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    (NOTE: Most of the infos about the upcoming features are in random spots around the thread and not in the opening post. The best way to search for them is either check the entire thread or by tumblr tags.)

    (The old post has been spoilered. It will not be deleted as quite a lot of infos are there, plus the alchemizing process is explained there too.)

    Your name is TERRARIASTUCK, your main interest is providing MS Paint Adventures and Homestuck inspired Terraria mods.

    Works with the latest version of tConfig
    Version Beta 1.04​

    Changelogs (open)
    Beta 1.03
    - Solved some probably-major alchemizing problems.
    - Fixed grist drops problem (as grists were either dropping a fixed amount or 0). Grists should now drop the correct amount with a bit of variation.
    - Lowered grist drops, now each Build Grist drop will equal to the actual coins drop divided by 20 (it was 10 before). Also, special grists drop will equal to the actual coins drop divided by 100 (it was 20 before).

    Beta 1.02
    - Hopefully fixed most major multiplayer sync problems.
    - Added new example Alchemizing recipes (thanks to Alex93090 and BeastKeeper for sprites and base coding)
    The new Alchemizing recipes are:
    Molten Hamvil + Grandfather Clock = Fear No Anvil
    Green Phasesaber + Breaker Blade = Green Phasebreaker
    Iron Broadsword + Spike = Iron Spikesword
    Meteor Hamaxe + Iron Anvil = Meteor Hamvil
    Molten Hamaxe + Iron Anvil = Molten Hamvil
    Piano + Iron Hammer = Piano Hammer
    Iron Hammer + Spring = Pogo Hammer
    Pogo Hammer + Iron = Wrinklefucker
    - Added Iron and Spring, materials for some alchemizing recipes (give Iron Bars to the Guide to check them out).

    Beta 1.01
    - Added 3 new horns.
    - Added a new hotkey (P) to switch between male and female clothes any time.

    Beta 1.0
    - First release

    Actual features:
    Homsetuck inspired races each with their own bonuses:
    - Humans (+Trickster)
    - Trolls (+Trickster)
    - Sea Trolls (+Trickster)
    - Cherubs
    Overhauled Movement Speed system:
    - More linear and "useful" increase of movement speed.
    - Movement Speed is now reduced by Defense.
    Grist system and Terraria inspired Grist types.
    Working Alchemizing system (heavy WIP).
    Minor graphic edits:
    - Coins are now Boondollars.
    - Inventory Slots edited to look like Captcha Cards.

    More Alchemizing recipes and balancing.
    Tier based progression.
    More races (?)
    - Carapaceans (?)
    - Rainbow Drinkers (?)
    Enemies (Imps, Ogres, etc).
    More graphic edits.
    Blaming tConfig for every MP problem in the tConfig thread.

    (for screenshots, check this link)

    Important things to know about the release:
    This version is obviously a beta. The only feature that can be defined "done" are the races and everything else is just in for testing purposes.
    The races system is pretty much an edit of Yorai's Holoraces with added features and different races. Race's descriptions are still not done, but their bonuses are listened. The best way to know about the bonuses a race gives is to check them directly from the races menu. A Racial Holoscroll is added into the player's inventory at the character's creation along with the Holotailor as long as Yoraizor's Holotailor mod is loaded (pretty much like the original Holoraces). Additionally, the races menu will always pop up in the begining until the character choses a starting race, eventually the Holoscroll can be used to change it over again and can be easily crafted for free for testing purposes. Note that the Eyes color is important as it gives various characteristic colors to various races (Tricksters/Cherubs spiral patterns, Troll Tricksters skin colors, etc), in case you need to make a change, using Holotailor is advised.
    Another huge change that needs to be listed is the movement speed system. The movement speed system has been slightly edited to go way over the vainlla Terraria's limit depending on the movement speed bonus the player has. If you reach a certain speed (that can be noticed from the extra "smoke" particles), you can run on water like while using a Water Walking potion. Also, a new system that decreases the player's speed depending on the player's defense has been added, giving a way more importance to movement speed than before.
    Grists and SBURB machines are included too for testing purposes, but only one test recipe is in. The item is a Bloodseeker (took from one of my contents packs) and to be alchemized, mixing Dirt and Wood is needed. The alchemizing process is explained in the old opening post of the thread. Specific grists depend on the actual biome (example, to farm Hell Grist, you need to be in hell).

    This is all for now. I hope to get some feedback from all this, and also some sweet alchemizing recipes. Have fun. <3

    Also, huge thanks to Crissa, eLe and Ayeaye for their support and help through coding/spriting/justwriting.

    For more infos, check the original post below.
    Original post (open)

    Good morning fine gentlemans.
    Some people might have noticed yet. Some other probably don't. Actually there are two things to notice:
    1. There are no real Terraria homestuck/mspa inspired mod.
    2. I'm recently lazying off definitelly too much.
    Both points, in my opinion, are inconceivable.

    So recently, thanks to the help of various people giving me at least a tiny bit of motivation and myself being extremely bored, I decided to start code a real Homestuck inspired Terraria modpack.
    Said project started around 3 days ago and is way far from being done. What I have so far are some simple mechanic showing screenshots, mechanics which are heavily still WIP and I'm going to show them up.

    As of now, what I have are the basic SBURB machines. For who is not familiar with the Homestuck webcomic, I'm going to simply explain how they work. Long story short, they are needed for crafting and managing most of the mod's items.

    First of all we have the Cruxtruder. The machine is important as once activated the first time, it makes a Kernelsprite and produces simple items called Cruxite Dowels, which are essential items.
    I still don't have an in-game working machine so I'm going to show the placeholder sprite my brother made.
    (I am aware that the tile is badly formatted, it will be fixed at a later time)
    As said, the item once activated produces a Kernelsprite and progressively produce Cruxite Dowels.
    The Kernelsprite is a simple NPC that will follow the player and do nothing other than being annoying. At a proper time, the Kernelsprite will be Prototyped. The process of Prototyping consists in giving the Kernelsprite two items, then the sprite will turn into a Sprite. The Sprite is a companion NPC that works mainly as a guide, giving the player the needed info for progressing in his game session. Nothing of this is coded yet. No tile, no Kernelsprite.
    The Cruxite Dowels instead are simple cylinders that are needed for item crafting. This will be explained better with the other machines.

    Next we have the Punch Designix.
    Show Spoiler

    This simple machine is, as said right 5 words before, quite simple.
    To operate it, the player will need Blank Captchalogue Cards. These cards will be probably sold by an NPC or by the eventual prototyped sprite. A blank card is added in the first slot and an item is put in the second slot. The result is a "punched" card with the item's coded in it. Both the blank card and the item are consumed in the process. Punched cards are basically "blueprints" for the item crafting procedure.

    Next we have the Totem Lathe.
    Show Spoiler

    This machine, as shown, requires a Cruxite Dowel and a Punched Card. The Cruxite Dowel works as our base model and the Punched Card works as a "blueprint". The machine once activated carves the Cruxite Dowel and transfers the "blueprint" code to give the dowel a precise shape. Obviously, the shape in the mod will be a default sprite, but the each Carved Cruxite Dowel will show what item is stored in its "carving".

    The fourth and last machine in the basic machines serie is the Alchemiter.
    Show Spoiler

    The Alchemiter lets the player "alchemize" his own items. The procedure is self explanatory. A Carved Cruxite Dowel is given to the machine. The machine reads the code "carved" into the Cruxite Dowel and produces the item. The dowel is not consumed in the process, but for the new item to be made, a certain amount of "Grist" is needed. Grist is a sort of currency, a certain amount if grist is dropped every time an enemy is defeated. Grist and enemies drops are not codified yet by now. For now, the Grist cost of an item is defined by the simple formula (Item Value/10 = Grist Cost) so an item which is worth 1 silver coin (which would be, 100 copper coin) will cost 10 Grist.

    This is all I have made for now. There will obviously be more as I work on the mod obviously.

    Why I made the thread in the first place you would say? Simply enough, this is for collecting ideas, but more importantly, resources.

    Yep, resources.

    All this messy item crafting is not what makes Homestuck's alchemizing process that interesting. We could say it isn't interesting at all. What is interesting is the "fusion" features which the alchemizing procedure gives.
    On simple terms, it is possible to get two punched cards, merge them together into a simple card and get a completely new item. To code it is as messy as it sounds, so I need people's help.
    I need you guys to help with your original "alchemizing recipes". Use vanilla or mods items to craft completely new items. A coral sword mixing a sword and corals? A throwable chained sword by mixing a sword and a flail? Why the hell not, all these things are possible by alchemizing, but sadly, each one of them will need their proper recipe and as crafting possibilities are endless, I can't come up with totally original overninethousand items all by myself, idea, code and sprite wise.
    Also, the same applies to Prototyping. You can mix any sort of 2 items to obtain any sort of guide npc. Give it Gel and Jungle Spores to obtain a sort of silly Bushy Mushroom? Possibilities are seriously endless, but we are limited to fixed recipes and the more we have the merrier.

    I think I did write enough. I hope to get as much feedback and "resources" as possible from you guys. This sort of mod cannot be made by just a single man, ya know. You guys hel will be indispensable.
    And thanks for reading through the entire wall of texty thread I guess.
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    This sounds like it will be very awesome.
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    Seen dis comin
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    I'm afraid I can't be much help with coding, or spriting
    But I can help with making the organizing the GUI (from a layout standpoint)and with how to possible handle different mechanics.
    And I literally STUDIED Homestuck, while working on making a tabletop RPG for it, so I might be of use if you need to double check anything against canon, or how something properly works.
    and... well... I have a few ideas....
    *cracks knuckles*

    Note: All these ideas go under the assumption that this mod mostly 'takes place' in the mid game. After the players have likely completed the pre-hardmode armor sets and bosses, but before actually entering hardmode. Or perhaps as an alternative to hardmode altogether, 'flagging' the world for the activation of the mod by placing the equipment, in a way similar to how beating the WoF flags the world for hardmode. Maybe enemies don't even drop grist until this flag goes up, similar to how enemies currently don't drop souls, even if the requirements are otherwise met, if the hardmode flag isn't up.

    Also, large walls of text under the spoilers.
    Prototyping (open)
    Alright. This is going to be one of the major problems you run into, if you try to make EVERYTHING prototype-able. Luckily, you don't have to. It was already explained in-universe that a large number of household objects will just be flat out rejected by the sprite. The general rule of thumb of if something is prototypeable is:
    • Living or Dead animal/person/other personality construct (like the autoresponder)
    • Resembles an animal or humanoid (stuffed animals, the harlequin, etc.)
    So the 'silly bushy mushroom sprite' isn't actually an entirely likely thing to happen, and I assume, for balance reasons, you will be cutting out self-prototyping possibilities as well?
    In that case, in my opinion, the best way to handle it would be to offer a number of possible items that can be prototyped, that would be noted with a tag in the items info. For example, instead of saying 'Ingredient' or 'Ammo' it would instead say 'Prototypeable'.
    Then just have a couple of items that are either random mob drops, or player craftable to make into prototypeable items. A few vanilla items already work well enough for it, I feel. The Guide Voodoo Doll being a great example (And ties in nicely if it DOES end up being an alternative to hardmode.) Other vanilla prototypeables might include:
    • Suspicious Looking Eye (add horrorish details to the sprite/make it a cyclops?)
    • Slime Crown (Give the sprite a crown and make it into slime)
    • Goldfish (mer-person sprite)
    • Angel Statue (has the prototyping tag but doesn't actually affect the sprite in any way. OBVIOUSLY.)
    • Armor/Goblin/Skeleton/Reaper statues (fairly straight forward)
    You probably want to keep the number small, because of spriting. If you were to have 10 prototypable items, that would be 10x9 combinations +10 more if you want sprites for when only a single thing is prototyped, +1 for the base sprite right out of the cruxtruder. Thats 101 sprites for just 10 items. I recommend going with just 4 items (probably vanilla ones to start out) which narrows it down to 17 needed sprites total (1 kernal+12 combinations+4 tier 1 sprites) which would be MUCH easier to start out with and start getting content out for testing (as once you have the basics down and working, adding extra recipes onto it should be relatively easy) and then just increase the number of things you can prototype as they are released.
    Prototyping Interface (open)
    As for the interface to actually prototype, I suggest that when a player first uses the cruxtruder, they gain a permanent buff that causes a kernalsprite to follow them around, which can then be right clicked to bring up a menu similar to a chest, but with only 2 slots, and you can only stick in items that have the Prototypeable tag (like how the guides crafting menu only allows ingredients).
    Once an item is inserted, it becomes locked in and cannot be removed. Once both slots are filled, the sprite looses that right-click functionality. Alternatively, it might have only a single item insert, and when you place an item in, it replaces itself with its normal buff, to a tier1 sprite buff, that has identical functionality, but replaces the appearance of the sprite with one that has been prototyped. Once that one also gains a prototyping, it would then be replaced with yet a third buff, that removes the right click functionality.

    Misc ideas (open)

    • Add a new option in character gen for 'Text Color' which could represent itself as affecting your actual text color when speaking ingame (which would be kinda cool, if possible IMO) or as just a small dot on the center of the characters shirt (in place of the characters symbols). This would also be used to determine the color of your sprite.
    • Tied into that, make the base sprites for the sprites (that term isn't going to get confusing AT ALL) completely greyscale. Greyscale will work fine enough while testing, and if/when its implement, would allow you to recolor the sprite with your text color, instead of needing a billion different images for each possible color.
    • Items actually have a similar excuse to prototypings if they don't have recipes tied to them yet. You can't read the code! Remember that certain items have codes that are next to impossible to read, such as the pumpkin, and the game disc. If an item in the mod doesn't have any item recipes yet, you could just not have it produce a card at all, and instead just spit back out the items you put in saying "You couldn't read the code!" Its flavorful, it doesn't break immersion, and it lets the player know that something just flat out won't work. This could also work for prototyping, by just spitting back whatever you tried to prototype, along with the message "The sprite rejected the item!" I think this simple little error message could save both you and the players a lot of time, and sanity.

    Grist (open)
    I suggest making multiple kinds of grist. This can allow for better balance of the cost of things.
    Grist Types (open)

    • Build Grist: Drops off of literally everything, at about the same rate as copper does. You can get a lot and you can get it fast. This is where your formula comes in. Vanilla items all cost Item Value/10 BUILD grist, instead of just 'generic' grist as you already had planned. Net effect: About the same, but allows all non-alchemized items to be created using solely the abundant resource of build grist, allows more compatibility with other mods by letting them be alchemized using your grist value formula, and saves you the work of having to hand code in individual grist values for every vanilla item. I do, however recommend raising the cost a bit. Maybe Item Value/3? But I guess that isn't as 'neat' a number as 10 is.
    • 'Surface Grist': Dropped by enemies on the surface. Plentiful, and easy for newer players to use. Good for the weaker alchemize items.
    • 'Underground Grist': Dropped by enemies underground. Relatively easy to get, but may require a bit of work. Nothing too unreasonable.
    • 'Jungle Grist' and 'Corruption Grist': Dropped by enemies in the jungle and corruption. Harder to get and a bit more risk, but not really hard to find or reach. Used for some of the high level stuff.
    • 'Dungeon Grist', 'Hell Grist', and 'Underground Jungle Grist': A LOT harder to get. Requires quite a bit of work, and is used for really high end gear.
    • 'Exotic' Grist: Dropped by every boss, with the quantity determined by how difficult that boss is. The Eye of Cthulu might only drop 1, while skeletron might drop 15-20ish. This is used for the high end stuff that is meant to be in limited supply, much like how the current boss souls work.
    Zillion Grist (open)
    Now onto an issue. Lets say you go with my idea of 'rejected' items that I mentioned in Misc Notes, to save your sanity. Alright.
    Recipe 1: Coral+wooden sword=coral sword. You add punched cards for both the wooden sword and the coral, and design the coral sword needed. Player goes to combine the wooden sword with the coral. They make a coral sword. All is right with the world.
    Recipe 2: Glass+wooden sword=Glass sword. You (or the person suggesting it) decide to throw in a skyrim reference and model the glass sword after the glass stuff in that game. Fun! You then add in card for the glass, and don't need one for the wooden sword because its already been made. Player goes to combine the wooden sword with the glass. They make a glass sword. All is right with the world.
    Then the player goes and combines the glass card, which as already been added, with the coral card, which has already been added, and... what then? Nothing has been programmed in for that.
    That, my friend, is where the system of having multiple types of grist really prevails. To the point to where I think it is actually the biggest reason to include such a system, even more then being able to balance the prices.
    A player trying to combine two items for which there is no recipe yet, instead gets a question mark as the resulting item, and for a cost: One zillion.
    What drops zillions? Nothing does. Its not even programmed in as a dev item, and is simply there to tell the players "Yeah. That's not going to happen." You can even use it as a placeholder for recipes you are still working on, having their regular cost+1 zillion, to show that its being worked on, but isn't yet completed.

    If you want, you can also add multiple rarities (much how Johns land had Shale for its common, tar as uncommon, and mercury as rare), which would give even more precise control over the costs, but that seems like its more effort then its worth.
    Having multiple grist also SHOULD help alleviate the 'One of every gem' syndrome that seems to exist in mods for both this game, and minecraft. An item that requires 1 of every gem usually has no reason for doing so, and is just meant to make it more difficult to get, though often to the point of being frustrating and usually far overpriced. Having something cost 1 (or 10 or however many) of every grist, however, is actually far more reasonable! It just requires more adventuring and prepwork to get, but not necessarily a ton of hunting for something that is overly hard to find.
    Also, if you do end up going with multiple grist types, I suggest not having them be items at all, instead, once picked up, going into a separate slot/bar completely, much like an experience track might.

    Sorry about the huge wall of text. I hope it helped somewhat, and I hope I didn't accidentally just make your workload far larger. I'll post a few alchemies tomorrow. Is there any specific template you want us to post them in?
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    Nope it did actually help a lot.

    First of all, I did not know about the prototyping items limitations in the process. I knew about one of the items being a "living or death thing", but the other one being shaped as an human/animal definitelly reduces the possibilities. Yes, this will definitelly make the work less messy. Also I thought of just making the full prototype, no one-prototype Kernelsprite sprite (ermahgerd the sprite word mess), so it would reduce the pics cost a lot. I thought "Gel" totally ignoring the fact that the crown exists, LOL.

    The Interface I thought is a simple 2 slots one and a button to prototype the items in. Pretty easily. Also I guess I will just turn the sprite as a townNPC after. In fact sprites supposedly act like town npcs (totally not refering to Nannasprite).

    The text color and sprite color thingies sounds awesome, but it could also just be a value defined by like one of the colors of the clothes of the player, or the eyes color or whatever. That could make the work easier, but I'm not sure how much it will fit.

    The overlyhuge cost for non-existing recipes sounds awesome too. Pretty homestuckish I guess.

    At first I thought of using just simple Build Grist for everything, for the simple reason that it is way simplier to code in a way to basically work by itself using the vanilla in-game item values, also coding the specific NPC drops for the different NPCs would've been a mess, but grist types dropped by area do sound simple enough. I guess the grist cost of the various kinds should be forcely decided by the recipe, unless we can find a good formula to make them generate automatically, like depending on the weapon's stats or rarity.

    The progression being a different way in comparison to Hardmode sounds as an awesome idea too. At first I thought to make it as a post-hardmode, to increase the game's length and such, but I guess your idea gives us way more possibilities. I was thinking that hardmode item could've been a bit too "overpriced" for the alchemization standards, plus no biomes are messed up in the process (as no random corruption and hallows are made, jungle is still intact and such). Plus, we could use hardmode contents (as of weapons and npcs) in different ways, hardmode weapons as alchemizing recipes, add a sort of "difficulty increase" that makes stronger enemies spawn progressively and such. Still I think there is still a lot of thinking to do on this idea.

    Feel free to post your ideas in any format you want. I still don't have a working alchemizing database so there isn't really much to work on at the moment. Still, what would be really needed is weapon and armor sprites, but I guess the ideas are already something we can work on, or ask someone to sprite.
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    I love this idea. I'm thinking that for this to work well, there may need to be multiple paths and multiple worlds to get all you can get. Maybe 'Hallow Grist' too? You can only get it in another world, and you use it to get the most powerful things in the whole game. It's very rare and only found in the Hallow.
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    Adding the necessity to get into "another world" to farm certain items isn't really a good idea imo, but whatevva. An Hallow Grist would work, but for now, I think it is better to work with the resources we have. I might decide to make hallow biomes automatically generate at some point kind of like hardmode, or even enable hardmode.

    Also sum update. I’ve just added a really simple Grist system. For now only Build Grist is in (with a totally amazing and pointless Cruxite placeholder sprite). Grist is dropped like normal items from any kind of npc depending on the npc’s generic value (for now it is coded to drop 1/10 of the npc’s normal money drop, so if an npc drops one silver, it will drop 10 Grist) but instead of being collected as an item and put in the inventory, it’s value is send to a sort of “Grist bank” (notice the new UI text next to the crafting). I’m trying to make the dropped grist a different size depending on how much Grist it contains, but it failed for now. There might be different kind of Grists depending in which biome they are actually dropped (like Jungle Grist dropped only in the jungle or some sort of similiar shits, like suggested by Ceetee above), but everything is obviously still up to debate.
    Show Spoiler
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    This sounds interesting! I think I could help with the weapon/item sprites, at the very least.
    Do you plan to incorporate items actually in Homestuck, such as the Warhammer of Zillyhoo or Caledscratch?
  9. W1K

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    Yeah, I think canon weapons are good enough and already had planned to add them to the alchemizing recipes, still I think some "Terraria-styled" items would be nice too, like some powered up versions of some old weapons (like the Waterbolt, or the shortswords).
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    Hello! Just figured I'd better make an account and post here to let other thread viewers know that I am working with W1K on this mod. Anything posted here will be seen by me, if not by W1K first.
    I'm new to these forums because I never actually released anything or did anything "Release worthy," but that just might be the artist in me speaking. I plan on making this mod (Technically my first public mod.) with W1K as best as possible.
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    PixelMonkey Green Slime

    So just to make sure I understand what you're after, this is the sort of thing you'd like for sprites/items, right?
  12. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here


    Yes, those are the kind of items I would like to see coded, as long as well sprited and perfectly functional (and the more original they are the better). Having good sets of mixed items (like in the pic, "bone weapons" would be a pretty nice idea) would be pretty nice to see, I know there are a lot of these kind of things around already and it would be good too if we could import items from other mods as long as they are formatted properly (as of coded and balanced recipe and such). Still I need to make up a decent punch-mixing system first, but that will not take too much time, the more items we have to work on the merrier I guess.
  13. W1K

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    Hope this does not count as a double post (it actually is, fuck it), but I have some news. First of all, I want to thank Crissa for joining the project actively and helping me organize ideas, being a decent constant motivation and other various things.
    I got a first version (let's call it a first version, just to mean it is actually apparently working as expected, basic and is not tested extensively) of the punched cards mixing feature. It is a sort of crafting, you give it two punched cards with two different items and they get crafted into a third item, which could be a totally new and actually useful one (if the recipe is supported) or an useless waste of captcha cards.

    In the first place, 2 punched cards are put into the two slots of the Punch Designix. In this case, our test recipe needs a punched Wood and a punched Dirt Block.
    Show Spoiler


    The result from this will be our third item, which in this case is a Bloodseeker2 (definitelly not a testing copy-paste of my Bloodseeker). Also, the two initial cards are pucnhed together and so consumed in the process.
    Show Spoiler

    Now to complete the alchemizing process, we need to carve a Cruxite Dowel with our new pucnhed card.
    Show Spoiler



    Now that we have our carved Cruxite, we need to bring it to the Alchemiter and turn it into an item.
    Show Spoiler


    You can notice how the grist cost is calculated automatically, it is actually based on the item's base value. The important thing from this step is that we actually have a working simple recipe that can be used and adapted to any kind of other combination of items. Special grist costs are not supported yet, but they probably will in a near future, it's probably the thing we will be going to work on next.
    For informative means, here is the coded recipe:
    if ((item1 == Config.itemDefs.byName["Dirt Block"].type && item2 == Config.itemDefs.byName["Wood"].type) ||
    (item1 == Config.itemDefs.byName["Wood"].type && item2 == Config.itemDefs.byName["Dirt Block"].type))
    item.lifeRegen = storedItem.type; = "Punched '""'";
    In the example, Dirt Block and Wood are the two items (they are written twice in the condition to cover both cases in which each item can be either on the left or right side) while Bloodseeker2 is the result item. The rest is needed for actually saving the item into the result card, but I think I could easily shorten that part in the future.
    For now, this is what we have and can work on.
    If you awesome guys want to submit some weapons for the mod, this is the right timing. Just upload the item you guys want to see in and the above recipe coded properly and as long as it is balanced properly, it will be added in. The more items, the merrier, obviously. Also items ported from other mods are fine (as long as proper permissions are given), so some kind people could even just get a good collection of other mods items and code their punching recipes properly. If you guys are willing to help andh ave some questions on the metter, just ask here, I'm accepting all the kind of help you guys can give, as I said before, this isn't a mod I can make alone.
    This is all for now I guess. Have a good day.
  14. eLe

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    Ok, I am completely new to Terraria modding, but I would love to help.

    bunch o' rambling (open)

    For the punch cards, is it feasible to make junk items (like when John went silly with the punch cards and made the potted plant jet pack). Certain players could have a skill (buff maybe?) to de-junk the card.

    Since I don't believe items can be turned around, a device/npc to read the captcha codes could be created (working somewhat like the guide does for craftables). Since captcha cards can be captched, they should be able to be alchemized as well.

    There are mods that create new dimensions, so that can be used to make the various locations (player planets, Skaia, Prospect and Derse, etc.) that would spawn in after the entering event was completed (something like a boss fight or puzzle?). (Hmmm, is it possible to copy a section of map from one dimension to another? [or an easier way would be to change the biome.) A Sburb Server/client disc could be found (maybe dropped by a boss?). When used it starts the countdown timer to enter, and also adds the basic machines to the player's inventory. In muti-player, one player would be the sever and deploy the machines (and toilets), while the other player has to run around alchemizing things, and performing the entrance thing (maybe it could be something that has to be crafted and used before the time limit runs out?).

    Also, how close to Sburb are you planning on making this?
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  15. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    That's fine, I'm accepting any kind of help. Items coding, spriting, or even just ideas sorting. They are all fine. Also seeing people interested in the project also helps me not being lazy keeping it up at a good development rate.

    The "junk" items could be an idea instead of the overly-stupid-price for not-implemented yet recipes I guess. We'll see what we can get. The "skill" idea sounds nice too, but I'm not sure if I will ever make such a feature as it is not really fully homestuck relevant.

    Items can't be trned around (cuz it would be stopeed), such a device could be done, but not in the near future as it would need an items encription of some sorts and I have no idea how to do so, plus there are still some other basic things that needs to be worked on.

    I had in my mind the "new dimensions" idea already, I thought it would be awesome to implement a sort of player's land this way, also porting part of the player's home or such into the said land. Making Prospit, Derse and Skaia would be another nice idea too. Still, that would be a mess I guess and I'm keeping the idea for future development. I'm trying to get most of the basic features done first. The client/server feature was an idea too, but I'm not really sure how much it would be doable and for now I think I will just aim for a SBURB-like single player experience. The homestuck-like starting experience is another thing we need to work on, as we don't even know yet when it will actually start and such, still I don't think I want to make such a high risky starting experience, also time limits are mostly boring (in a sandbox way that is).

    Also I'm trying to make it as SBURBish as possible, but obviously not everything can be added properly as a feature. I'm just aiming for the "close enough" experience.
  16. eLe

    eLe Slimed Zombie

    tobs of homrstuck spoikers *tons *homestuck *spoilers (open)

    Every session could be a dead session. You start with only being able to deploy an CRUXTRUDER, which is placed in your inventory when you use the Sburb disk. (or sgrub. the holorace can be used to make a troll, etc race for sgrub, sglub, etc) The disk can be either found in a special chest in a frog temple, or created from components found in the frog temple. Using the CRUXTRUDER will first create the blackhole effect, and maybe the sky can change, like replace the sun with skaia (with a tiny prospect orbeting it :3).

    After finding Yaldabaoth and completing The Choice all the current biomes will replaced with a random one (such as a snow biome), and consorts, enemies, etc will be spawned in. That's also when the Sprite will be protypable, though this won't effect the enemies as the player has already entered. (This will also make spriting and coding tons easier). Three sub dimensions, Prospect, Derse, and Skia, will also be created (probably when the player first uses a Gate/teleporter to get there). I see Skaia as being a standard world style, only with the chess biome. Prospet/Derse will have their own biomes, along with the moon connected with a chain at floating island height.

    Teleporters in the Frog Temple could also exist to travel to Prospit/Derse (though not the player's planet, which doesn't exist until they enter).

    After the game actually starts, the rest of machines can be deployable (the successful completation of The Choice would drop/create/etc the rest of the basic machines, as well as the gates, etc). You can then kill enemies to collect different kinds of grist (which would be similar to souls).

    Boonbucks could be earned, found, etc to be able to purchase various items from the consort npcs.

    Uggg on my phone gonna submit this and continue on the computer.

    Edit: Much better.
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  17. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    That sounds like a pretty nice suggestion. The only thing that bothers me is that we don't actually know much about dead sessions in general and how they work other then what Caliborn said. I guess it's still doable as it sounds pretty straight-forwarded (too bad I have to go now kind of in a hurry, I'll check everything later).
  18. eLe

    eLe Slimed Zombie

    Yeah, though I think in-universe Huss explained some of it to Cal.

    I was also thinking titles/aspects/planet should be based on something (maybe colours chosen?). Like say hair colour is the thingie. R determines title, G determines aspect, and G determines consorts. Title/aspect could be treated as race for this purpose (using the Sburb disk will change the player to Title of Aspect; if starting race = human then race = human Title Aspect elseif starting race = troll then race = troll Title Aspect etc.).

    I'll try a bit of player/enemy sprites after I finish homework and chores and hey maybe even some totally not just editing holoraces to see how it looks in game. :D

    Oh hey lets add trickester mode! :D (Oh gog no D: )

    Aquatic trolls are able to breath and swim underwater (I figured out how to make the breath meter go away :D). The shirt symbol also matches the eye colour on both troll types.

    This can be used in place of the sun on player planets.

    A possible inventory replacement that changes the standard slots for captcha cards, while still remaining large enough to fit items within it. I'm not sure if tConfig can change the images of vanilla gui, or if that would be a texture pack only thing.

    More pics can be found here:

    Bluh bluh sleep is very yes.

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  19. CrissaHavener

    CrissaHavener Green Slime

    These are great ideas! I'm working to get more of the items sprites done as well as help W1K get the codes done for the items. If you want to hop aboard the team, that'd be great! As of recently, I think progress has been a little slow, but we still check this thread regularly and see the ideas posted.
    On official business about races and player-world changes, I leave the big decisions to W1K, but they seem like great ideas.
    Nice work on the sprites as well!
  20. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here



    On a serious note, sorry if I didn't notice the edit earlier.
    I think the sprites are pretty nice, especially the character ones. Editing Holoraces to make a "troll" race was actually in my plans, also use it to make different kind of horns and such.
    I'm not sure about the colors thingies, they do sound like an awesome idea, but I don't really want people to get titles they don't really want.
    The consorts system kind of slipped out, but I guess it will not be too hard to make at all. I'm not sure how to handle titles, most of them don't really have "direct" abilities after all.
    I guess it is possible to change the vanilla textures with tConfig, so if the inventory slots actually have their own sprite, we can easily change it with a captcha card one.

    Also as Crissa said, given the interest and the support you gave, it would be awesome to have you on the boat too (I mean, the main development team, bluh). I think I said various times this thing will never come up if not many people take part of it, plus the more the merrier I guess.

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