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    Toparia RC-5 is now out! [1st June 2013]

    >>> Full 0.3.2 release progress ~ 90%

    Get it: here
    MP still has some cosmetic issues and the NPC housing mechanics have problems, but the game itself seems to work fine and SP seems to be bug free

    >> Follow Toparia on Twitter <<
    >> Toparia Wiki (badly incomplete - volunteers appreciated :) <<

    Overview: Toparia introduces a complete RPG class system, taking any character from very weak beginnings up to a truly powerful hero. There are a few new items to make different classes playable from the outset, and lots of ideas to take the mod further (read the further development sections for examples.

    If you like the mod, please tell others about it. I'd love suggestions to how it can be further improved - I'm very keen to have input on the direction I take the mod!

    Installation instructions (open)
    1. Extract the files from the zipfile into your Steam Terraria folder (if asked to replace anything, say "yes").
    2a. If you don't use Game Launcher, rename Terraria.exe to Terraria.exe.bak and Toparia.exe to Terraria.exe.
    2b. If you do use Game Launcher, simply (re)create the .gli hash for Toparia.exe

    None of your save files will be compromised as it uses a different save folder to the vanilla game for both players and worlds.

    Screenshots (click to enlarge) (open)


    Let's play videos (open)

    Current features (open)

    Classes: On character creation, you can now pick one of twelve classes (10 balanced, 1 overpowered, 1 underpowered), each with affinities to different combat skills. They are as follows:

    Warrior - A master of melee but weak at everything else
    Ninja - A master of throwing weapons but weak at everything else
    Marksman - A master of ranged weapons but weak at everything else
    Wizard - A master of magic but weak at everything else
    Bard - A jack of all trades but master of none
    Rogue - Competent with melee and thrown weapons, but weak with everything else
    Spellsword - Competent with melee and magic, but awful with ranged weapons
    Ranger - Competent with melee and ranged weapons, but awful with thrown weapons
    Assassin - Competent with thrown and ranged weapons, but awful with magic
    Cultist - Competent with magic and thrown weapons, but awful with melee
    Demigod - A master of all forms of combat
    Tourist - Weak at pretty much everything

    Top level achievable for a specialised character is 50 in their specialist class. All classes have a max level of 50 for crafting and alchemy. Characters with magic potential start with mana.

    Throwing weapons: Existing items have been given the new class of "thrown". Shurikens and throwing knives are now craftable at an anvil, and the wooden boomerang is now craftable at the sawmill. Enchanted boomerang has been boosted slightly, and poisoned knives are now a lot more powerful, giving an interesting early game reason to brave the corruption. You can also now find Flaming knives in the pots in hell, and craft them at 10 per hellstone bar, which are considerably more powerful than poisoned knives and have a chance of inflicting the burning debuff.

    Early game magic weapons: You can now create a Goo Staff at the workbench with 5 wood and 10 gel, which creates a useful albeit weak early game magic weapon if you want to play a magic using class. With 8 copper ore, 8 silver ore and 8 gold ore it can be upgraded to a Shining Goo Staff, which should last you until near enough the dungeon.

    Ninja Emblem: Because of the new thrown class, you can now get the ninja emblem as a drop from the WoF (still no other armour / item sets specifically for thrown items, they just get the bonus from ranged items for the time being, with the exception now of the Ranged Emblem).

    Levelling system: As you use a skill, you gain XP. Gain enough XP, you go up a level in that skill (up to the max for your class), which then gives corresponding boosts to that aspect of your character. For example, go up melee levels and your melee damage, speed and critical chance will all increase. Go up alchemy levels and your buff lengths will extend and potion sickness length will reduce. You start at level 0 in everything, and the max level is currently 50 for crafting and alchemy, with the combat skills determined by class. Basically, at level 20 you'll be as good at everything as you are in the vanilla game, and by level 50 you'll be ... rather more powerful (dealing over double DPS with melee for example). Crafting level makes a huge difference to the quality of prefix you get from crafting new items and reforging existing ones, so it's well worth levelling up if you want to see legendary and mythical items!

    The aim of the leveling system is to make the early game more tricky (yellow and red slimes will be tough when you first encounter them), and a solid and consistent feel of character progression as you go through the game. Hardmode will also give a progression-orientated goal beyond just grinding the next tier of new ores.

    Passive skills: Next to your equipment slots, you now have 4 new slots for passive skills (one for the mind, one body, one arms and one legs). Once your skill has progressed to the point of acquiring a skill trainer (level 10+), you can buy the books required to make the passive skills, collect the remainder of the ingredients, and create passive "always on" bonuses to increase the effectiveness of your character. There are 5 passive skills for each combat type (for levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 in each), and range from a simple permanent +4 defence, to a permanently acting gravitation potion.

    Active skills: Once you've progressed a bit further, you'll start to find chapters dropping for active skills. These can be found in the cavern (although extremely rare), but once you start exploring the dungeon they will become more common. There are 12 active skills in total, 3 for each combat type, designed for levels 20 (pages found in the dungeon), 30 (pages found in the underworld), and 50 (pages found by killing hardmode bosses), and all provide instantly activatable skills that sit below your main 10 item hotbar (also accessible by Ctrl-X, where X is the skill slot - 1 to 3).

    Hopalong (WIP): You can toggle this on / off with Ctrl-H, but hopalong allows for instant jumping up single height platforms without having to have your big run across the world stopped by a single jutting out piece of dirt. It's performance isn't ideal right now, so it's still WIP, but it can be very handy for overworld exploration.

    Levelling system mechanics (open)
    Each combat skill earns points based on doing damage. First, the monster level is taken as a base value. Then, if your combat skill in the weapon you are using is above the monster's level, XP is proportionally reduced. Then for every point of damage you are below the max XP per hit you can achieve, take one point away (to prevent leveling quicker by using weaker weapons). This is then further adjusted by your character class' affinity with that weapon type.

    On higher world difficulties, the monster level for a given monster is increased (and decreased on easy). Also, challenge characters get XP bonuses, and roguelike characters get large XP bonuses to compensate for the added risk.

    For crafting and alchemy, you get the full XP value of making the item if you are equal or below it's craft/alchemy level, and for every level you are over the craft/alchemy level of the item, you get 10% less each time. If you have plenty of money, reforging is an excellent way to gain crafting XP.

    New Items (open)

    Stone pickaxe: A really sucky pickaxe, craftable at a workbench and now the starting pickaxe.
    Stone axe: A really sucky axe, craftable at a workbench and now the starting axe.
    Goo Staff: An early game magic weapon, craftable at a workbench with 5 wood and 10 gel.
    Shining Goo Staff: An early-mid game magic weapon, craftable at an alchemy table with the Goo Staff, 8 copper ore, 8 silver ore and 8 gold ore.
    Flaming Dagger: A throwing weapon, found in hell pots and craftable at an anvil at 10 per hellstone bar.
    Ninja Emblem: New WoF drop, giving bonus to thrown damage.
    All light sources can be made from copper, silver, and all the hardmode ores now as well as just gold.
    Training dummy: Made from wood and iron bars, this is required for the drillmaster to spawn.
    Archery target: Made from wood and silk, this is required for the huntress to spawn.
    Rough bed: As NPCs now require a bed, this creates a wood only recipe for their requirements, but the bed doesn't act as a spawn point.
    20 passive skills, with the base item sold be the class trainer and further items to be collected to make.
    12 active skills, all found from monster drops and combined to form short term effect utility skills for each combat class
    Energy cells for laser guns
    Probably a few more things I've forgotten ...

    Changelog (open)
    v0.3.2 (open)

    See the further development log for current updates in the latest build and what's still left to do

    v0.3.1 (open)

    Max health and mana affected by class
    Starting health affected by class
    Health and mana increase with level rather than crystals
    Removed life crystals and mana crystals from world gen and recipes
    Build distance increases with craft level 30, 40 and 50
    Update all NPC spawn rules
    Add the rest of the NPCs
    New NPC character names actually save properly
    Added training dummy and range target
    Improved quality of housing messages
    Rebalanced XP gains and higher level monster levels
    Rebalanced crafting and alchemy levels
    Made game events triggered by character level instead of health
    Converted native image format from .xnb to .png
    Added world difficulty levels, affecting monster health, damage and spawn rate
    Increased max character saves to 8
    Fixed burning death bug
    Fixed stone pickaxe reach bug
    Added chandeliers from the new hardmode ores
    Added silver, copper and hardmode candles
    Added silver, copper and hardmode candelabras
    Added hellfire arrow recipe, and change arrows from 1+1 = 5 to 10+10 = 50
    Added a collection of hardmode throwing weapons
    Added action skills (purchaseable from the trainer)
    Added a hotbar that only accepts action skills
    Make the hotbar appear when not in inventory mode
    Make the action skills activatable by clicking or hotkeys
    Make the action buffs deactivate when taken out of the slot
    Made crafting prefix calculations based on crafting skill levels
    Rebalanced item values
    Increased item stack to 250 for stackable items
    Added StepUp
    Fixed projectile XP bug
    Fixed flipper prefix bug
    Added craft XP and level to all uncraftable reforgables
    Fixed remaining StepUp glitches
    Redesigned defense calculations
    Updated monster damage to fit new defense calculations
    Fixed Accessory prefix display, and combine with main prefix code
    Added new prefix types, and provide support for armour prefixes
    Added new armour prefixes and expand existing prefix set
    Slightly nerfed auto-thrown throwing weapons and poison recipes
    Goblin invasion now only 2% chance when in hard mode
    Shadow armour now gives thrown bonuses, tweaked normal mode armours
    Mediumcore characters lose 25% exp, 25% of items destroyed (the rest drops)
    Player difficulty is now "style": Hack 'n' Slash, Challenge and Roguelike
    Made night owl potions more effective
    The player now loads where they saved rather than back at spawn point
    Fixed piggy bank, safe, shop and reforge GUI display
    Made sure only prefixable items can be reforged
    StepUp now makes an exception for platforms
    Separate ranged and thrown prefixes properly
    Fixed bug where medium core was losing 75% of XP instead of 25%
    Separated skills into passive and active
    Added new book items and sprites
    Created recipes for the passive skills
    Made sure all books appear in the trainer shop
    Made Eye of Cthulhu only turn up from summoning
    Completely re-wrote the guide's help text fuction
    Replaced StepUp with HopAlong
    Fixed passive magic skill bug that led to disappearing health
    Fixed GPS display
    Fixed putting books in passive skill slot crashing the game
    Fix remaining passive skill HP and Mana bugs
    Fixed multiple quick reforges bug
    Fixed chainsaw and drill reforging
    Fixed reforge XP bug
    Added active combat skills
    Added drops / finds / recipes for active combat skills

    v0.2 (open)

    Night's Edge now crafted in the Tinkerer's workshop
    Watches and depth meters now crafted at a workbench
    Added stone axes and stone pickaxes
    Starting kit is now a wooden sword, a stone pickaxe and a stone axe
    Adjusted wooden boomerang recipe to be made at a workbench
    Added thrown projectile speed modifier
    Added a build number to each player and world save to make converting to future versions manageable
    Updated archery potions to precision potions
    Changed precision potions to increase damage by 20% and critical chance by 10%
    Added a ninja emblem, and make it spawn from WoF death
    Added flaming knives
    Added overall character levels, which are used to adjust move speed
    Added 12 classes, with XP penalties and level caps
    Added goo staff and shining goo staff as craftable magic items, firing goo balls and shining goo balls respectively

    v0.1 (open)

    Updated life crystals to only add 10 life
    Separated out ranged and thrown weapons - currently all bonuses apply to both
    Decreased default base damage to 60% for all types
    Decreased default melee speed to 80%
    Increased default mana cost to 140%
    Decreased projectile speed to 60%
    Decreased default critical hit values to 2%
    Added variables to hold character levels and xp for all skills
    Added monster levels for each monster, used for calculating XP gains
    Damage and speed (and mana cost) all improve with level
    Updated the Night's Edge recipe to use the tinkerer's workshop
    The nurse now arrives with anything over 100 health, rather than 120+
    Characters now start with 20 mana
    Made shurikens and throwing daggers craftable with iron or silver at the anvil
    Made wooden boomerangs craftable at the sawmill
    Increased the damage of poisoned daggers and the enchanted boomerang
    Made all daggers pierce 2 enemies
    Get crafting and alchemy skill levels incrementing
    Sort potion cooldown and buff length

    Last updated 16th May 2013 09:11 UTC
    Further development (open)
    Intended features for 0.3.2 (open)

    Bugfix - Poison debuff now the correct length
    Bugfix - Philosopher's Stone and potion sickness working correctly
    Bugfix - Preserve ammo now works correctly (including megashark and minishark)
    Bugfix - Dao of Pow now reforges correctly
    Bugfix - The stars falling from holy arrows now do the correct amount of damage
    Bugfix - Player now loads at the correct Y co-ord when spawning / returning
    Bugfix - Shadow armour and necro armour now has the correct tooltip display
    Bugfix - Two thrown and two magic passive skills had wrong level requirements
    Bugfix - Fixed passive skill load problems
    Bugfix - Made sure armour on a mannequin retains its prefixes
    Bugfix - Removed timer display from endless buffs
    Bugfix - Skills no longer being activated by the quick buff button
    Bugfix - Hack 'n' slash passive skill on death bug fixed
    Bugfix - Goblin battle standard now works at any character level
    Bugfix - Seeds now classify as ranged
    Bugfix - Regeneration potion now works as a quick buf
    Bugfix - Magical harp now adds magic XP not ranged
    Bugfix - Actually implemented quick throw this time
    Bugfix - Heal skill now restores 80 HP rather than full heal
    Bugfix - Flamethrower now does ranged damage
    Bugfix - Damage / defense calculations completely reworked
    Bugfix - Fixed buff recharge restrictions
    Bugfix - Reverse alchemy effects now work properly
    Bugfix - Magic mirror now works properly when activated
    Tweak - Tier 2 (level 30) active skill drop chance increased in hell
    Tweak - HopAlong now toggleable with Crtl-H
    Tweak - Reforging cost now reduced by 50%
    Tweak - Crafting XP now comes in 50% faster
    Tweak - Allow skill chapters to stack
    Tweak - Meteor armour now offers a bunch of buff bonuses
    Tweak - Bone serpents can now drop tier 2 skill chapters
    Tweak - Slightly nerfed the magic heal skill
    Tweak - Buffed the adamantite / assassin knives
    Tweak - Guide voodoo dolls now stack to 250
    Tweak - Carpenter now only requires the Mayor (not the King) to spawn
    Tweak - Increased the frequency of page drops in the dungeon
    Tweak - Skeletron and WoF now drop skill pages
    Tweak - Ammo now comes in 250 stack sizes in the shops (right click purchases individual ammo)
    Tweak - World difficulty now affects "effective" monster level
    Tweak - The orb of light and fairies are now brighter
    Functionality - Add gel as a recipe for energy cells for space guns and laser rifles
    Functionality - "I" now uses the magic mirror if the player has it
    Functionality - Musket ball recipe added
    Functionality - Magic Mirrors can be crafted at the anvil - check the guide (gold bars are involved)
    Functionality - Created a few new items to create an item that turns any night into a blood moon
    Functionality - Toparia fully working with multiplayer
    MP - Class and level now displays correctly for all characters
    MP - HP displays in line with class and level
    MP - Feet away now on the HP line
    MP - Make armour appear correctly on other clients ** TODO **
    MP - Made sure housing functions and displays on all clients
    MP - Resolved NPC multiple spawning bug
    MP - Boss summons seem to be working correctly
    MP - Check bug report on mannequin prefix removal ** TODO **
    MP - Make chat display translucent ** TODO **

    Intended features for 0.3.3 (open)

    Make sure armour on a mannequin retains its prefixes
    Add gel as a fuel for space guns and laser rifles

    Intended features for 0.3.4 (open)

    Add new accessories
    Add new combined accessory kits
    Add new combined player buffs

    Intended features for 0.3.5 (open)

    Implement the rest of the statues
    Make invisibility potions affect character appearance and work on mobs

    Intended features for 0.3.6 (open)

    Add class specific starting items
    Make sure all new held light sources give off light when active
    Sort new light sources in all light modes

    Intended features for 0.4.1 (open)

    Add player stats (Strength, Agility, Intelligence and Constitution)
    Add player races (Human, Elf, Dwarf etc)

    Intended features for 0.4.2 (open)

    Add smelter and related recipes
    Allow all chandeliers, candles, candelabras and tiki torches to be coloured with gems

    Intended features for 0.4.3 (open)

    Add ladders
    Multiple spawn points accessible by a magic mirror interface

    Intended features for 0.4.4 (open)

    Add Orc invasion
    Add elite mobs

    Intended features for 0.4.5 (open)

    Add two ring slots and an amulet slot
    Add copious quantities of wallpaper and furniture from Eikester's decorations pack (we have permission)

    Intended features for 0.5.1 (open)

    Add heat and fear mechanics
    Add an enchanter NPC and a gem based enchantment system (armour only for now)

    Intended features for 0.5.2 (open)

    Add weapon enchantments

    Long term ideas (open)
    Further skill separation: At some stage, I want to separate out skill types further, so sword and spear will have separate skills, but both will fit as melee damage vis a vis kit bonuses. The same with magic, I want schools of magic that have separate skills, but all under the banner of magic damage for kit bonuses.

    Hardmode: To me, hardmode feels like a very unfinished beastie. I like the fact the game gets considerably harder, but the game loses a lot of the fun factor at that point for me and my characters. It turns from an adventure into a kit grind, and I want to fix that a bit. I also dislike the fact that your home, which you may have spent hours creatively building, gets gutted remarkably quickly by clowns, including the ability to simply lose statues and things that get blown up without you noticing. So, I'm going to include "reinforced" blocks, which will look almost the same as the vanilla tiles but be bomb resistant, with some recipe requirement to create them. Once you've killed all three hardmode bosses, the spread of the hallow and corruption will stop, and the dryad will offer you items to purify both, with the goal of eliminating them from the world. If you successfully achieve that, you'll unlock a portal to her home plane Mysteria, which will act as a sort of super-mode.

    Epic/elite mobs: Basically, I want to make adventuring a bit more flavoured. I want to have random harder versions of normal mobs prowling around too, possibly with slightly improved drops and a higher XP level. Again, a bit more of a long term plan, mostly because I don't want to work on it until I have a clearer idea the result I'm trying to achieve with it (other than "make adventuring more varied"). I want to implement monster resistances to certain types of damage at some stage too.

    New Mobs: Dragons.

    Different planes and dungeons: Eventually, I want to have the ability to portal through to different planes, and have instanced dungeons appear throughout the world randomly - much like the NPCs you need to rescue spawn, but with a much lower probably rate. Each will have different difficulties, and different requirements for you to be able to achieve them. Again, long term thoughts, but elemental planes, hell planes, sky planes etc all sound like a bit of interesting variety, even if they're limited to only spawning when you're in hard mode.

    Monster AI Some of the AI routines suck a bit. I want to look at the possibility of implementing path finding, cover, monster fear, and a number of additional flavour ideas. Obviously zombies are supposed to be stupid, but some of the mobs shouldn't be.

    Multiple spawn points: A big frustration of mine is not being able to have a spawn house, a dungeon entrance house, an underground farm house, and a hell house, all accessible by my magic mirror directly. My intention here is to have an interface when assigning a spawn point, and an interface with the magic mirror, that lets you store a set number (3 probably, maybe 5) of spawn points that can be the default activation destination of the mirror.

    Set items and artifacts: Eventually I'd like to make kit a bit more interesting than the base items + prefix modifier. I'd like to have special artifacts of legendary power hidden in the game, and set items that grant bonuses (more than just armour sets) when they've all been collected and equipped or carried.

    Wiring, traps, triggers and devices:
    Laser tripwires (vertical and horizontal)
    Poison traps
    Light detectors (e.g to trigger lights on/off with night/day automatically)

    Acknowledgements (open)

    Toparia is a project run by Topajeo

    Thanks to all those who have helped make this mod happen, particularly:
    Phlebas for getting me off the ground, ideas, and some really awesome spriting, particularly the animated NPCs
    Travis and Jeoshua for some excellent help with the codebase
    Yoraiz0r for code suggestions and ideas, and getting the conversion from .xnb to .png working like a dream
    Dr. Death[Lexx] for spriting, playtesting and general support
    drsonic1 for spriting of light sources and some of the new thrown weapons

    This mod includes a variation of the following excellent mod:

    Phlebas' StepUp
    And everyone else who has taken the time to download and play the mod, particularly those who have given constructive feedback to help it get better.
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    sounds interesting, but alot of it seems like you'd be breaking apart alot of the game, and realisticly it takes quite a bit out of you to do it

    but it does seem like a sound direction, if u got the skillz

    just dont 'delra' us a release date, and try to work on each part seperately and release em in packs til u got enough to combine

    suggestion to add to Mobs and players both... elemental and status weakness/strength
  3. Yoraiz0r

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    Jan 15, 2012
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    Take your time when you work on it , also is there any way to assist you in some form or another?
    Also , since it has not been stated in the OP , is this intended to be a tConfig mod or a source-based mod?
    Lastly , is there any set of priorities?
  4. Taylor kane

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    Mar 11, 2012
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  5. topazg

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    It's going to be source-based, but at some point it would be cool to see how much work it would be to have a tConfig-ed version - probably a lot of work, but it might be interesting to look into.

    Completed priorities:

    Ranged / thrown separation is complete
    Life Crystal giving 5 health complete
    Combat XP development and progression is basically complete, with the minor problem of saving it to file and reading it :p (I need to work out which bits of the code are reading and writing to file still)

    Next Priorities:

    Defense mechanics
    Crafting and Alchemy skill progression and development, including how it affects forging and potion/buff lengths
    Allowing health to go up to 600 in hard mode with additional health crystals (I may put this off as there are a lot of health checks that would require a player flag of "having unlocked hardmode" to exist - may be trickier than it looks to implement)
    Implement the various currently unimplemented statues

    Later Priorities:
    Working out how fire rate is calculated so that skills can impact that
    Find a sensible mechanic to improve movement speed
    Implement multiple spawns
    Separate out different forms of melee, ranged, and magic into swords and spears, guns and bows/crossbows, and different schools of magic that I haven't decided on yet.

    Then I'll probably revisit my list at the top :D

    For anyone interested, here's a breakdown of how the combat levelling system works:

    Show Spoiler
    Damage dealt is 60% + 2% per level, up to a max of 160%

    XP required for each level is (({level}^2) + (({level}*0.5)^3)) * 8
    XP earned for each succesful hit is {monsterLevel} - ({combatLevel} - {monsterLevel}) - ({monsterLevel} - {damageDealt}). For the latter two reductions, combatLevel must be higher than monsterLevel and damageDealt must be lower than monsterLevel respectively.

    So, hitting a skeleton (level 10 mob) with a melee weapon for 8 points of damage when you have a melee skill of 12 would be 10 - (12-10) - (10-8) = 6 XP towards your melee skill. So basically, up to a point, hitting harder gets you more XP, and having a lower XP level gets you more XP. It's supposed to simulate the requirement of fighting better leading to more experience, and experience being harder to get as you level up. I'll have to play test it a lot before carrying on as I want to get some feel for the balance of the whole thing.
  6. Zero-Exodus

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    Oct 8, 2011
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    and how are mob levels determined?
  7. topazg

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    Dec 11, 2011
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    I've now got it saving to file and loading properly, although it broke save file compatibility of course (le sigh).

    Mob levels are written into the NPC entries for each mob, npc.monsterLevel basically, ranging from 0 (bunnies and goldfish), 1 (green slime), up to 50 (skeletron prime).

    Once I've managed to get .ini support working later on, these will of course be configurable.

    Now I want to get the character skill displaying in a nicer place (it's floating stupidly at the moment), and I'll start looking into the defense mechanics. My gut feeling is damage prevention should be either something like Defense / 2 + Defense% (in which case, I'll need to adjust the balance somewhat, particularly for hardmode armours), or actually have a separate value for each against each armour object.

    First screenie (click to enlarge):


    Those levels and xps were reached by hunting about 10 green slimes and a couple of blue slimes. I'm hoping level progression at the beginning will be reasonably fast, but we'll see if the balance remains later on.
  8. Dr. Death-[Lexx]

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    Mar 26, 2012
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    The ideas you dropped are great. I like what you want to do and implement. Let me know if I can help you out with stuff, spriting, ofc, since I'm a horrible coder. But thumbs up for all of this so far, sounds impressive and it will hopefully be even better in the end.
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  9. Surfpup

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    Aug 14, 2011
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    Please make it work with the Game Launcher. It should be an easy, simple process to switch between mods without having to mess with moving around binary files, and yet every mod I've seen that modifies the source does not do this; it's disappointing to say the least.
  10. 7UR7L3

    7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    Sep 4, 2011
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    It's really easy to do on your own though, you just have to click "generate hash" in the game launcher menu and select the modded terraria application and it should always appear in the game launcher menu.
  11. nababoo

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    Feb 22, 2012
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    Hooray, I liked it...
    This seems like a promising mod.
    Are you going to modify the game mechanics only, or are you going to add a few items of your own?
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  12. Yoraiz0r

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    I'll simply assume that justifying a reason to add a thrown category , given that there are a very minor few amounts of thrown objects in terraria currently implies having more thrown items.
  13. nababoo

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    Feb 22, 2012
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    Ah. Well, this guys seems to be pro at modding. Have you invited him to the CMHQ?
  14. Yoraiz0r

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    Jan 15, 2012
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    -was totally avoiding talking about CMHQ- Currently CMHQ is in a dormant state...I lost hope of myself as a leader and I think with time we all came to the understanding that we enjoy working on our own individual projects rather then the big ones that we all seem to have a compositional problem with.
    -thus , inviting anyone to the CMHQ is unnecessary-
    Also , topazg stated his mod is running off the source of terraria , which basically means he's not using tConfig , and is not modding small things like we used to do in the CMHQ.

    Anyways , I am really eager to see what's waiting ahead , topazg! =D
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  15. topazg

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    I may pick your brains closer to the time, but I'd definitely like to do this .. it's definitely on my todo list! I may make a separate binary executable that can sit in the steam folder for it, that way you don't have to overwrite your default .exe. Hopefully that's easy enough.

    Thanks :)

    Yeah, lots of added items eventually. To begin with, I want to increase the number of throwing weapons as the last poster mentioned, I want to add a lot more low level magic items and have the character start with 20 mana.

    More interestingly (I hope!) I want to do a serious amount of work on traps and mechanisms. My goals are far off still, but things like automated doors, a new collection of traps (both to build and to spawn in interesting places), turrets that aim at hostile mobs, electrified tiles, fortified walls. I'm sure I'll think of a lot more as time goes on, but I don't want to sit here promising too much before I've gotten anywhere near to doing it :p

    EDIT: I do however really suck very badly at spriting and most things graphical. I've already had a very kind offer to do some work on sprites, but I may have quite a lot to have done at some point in the not too distant future

    Ok, 0.1 is out, see edited first post :)

    Feel free to download it and give me feedback!
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  16. Rip187

    Rip187 Piranha

    May 11, 2012
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    wow....love this idea. Terraria RPG. :D

    More dungeons was something I was thinking of and wanted so I look forward to that too. Was thinking about suggesting a Dark/Demon's Souls sort of mod with all those weapons and stuff, but if you could do dungeons I was hoping add some of the awesome bosses at the end of them people can make too with like unique weapon drops those games do. This was something that I think Terraria really missed the boat on in regards to dungeons/bosses. It would be more of a massive item mod than anything, but those games definitely have the skills and stuff like you are doing here.

    Like...wouldn't it be easier to set up if you had people pick their skills/attributes on level up with giving them skill points? Rather than use the Elder Scrolls way I guess. I always found that to be a bit of an annoyance more than sound system, but it can work. PRobalby be tough to make a pop up for the skills though wouldn't it?

    I mean even to the point where they could break the game if they wnated to grind forever. Of course making it very hard to level after a while, but I know I love getting XP forever in games. lol

    EDIT: Sorry...one more thing and I'm sure this will annoy you and I have no idea about coding so I'm probalby being way too in depth about this, but it may be easier too. Scaling was something that always seems too easy to be broken in RPGs. While scaling in theory works, but it just seems to break later on, and make exploration a bit less adventurous I guess. IF you do dungeons it seems like just leaving it the way it is and make certain ares just MUCH harder and not worry about scaling so much. MAybe do like Demon's Souls does though and boost everytting in the regular world up a bit to compensate for it in hardmode, but not actually SCALE everything. Seems much simpler to me, abut this of course assumes you plan to add many more areas and such I guess too. Like different biome values for dungeons to make the enemies spawn and be stronger in that biome only, etc.
  17. Dr. Death-[Lexx]

    Dr. Death-[Lexx] Slimed Zombie

    Mar 26, 2012
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    Downloading and trying it out.
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  18. drsonic1

    drsonic1 Green Slime

    Feb 6, 2012
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    C'mon man, seriously? Slang now? :mad:
  19. AnonTheMouse

    AnonTheMouse Face Monster

    Jan 24, 2012
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    Looks really cool. Not sure about the idea of making hardmode a separate world, though, as that makes the challenges of hardmode considerably less threatening. Blood moon? Portal to normal world. Boss harder than you expected? Same deal. Need some basic supplies, or to level up, and you're not sure your odds against the local mobs? Now you're grinding with portals. So instead, maybe have some additional stratification to how hardmode elements are distributed, and introduce a new NPC, billed as the Guide's elder brother/sister (mentioned in dialogue, their actual job title isn't that important) that appears when you enter hardmode to give advanced tips/warnings on how to progress. To help against the clowns, you could also add in more blast-proof blocks. For one thing, it's absolutely absurd the the bricks made from hardmode ores aren't blast-proof. Also, maybe an 'Ironwood Potion' could be sold from the Dryad with the tooltip "Reinforces Wood" to work like holy/unholy water, but specific to wood, turning it into a slightly differently coloured and un-bombable block, probably also taking longer and requiring better tools to break.
  20. topazg

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    Ok, quick update. I'm currently trying to move out a v0.2 as it will break savefile compatibility (hopefully for the last time, as I want to get a character updater built into the game), but 0.2 will have classes and a world difficulty level. So, if anyone wants to contribute class ideas, they are welcome to. Each basically will have a cap to levels for each combat skill in multiples of 10 (crafting and alchemy are so generically useful they won't be capped). I'm trying to limit the total levels to 80 for the sake of maintaining balance, but obviously there's no reason people can't have overpowered or underpowered characters. Part of the reason I'm doing this is I want it to work really well with RPG based multiplayer servers without having to have a bunch of soft rules in a forum thread.

    Here's some for starters:

    Warrior (open)
    Specialised melee character. Sucks at most other things
    Melee = 50
    Thrown = 10
    Ranged = 10
    Magic = 10

    Ninja (open)
    Specialised throwing weapon character. Sucks at most other things
    Melee = 10
    Thrown = 50
    Ranged = 10
    Magic = 10

    Marksman (open)
    Specialised ranged character. Sucks at most other things
    Melee = 10
    Thrown = 10
    Ranged = 50
    Magic = 10

    Wizard (open)
    Specialised magic character. Sucks at most other things
    Melee = 10
    Thrown = 10
    Ranged = 10
    Magic = 50

    Spellsword (open)
    A magic-user / swordsman who can throw object at enemies in a pinch but has a strong disdain for bows and guns.
    Melee = 30
    Thrown = 20
    Ranged = 0
    Magic = 30

    Ranger (open)
    Swordsman/Archer, with a reasonable competence at magic to support.
    Melee = 30
    Thrown = 0
    Ranged = 30
    Magic = 20

    Assassin (open)
    Has a number of ways of killing from range, but strongly dislikes magic. Is capable enough with a sword if he really has to engage in close combat.
    Melee = 20
    Thrown = 30
    Ranged = 30
    Magic = 0

    Cultist (open)
    Hates getting close and personal with anything, but has a good competence at magic, and a love of poisons has made him a competent user of thrown weapons. Can use guns and bows if he has to.
    Melee = 0
    Thrown = 30
    Ranged = 20
    Magic = 30

    Tourist (open)
    Because some people like a challenge
    Melee = 10
    Thrown = 10
    Ranged = 10
    Magic = 10

    Demigod (open)
    Because some people like being overpowered
    Melee = 50
    Thrown = 50
    Ranged = 50
    Magic = 50

    I'm also intending on implementing 5 tiered activatable "skills" that unlock every 10 levels in each combat skill (total of 20) If you can reach the level, you can activate the skill, and then tie it to a key-mapped hotbar with 3 active skills at any one time (selectable from all those unlocked whenever you want).

    My idea was to have these basically buffs, related to the skill in question, going up in power for each tier. Feel free to post some suggestions if you have them ;)

    I'll respond to your comments a bit later Anon, some excellent points in there that I want to reply to :)

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