2%)

    Ivy Chao (new)
    Vanity Pet
    Recipe : 1 Chao, 25 Ivy Root with Mythril Anvil.

    Ivy Plant
    Spawn rate : 1/200

    Jungle Spider
    AI tweaked.
    Increased movement speed.
    Increased agility.
    HP = 300
    Defense = 30

    Junglix (new)
    HP : 6000
    Damage : (Melee : 25) (Spirit Mode Melee : 10) (Projectile : 14)
    Defense : 18
    Drop :
    Money : 8g
    Crest of Earth : 100%

    Magma Set
    Fixed a bug where particles didn’t hide when any vanity item was worn.

    Medusa Head
    Sprite changed.

    Magma Golem
    AI tweaked.

    Increased multiplayer compatibility.

    Increased multiplayer compatibility.
    Spawn Rate : 1/25

    Increased multiplayer compatibility.

    Supersonic Boots
    Removed Rocket Boots effect.
    Removed Defense Reduction.
    Tooltip : Supersonic movement speed. Speed increases with movement speed bonus.
    Doesn't work if Hermes Boots or Spectre Boots are equipped.
    Recipe : 20 Soul of Fright,1 Hermes Boots,20 Feather,20 Soul of Light with Mythril Anvil

    Watery Egg (new)
    Spawns Aquatix.

    Dropped by : Shark (10%)

    Wooden Comb
    Sprite changed.

    Zoodle (new)
    Town NPC
    HP : 600
    Defense : 15
    Spawn Condition: Hardmode, No one of ZoodleTec's modpacks loaded (Binding of Issac and Necro Pack)
    Sells :
    Zoodle’s Alien Mask
    Zoodle’s Alucard Set
    Zoodle’s Lisa Set
    Zoodle’s Maria Set
    Zoodle’s Meat Boy
    Zoodle’s Ritcher Belmont Set

    Zoodle's Meat Boy
    Zoodle’s Sister Maggy.

    Zoodle’s Alien Mask (new)
    Dropped by : Zoodle (For Sale)
    Value : 20g

    Zoodle’s Alucard Set (new)
    Dropped by : Zoodle (For Sale)
    Value : 90g

    Zoodle’s Lisa Set (new)
    Dropped by : Zoodle (For Sale)
    Value : 90g

    Zoodle’s Maria Set (new)
    Dropped by : Zoodle (For Sale)
    Value : 90g

    Zoodle’s Meat Boy (new)
    Vanity Pet
    Dropped by : Zoodle (For Sale)
    Value : 60g

    Zoodle’s Richter Belmont Set (new)
    Dropped by : Zoodle (For Sale)
    Value : 90g

    Zoodle’s Sister Maggy (new)
    Vanity Pet
    Dropped by : Zoodle (For Sale)
    Value : 60g

    Version 1.02 (open)
    NPC’s spawn rate reduction if the player is close to Town NPCs.

    Value : 5s
    Dropped by : Slugger (1, 10%)
    Used for : Sandman

    Baseball Hat(new)
    Head Slot
    Tooltip : 'Contrary to popular beliefs, this hat doesn't give psychic powers.'
    Value : 15s
    Dropped by : Slugger (1, 1%)

    Element of Harmony (new)
    Tooltip='Friendship is magic, they said. Go make some friends, they said.'
    Minor stats improvement while close to a friend with the same accessory equiped. Every player must be in the same team. Players sparkle when the effect is applied.
    Effects :
    +2 Defense
    +10% Move Speed
    +5% Magic Damage
    +5% Melee Damage
    +5% Ranged Damage
    +10% Melee Speed
    +2 Magic Critic Chance
    +2 Melee Critic Chance
    +2 Ranged Critic Chance
    -10% Mana Cost
    Value : 2g 50s
    Recipe : 20 Gold Bar, 5 Diamond, 15 Soul of Light, 10 Soul of Sight at a Mythril Anvil.

    Jungle Spider
    Fixed a bug where they didn’t spawn when an Ivy Plant was around.

    Sandman (new)
    Damage : 8 (Melee)
    Knockback : Insane
    Speed : Fast
    Tooltip : 'Throws baseball able to stun the living crap outta anybody dumb enough.'
    Hold R while attacking to throw a Baseball. 3 seconds cooldown between every ball. The user must hold the weapon to recharge the ball. A sound is played when fully charged.
    The ball deals half of the weapon’s damage and confuses the target. The debuff’s time changes according to the distance traveled by the ball.
    Value : 1g
    Recipe : 100 Sand Block, 5 Iron Bar, 50 Wood, 1 Baseball at an Iron Anvil.

    Slugger (new)
    HP : 60
    Damage : (18 Melee) (10 Ranged)
    Defense : 10
    Spawn Location : Forest, Night, close to players with at least 10 defense.
    Spawn Rate : 1/10
    Drop :
    Money : 1s
    Baseball : 10%
    Baseball Hat : 1%

    Forest Vampire
    Fixed a bug where they spawned even if a player had less then 10 defense.

    Version 1.01 (open)

    Fixed compatibility issues with other modpacks regarding Paper related recipes.

    Broken Okiku
    Drop : 3g -> 10g

    Mystery Ticket
    Recipe : 1 -> 30 Paper

    Ominous Mask
    Fixed summon problems.

    Parasprite (new)
    HP : 10
    Damage : 50
    Defense : 0
    Spawn location : Surface Hallow, Hardmode
    Spawn Rate : 1/10
    Money Drop : 5c

    Version 1.0 (open)
    First release as a themed modpack.

    Broken Okiku
    HP : 5000/10000
    Damage : (60 Melee) (20 Bloody Cross) (24 Bloody Saw) (20 Hack Mask) (18 Bloody Knife)
    Defense : 50
    Drop : 3g

    Damned Soul
    HP : 2000
    Damage : (60 Melee) (24 Obscure Shot)
    Defense : 18
    Spawn Location : with Dark Shogun Mask

    Dark Dragon Mask
    HP : 10000
    Damage : (22 Obscure Drop)
    Defense : 30

    Dark Shogun Mask
    HP : 12000
    Defense : 32

    HP : 10000/10000
    Damage : (60 Melee) (20 Obscure Cross) (24 Obscure Saw) (20 Crazy Mask) (18 Obscure Knife)
    Defense : 40

    Ominous Mask
    Effect : Summons the Dark Shogun Mask.
    Recipe : 5 Obscure Essence, 10 Rotten Chunk, 20 Bone, 20 Wood at a Demon Altar.

    Shadow Dragon
    HP : 4000
    Damage : (80 Head) (40 Body) (40 Tail)
    Defense : (10 Head) (20 Body) (20 Tail)
    Spawn Location : Spawned by Dark Dragon Mask

    Renamed to “Forest Vampire”

    Monster Hunter Pack (open)

    Version 1.03 (open)
    Dropped by : Rathalos (10%)
    Used For : Ratha Chao.

    Fixed projectiles issues.
    Increased multiplayer compatibility.

    Ratha Chao (new)
    Vanity Pet
    Recipe : 1 Chao, 25 Rathalos Scale with Mythril Anvil.

    Yian Kut Ku
    Fixed projectiles issues.
    Increased multiplayer compatibility.
    Spawn : Night, Floating island height, at least one boss defeated/Hardmode reached.
    Spawn Rate : 1/50 (no hardmode) or 1/75 (hardmode).

    Version 1.02 (open)
    Fixed Rathalos and Yian Kut Ku projectiles.
    NPC’s spawn rate reduction if the player is close to Town NPCs.

    Version 1.01 (open)
    Fixed compatibility issues with other modpacks regarding Paper related recipes.

    Version 1.0 (open)

    First release as a themed modpack.

    Touhou Pack (open)

    Version 1.02 (open)
    NPC’s spawn rate reduction if the player is close to Town NPCs.

    Version 1.01 (open)
    Increased compatibility with other modpacks regarding Paper related recipes.

    Version 1.0 (open)

    First release as a themed modpack.

    Warhammer Pack (open)

    Version 1.0 (open)

    First release as a themed modpack.

    Space Suit Set
    Removed -15% movement speed penality.

    Terminator Suit Set
    Removed -15% movement speed penality.

    Pre content split changelogs (older ones) (open)
    Version 0.2.72 (open)
    New Sprite

    Heavy Bolter
    New Sprite

    Debug script disabled. (again)

    Plasma Beam
    Removed gravity effect
    Added light effect
    Minor AI’s improvements

    Power Beam
    Removed gravity effect
    Added light effect
    Minor AI’s improvements

    The Ripper
    New Sprite

    Yian Kut-Ku
    Fixed some spawn condition issues.
    Projectile’s delay reduced. (2,5 seconds to 1,5 second)

    Youkai Buster
    Removed gravity effect
    Added light effect
    Minor AI’s improvements
    Minor graphic’s tweak

    Youkai Repellent Charm
    Removed gravity effect
    Minor AI’s improvements

    Version 0.2.7 (open)

    Updated for the latest tConfig's version.

    Compatible with tConfig's auto updater.

    Recipe : Ku Cutter (added)

    Chick Decapitator (added)
    Damage : 19 (Melee)

    Speed : Very Slow
    Recipe : 20 Kut Ku Scale with Anvil
    Value : 1g
    Used for : Red Wing

    Golden Feather (added)
    Effect : Summons Yian Kut-Ku
    Recipe : 5 Gold Bar, 10 Feather

    Ku Cutter (added)
    Damage : 16 (Melee)

    Speed : Average
    Effect : 2 more defense while attacking
    Recipe : 10 Kut Ku Scale with Anvil
    Value : 1g
    Used for : Djinn

    Kut Ku Scales (added)
    Dropped by : Yian Kut Ku (10-15, 100%)

    Kut-Ku Set (added)
    Helmet : 4 Defense, +2% Ranged Damage

    Greaves : 4 Defense, +3% Ranged Damage
    Breastplate : 5 Defense, +5% Ranged Damage
    Bonus Set : +15% Movement Speed
    Recipe : 15/20/25 Kut Ku Scale with Anvil
    Total Value : 2g
    Used for : Rathalos Set

    Rathalos Set
    Rathalos Breastplate Recipe : Kut Ku Breastplate (added)

    Rathalos Helmet : Recipe : Kut Ku Helmet (added)
    Rathalos Greaves : Recipe : Kut Ku Greaves (added)

    Red Bludgeon
    Recipe : Yellow Bludgeon (added)

    Red Tail
    Recipe : Yellow Tail (added)

    Red Wing
    Recipe : Chick Decapitator (added)

    Space Set (added)
    Helmet : 8 Defense, -5% Movement Speed

    Greaves : 8 Defense, -5% Movement Speed
    Breastplate : 9 Defense, -5% Movement Speed
    Bonus Set : +5 Defense
    Recipe : 25/30/35 Ceramite Bar with Anvil
    Total Value : 7g
    Used for : Terminator Set

    Terminator Set (added)
    Helmet : 11 Defense, -5% Movement Speed

    Greaves : 15 Defense, -5% Movement Speed
    Breastplate : 24 Defense, -5% Movement Speed
    Bonus Set : +10 Defense
    Recipe : Space Suit Set, 15/20/25 Ceramite Bar, 5/10/15 Adamantite Bar with Mythril Anvil
    Total Value : 7g

    Only spawns for player with more then 10 defense.

    Wyvern Blade
    Recipe : Yian Blade (added)

    Yellow Bludgeon (added)
    Damage : 23 (Melee)

    Speed : Snail
    Recipe : 15 Kut Ku Scale with Anvil
    Value : 1g
    Used for : Red Bludgeon

    Yellow Tail (added)
    Damage : 17 (Melee)

    Speed : Fast
    Recipe : 15 Kut Ku Scale with Anvil
    Value : 1g
    Used for : Red Tail

    Yian Blade (added)
    Damage : 18 (melee)

    Speed : Slow
    Recipe : 15 Kut Ku Scale with Anvil
    Value : 1g
    Used for : Wyvern Blade

    Yian Kut-Ku (added)
    Damage : 16 (Melee) 10 (Flame Shot)

    Defense : 8
    HP : 3200
    Spawn : Floating Island Height, at least one boss defeated
    Spawn Rate : 1/75
    Drop : 10-15 Kut Ku Scale (100%), 1-2 Topaz (10%)
    Value : 3g

    Version 0.2.6 (open)
    Cursed Flower (added)
    Summons Ivy Plant into the Underground Jungle.
    Recipe : 5 Soul of Light, 10 Jungle Spore, 5 Stinger, 1 Vine with Demon Altar.

    New sprite and animation.

    Complete AI’s revision.
    Gores added.

    Desert Scorpion
    Life : 220

    Damage : 50
    Defense : 35
    Location : Desert, Hardmode (1/4)
    Drop : 3s, Scorpion Scale (75%)

    Fire Queen
    Gores added.

    Ivy Plant
    New sprite.

    Spawn issues fixed.
    Gores added.

    Jungle Spider (added)
    Life : 250

    Damage : 70
    Defense : 25
    Location : Underground Jungle, Hardmode (1/4)
    Drop : 3s, 1-2 Cobweb (75%)

    Koumajou Set
    Total Value : 75s -> 15s

    Magma Golem
    Gores added.

    Magma Tooth (added)
    Damage : 59 (Melee)

    Speed : Very Slow
    Effect : 50% chance to apply “On Fire!” debuff.
    Recipe : 1 Fiery Greatsword, 10 Magma Essence, 60 Bone with Mythril Anvil
    Valure : 5g

    Medusa Head (added)
    Life : 40

    Damage : 60
    Defense : 0
    Location : Dungeon, Hardmode (1/2)
    Drop : 2s, Golden Key (2%), 1-2 Bone (95%)

    No Good Fly
    Gores added.

    Power Up Icon
    Value : 5s -> 1s

    Projectiles now goes through tiles.

    Gores added.

    Gores added.

    Death sound changed.

    Rumia’s Set
    Value : 75s -> 15s

    Scorpion Set (added)

    Total Value : 15s
    Recipe : 15 Scorpion Scale (5*pieces)

    Scorpion Scale (added)
    Value : 5s

    Used for : Scorpion Set
    Dropped by : Desert Scorpion (1,75%)

    Supersonic Boots (added)

    Effect : Halved defense stat. Supersonic movement speed. Rocket Boots effect included.
    Extra infos: These boots are made for break the actual Terraria’s movement speed limit. Max speed and acceleration are greater then Hermes Boots’ one, depending on player’s currently movement speed bonuses.
    With normal movement speed = 6 horizontal max speed. (Hermes/Spectre Boots)
    With +60% total movement speed = 10 horizontal max speed.
    Not working if Hermes Boots or Spectre Boots are equiped.
    Recipe : 1 Spectre Boots, 20 Soul of Fright, 20 Soul of Light, 20 Feather with Mythril Anvil.
    Value : 20g.

    Undead Caster
    Gores added.

    Spawn location fix.

    Gores added.

    Version 0.2.5 (open)
    Damage : 26 -> 22
    Recipe : 20 -> 10 (Vampire Blood)
    Effect : 1/10 damage heal in PvP applied to double damag, instead of the normal one.
    Visual Effect : Redone.

    Bloody Skull
    Recipe : 10 -> 5 (Vampire Blood)

    Value : 2g 65s 50c -> 10g

    Spawn Rate : 100 -> 150
    AI : Teleports away if everyone dies.

    Death’s Scythe
    Value : 3g -> 30g

    Value : 2g 50s -> 10g
    Effect : 5 -> 10 Defense bonus.

    Fire Queen
    Spawn Rate : 1/3 -> 1/10
    Drop : 7s 50c, 1 Magma Essence (1/4 -> 1/2)

    Value : 3g -> 30g

    GOL-Sniper Magnum
    Value : 3g -> 30g
    Visual Effect added.
    Increased projectile’s speed.

    Heavy Bolter
    Value : 6g -> 30g

    Koumajou Set (added)
    Recipe : 15 Power Up Icon (total)

    Magi Musket
    Value : 5g -> 30g

    Magma Golem (added)
    Life : 500
    Damage : 80
    Defense : 42
    Location : Underworld, Hardmode
    Drop : 5s, 1 Magma Essence (1/10)

    Magma Set
    Defense : 18 -> 9
    Defense : 12 -> 8
    Defense : 8 -> 7

    Value : No Value (bug) -> 10g

    Mimetic Set
    Defense : 8
    Defense : 10 -> 9
    Defense : 14 -> 10

    Obscure Scythe
    Value : 80s -> 2g

    Plasma Beam
    Value : 3g -> 10g

    Value : 6g -> 30g

    Red Bludgeon
    Value : 3g 25s -> 5g

    Red Tail
    Value : 3g 50s -> 5g

    Red Wing
    Value : 2g 50s -> 5g

    HP : 9000 -> 18000
    AI : Flies away if everyone dies.

    Value : 10s -> 2s
    Drop : 1 to 3 -> 1 to 2.
    knockBackResist bug fix.

    Spiked Wall
    Value : 6g -> 20g

    Value : 6g -> 10g
    Aim related fix on Multiplayer.

    Stone Platform (added)
    Recipe : 2 Stone Block

    Wall Shield
    Value : 6g -> 20g

    Wand of Darkness
    Damage : 8 -> 6
    Recipe : 10 -> 6 (Rotten Chunks)

    Wand of Fire
    Damage : 18 -> 14

    Wyvern Blade
    Damage : 2g 25s -> 5g

    Youkai Buster
    Value : 4g -> 10g
    Recipe : 1000 Paper -> 1 Youkai Repellent Charm

    Version 0.2.4 (open)

    • Added a new hardmode magic set. The Magma Set!
    • Added a new hardmode mob to the underworld, the Fire Queen. It drops Essences for craft the armor if combined with the Molten Set.
    • A great number of existing weapons have been balanced:
      • Bolter : 32 Damage --> 24 Damage.
      • Chainsword : 45 Damage --> 50 Damage, 6 Adamantite Bars needed for crafting instead of 10.
      • Laser Broadsword : 26 Damage --> 23 Damage.
      • Magi Musket : Less fire delay.
      • Obscure Scythe : 61 Damage --> 46 Damage.
      • Starstorm : 30 Damage --> 20 Damage.
      • Scythe : 29 Damage --> 19 Damage, added 5 Shadow Scales for crafting requirements.

    Version 0.2.3 (open)

    • Added four new pre-hardmode weapons. (Wooden Slingshot, Wooden Wand, Wand of Fire, Wand of Darkness)
    • Added a new ammo type for the Wooden Slingshot. (Grain Stone)
    • Added a new pre-hardmode NPC in the Cavern layer for obtain the new Wands weapons. (Undead Caster)

    Version 0.2.2 (open)

    • Reduced Death's spawn chance to 1 on 150 (before it was 1 on 100).
    • Now only one boss can spawn at the same time (only naturally, probably you can always spawn more of em' with items, but it's your fault if you guys do something crazy like that).
    • Added a new hardmode magic weapon, the Magi Musket.
    • Fixed a bug with the custom accessories (Wall Shield, Spiked Wall) where prefixes had no effects on the player who equiped them.
    • Did a balance tweak to the GOL-Sniper Magnum. It will now convert every Crystal Bullet fired into a Cursed Bullet.

    Version 0.2.1 (open)

    • Fixed recipe related problems with tiles required for crafting (hopefully).
    • Fixed crafting ammount for Youkai Repelling Charms and Youkai Busters.
    • Added a new Vanity Pet item resembling a neutral Chao from Sonic the Hedgehog series.
    • Now every custom boss (Death, Ivy Plant and Rathalos) have a 2% chance (1 on 50) to drop the Chao vanity pet.

    Version 0.2 (open)

    • Fixed recipe related problems with tiles required for crafting.
    • Fixed the problem that was making custom ranged weapons (Bolter, Heavy Bolter, Thompson, PPSh) to fire regular Musket Balls with every type of ammo used.
    • Changed spawn conditions for certain npcs:
      • Death now spawns in the Forest biome during Blood Moons (1/100 rateo) in Hardmode.
      • Ivy Plant now spawns in the Underground Jungle biome (1/100 rateo) in Hardmode.
      • Rumia now spawns in the Forest biome during Night (1/50 rateo).
      • Vampire now spawns in the Forest biome during New Moon Nights (1/10 rateo).
    • Added the Ivy Root and the Mimetic set of armors.
    • Now Ivy Plant can drop from 10 to 30 Ivy Roots.


    A MS Paint Adventures inspired mod.

    Being a quite big project, it does actually have its own thread.
    Check it out!

    Mini Mods

    This part of the thread will include a new part of my packs, called "Mini Mods", that will include small modpacks with mostly small modifications.​

    Balance Modifier (Terraria 1.0.5)
    Show Spoiler
    This small and simple mod's job is to bring the pre-hardmode's stuffs balance (items and npcs) to the old Terraria 1.0.5's one. Why this? When 1.0.6 came out, there were a lot of mechanic changes that were supposed to make the game harder, but with that, a pretty huge rebalance came out too, which toned down the game's difficulty a lot. Every item and npc's stat is brought down to their old 1.0.5 ones, for nostalgia and/or difficulty purposes.

    Note: There's a bug regarding the armor sets' texts. Once the full set is worn, the tooltip explaining the set effect will show up, but it'll be the vanilla one (1.1's). The old 1.0.5 effects will be applied the same regardless of the set text.
    The armor sets effects are:
    - Shadow : 15% increased melee speed.
    - Meteor : Space Gun costs 0 mana.
    - Necro : 30% increased movement speed.
    - Jungle : 25% reduced mana usage.
    - Molten : 15% extra melee damage.

    Mod compiled with the new 7zip tConfig's feature. Source will not get uploaded anymore.
    to get them, open the obj file of your choice with Win Rar or similiars.

    Big thanks to MurrayZero (my brother) who worked on most of it.

    Difficulty Changer
    Show Spoiler
    This modpack objectives are to make Terraria harder or easier depending on your choice. Do you think Terraria's too hard or you want an extra challenge? So these modpacks are the one that suits for you!
    The modpack is supposed to work also with custom contents (like Zoodletec's modpack or Omnir's modpack). If you find any incompatibility, reporting it will help me making the modpack more compatible.
    Modes can be switched in tConfig's Modpacks menu, simple as loading a normal modpack.

    The Easy mode includes:
    20% less HP for every NPC.
    20% less damage from every NPC.
    20% less defense for every NPC.
    10% more knockback on every NPC.
    10% less damage from every hostile projectile.​

    The Hard mode includes:
    20% more HP for every NPC.
    20% more damage from every NPC.
    20% more defense for every NPC.
    10% less knockback on every NPC.
    10% more damages from every hostile projectile.

    The Hard (Boss Only) mode includes:
    Same boosts as Hard, but only to boss npcs and their parts (like Skeleton Hands, Eater of World Tail, etc). Projectiles are not changed in this pack (nor do Boss ones). Custom bosses are supported as long as their Boss ini parameter is set to true.​

    To-do: Multiplayer Rebalance pack.​

    Mod compiled with the new 7zip tConfig's feature. Source will not get uploaded anymore.
    to get them, open the obj file of your choice with Win Rar or similiars.

    Hunger System
    Show Spoiler
    As we all know, Terraria got his strength by its greatest variety of biomes and its great variety of equipments. We all love Terraria because of that. But, well, what about the Survival side of it? There isn't really much that can describe it as a Survival game even if it shares the same Sandbox trait with Minecraft. Well, this modpacks's what is supposed to solve this. Have you ever dreamed a Terraria which gives more importance on the Survival side? Here it is, the Core of it, the Hunger System!

    - Completely new and custom Hunger system. Players will now start to get hungry when moving too much around. The max food level ranges from 0 to 100.
    - The food level will only go down when the player is moving. It takes 13 minutes of constant movement to empty an entire food bar.
    - A food level above 80 will grant a permanent Well Fed bonus and a food level under 20 will grant a permanent Weak debuff. Fixed the double magic damage bonus on Well Fed. It's not possible to obtain these buffs and debuffs anymore if not through the hunger system.
    - A food level that equals to 0 will cause the player's life to go down by 3 every second.
    - The player will regain a full food bar on death. Not working in case of PvP death (not tested).
    - New UI bar on the up-right corner showing the food level. Putting the mouse pointer over the bar shows the current food level.
    - Vanilla food (Glowing Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Goldfishes and Bowl of Soups) will now fill the food bar (by 5, 10, 20 and 40 respectively) and removed every heal effect or buff effect from them.
    - Vile Mushrooms can be eaten to fill the food bar of 10 units. However, this will cause a 10 seconds Poison debuff.
    - Fish Statues will no longer drop Goldfishes when wired.
    - Supports custom items! Check this small and simple example modpack.

    Version : 1.3
    Mod compiled with the new 7zip tConfig's feature. Source will not get uploaded anymore.
    To get them, open the obj file of your choice with Win Rar or similiars.
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.3
    - Fixed a bug where player's life went negative instead of making the player die once 0 is reached.
    - Life's reduction when hunger is 0 is now scaled with player's max life (example, if the player's max life is 100, the player loses 1 HP each frame, if it's 400 instead, the player loses 4 HP).

    Version 1.2
    - Hunger bar deplete speed decreased.
    - Fixed a bug where all player restored hunger when a food item was used.
    - Fixed a bug where hunger didn’t restore on death.
    - Hunger filling method changed to “W1K_Food(Player player, int food)”.
    - Added new features to manage vanilla item’s food values. The values resets on pre-update. Those values can be changed by the following methods:
    W1K_MushroomValueSet(Player player, int value)
    W1K_VileMushroomValueSet(Player player, int value)
    W1K_GlowingMushroomValueSet(Player player, int value)
    W1K_GoldfishValueSet(Player player, int value)
    W1K_SoupValueSet(Player player, int value)
    - Added new float value called “ReductionMultiplier” to increase/decrease the hunger bar depleting speed. The value resets on pre-update. The default value is set to 1 and can be changed through the following methods:
    W1K_ReductionMultiplierSet(Player player, int value)
    W1K_ReductionMultiplierAdd(Player player, int value)
    W1K_ReductionMultiplierMultiply(Player player, int value)

    Liquid Modifier
    Show Spoiler
    This simple modpack which totally wasted like 4 hours of my life has a simple feature. It removes every liquid under placed tiles. That's right, remember the old days when you could easily get rid of the damn lava with just some sand? They're back!
    How it works is pretty simple. It checks for tiles in range (range is 6 tiles on every direction) and if the liquid value for them is not 0, it changes it and removes the liquid. Plain and simple.

    Position Saver
    Show Spoiler
    Bored of being forced to start again from your spawn point after logging out or crashing from your world? Bored of people abusing the login system to teleport themselves to the spawn point instead of using the Magic Mirror? This simple modpack will solve those problems. It will save your position on logout and then load it back on login! It will save the player's name and position in the world's data and load it back when needed. It will also save the "falling timer", so logging out to prevent fall damages will not work.

    Known bugs
    - Multiplayer might not work properly.

    Version: 1.1



    This part of the thread will include works not directly related to tConfig modpacks.​

    The Binding of Isaac Soundtracks
    Show Spoiler


    Are you a The Bindong of Isaac fan and want its awesome game soundtracks into your Terraria? Then you're in the right place. This mod will change each of Terraria's music tracks into The Binding of Isaac's ones.

    Now for a full list of tracks changes.
    Overworld Day -> Sacrificial
    Eerie (or also called Evil) -> Dreadful
    Overworld Night -> Repentant
    Title Screen -> The Binding of Issac (main theme)
    Underground -> Apostate
    Boss 1 -> Divine Combat
    Jungle -> Greed
    Corruption -> Atonement
    Underground Corruption -> A Mourner Unto Sheol
    The Hallow -> Peace Be With You
    Boss 2 -> Enmity of the Dark Lord
    Underground Hallow -> Lament of the Angel
    Boss 3 -> My Innermost Apocalypse
    Here, for a full list and preview of the original The Binding of Isaac soundtracks.

    Extract the file "Wave Bank.xwb" into Terraria/Content folder and overwrite the old file.
    Is higly recommended to make a backup of the old file to revert the changes back in need.


    All rights reserved to Danny Baranowsky, original composer of The Binding of Isaac's soundtracks.


    PC Games Online World
    My italian gaming community. The first modpack was born there with most of the ideas, so, it deserves most of the credits.

    MurrayZero (my brother) - For helping me with topic's order, some sprites and for beta testing.
    Surfpup - For making tConfig and helped me understanding its features.
    Zeno - For his awesome sprites made appositely for this mod.
    Omnir - For his support and his awesome sprites.
    Soran - For his support and his Masamune's sprite.
    Frikman & Suika Ibuki - For the touhou-related sprites, taken from the texturepack 'Tourraria - Another Touhou Texturepack'.
    Zoodletec - For his awesome sprites. He helped me probably most of anyone else with them. Get all mah cookies.
    Yoraiz0r - For his help with some codes, mostly ModWorld and ModPlayer ones. Thank ya dud.
    Zero-Exodus - For being a cool guy and contributing with the Chao extra forms (Ratha/Ivy/Death Chao).
    houhu12 - Dem pizza guy sprite.
    Geneen - Gravity Control Device's sprite.

    I've used quite a great amount of custom sprites, so, if you find someone's sprites and i've not given credits to it, just let me know the mistake.

    For supporters and who want to help makin' this mod well-known through the forum.​
    Sigs (open)


    Friend's works. Just give a look at em, 'k?

    Kjulo's DLC Packs
    Some interesting DLC's packs that includes new set of armors. Just look at it, The Spike is awesome. :3​

    Obsidian's Mod
    A nice made modpack with a great variety of new items, npcs, an awesome NPC randomization code and a parallel world system!​

    Omnir's Modpacks
    One of the most well-known tConfig's mods pack on this forum containing a huge variety of new weapons, armors, vanity and npcs!​

    Yoraiz0rs's Phantasmagorical Amplification
    If you think that your end-game isn't overpowered enough, this is the best choice for you. Awesome ideas, awesome codes, awesome contents.​

    Zoodle's Content Packs
    Yup, that's mah zoodly there. After a lof of works for my modpack and Obsidian's, he made hisown content packs. Pretty awesome ones and he puts a lot of effort in them.​
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2015
  2. DevinSmith1486

    DevinSmith1486 Demon Eye

    nice i saw you on the tconfig post trying to help people out... i just had to see what you made. The weapons look awesome.
  3. Soran

    Soran Cave Bat

    I support this, Everything looks amazing
  4. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Thank you guys.

    I'm also open for "requests", so I can make the mod more varies as it is just now. The only problem for me are the sprites, so some help with them would be really appreciated.
  5. Soran

    Soran Cave Bat

    I can help without an issue
  6. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Just started to translate the weapons list.
    Thank you, I appreciate your will to help (well, I'm the one who helped you in the first place LOL). I'll make you know if I need some sprites in particular.
  7. pikafan8

    pikafan8 Yellow Slime

    Hey, i saw that you had a weapon that lights up when you swing it, how do you do that? and color it? :p
  8. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    I used the weapon's effect (copying the ones from the flame beam), precisely, this .cs code.
    public static void UseItemEffect(Player player, Rectangle rectangle) {
        Color color = new Color();
        //This is the same general effect done with the Fiery Greatsword
        int dust = Dust.NewDust(new Vector2((float) rectangle.X, (float) rectangle.Y), rectangle.Width, rectangle.Height, 6, (player.velocity.X * 0.2f) + (player.direction * 3), player.velocity.Y * 0.2f, 100, color, 1.9f);
        Main.dust[dust].noGravity = true;
    I changed the dust's type (the "6" in the Dust.NewDust) with the type of the colored torches color effect. You can view a list of the Dusts types here. I used the type 60 for the Red torches effect. You can make many different light and particle colors with the types between 59 and 65 (just give a look at the list, you'll probably find what you need ;)).
    Hope this helps.
  9. pikafan8

    pikafan8 Yellow Slime

    Thanks! I'm also wondering how to make a helmet like a Mining helmet, do you know anything about that? :)
  10. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Not really, never tried. Probably you can make "colored dust effects" as an armor effect or using the same method.
  11. davewesh

    davewesh Green Slime

    W1K How do you have the Bloodseeker Coded, I've been trying to figure out how to do a Vampiric sword/mod thing myself but im obviously still super new to the coding, but i keep getting hung up on how to code somthing like that.

    this is the Method im using

    public static void DamageDelt(NPC npc, double Damage, Player player) 
    I have no idea how to get a variable out of damage or if the "double" is the variable, and for that matter i don't even know what the proper arguments are for any of the methods/classes that ive found on the Tconfig wiki.

    Hate to ask a billion questions and not be on topic, The mod does look great and so far doesn't seem over powered. keep up the good work ^_-
  12. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    I used this, quite an easy code.
    public static void DealtNPC(Player player, NPC npc, double damage)
        player.statLife += (int)damage/10;
    public static void DealtPVP(Player myPlayer, int damage, Player enemyPlayer)
        myPlayer.statLife += (int)damage/10;
    I really hope it's not over powered. I made a lot of damn calculation and equations for get the right damage per second <.< Thank you anyway. :)
  13. davewesh

    davewesh Green Slime

    Thanks W1K, i couldn't for the life of me figure out how it was set up that gives me an idea on how the method and the Damage argument works.
  14. Kitteh4Me

    Kitteh4Me Green Slime

    Nice weapons! I like the golden Djinn and the BloodSeeker, especially.
  15. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Oh, my mistake adding the weapons. The "gold djinn" is the Galaxia, reference to the Kirby series (commonly, Meta Knight's sword). Fixed now.
  16. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Sorry for the double post, but I have something new here.

    This is a video showing two totally coded bosses made by me and, obviously, part of the pack. Hope you like it.
    ProsaurusRex, Sem and Surfpup like this.
  17. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    Now you've definitely got my attention! The bosses look great, and this is the sort of thing that will make me want to play again. Will the bosses be spawned by using an item?
  18. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Oh god, said by you really makes me feel flattered XD
    Anyway, I just summon them with a test item right now, at least the Ivy Plant. Rathalos spawns naturally at Wyvern's height (in fact in the video we maked him spawn naturally because I was lazy and don't wanted to change the spawner's code) while Ivy Plant will (and I say "will" because I'm sill working on it) spawn in the Jungle biome.
  19. ProsaurusRex

    ProsaurusRex Undead Viking

    Rathalos? I love you for this. Please, more Monster Hunter references.
  20. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    I thought to do also the Yian Kut-Ku like a "non-hardmode" version of Rathalos, but I need graphics for it. My friend is really busy this month and can't do much without his sprites and doing a 4 image sprite-sheet isn't easy at all.
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