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  1. Silpm

    Silpm Squirrel

    It's tconfig mod!
    Mod will add some crazy, stupid things, but there is no anything, that can troll your game... Or maybe...

    I don't making this mod now. Last class, final exams, too much to do...

    So, first thing in this mod - monster will not spawn if you don't kill Crazer on your world. He can be killed only once for world. You can check status with "O" on keyboard. I think it will help new chars, because some things are for new chars, but many of monsters are... too much powerfull for new player :p In this post you can see info for first release and it will be not updated. There are packs which you can download. They have some "bonus" items.
    Here is movie:

    It's better to play on single... On multi there are many bugs...

    First time with tConfig? My ''instruction'' for install (open)

    So, first you need to have tConfig:
    topic with everything for tConfig installation
    Ok, next you can use mod installer, or just copy folder and .obj file to /Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModPacks/. After that, run tconfig.exe and click tConfig Settings, click mod name to set it on ( "[mod name]:On" ). Then click Reload Mods. Now mod should working.

    Info for First Release (open)
    Monsters (open)
    Monsters don't spawn if Crazer was not killed on world(press "O" for info about status of Crazer).

    Gummi Bear

    Jumping like crazy gummi bear! Ohh... Spawns on the surface in forest and hallow.
    Loot: Gummiberry Juice, Gummi Sword, Gummi Hat, Crazy Ore

    Ofc it must be in my mod... 100 hp and big defense! =D Spawns everywhere but the chance is 1:250.
    Loot: Trolololo Mask, Crazy Ore

    Crazy Slime and Flying Crazy Slime
    Flying Crazy Slime lost his wings, when you attack him.
    Loot: Gel
    Dark bat
    Lives in caverns.
    Loot: Bloody Eyes
    Crazy Bird
    Just bird ;p
    Crazy Wraith
    Loot: Bloody Eyes, Crazy Ore
    Evil Dryad
    Loot: Crazy Ore, Corrupt Seeds
    Spawning skeletons.
    Loot: Crazy Ore, Necromancer Hood, Necromancer Robe, Necromancer Bottom, Necromancer Crystal
    Loot: Crazy Ore
    Loot: Unicorn Horn, Feather
    First two live underground, next 3 only in cavern.
    Loot: Crazy Ore, Ores, Gems, Kawl Totems
    Swamp Monster
    Loot: Crazy Ore, Vine
    Sprite from Pokemon game.
    When live, drop Ho-Oh Eggs.
    Loot: Crazy Ore, Big Bird Nest

    Bosses (open)
    Yep, it's normal Eye of Cthulhu with 5,2k hp... BUT:
    He can be killed only once for world.
    After you kill him, monsters from this mod will spawn ( so it's first boss ) - I make it because many of monsters are OP for new player, but lame for hardmode player. When you press "O" on your keyboard, you will see that Crazer was or wasn't killed on world that you play.
    You can spawn him only at night and he will go away at day ( Eye of Cthulhu AI... ).
    Don't drop anything.
    Crazy Trolololo
    ( That purple )
    No defense, 200k hp, spawning Trololo ( weaker Trolololo )... Hard to kill... Maybe impossible for one player :p Or take a lot of time...
    Powers: Trolling player with spawning Trololo :p
    Loot: Crazalibur, Crazy Ore

    Crazy King Slime
    10k hp, spawning crazy slimes when hit...
    When have 8k hp, he spawns 2 knights:
    [​IMG](scaled down)
    You can't attack him after they are killed. They spawning crazy slimes when hit.
    When have 5k hp, he spawn flying slime mother:
    [​IMG](scaled up)
    She spawning crazy slimes ( and flying crazy slimes when hit )
    Yep, you need to kill her...
    And finally, when have 1k hp, he spawn 2 knights and flying slime mother at one time... And ofc. you need to kill everyone.
    Loot: Crazy Ores, Crazy King Slime Essence, Crystal of Day and Night
    Big Bird
    Sprited from zero by me... That's why he looks like sh*t :p
    Spawning: you need to place Big Bird Nest ( drop from Ho-Oh ), and when you use it ( there is interface ) for 20 Ho-Oh Eggs, it will spawn one Big Bird ( it's possible to spawn many Big Birds at same time ).
    Shoots feathers, attack by collision, droping eggs ( monsters - not moving, not attacking, but if you not destroy them, they will be destroyed with spawning 3 Ho-Oh... )
    Loot: Crazy Ore, Big Bird Feather

    NPC (open)
    Selling potions and shiny red ballon... And he is alchemist!

    Items (open)

    Vanity (open)
    Trolololo Mask
    Vanity item and material...
    Gummi Hat
    Vanity item.

    Boss Spawners (open)
    Crazy thing
    "Looks like sh*t!"
    Used for spawning Crazer - first boss you need to kill before any monster come to your world. Recipe:5 Mushroom,5 Vile Mushroom,5 Glowing Mushroom
    Crazy Slime Crown
    Summon Crazy Slime King. Recipe: 99 Gel, 10 Crazy Bar
    Crazy Trolololo Mask
    Used for spawn Crazy Trolololo. Recipe: Trolololo Mask, Crazy Bar
    Big Bird Nest
    Drop from Ho-Oh, placeable.
    For 20 eggs, it will spawn Big Bird ( it's possible to spawn many Big Birds at same time ).

    Materials (open)
    Crazy Ore

    Used for Crazy Bar and Crazy Brick. Spawned after you kill Crazer, dropped by many monsters.
    Crazy Bar
    For weapons, items etc. Recipe: 4 Crazy Ore, Iron Ore
    Crazy King Slime Essence
    Bloody Eyes
    Kawl Totem
    Necromancer Crystal
    Big Bird Feather
    Ho-Oh Egg
    Ho-Oh drop it when live...

    Weapons Armors (open)
    OP weapon(but no, it doesn't have 9999999 attack :p)... Now it's looting by Crazy Trolololo with 10% chance.
    Gummi Sword
    Just sword...
    Crazy Shark
    Very fast weapon ( you can change to simple, slow, shoot speed with better damage -> right click), it use Crazy Bullets. Recipe: 1 Minishark,30 Crazy Bar,30 Crazy King Slime Essence, 30 Big Bird Feather
    Crazy Bullets
    Only for Crazy Shark. Stacked up to 1000. Recipe: 3 Crazy Bar for 1000
    Crazy Cloud in a Bottle
    Infinite jump and no fall damage. Recipe: 1 Cloud in a Bottle,30 Gummiberry Juice,7 Crazy Bar,20 Crazy King Slime Essence
    Crazy Wings
    Infinite fly, but no falling. Recipe: 20 Soul of Flight,20 Crazy Bar,20 Crazy King Slime Essence, 50 Big Bird Feather
    Crazy set
    Crazy Hood - Recipe: 40 Crazy Bars, 1 Bloody Eyes
    Crazy Armor - Recipe: 50 Crazy Bars, 5 Gold Bars, 1 Emerald
    Crazy Greaves - Recipe: 50 Crazy Bars, 5 Gold Bars
    Crazy Sword
    Recipe: 30 Crazy Bars, 2 Emeralds
    Crazy Repeater
    Recipe: 30 Crazy Bars, 5 Gold Bars
    Crazy Lance
    Have better damage when you running and jumping! [ Same for other lances ]
    Recipe: 35 Crazy Bars, 3 Gold Bars
    Necromancer Set
    All parts drop from Necromancer
    Necromancer Wand
    Attacks with magic and spawning friendly skeletons ( right mouse click ).
    Recipe: 50 Bones, 1 Necromancer Crystal, 4 Rubys
    Crystal of Day and Night
    Turning day to night and night to day.
    Crazed Hallowed Set + weapons

    Better hallowed set and weapons.
    Recipe: Hallowed armor part / weapon + crazy armor part / weapon for armors you will need also 5 Big Bird Feather for one part
    You can use it like scythe, or throw it like boomerang ( yep, I now it's impossible irl :p ) - better damage when throwed ( Right click ).
    From copper to crazed hallowed.
    Recipes... to much writing.
    Druid Staff
    It have 3 "levels" - novice, apprentice, master.
    Shooting or healing player ( Right click ).
    Ice Staff
    < 3 levels >
    Fast shooting, rain ( Right click ). Spam...
    Fire Staff
    < 3 levels! : O >
    Slow shooting, fire bomb ( Right click )

    Building etc. <-forge here (open)
    Crazy Brick
    ... Recipe: Crazy Ore for 2
    Crazy Brick Wall
    Recipe: Crazy Brick for 4
    Active/Inactive Crazy Brick
    Recipe: 1 Wire, Crazy Brick ( : O )
    Crazy Forge
    Used for creating 90% items from this mod Recipe: 4 Crazy Bar
    Lamp posts [ crazy / red / blue / green / yellow ]
    Lights with colored light.
    Recipe: 2 Glass, 1 Torch, 3 [ crazy / adamantite / cobalt / mythril / gold ] Bars

    Use (open)

    Gummiberry Juice
    Potion, player will jump very high... don't work with shiny red ballon and wings...

    If you want help :p (open)

    Paste ideas :p
    Also I need sprites for dragons... I mean:
    - dragon ( flying monster, not too big ) like this, but more terraria style ;]
    - dragon armor / greaves / helmets
    - dragon sword / lance / repeater / scythe / staff / did I miss something?
    - dragon scale / bone / claws [ items ]
    - dragon boss ( here comming something really big... not flying, just staying... like this, but bigger )

    Thanks credits etc. (open)
    *Thanks to Yoraiz0r for help with items script ( two ways of use ).
    *Obsidian Mod, Reborn Mod and Omnir's Creatures - I look in source of these mods many times.
    *Surfpup's tConfig Mod Wiki

    First Released Full Download RAR (~58 MB ) ZIP ( ~53 MB <- it don't have installer... )
    No trolololo boss music version RAR ( ~3 MB ) ZIP ( ~3 MB )
    - 21 monsters
    - 70 items
    - 3 bossess
    - 1 friendlly npc
    It not included packs.
    You have to rebuild it, if you have better tConfig version than 0.23.3!

    Packs (open)

    Crossbows Pack

    Pack include 7 crossbows like wooden, copper etc ( all like bows ) Recipe is same like for bows. Crossbows have better damage and knockback, but less speed than bows.
    Vile Powder Launcher
    Include Vile Powder Launcher - shoots Vile Powder. But it can be placed only to left. idk why...
    Next bug is that you need to reload your world before it works.
    Recipe: 1 Wire,1 Dart Trap,10 Vile Powder
    Destruction Pack
    Adds 3 destruction items: Great Laser - laser that need load, it destruct only tiles ( no wall ), deal damage to enemy, Crazy Destructor - 7 radius range explosion, destruct tiles and walls, no damage to enemy, DESTRUCTOR - don't use it in your home ( many explosions! ). All are "1 wood recipe", two of them will be in Full Releases.
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  2. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    make a crazy cloud in a bottle that allows infinite amounts of jumping! :p
    -despite it being uber simple , no one actually bothers to make it! what a shame-
  3. BlogDog123

    BlogDog123 Yellow Slime

    Crazy Scythe
  4. Silpm

    Silpm Squirrel

    I add screenshots to post and Crazy Cloud in a Bottle to mod ;]
    Crazy Scythe - i will think.
  5. ridex

    ridex Green Slime

  6. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    ..Very crazy indeed. I have something like the Crazy Shark in my mod(called the Ultrashark), but my mod hasn't gotten any attention :(. Also, I like the stacking to 1000 thing; 250 just isn't enough, agreed? Especially when you're firing 5-10 bullets a second xD

    Also, about the suggestions: I think you should include a Crazy Wings, or something. Allows infinite flying! And maybe include a Crazy sword or two?
  7. Silpm

    Silpm Squirrel

    Ohh, it's "only" shoots ~7 bullets per simple click xD ~500 for 10 seconds...
    Crazy Wings - yeh, now there's Crazy Cloud in a Bottle, which allows infinite jumping, so why not.
    Swords etc. - of course, but now I trying something... more complicated.
  8. FatObeseBird

    FatObeseBird Eskimo Zombie

    If possible, The trololol song by Eduard as boss fight music
  9. Silpm

    Silpm Squirrel

    About Crazy Wings:
    So I create wings accessory, that allows infinite flying, and slow falling ( by pressing key down ). I also add flap sound, but I have problem with visible texture. I only know this method, but it's only working when they are using normal, not infinite ( for infinite, they stop playing animation - like normal wings, but player still flying ). And I also need example texture for wings.

    Trololol song:
    Yep, I will try.

    Other things:
    I made crossbows - wooden, iron etc. they have same recipe like bows, but they are slower, have more damage and knockback.

    [Merged by Loki ISP: Do not double post, use edit instead]

    I create that Crazy Wings ( finally I found that stupid texture >.> ). They flying... not infinite, but very, very, very long :p
    Trolololo Song when you fight with Crazy Trolololo - done, it's looped ( with small pause between ), but after you kill him, music don't stop, but it doesn't start again.
    I add also somethings to first post, and release pack with crossbows - download if you want it.
  10. RayTWB

    RayTWB Yellow Slime

    Thanks for taking my Vile Powder Launcher request! Now I can farm INFINITE BUNNIES!
    Actually they should be faster, and have less damage.
  11. Silpm

    Silpm Squirrel

    I add 3 weapons and 1 armor set. And more info about Crazy King Slime ( actually I thinking about how much hp should "mini bosses of Crazy King Slime" have... ).
    Maybe there will be movie from mod in next days.
    AND... First release will come, when I create monsters and maybe one more set of weapons and armors...
  12. Silpm

    Silpm Squirrel

    Bump! Video in first post!
  13. unax

    unax Cursed Man

    It's hard the install,I don't know :(
  14. Silpm

    Silpm Squirrel

    If you have tconfig, just use installer or paste mod folder and .obj file ( for example in vile powder launcher: folder Silpm Mod Pack - Vile Powder Launcher, and file Silpm Mod Pack - Vile Powder Launcher.obj ) to /Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModPacks/
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  15. unax

    unax Cursed Man

    OK :)

    [Merged by Loki ISP: please do not double post - use the exit function]

    and then?
  16. Silpm

    Silpm Squirrel

    Ahh... When you have it in ModPacks folder, run tconfig.exe and click "tConfig Settings", click mod name ( it must be "[mod name here]: On ) and then click reload. Now mod should working...
  17. unax

    unax Cursed Man

    Okay :D
  18. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Please watch the double posting. Bumping is not allowed, but if you have new content for your mod, that should be fine to post (I'll generally let a double slide for that one circumstance provided it is a material update)

    Also, for some, please be sure your posts are adding to the conversation. One word posts like "yes" or " okay" are to be avoided. Thanks!
  19. Silpm

    Silpm Squirrel

    It's always material update or something like that. I like "bump" word :d
    But I will not do double post if my topic will be not at 5 page when I add something xD

    Also, I add all new monsters ( will be more in next days ), some items ( necromancer set ).
    I created script that spawn Crazy Ores in world after player kill Crazer ( but monster still drop them, because they will be used for many items ).
    First release will be in next 2 weeks.
  20. unax

    unax Cursed Man

    I have a idea,add this sprite

    It's a monster
    Loots:crazy ore,awesome mask

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