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  1. Pwnager

    Pwnager Squirrel

    For my mod to work tConfig [Latest Version] is needed, you can find his thread here:​
    First, i'd like to give a shout out to Surfpup for creating such a awesome mod, without you im sure no one would have discovered something as good as this.

    My two mods in my modpack are, Weapon Types and Empowered Endgame.

    So far Weapon Types adds 7 new weapon types, Battleaxes, Tomahawks, Rapiers, Warhammers, Killshots (Sniper Rifles), Lances and a Bazooka. And makes 2 Weapon Types Now-Early-Obtainable. The recipe's / picture's will be seen later in the thread.
    While Empowered Endgame allows your endgame weapons/armor to be strengthened even further, but it has a lack of dedication due to little custom sprites.

    [I am still updating (adding more Weapon Types) and will take suggestions to.]

    Modpack Download:
    [The Download Contains The Source, OBJ File, Installer and will always be latest version]​

    Older Versions:

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    Show Spoiler


    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler


    ;Fixed Adamantite and Cobalt recipes
    ;Fixed rarity issues. (Value's still arent in)
    ;Added Bazooka (Blows Tiles Up! Recipe in recipes spoiler)
    ;Added Rockets (Ammo for Bazooka, recipe in spoiler)
    ;Added new weapon type, Lances! (Recipe in spoiler)
    ;Made Tomahawks go further (Drop Throwing Knifes for some reason)
    ;Altered sprites VERY slightly (Barely Noticeable)
    ;Fixed Battleaxe damage scaling in Cobalt and higher
    ;Fixed Killshot damage scaling in Cobalt and higher
    ;Altered the thread a little bit
    ;Note: Bazooka picture looks unsatisfactory, will fix soon.

    Initial Release:

    ;Released with Battleaxes, Killshots, Handguns, Flails, Rapiers, Tomahawks and Warhammers

    ;Dao of Pow recipe has been changed to 1 Cobalt Flail, 1 Mythril Flail, 1 Adamantite Flail and 2o Soul's of Might

    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Demonite Killshot:​

    Demon's Battleaxe:​

    Demonite Handgun:​

    Demonite Warhammer:​

    Demonite Rapier:​

    Demonite Tomahawk(s):​


    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Tomahawk's (50) = 1 Mineral Bar, 1 Wood (Hellstone = 2 Bars)​

    Battleaxe's = 15 Mineral Bar's, 10 Wood (Hellstone = 35 Bars And 3 Fireblossom)​

    Warhammer's = 18 Mineral Bar's, 10 Wood (Hellstone = 40 Bars)​

    Killshot's = 20 Mineral Bar's, 8 Glass, 10 Wood (Hellstone = 30 Bar's, 8 Glass)​

    Handgun's = 15 Mineral Bar's​

    Flail's = 20 Mineral Bar's, 1 Iron Chain​

    Rapier's = 12 Mineral Bar's, 8 Wood (Hellstone = 18 Bar's)​

    Bazooka = 50 Iron Bars, 30 Copper Bars​

    Rockets (2) = 1 Iron Bar, 1 Dynamite​

    Lance's = 15 Mineral Bar's, 10 Wood (Hellstone = 30 Bar's)​

    (For Recipes On Empowered Endgame Place Souls Inside Of Guides Crafting Box)​

    Thank you for your time looking through this mod page! Some people who encouraged me to try making a mod are these 2 great modders.


    Thank you both of you if you are reading this post I couldnt have made it without being inspired by your mods!​
  2. MrMrDGamer

    MrMrDGamer Green Slime

    Hey, Your Mod looks awesome :D, also could you tell me how to make the part where it says Show Spoiler then you click it and it shows the images for your mod, as im trying to do it for mine but dunno how to do that lol
  3. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    Spoiler text here /Spoiler with [] around spoiler and /spoiler
  4. Pwnager

    Pwnager Squirrel

    Thanks for the comment, im hoping it gets noticed at the least. And it seems it is. =)
  5. MrMrDGamer

    MrMrDGamer Green Slime

    Well im glad it's getting noticed, it has helped me alot with my mod, as i am now making ranged weapons which i had no idea how to do until your mod so thankyou :D
  6. Swanper

    Swanper Green Slime

    Can you explain better on how i make the spoiler bar?
  7. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    {Spoiler} text here {/Spoiler} with [ or ] instead of { and }
  8. Swanper

    Swanper Green Slime

    Show Spoiler

    OT: thanks mitchellex!
  9. Megasonow

    Megasonow Cursed Man

    their sprites do not match the game.
    use the sprites of the Demon's Battleaxe and Demonite Warhammer I created to help you:
    DemonsBattleaxe.png Demon's Battle Axe
    Flattener.png Demonite Warhammer
  10. EliteAnax17

    EliteAnax17 Green Slime

    Your Mediafire links are down.
  11. Sandslash555

    Sandslash555 Demon Eye

    can i sprite for your mod?
  12. Pwnager

    Pwnager Squirrel

    Huh, cant believe people are still commenting on this... Anyways, I kinda gave up on the mod after awhile and its pretty much dead, so... yeah. But...if you do want this to "live" I guess you could PM me, otherwise this mod is basically discontinued.
  13. Cavious

    Cavious Demon Eye

    Will the mediafire links go back up?
  14. FreyModder

    FreyModder Yellow Slime

    Awesome Work :D

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