[Released - WIP] N-Terraria: Reborn (RPG mod - Quests, Events and more!)

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Bobrocket, Feb 5, 2013.

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    This is not a tConfig mod.
    I did get permission off of Nakano15 to do this.

    Read this first

    This is the continuation of the beloved N-Terraria mod.
    This mod allows the player to level up, and have access to events, quests and more!

    This mod should be played through Terraria GameLauncher.


    Whoops; there's a nightmare! I also have 30 unspent skill points...


    Our new skill allocator; with spells on the next tab.

    If you'd like to see your own suggestion in here - just respond with your idea, a sprite and any stats necessary.

    GLI3 file (for use with Game Launcher 3!)

    • download both parts
    • extract the zip anywhere
    • move the GLI3 file to ./Documents/My Games/Terraria/Game Launcher
    • run terraria normally
    you need Game Launcher 3!
    you also need to make new characters!
  2. Nakano15 Devourer

    Signed bellow.
    And event list too intrusive.
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  3. Arkoonius Dark Caster

    There's a name I haven't seen in a while. Well, then again I haven't been on the forums for about 2 years now...

    Regardless, I'm going to try out the current version right now (recent hype with Redigit updating Terraria once more has gotten me wanting to play). So, if I find any bugs or have a suggestion, I'll throw them your way.
  4. Titot Slimed Zombie

    Man i just though that was someone re-working on reborn lol

    i puked in my mouth a little
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  6. robflop Yellow Slime

    Yo! Will the Event list stay like that? It's a "bit" big :p
    And I liked Nakano's Health bar more, but its yours :)

    i forgot to change values around with the event list - it will look smaller and much nicer when i'm finished.
    health bar is a bit of a concept, looking for something like that.
  8. Sumenora Cave Bat

    Ok I'm gonna REALLY keep a eye on this one as N-Terraria has alot of Potential and i played the earlier version that was made by Nakano15 ...ok first things first and i would like you to STRESS THIS ISSUE TO THE MAX. there is a lag issue that has been happening with this Mod.. and i'm talking slowdowns when you play or move around in-world...so before truely releasing "N-Terraria : The Reborn of the Overpowered Queen" (Me! - :p)....make sure you look into any lag issues that involves mods ...this is ESPECIALLY true in Tconfig.

    This isn't a problem with any mod - It's a problem with Terraria itself sadly.
    Typical fixes:
    • Change lighting
    • Change parallax
  10. Bobrocket WANTS TO PUNCH STUFF

    quick update:
    i've added an alert system, so it doesn't spam your chat box with gained experience, etc.
    up to 10 "alerts" will show at once, each one lasts for 2.25 seconds (completely non-intrusive) and show things like your gained EXP, lost health etc.
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  11. Sumenora Cave Bat

    ok i changed my Lighting to White and My Parallax to 50 lets see what happens cause i know this does not happen when i play normal Terraria

    Edit : Hmmmm nope still pretty much acting like its trying to catch up with every texture it comes across especially at night

    Typical fixes aren't gonna fix it unfortunately

    So my first assume is how Terraria handles Mods. cause without the mods the game runs smoothly at least for me...but when playing it with mods its a nightmare!..especially when more sprites start to pick up or fighting bosses.

    i can even quote this guy as a Reference

    sounds pretty simulur
  12. Bobrocket WANTS TO PUNCH STUFF

    terraria doesn't "handle mods" - i'm building directly over the source; tConfig builds directly over the source
    i will look into it, but no promises
  13. Sumenora Cave Bat

    Do what you possibility can hun ;)..you all are lovely people with a talent in coding that not many people can master <3..."may the eternal sun shine upon thee" 1000 points if you catch the reference
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  14. Nakano15 Devourer

    Well,i think that the part of "Player 'name'" is kinda unnecessary,unless the player forgot the character name.
    Also,removing it will clutter less the interface.
    And the health bar is too oversized.Better reduce it's height.
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  15. ZetaXeta Slimed Zombie

    Kind sir.... I am sooooo happy to hear that N-Terraria is being continued! If you ever need any help with ANYTHING whether it be testing, spriting, anything, just dont rely on me for coding :p Iv played this mod since just about when it first started and id be more than glad to help its improvement.
  16. Sumenora Cave Bat

    i would help too but i need to learn a few things.. XD .

    Ill be the ultimate tester!...cause i prefer performance over anything! it can be the most wonderful peice of work ever...but if it plays like Bill-Gates presentation of his next Operating system to have a embaressing Blue Screen of Death for the world to see...then its not worth my time >3 or anyone else

    This girl is rooting for u kiddo <3 <3! Make me and your momma proud. :p
  17. ZetaXeta Slimed Zombie

    Sweet, maybe we could host a private server and test it together lol :p
  18. Sumenora Cave Bat

    sounds good to me hun. im gonna be lurking all day.
  19. Bobrocket WANTS TO PUNCH STUFF

    yup, working on a nicer bar.
    also the player name is so its more geared towards MP, however will only show level ups, but will show all of your combat records.
    add me on steam or skype and we can discuss there.
    Bobrocket_01 on both.
  20. Sumenora Cave Bat

    when things are ready... i'm a bit weary and careful when it comes to releasing contact information
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