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  1. Lycos_Hayes Eskimo Zombie

    UPDATE: This modpack now requires the Universal Dye Pack in order to function! Please go download it from here before continuing!

    Hello Everyone!

    Before I get started, I do want a simple disclaimer to be stated: This is my first released mod, so forgive me for lack of content or function.

    Anyway, I bring to you Dyes! 7 more than the two you can obtain normally! Along with the new dyes comes 5 new vanity sets and (among) the first released Stained Glass Blocks and Stained Glass Walls!

    This pack gives you over 50 new items in game and is a great addition to those wanting a bit more graphical flair out of their world. I've now included images for all the Items in this pack. And I've included some of Lawura's Builder Pack into my own (as there's been quite a few requests for it). Check under the Items box to see more.

    We are now including Phlebas' Security kit! Check within for more info!

    OOOH! New toys! (open)

    Colorific! (open)

    All new Dyes are crafted the same way as the already existing Green Dye is crafted, at an Alchemy station/Bottle on a Table.

    [IMG] Dye - White x1
    -3 Moonglow Seeds
    -1 Bottle

    [IMG] Dye - Red x1
    -3 Fireblossom Seeds
    -1 Bottle

    [IMG] Dye - Orange x2
    -1 Dye - Red
    -1 Dye - Yellow

    [IMG] Dye - Yellow x1
    -3 Daybloom Seeds
    -1 Bottle

    [IMG] Dye - Blue x1
    -3 Waterleaf Seeds
    -1 Bottle

    [IMG] Dye - Purple x1
    -3 Deathweed Seeds
    -1 Bottle

    [IMG] Dye - Brown x1
    -3 Blinkroot Seeds
    -1 Bottle

    New Dyes:

    [IMG] Dye - Cyan x2
    -1 Dye - Blue
    -1 Dye - Green

    [IMG] Dye - Magenta x2
    -1 Dye - Blue
    -1 Dye - Red

    [IMG] Dye - Black x3
    -1 Dye - Cyan
    -1 Dye - Magenta
    -1 Dye - Yellow

    [IMG] Dye - Gray x2
    -1 Dye - White
    -1 Dye - Black

    [IMG] Dye - Pink x2
    - 1 Dye - Red
    - 1 Dye - White

    [IMG] Dye - Green
    -1 Bottle
    -3 Jungle Grass Seeds

    NOTE: Newer dyes that didn't exist prior (Black, Gray, Pink, Cyan, Magenta) have no uses of yet. Ideas are welcome!

    Dress-up Time! (open)

    All Vanity items are crafted at a Loom and have a sell value of 5 gold each.

    Brother's Clothes:
    We can buy/find Mario's clothes, but what about Luigi? Now we can make it ourselves!

    [IMG] Brother's Hat
    -20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Green

    [IMG] Brother's Shirt
    -20 Silk
    - 2 Dye - Green
    - 1 Dye - Blue

    [IMG] Brother's Pants
    -20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Blue

    Red Hero Clothes:
    We already crafted the Hero, in Green, now let's make us his Red outfit!

    [IMG] Red Hero Hat
    -20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Red

    [IMG] Red Hero Shirt
    -20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Red

    [IMG] Red Hero Pants
    -20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Red

    Blue Hero Clothes:
    As with Red, now it's time for Blue

    [IMG] Blue Hero Hat
    - 20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Blue

    [IMG] Blue Hero Shirt
    - 20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Blue

    [IMG] Blue Hero Pants
    - 20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Blue

    Purple Hero Clothes:
    As with Red and Blue, we complete the Four Swords collection!

    [IMG] Purple Hero Hat
    - 20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Purple

    [IMG] Purple Hero Shirt
    - 20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Purple

    [IMG] Purple Hero Pants
    - 20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Purple

    Shadow Hero Clothes:
    Yes, Even Dark Link can join the party!

    [IMG] Shadow Hero Hat
    - 20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Black

    [IMG] Shadow Hero Shirt
    - 20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Black

    [IMG] Shadow Hero Pants
    - 20 Silk
    - 3 Dye - Black

    Vanity Displays:
    Show off... (open)
    These Beautiful displays are 4 tall by 2 wide, for the sake of showing off your new vanity sets. They can also be sold for 10 gold and crafted anywhere

    [IMG] Brother's Mannequin
    - 1 Brother's Hat
    - 1 Brother's Shirt
    - 1 Brother's Pants
    - 1 Mannequin

    [IMG] Red Hero Mannequin
    - 1 Red Hero Hat
    - 1 Red Hero Shirt
    - 1 Red Hero Pants
    - 1 Mannequin

    [IMG] Blue Hero Mannequin
    - 1 Blue Hero Hat
    - 1 Blue Hero Shirt
    - 1 Blue Hero Pants
    - 1 Mannequin

    [IMG] Purple Hero Mannequin
    - 1 Purple Hero Hat
    - 1 Purple Hero Shirt
    - 1 Purple Hero Pants
    - 1 Mannequin

    [IMG] Shadow Hero Mannequin
    - 1 Shadow Hero Hat
    - 1 Shadow Hero Shirt
    - 1 Shadow Hero Pants
    - 1 Mannequin

    NOTE: To Reclaim your Mannequins/vanity sets, just place the mannequin and when you break the mannequin with a hammer, it'll drop all 4 items (This bit of lifesaving code thanks to Yoraiz0r, who showed me the syntax of Item.NewItem. I couldn't figure out the syntax for the life of me!)
    NOTE2: Current bug with breaking the tile that the mannequin is standing on causing the clothing articles to not be placed, I think it's a bug in tConfig >>' FIXED! yay for 'directional=True'

    Time for some sleep (open)

    [IMG] White Bed
    -15 Wood
    -5 Silk
    -5 Dye - White

    [IMG] Black Bed
    -15 Wood
    -5 Silk
    -5 Dye - Black

    [IMG] Red Bed
    -15 Wood
    -5 Silk
    -5 Dye - Red

    [IMG] Orange Bed
    -15 Wood
    -5 Silk
    -5 Dye - Orange

    [IMG] Yellow Bed
    -15 Wood
    -5 Silk
    -5 Dye - Yellow

    [IMG] Green Bed
    -15 Wood
    -5 Silk
    -5 Dye - Green

    [IMG] Blue Bed
    -15 Wood
    -5 Silk
    -5 Dye - Blue

    [IMG] Purple Bed
    -15 Wood
    -5 Silk
    -5 Dye - Purple

    Note: As of current update, Beds can only be placed facing to the left. FIXED tConfig update of 'directional=True' Fixed this.

    Banners! (open)

    Hylian Banner Red
    -5 Silk
    -1 Yellow Dye
    -2 Red Dye

    Hylian Banner Blue
    -5 Silk
    -1 Yellow Dye
    -2 Blue Dye

    Gear up! (open)
    NOTE: Custom Accessories currently cannot gain benefits of Reforging, so save your money :p
    [IMG] Scanner
    -1 Emerald
    -1 Iron Bar
    -1 Black Lens
    -1 Shadow Scale
    -2 Wire
    Craft station: Workbench & Chair
    Grants Hunter & Spelunker Potion effects

    [IMG] Philosopher's Flower
    -1 Mana Flower
    -1 Philosopher's Stone
    Craft Station: Tinkerer's Workbench
    Grants: Auto Mana Potion, -10% Mana Cost, -25% Healing Potion Cooldown

    Player-Usable Walls
    Reclaim those irreclaimable walls! (open)

    Player-usable Ebonstone Walls!
    Player-usable Hellstone Brick Walls!
    Player-Usable Mud Walls!
    Player-Usable Pearlstone Walls!

    Showing off all four at once!

    Now for what has been asked for and waited on for a long time.

    Stained Glass Blocks:
    Pretty colors (open)
    All of my new Glass items are craftable at the Crystal Refinery

    [IMG] Crystal Refinery
    -10 Stone Block
    -10 Wood
    -3 Torch
    -5 Sand Block
    Crafting Station: Workbench

    White Glass x1
    - 1 Dye - White
    - 2 Sand

    Red Glass x1
    - 1 Dye - Red
    - 2 Sand

    Orange Glass x1
    - 1 Dye - Orange
    - 2 Sand

    Yellow Glass x1
    - 1 Dye - Yellow
    - 2 Sand

    Green Glass x1
    - 1 Dye - Green
    - 2 Sand

    Blue Glass x1
    - 1 Dye - Blue
    - 2 Sand

    Purple Glass x1
    - 1 Dye - Purple
    - 2 Sand

    Brown Glass x1
    - 1 Dye - Brown
    - 2 Sand

    Stained Glass Walls:
    Fancy! (open)
    Craftable at the Crystal Refinery, these would give you the chance to make flashy back walls in any occasion, and they blend like regular glass walls do!

    White Glass Wall x4
    - 1 White Glass

    Red Glass Wall x4
    - 1 Red Glass

    Orange Glass Wall x4
    - 1 Orange Glass

    Yellow Glass Wall x4
    - 1 Yellow Glass

    Green Glass Wall x4
    - 1 Green Glass

    Blue Glass Wall x4
    - 1 Blue Glass

    Purple Glass Wall x4
    - 1 Purple Glass

    Brown Glass Wall x4
    - 1 Brown Glass

    Clear Glass Wall x4
    - 1 Glass Block
    Notes: This is a clear glass that is formed to have no little "shines" or "imperfections" when placed, and as such, is perfectly see-through.

    And here's a bit of photographic examples. Mind you I was running off very little dyes at the time (I had yet to build my herb garden).
    First at Night:
    And during the Day:
    The word Color and the mouth of the face is made of Red Glass Wall
    The Left Eye is Brown Glass Wall, right eye is Green Glass wall.
    The letters in glass are White, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Purple Glass Walls respectfully.
    If you want to see footage of the clear glass walls and their one bug, please watch my playlist on youtube!

    Just showing off the new Clear Glass tiles with some stylistic non-existent tiles to make it look like a nice pattern.

    COMING SOON! (open)

    • A use for the new dye colors!
    • Banners and Pennants on the way.

    Well, What do you think? I hope it's up to standards set by modders that came before me and hopefully a good template for future modders!

    As I have recently been asked about the quantity of dye to glass ratio, I have come to a rather simple solution: To show how I farm for the seeds needed to make my dyes.
    Gardening Tips (open)

    What would work best can be half the size of what is pictured below, but I like to have lots of plants. This set up also allows me to have a bunny farm above powered by a crab engine for harvesting money from the bunnies, and Deathweed on the top row during blood moons.
    I also use a torch in between to separate the pots and illuminate it at night.
    From top to bottom is as follows:
    • Deathweed
    • Daybloom
    • Moonglow
    • Waterleaf
    • Blinkroot
    • Fireblossom
    The reason for two chests is rather simple. one chest for the herb itself, the other for seeds. This one station is designed to grow every herb for potions, as well as stock up seeds for maintaining the garden. The benefit of this system is that the seeds from these plants will allow you to craft the dyes provided by this kit (explained in full above).

    Also, tips for getting the right water/lava level. When you plant the waterleaf and fireblossom seeds, they'll grow but will not blossom unless they are sufficiently submerged in water/lava respectfully to the right degree. You'll need at least two to three pixels minimum above the clay pot in order to achieve your goal of perpetual plants.
    I do hope that this will be enough info to help would-be dye-makers happy. Chemists and Dyers alike love a good garden!

    Oh, I almost forgot, the all important download Links!

    Current Installer packed with Modpack Builder 0.28.5p

    NOTE: For Source, Open the OBJ file in a file extraction software such as winrar or 7zip.
    NOTE 2: If you've used any items from the Lawura's Builder Pack or Phlebas' Secruity Pack as part of the LH Vanity Flair Pack, you will need to remove those items from your world before you can upgrade to this newer version. If you still wish to use those items, please see below the Credits section

    Need a place to store all these new items? Why not check out my new ModPack! Bags of Holding now available for download!
    Known bugs (open)

    • Issues with the Crystal Refinery staying put upon world save and reload, not sure what's causing it. If anyone has any input, lemme know! >.<' Fixed.
    • Custom Glass walls will block sunlight in large quantities... >.<'
    • Tile placement all buggered out by 0.23.7's 'placeOn' attribute addition, being repaired now FIXED!
    Credits (open)
    I want to thank a few people for helping me get this far:
    Surfpup - for making tConfig!
    Yorai - Various moments of helpfulness in this and other mods.
    Axe Garian - Beta testing and motivation
    Lawura - For creating a modpack and vanishing so the demand was high for it to be included in my pack.
    Phlebas - For letting me use his Security pack within my own pack.
    Jedi Pwnces - For discovering that the 'placeOn' attribute of Tiles caused the handrails (and subsequently all the tiles) to not work properly.
    Any and all users who use this pack - for letting me know how much you enjoy this modpack and poking at me when I slack off on updating it to the new tConfig versions!

    Lawura's Builder Pack
    Get your build on! (open)
    Note: This grouping is all items that were originally designed by Lawura, I have updated the coding but the sprites are all belonging to the original creator.

    NOTE: Ladders not included (open)
    Gray Brick Platform
    -1 Gray Brick

    Red Brick Platform
    -1 Red Brick

    Pink Brick Platform
    -1 Pink Brick

    Green Brick Platform
    -1 Green Brick

    Blue Brick Platform
    -1 Blue Brick

    Copper Brick Platform
    -1 Copper Brick

    Silver Brick Platform
    -1 Silver Brick

    Gold Brick Platform
    -1 Gold Brick

    Obsidian Brick Platform
    -1 Obsidian Brick

    Hellstone Brick Platform
    -1 Hellstone Brick

    Show Spoiler
    [IMG] Wooden Handrail
    -4 Wood
    Craft Station: Workbench

    Stone Handrail
    -4 Stone
    Craft Station: Workbench

    Copper Handrail
    -2 Copper Bar
    Craft Station: Anvil

    Iron Handrail
    -2 Iron Bar
    Craft Station: Anvil

    Silver Handrail
    -2 Silver Bar
    Craft Station: Anvil

    Golden Handrail
    -2 Gold Bar
    Craft Station: Anvil

    Show Spoiler
    [IMG] Red Roof Brick
    -2 Clay
    Craft Station: Furnace

    [IMG] Wooden Pillar
    -1 Wood
    Craft Station: None

    Show Spoiler
    [IMG] Marble Pillar
    -1 Marble
    Craft Station: Workbench

    [IMG] Marble Wall x4
    -1 Marble
    Craft Station: Workbench

    [IMG] Marble
    -2 Stone
    Craft Station: Workbench
    Note: Marble now can blend with Dirt, thanks to sprite-updates done by Teiocho

    Marble Platform
    -1 Marble
    Craft Station: None
    The ladder segments in this picture are not included in this pack

    All Credit to these items, sprites and code go to Lawura. (Would ya believe that the invalidation of it was the folder names?)
    Marble Pillar Notes: (Taken from Lawura's Builder Pack Page on Surfpup's tConfig Wiki)
    Read me for Marble help! (open)

    Pillar notice
    The pillars may be a little hard to work with and in times buggy. I will be working of fixing the tiles where I can, when I confront a major problem, but in general its complicity limits the possibilities.
    The pillars are designed to act as pillars only. If you manage to build something else with them, I raise my hat before you.

    Pillar "How to"
    First of all for a pillar you will need a back wall. You may remove the wall after you have build the pillars, that will not affect the construction.
    Secondly, for correct tile collision use marble blocks around your pillars (at bottom and top).

    For a simple pillar, that does not have any decorations (as on the picture to the left in the title) Just place the background wall and the pillar tiles one above another. Remove the back wall if so needed. You are done.

    For the pillar as on picture in the middle. Build the back wall. Build your pillar (no matther what width, just keep in mind that the thicker the pillar the more noticable there will be the flaw of the decorations on the bottom and top. add one block of the pillar to right and left of the bottom and top of your pillar. You are done. Remove the backwall if needed.

    For the pillar on the right

    (1) you will need to make two layers of marble below and above your column so they go at lest one tile to left and right from the column.
    (2) Build the backwall.
    (3) Build the wanted thickness of your column.
    (4)Add one tile to left and right at the top and the bottom of your pillar (just like in the case 2). You will get a pillar that looks just like the one on the middle picture.
    (5)Now the tricky part comes. The last blocks of pillar you added. Assuming you have 2 layer thick marble under it, remove one block of marble under and above accordingly for each lastly placed block.
    (6) In the opened niches place the pillar blocks. Your column decorations shall now look like on the picture to the right in the title.

    Other Additions:
    Show Spoiler
    -20 Wood
    Crafting Station: Sawmill

    -20 Wood
    -4 Bowl
    -2 Mug
    Crafting Station: Sawmill

    Phlebas' Security Kit:
    Security Guaranteed by Phlebas (open)
    All items in this section were made by Phlebas. All credit goes to him.

    [IMG] Active Iron Gate
    Obtained By: Activating Inactive Iron Gate

    [IMG] Active Neverdrop (Platforms)
    Obtained By: Activating Inactive Neverdrop

    [IMG] Inactive Iron Gate
    -4 Iron Bar
    -1 Wire
    Crafting Station: Iron Anvil

    [IMG] Inactive Neverdrop
    -1 Wood
    -1 Iron bar
    -1 Wire
    Crafting Station: Iron Anvil

    [IMG] Iron Fence Wall
    -1 Iron Fence
    Crafting Station: None

    [IMG] Iron Fence
    -2 Iron Bars
    Crafting Station: None
  2. Sem Cursed Man

    I haven't tested the mod out(downloading it now), but I love the ideas. I've been working on my own vanity item mod for awhile now. One good thing you could do to improve popularity of your mod is post a few screenshots of the items/tiles.
  3. Lycos_Hayes Eskimo Zombie

    yeah, I was thinking of doing that, just contemplating on where to host them.
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  4. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Nice mod!
    Downloading now , pics would be nice.
  5. Lycos_Hayes Eskimo Zombie

    To Show off the stained glass blocks and stained glass walls, I've thrown together a couple of pictures showcasing a simple display of them! Hope this gets more attention for my pack.
    Axe Garian likes this.
  6. General_Milky Pigron

    Man, I gotta say. tconfig is the greatest thing to happen to this game. As a standalone mod, I wouldn't have considered this, because while I do enjoy having more than just stone and wood readily avaliable to build with, the other mods have so much more to offer. But since I can mix and match, this has quickly elevated to be one mod I shall never live without. Good show!

    Now, I'm back off to make my rooms look awesome.
    Cauthos likes this.
  7. Lycos_Hayes Eskimo Zombie

    Well, I am open for requests to have more features, I'm just not advanced enough to say, create new mobs or anything like that, although it would be interesting if I generated an item that can spawn a new invasion type. I still got work to do to get up to speed with what I personally am able to do and can't do just yet. I had to ask the community to figure out multi-spawning from a destroyed "clothed" mannequin (which I am ETERNALLY grateful to Yoraiz0r who helped me with the code.)

    Any ideas of what to add to this? I'm still contemplating how to effectively make Black glass without it looking tacky.
    Axe Garian likes this.
  8. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Colored BrightBlocks , should be a solid block , alike to the timers , and toggle-able by wires.
    The light level should be a bit brighter then the torch's , I assume that is possible due to the existence of 'addlight' method provided by one of the latest tConfig updates.
    Another nice idea , for a vanity-based mode , would be colored beds , although done in the past at cMod , a re-come of that would be very nice.
    If further ideas for vanity-themed items are required , Add new types of streetlamps , or material platforms (for them classy stairs! , wood is a bit dull in the end =P)
  9. Surfpup Arapaima

    Lawura's mod pack from forever ago adds a bunch of new furniture-like stuff and platforms. I thought about updating it, but I've got other stuff to work on.
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  10. Lycos_Hayes Eskimo Zombie

    I was thinking of getting some of the content from her modpack when I saw it and updating it to work with the newer versions, maybe incorporate into my pack and upgrade it to Visual Flair pack :p (All credit given of course)
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  11. General_Milky Pigron

    I didn't mean to say the mod needed work. This mod does exactly what it sets out to do and does it well, what I meant to say is in the old days we could only have one going at a time, and in those days, I'd have overlooked a cosmetics mod like this.
  12. Lycos_Hayes Eskimo Zombie

    Quick question guys. I have made colored beds (coming in the next update, more info when updated) but I am having a bit of a confusion on how to properly execute the ChangeSpawn (from Player Class) I guess I'm just a bit inadequate in my CS file coding, C# wasn't a strong suit of mine. I just want to know if what I need still in the code below so that it will work on right click. (like a regular bed). (honestly this is more complex than the clothed mannequins x.x)
    public void UseTile(Player player, int x, int y)
    public void ChangeSpawn(int x, int y)
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  13. Fishbertus Herpling

    Great job! I wish more people would make cool mods, not just giant bombs and world viewers.
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  14. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    do this
    public void UseTile(Player player,int x , int y)
    the method ChangeSpawn is in the player class , and is one of its methods.
  15. Lycos_Hayes Eskimo Zombie

    Well, I tried that and for some unknown reason the tile just won't react like I want it to. >.<' I even did a bit of changing things around to see if the spacing is an issue but that didn't seem to affect it either . Hm... I'll just have to keep trying to get it to work. On another note, I gotta figure out code for making the bed turn based on player direction, but I think I can manage that.
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  16. Surfpup Arapaima

    I just updated tConfig so custom spawn points are possible. See the changelog here:
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  17. Lycos_Hayes Eskimo Zombie

    Dude, you are SUCH a lifesaver -laughs- thanks Surfpup.

    Now to work on dual-directional beds XD -goes into the resources to find out what he needs- Thanks for the help guys ^^
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  18. General_Milky Pigron

    May I request that the adamantite forge-only thing be fixed asap? I started a new world, only to discover we have to wait until endgame to use this stuff.
  19. Lycos_Hayes Eskimo Zombie

    For some unknown reason, custom items can only be made at one level of forge, and most people upgrade as they go, I think I'll make a middle ground as people often end up having stacks of Hellforges. It doesn't make it immediately available, but it'll make it rather easily obtainable. How's that?

    Edit: And the pack's updated, with new items! ^^
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  20. General_Milky Pigron

    I don't know. If that's the case, then it makes sense to balance it based on what they are. May as well just put the cosmetic blocks on the regular ole furnace and make people deal with keeping one around, especially since compromising on a hellforge means those who throw out the old stations don't benefit, and those who want to start making a red greenhouse for their budding farm both don't get anything out of it.

    EDIT: Just looked at new items. Scanner seems waaaaayyyy too useful for what it costs. May I suggest adding something else to its recipe, maybe a black lens or something?
    Lycos_Hayes likes this.

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