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    This is my first mod project for Terraria, so I decided to do something that is both relatively easy and which I've wanted to have for a while now: trenchcoats. I started out by taking the Arms Dealer's sprite and editing out everything besides the coat, then I edited further myself.​
    Along the way I decided to add in another thing I wanted: katanas. I know there's already a special katanas mod, but it's not compatible with the latest tConfig and can't be rebuilt since Fish Bowl has fallen off the edge of the Earth. Also, I don't like it.​
    How To Install:
    Just download the rar and use the installer inside. You will need the latest tConfig installed , along with the Terraria Launcher GUI. You can get both of those in this thread here, if you don't have them already.​
    * *​
    Well, it would be nice to let you all download the pack and see the new katanas and whatnot on your own, but since I know some of you will want to have it spoiled...​
    Miscellaneous (open)

    Monster Orbs
    Crystallized monster blood obtained by killing enemies in special biomes. From left to right:
    Red - Underworld
    Yellow - Desert
    Green - Jungle
    Blue - Ocean
    Purple - Corruption
    White - Sky
    Frozen - Tundra
    Glowing - Hallow

    Town NPC, spawns once Skeletron has been destroyed. On his own he only sells one item: the Demon Shrine. He does, however, get more items in his shop as you get more NPCs.

    Demon Shrine
    Functions as a Demon Altar for the purposes of crafting. Breaking it will NOT summon the Hardmode ores.
    Obtained: Purchased from the Sorcerer

    Deathweed Hookah
    Allows you to smoke deathweed for the Death Trip buff, which greatly increases defense while simultaneously poisoning and blinding you. I want to redo the sprite.
    Obtained: Purchased from the Sorcerer
    Requires: Merchant and Hardmode

    Harem Pillows
    Placable item, can be used to set spawn like a bed, and counts as a comfort item for housing.
    Obtained: Purchased from the Sorcerer
    Requires: Merchant

    Oil Lamp
    Placable item, can also be carried to produce light. Counts as a light source for housing.
    Obtained: Purchased from the Sorcerer
    Requires: Merchant

    Sorcerer Turban, Vest, and Pants
    Vanity clothes.
    Obtained: Purchased from the Sorcerer
    Requires: Clothier

    Coats and Pants (open)

    Trenchcoat (Brown)
    Vanity Item
    Recipe: 10 Leather

    Black Trenchcoat
    Vanity Item
    Recipe: 10 Leather, 3 Black Dye

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and White Trenchcoats
    Vanity Items
    Recipe: 10 Leather, 5 of their respective monster orb

    Vanity Item
    Recipe: 5 Leather

    Black Chaps
    Vanity Item
    Recipe: 5 Leather, 1 Black Dye

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and White Chaps
    Vanity Items
    Recipe: 5 Leather, 3 of their respective monster orb
    Katanas (open)

    Recipe: 10 Wood, 2 Silk

    Generic Katanas - Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold
    Recipe: 10 of their respective metal bars

    Chi no Tsuki (based on Light's Bane)
    Recipe: 10 Demonite Bars
    (And a cookie to you if you immediately got the name.)

    Rose Stem Bokken (based on Blade of Grass)
    Recipe: 8 Wood, 10 Jungle Spores, 12 Stingers, 1 Jungle Rose
    (Scatters rose petals when swung. It's cute.)

    Hiryuu (based on Molten Greatsword)
    Recipe: 35 Hellstone Bars
    (I really like how the dragon head design came out.)

    Cobalt Daikatana (based on Cobalt Sword)
    Recipe: 10 Cobalt Bars
    (I wasn't sure what to do with this one, since the cobalt sword is already like a katana, but I'm happy with how it came out. Also, as for why it's called a daikatana, just look at the weapons compared to your player sprite - they're huuuuge!)

    Mythril Daikatana (based on Mythril Sword)
    Recipe: 11 Mythril Bars

    Adamantite Daikatana (based on Adamantite Sword)
    Recipe: 12 Adamantite Bars
    (Never liked the adamantite weapons' appearance. Sadly, even though I am proud of the work I did here, I still don't like adamantite. :p )

    Kusanagi (Hallowed Daikatana)
    Recipe: 1 Cobalt Daikatana, 1 Mythril Daikatana, 1 Adamantite Daikatana, 20 Souls of Might
    Muramasa Paths (open)

    Since the new katanas make the Muramasa kind of meaningless, I decided to make it a little more interesting. The Muramasa you find in the dungeon, it turns out, is not the weapon's true form.

    It also looks like this now.

    To unlock its true abilities, the Muramasa demands a blood sacrifice, and remember how I described the monster orbs as "crystallized monster blood?" Should be pretty easy to get those, right?

    Just combine them at a Demon Altar (or the Sorcerer's Demon Shrine).

    Aka, Kiiro, Midori, Ao, Kuro, Shiro, Toketsu, and Kagayaku Muramasas
    Recipe: 1 Repaired Muramasa, 5 of their respective monster orb
    Aka = Red
    Kiiro = Yellow
    Midori = Green
    Ao = Blue
    Kuro = Purple
    Shiro = White
    Toketsu = Frozen
    Kagayaku = Glowing

    But wait! There's more than just colored Muramasas! Each of them has another upgrade! You'll first need some of these, though:

    Orichalcum Bar
    Recipe: 5 Cursed Flame, 1 Soul of Sight, 1 Soul of Light, 1 Soul of Night

    Combine your colored Muramasa with 10 of those to get its ultimate form. (Hope you're up for killing lots of Twins!)

    The Aka (Red) Muramasa's ultimate form. Has a chance to ignite, but also has an added ability. When below 1/4 health you get the Demonic Rage buff, sharply raising your melee attack abilities!

    The Kiiro (Yellow) Muramasa's ultimate form. It's a dao weapon, so it has a chance to confuse enemies (though much less of a chance then the Dao of Pow) but it also gives you immunity to the three "mummy curses" - silence, slow, and confusion.

    The Midori (Green) Muramasa's ultimate form. Infused with planty goodness, grants the power of photosynthesis, giving regeneration when in well-lit areas. If the light is bright enough you get even greater regeneration.

    The Ao (Blue) Muramasa's ultimate form. The Gojira is kind of a straight-forward weapon. It doesn't cause debuffs and its only benefit to you is water-breathing and swimming, but it's very powerful and huge - the second-largest sword in the game, in fact, just a little smaller then the Breaker Blade!

    The Kuro (Black) Muramasa's ultimate form. Transforms the user into a vampire. You lose your ability to heal naturally, an effect which lasts a few minutes after un-equipping the weapon, but you drain 20% of dealt damage.

    The Shiro (White) Muramasa's ultimate form. For the most part, behaves like an ordinary sword with one exception. Each swing creates "vacuum blades" which travel out a ways and penetrate enemies, slicing them up.

    The Toketsu (Frozen) Muramasa's ultimate form. Each strike has a 20% chance to cover the enemy in snow, cutting their movement speed in half.

    The Kagayaku (Glowing) Muramasa's ultimate form. Like a torch you hold it out when equipped, shedding light. It also lights up enemies, revealing their locations. Also has the ability to ignite evil creatures.
    (Basically, any corrupted, underworld, or undead enemies. Doesn't affect natural enemies like goblins, animals, plants, regular slimes, or harpies. Also doesn't affect any hallow enemies.)


    1.2.2 - July 6th - The original Muramasa should now correctly appear as the colorless, damaged version.
    1.2.1 - July 3rd - Fixed a bug with frozen orb incorrectly spawning in the desert.
    1.2.0 - July 2nd - Overhauled the way the Muramasa paths work. Added Tundra and Hallow paths. Added more items to the Sorcerer's shop.
    1.1.0 - Feb 26th - Added Sorcerer NPC, six upgrade paths for the Muramasa, deathweed hookah.
    1.0.2 - Feb 10th - Added chaps (leather pants) to go along with the coats. Rebalanced katanas. Slightly edited coat appearance.
    1.0.1 - Feb 6th - Added six more colors of vanity coats. Reduced leather requirements for coats.
    1.0.0 - Feb 4th - First uploaded.

    Classikly for fixing the spoiler tags.
    SurfPup for putting together the tConfig wiki, with useful and well-explained tutorials.
    Everyone who has helped me out in the tConfig thread.
    Yoraiz0r for helping write the code for the hookah.
    Snowrain for the idea behind the Muramasa upgrades.
  2. Darkercloud

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    I'm pretty sure it's a forum bug. Your post isn't the only one that is having issues with it.
  3. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    edit post -> more options -> in the top left corner there's a button with 2 A letters on it , click that -> look at the part with the spoiler and I'm rather certain you will be able to understand the issue from then on.

    Also , a nicely made mod!
    I like your sprites... have you managed to make hands appear in the armor?
  4. Snowrain

    Snowrain Cave Bat

    It's great, I love the coats and the swords are good aswell.
    Can you maybe add more Coat colors aswell? :)
  5. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    The spoiler problem isn't a hit-or-miss thing where the forum randomly adds or removes spoilers based on how it's feeling. It occurs when.. too lazy to explain. Gimmie the BB Code of your main post and I'll fix it for you.
  6. Knight9910

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    No, sadly, I haven't. -_-;; I checked a bunch of other mods to find out if they had a way, but every mod I checked out either just used gloves or had the same problem.

    I hadn't intended on it, but now that you mention it, I think I will. It'll be easy enough to be sure. Hehehe, I already know what I'll use as the tooltips for some of them too... "White Coat - "After labor day? You're the real monster."

    Already done. Thanks for the help. ;)
  7. Snowrain

    Snowrain Cave Bat

    You should make the different colored coats craftable out of gems in the same color like "Blue coat -> 5 Saphire" and all that. Also I saw some more sprites in the folder aswell you didn't finished yet, you should do because the grey sword (can't remember the name) looked really epic.
  8. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    The sword you're talking about is the Zantetsuken and yeah, I do plan on finishing it.

    I also plan on lowering the leather requirement for the coats because gathering leather is really obnoxious. (15 leather = 75 rotten chunks, which likely means you'll have to kill over 100 eaters.)

    What might be fair is something like "Blue Coat = 5 Leather + 5 Sapphire"
  9. lord_vinvis

    lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    I'll be wearing the black trench coat and sunglasses. Reminds me of a certain movie..
  10. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    I was considering adding the Magatama gem and the Kagami mirror as accessories, to go along with the Kusanagi. The mirror would most likely have an effect similar to the Cobalt Shield mixed with a Thorns potion. Not so sure about the gem, though.

    Yeah, that movie with the crazy machines, and it had Keanu Reeves... I think it was called Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. :p
    lord_vinvis likes this.
  11. Snowrain

    Snowrain Cave Bat

    Yes I mean 5 Saphire + the currently materials and you should maybe make it a bit hard. It's worth killing 100 eaters then. :p
  12. lord_vinvis

    lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    I was actually referring to the matrix, but note that n\Neo is not actually wearing a trench coat, it looks like one roughly.
    but anyways, good job!
  13. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    I know, I was making a joke. :p

    Also, yes, you're right. Neo's coat in The Matrix is not actually a trenchcoat. It's not even leather, it's just a long, black coat.
    lord_vinvis likes this.
  14. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    Updated! I'm still working on other parts for this, but adding the other colors of coats was so easy I figured I might as well just go ahead and finish it up really quick and put it up here.
  15. Snowrain

    Snowrain Cave Bat

    Don't forget to update the download link. :p
    Knight9910 likes this.
  16. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    Done, and it's a good thing you mentioned that. This mod is the first time I've ever used mediafire, so yeah.
  17. Snowrain

    Snowrain Cave Bat

    Those coats are just great!
    You should try to make a fitting part of pants for them or some more vanity stuff. :p
  18. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    I might do that. The one thing I'm currently not happy with is the red coat. In the next update I'll alter it to make it more red.
  19. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    Sorry for the double post, but thought I'd share next update's likely changelog:

    • All katanas will be autoReuse, and will be rebalanced.
    • Leather pants, to go along with the trenchcoats. Also, the red trenchcoat will be made a more vivid red, same shade as the red hat.

    Also working on, but might not be in the next update, depending on whether I decide to wait or not.

    • More interesting Muramasa with three different upgrade paths.
    • Sorceror town NPC - Rescued from the Underworld. Sells stuff necesarry to complete the Muramasa's upgrades.
  20. Snowrain

    Snowrain Cave Bat

    Sounds great! can't wait for it.

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