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  1. NiraExecuto

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    What is Teleporterraria?
    Teleporting yourself using the magic of Chaos. Simple, but dangerous.

    Teleporterraria is an idea I came up with when starting to learn modding. It allows you to teleport wherever you want, using Chaos Magic. Originally I wanted to add more content before making it public, but screw that, I'm releasing it now!

    Current Version: v0.2

    Chaos Powder (open)

    • Crafted from Purification Powder and Vile Powder, gives you 2 Chaos Powder
    • Required to craft the blinking spell
    • Currently has no effect
    Pictures coming soon!
    Blinking Spell (open)

    • Crafted from a book(not a Spell Tome), Some Chaos Powder, some Fallen Stars and some Black Dye as ink
    • Allows you to teleport by clicking somewhere, however, there's a chance of failing. You'll see what happens then.
    • Uses 30 Mana
    Pictures coming soon!
    Chaos Essence (open)

    • Base material
    • Sometimes dropped by Chaos Elementals
    • Also craftable from Souls of Light, Night, Might, Sight and Fright(and yes, it kind of is pretty expensive)
    Teleportation Wand (open)

    • Crafted from 25 Chaos Essence, 25 Fallen Stars, 3 Unicorn Horns and 10 Cursed Flames at a Mythril Anvil
    • A safe teleport, as opposed to the Blinking Spell. This one never fails. Plus, it is quicker.
    • Uses 50 Mana

    Videos (open)
    v0.1 overview video by myself:

    Downloads and Install
    1. Own a bought copy of Terraria
    2. Download and install tConfig
    3. Download Teleporterraria: .exe Installer | .obj Mod File
    4. Run the installer or put the .obj into your ModPacks folder("C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModPacks\")
    5. Run tConfig and enable the mod
    6. Have fun!

    What's planned
    • A cheaper teleportation spell that has a chance to fail or screw things up Done
    • Teleporters sending you to a fixed point
    • Maybe a way to craft a Magic Mirror
    • A chaos weapon

    Legal stuff
    Show stuff (open)
    I, the mod creator, am not responsible for any damage done to your game or your computer.
    Do not mirror the mod. If you want to share the mod, link to this forum page. Do not claim this mod as your own.

    Please leave feedback! If you make a video about this mod, please post it here so I can put it here.
    Oh, and if you find any bugs, make sure to report them ASAP!
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  2. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Looks good :) Well formatted post too, doesn't happen often with new mods :p

    Although crafting a Magic Mirror kind of makes sense with this, seeing as how this is endgame, it doesn't quite work. Maybe an upgraded Magic Mirror? If you want teleporters, use large 3x3 "Magic Mirror" tiles. Not sure how you would link them, or control which one you go to, guess that's your choice.

    For a cheaper option, maybe instead of teleportation, make a "Chaos Staff" that will randomly destroy things / deal damage around the point clicked, kind of like a black hole. You could use a smaller version of this for the Teleportation Wand, for teleporting into blocks, it just destroys them(with no item drops)

    Also, for a more controlled "chaos", maybe a "Magic Tunnel" or something, which works like a portal, use it on a wall and it will create a linked portal on the next available space in the same direction. Like this:
    [] = A Block, | = "Magic Tunnel"
      [][][][][][][]  [][]
     |[][][][][][][]|   []
    In this case, the player would probably suffocate if they went through the left portal, but hey, nobody said it was designed to be safe, just that it would work :p Could make it so anything would work with the tunnel, such as liquids, items, projectiles...
  3. NiraExecuto

    NiraExecuto Angry Nimbus

    Hey, thanks for the feedback! I already had an idea for some magic weapon creating a sort of "explosion" where you click. But I don't hink it'll destroy blocks. And breaking the blocks you teleport to won't be included, because this is how the teleportation would work in the world of Terraria:
    The teleported creatures is turned into quadrillions of tiny particles and sent to the target location, where the particles reassemble.
    About the Magic Mirror: If you give me an idea how the advanced Mirror works, I'll maybe implement it.
    The Magic tunnel will be quite difficult though... I'll do my very best!

    And about the Teleporters: I already have something planned ;)
  4. NiraExecuto

    NiraExecuto Angry Nimbus

    New update: Teleporterraria v0.2
    • Added a Blinking Spell, which is cheaper than the Teleportation Wand, but has a chance to fail
    • Added Chaos Powder, a mixture of Purification Powder and Vile Powder, needed for the Blinking Spell
    Pictures and a Video coming soon!

    Merry Christmas, fellow Terrarians!
    No, the world doesn't end
  5. kehtilan

    kehtilan Mouse

    I think it would be awesome if a spell graphic when cast was added, possibly the magic mirror sound effect and graphic, and maybe make it so you cannot blink/teleport into solid matter. as in there must be enough space on your target location or it fails to teleport you?
  6. NiraExecuto

    NiraExecuto Angry Nimbus

    Yes, I'm currently trying to make it so you can't teleport into tiles, but it's pretty hard. I mean, if you're in a small tunnel and accidentally click a few pixels to the side, you don't want to die, so I can't just do sonething like that. Maybe you got an Idea?
  7. Empio

    Empio Blazing Wheel

    Check my Farore mod. In Farore.cs down the bottom there is an IsAvailable function. The function checks if a player can fit into a designated teleport area.
  8. NiraExecuto

    NiraExecuto Angry Nimbus

    Thanks a lot! I'm not used to working with tiles, so this'll be useful. I'll make sure to give credit to you.
  9. Creeper_Man

    Creeper_Man Eskimo Zombie

    Nice mod. Great video. Nothing much to say. :)

  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Burntscale76

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    how dare you steal my joke XD
  12. NiraExecuto

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    Well, I don't mind that this was necroed... :D

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