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  1. Mastergoose

    Mastergoose Slimed Zombie

    GooSe Modpack
    Current version : 1.3.1
    tConfig Compile version : 0.31.1b
    Last update: 03/06/2013

    When playing it's pretty easy to skip several tiers. Like going from copper>gold without bothering for iron and silver.
    In this mod it's not so easy! All armors have been balanced in defence and crafting materials.

    Then there are the magic swords. The standard metal swords can be updated with a special magic crystal which can upgraded again. Each element has its own attribute! Crystals are drops of the elemental npc's.

    I used a few things from other mods, all credit goes to them. Even tough I don't know from which mods they were.. If you know which mod it is, let me know!

    This pack contains the following:
    Balanced armors
    Upgradable magic swords
    Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold sword can be upgraded 3 times! This can be done with a fire, water and air crystal.


    Mobs (open)

    Seapeacock,Worms, Ghost, Stonehead, Saucer, UFO, Evil Bird, Horrible Bunny, Dragon Whelp, Goose, Monkey, Elements, The famous boom&bang slime, a Grave and a Cactus.
    Divine Slime Boss (sprite made by Dragonith)

    Armor (open)

    Gilded Armor
    Steel Armor
    UFO Armor
    Bracelet of Mining
    Techie Toolbelt

    Tiles (open)

    Bone Altar
    Bone Chest
    Draw Table
    Sandtrap & Sandkiller
    Grenade Launcher
    Hellfire Darttrap
    A invisble-turning wirebrick
    Steel plate & wall

    Weapons (open)

    Dirt Ball (cause why not?)
    Grenade singing Hallelujah
    The upgradable swords

    Materials (open)

    Strings (for bow)

    Other (open)

    Blueprints (Singleplayer only!)
    Special Lightsource


    Latest tConfig used: 31.1b (can be downloaded here:
    The .zip files contain the installer and .obj-file. - contains no boom/bang slime, worms can't destroy tiles - contains everything, tiles can be destroyed

    Changelog (open)

    VERSION 1.1
    The above with some sprite and statsedit and
    Divine Slime Boss (sprite made by Dragonith)
    Crow NPC
    Dragonfly NPC
    Sandtrap and Sandremover
    VERSION 1.2
    Bugfix Broadswords
    Sprite changes
    Tower Blueprint
    VERSION 1.2.1
    Bugfix Water Elemental Spawn (will now not spawn near startingpoint)
    Small increase gems droprate
    Toolbelt tooltip now makes sense (this item makes live easier!)
    VERSION 1.2.2
    Bugfix Bows - Strings removed
    VERSION 1.3
    Strings reintroduced
    Last tier Crystals have magicability
    NPC Nightmare
    Elementals & Cactus upgraded in Hardmode
    Elementals gem droprate increased
    Invasion added (Summoned by Beacon=drop Saucer)
    Rubber/Waterballoon/Shiny Red Balloon Recipe
    More Gore
    Monkeys drop bananas
    VERSION 1.3.1
    Added Recipe Gilded Armor!

    Surfpup and everyone who contributed for making tConfig! Also the people who made codes and helped me with understanding them!

    Omnir's Nostalgia pack - for the firesprite and the UFO npc
    Dogsonofawolf's - for the trip debuff
    Blahblahbal - for the famous boom & bang slime (love them)
    Alchemistry mod - for the steel armor
    Phlebas - for the IBeam (edited)

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  2. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I've browsed some of your sprites , and found the UFO related things , and the fire elemental npc to be based on sprites from Omnir's Nostalgia pack , might want to add that to the credits :p
    Other then that , some of the sprites here are original and awesome , the 'socketing' system itself looks nice as well =o
    You might want to explain what's included in the pack more , so people will know what you have and what you don't.

    Also , regarding to adding images , I'd suggest making a single big image with everything you want to show , if the intention is to show them like you are doing right now (all together)
  3. FreyModder

    FreyModder Yellow Slime

    How about some more pictures, credits, item lists, NPC list, credits and so on. Btw your modpack look really nice :)
  4. Mastergoose

    Mastergoose Slimed Zombie

    Okay now it's a bit more viewable. Thanks for the comments!
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  5. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    I downloaded this mod before I went to bed and just now got around to checking it out.

    Let me start by telling you what I liked about it. I liked the elemental weapons and some of the enemies. The haunted graves in particular I think are a cool idea. I'm not sure how much of this sprite work is yours and how much is borrowed, but it all looks very nice.

    EDIT: Explosive enemies suck. I said some stuff about them here that I was wrong about. See my other post down below Yoraiz0r's. Short version: I really, really, really hate enemies that blow up my stuff. I even hate the clown from the vanilla game, but at least it's super rare and only appears under specific conditions. This mod makes explosive enemies more common and I hate that.
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  6. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    -usually such posts arrive with a constructive compromise suggestion after the explanation of complaint-
    I personally don't play with mods that include explosive enemies as well , I think a proper solution is to either make their explosion avoidable (such as killing them prior to them being able to explode) or making their explosions harmless to the environment.
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  7. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    Yes, I know I'm mean.

    Well, after looking over the code again, it seems that the bang and boom slimes only drop their "payload" when they die. This is reminiscent of the pre-1.0.6 lava slimes, back when they would drop lava upon death. This is... well, it's a little better than what I thought, but I still don't like it. It also seems to be only one of several new griefing methods. Unless I'm misinterpreting the code, it seems that the worms will also be able to blow holes in your walls, and with pinpoint accuracy.

    Basically, I like the elemental weapons idea, but I hate the explosive enemies. I would suggest making them separate mods, so the people who want the magic weapons but don't like griefer enemies can get just the magic weapons, while the people who think explosive enemies are cool can get that if they want it.
  8. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    So does that mean you hate my Boom Slime? :(. Although... You can avoid it exploding by simply NOT killing it :p.
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  9. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    Yes, I do! Your boom slime is bad and you should feel bad!

    ...that was a joke. Honestly, you did a good job on it and it's a neat idea. There's a place for it, I just don't like the idea of exploding enemies and I refuse to use it myself.

    Actually, that brings up a good point. To the OP: you should really give credit to the guy who made the Bang Slime and the Boom Slime, since you're using them in your mod. In fact, I don't know exactly how much of this is your work, but I see a lot of things in this mod that are from other people...
  10. Mastergoose

    Mastergoose Slimed Zombie

    Some content for the update.
    A dragonfly (jungle) and crow (corruption) NPC.
    A scarecrow, a infinite sandtilel-creator and a sandtile-destroyer.
    dragonfly.png some stuff.png
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  11. Demon God Ivuul

    Demon God Ivuul Yellow Slime

    good mod can update it to the latest tconfig version please? :( i cant rebuild it
  12. Mastergoose

    Mastergoose Slimed Zombie

    Will do it tomorrow + some new content. I'm currently enjoying the first summerday;)
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  13. Demon God Ivuul

    Demon God Ivuul Yellow Slime

    Yay :D i found this mod last night and thought it was one of the better mods out there i was sad when modpack builder couldnt rebuild it
  14. Demon God Ivuul

    Demon God Ivuul Yellow Slime

    i cant wait to play this mod on my survival im reserving a special world just for this mod :D

    EDIT: the update is still coming out today right :(
  15. Mastergoose

    Mastergoose Slimed Zombie

    Sorry had to read into the new tconfig versions haha. I updated it now with a few new things, enjoy!
    PS. I probably won't be actively modding until after the terraria update. I will be making new sprites in the meanwhile!
    If you have some tile/npc ideas let me know and I'll see what I can do ;)
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  16. Demon God Ivuul

    Demon God Ivuul Yellow Slime

    PLEASE HELP i installed the clean version of the mod the latest version and it says its not in the correct format please help :(
  17. Mastergoose

    Mastergoose Slimed Zombie

    Okay it is fixed! It's the same link and name. Let me know if there are more problems!
  18. Demon God Ivuul

    Demon God Ivuul Yellow Slime

    havent seen any more problems but the mod is really well made mastergoose never quit working on this mod and one day it will be a mod ill be using for a long time xD ty for update/fixing the problems now to continue killing crows
  19. Demon God Ivuul

    Demon God Ivuul Yellow Slime

    i have to report an issue i found coal has overtaken the dungeon is this on purpose the dungeon is nearly filled to its entry with coal lol
  20. Mastergoose

    Mastergoose Slimed Zombie

    I haven't found the code yet to subtract these areas from the coalgen. You may also find some underground houses filled with coal :p Nothing is damaged though!

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