[Released] [WIP] Toparia (Terraria RPG Mod)

Discussion in 'Working in Progress Mods' started by topazg, May 10, 2012.

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    He's alive! *Poke's with a stick just to make sure*
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    It's really and awesome mod. It works quite well!

    """Everything I say that follows is just my opinion and I'm not trying to attack you in any way. I just get overzealous about stuff sometimes. Please just take it as my view, and not me complaining. I really do love the mod and would love to see it expanded. I'd be super excited for races (like holorace style sorta) to be added and am definitely looking forward to it being worked on. I wish I had any experience coding outside of what i took in college so i could work on stuff like this haha."""

    The only thing I'm miffed about is how throwing weapons are kinda the short end of the stick but since you broke them into a separate catagory recently, this is possibly just a result of that. Even the consumable ones that are a pain to keep around *because they only stack up to 250, and you always throw them, as opposed to guns which stack up to 1000, and have chances to not use ammo* never really get interesting abilities at all. The daggers always act the exact same, dont fly far, cant pierce enemies really like spells or melee. I was so excited for ninja, and did fine until hell.. but i get mobbed by bats and stuff in hell and I wont be able to retrive my precious daggers cause of the lava if I used them, yet the flamarang doesnt cut it against mobs since it only hits one. It would definitely be awesome if more throwing weapons were added, cause thats one of my favorite things you did! I do love that the daggers have their own movement arc. Maybe add craftable enchanted daggers that are like the one dropped by the mimic (and require no ammo) or possibly make that one a thrown weapon instead of magic and make it require no mana?((edit) just got a mimic to drop one. Saw that you indeed did do this, but it doesnt auto throw like the other daggers do. Did they always autothrow, or was that a thing you changed? if so, was it intended that this dagger did not. Also, since its a hardmode weapon and drop only, maybe make it a little more powerful? I absolutely love the enchanted dagger, but by hardmode its pretty much useless sadly, and thats the only place to get it. I almost consider starting a new character just to use it from the start lol.)

    Also, some of the skills seem lackluster. As for actives, ive only gotten to test invisibility (doesnt seem to do anything aside from make your skin vanish) and shine body, but for shine body, if possible, I'd make the skill a toggle instead of having to recast it every 5 min *same with water/lava walking.. though i havent gotten to that one so I dunno if its got a cooldown* ((edit) I got to it, and its quite useful in hell, just a pain in the butt to get all the drops for it. Would still be nice if it was a toggle or something since wizard to get perm gravity control lol)) and some of the passives are lackluster. The ninja *or thrown level 20* body one that gives movespeed and extra jump height.. could you replace the movespeed with double jump, or no fall damage. it seems pointless to use because the jump height is already gained from a cloud in the bottle + red balloon later, and since they dont stack, and the item gets combined, it becomes almost useless, at least to me.((edit) I did ditch it later once I got wings as the double jump becomes useless and I had the spectre boots, but thats in hard mode.)) I had both on.. but the cloud in a balloon was better because it could add extra stats like defense, instead of near useless move speed (which you apparantly gain on level anyhow?) I guess this could be solved with better accessories for throwers too? The ninja passives just seem lackluster compared to the other classes.

    Is the magic lvl 20 passive bugged? It says doubles magic regeneration, but what it really seems to do is max regen, regardless of if you move or not, making magic unbelieveably superior to the other forms of combat because you basically never need to worry about mana, and spells generally naturally have decent damage and pierce targets etc. I found that out on my wizard and was like... Wha!?! Wizards seem to get the godly end of the stick where passives are concerned, later getting permanent grav potion if im not mistaken. They also get 5% bonus damage at level 10 to all types of damage. Considering the ranged get 4% crit and the melee get 4 armor, they come in second... but throw gets move speed.... clearly the least useful by far :(

    I'd give ninja's permanant water walking and change the active skill honestly. Personally I'd make the passives fairly unique and not just new slot with an items effect, unless that item was a potion or a specific increase to an ability that isnt found directly on an item, i can see those being cool passives. The thrown lvl 50 being a slightly longer invuln time, while there is an accessory that does that seems lackluster. Maybe make the passives something people might really find interesting to use. I personally feel ninja's should naturally get no fall damage, extra jump height, water walking, double throw *as a passive instead of a skill possibly.. I feel throwing tends to be under powered compared to the other two because it lacks range/pierce/the damage the others tend to have and the really good items must be made over and over. Possibly for throwing I would do night vision at 10, no fall/higher jump at 20 (also because the higher jump makes jumping much more dangerous lol), water walking at 30 (thats as high as ive been able to play and test) Possibly make the throw passives more about mobility and stuff with skills. ((edit) I just got the 5 light disks.. and was a little sad. The damage dropped from the mithril chakram, so although I could throw them faster, unless I crit they do very little damage. I tried using them against bosses, but found that only the assassin daggers were pheasable because of the 3 hits they *can* do, and their higher damage. I still havent been able to beat skeletron with the ninja. I got him to half health, but had burned through most of my daggers in the process, although it does seem you made it so they always respawn if you can find them and dont hit the item on the ground limit)

    I really need to get into testing the others, but testing through play takes quite a while to level up after 20 lol ( i made a monster hall with statues to level up.. which may be a bug that they still give exp and drop pages?)((edit) Did more testing. Up into hardmode.. mostly through it. The assassin daggers are nice. I tried some magic up to about lvl 35 so far. Magic still easily outshines the others once you get past the goo staff. I found an early water bolt and was destroying. Usually I go for demon scythe, but i have still yet to have it drop. Once I got crystal storm and magical harp *my ninja put the world in hardmore, and I build a soul farm in the hallow and corruption* I really could just wander with relative impunity at the rate mana regens with that passive))

    Also adding the burning particle (dust?) to the flaming daggers would be a small cosmetic change, but would fit quite well. ((edit) Also, possibly making their poisoned weapons passive make all weapons they use inflict poison? And the assassins daggers, although made the same as poisoned daggers, dont inflict poison like they do. was that intended? Making a hallow equivalent throwing weapon would be nice damage wise, as the light disks dont really cut it, but boomerangs etc have the caveat that they have that return delay *even with 5* can never pierce, and hit a single target but cannot be modded like guns by using different ammo. Crystal ammo makes guns possibly multi hit with each shot, and meteor adds reflect, but ranged gets no options like this. A possible idea is instead of just crafting knives, you craft a knife case (as the item to put in your bar) and make knives ammo. Then the different knife cases can do base damage and maybe have effects, but you can change the knives in the case for different effects etc. This would also make it so knives could be placed in ammo slots so you didnt run out after 250 throws and didnt need to take up a bunch of inventory with knives.))
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    Merry Whatever-Winter-Day-Of-Celebration-Your-Belief-System-Endorses, everyone!
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    Heya Guys, I just wanted to ask - How come that worn armor (other than Vanity Items) are not visible for other players nor have any effect (Miner's Helmet doesn't give off light for others)~

    Other than that I like the setup a lot (if you press CTRL+H on start at least :p)
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    O'thank god ^_^
    Hope it all gets better for you soon Topazg :)
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    Thought Topazg Fixed the Damage Formula...

    Playing as a Demigod, with 21 Defence, the Eye of Culthulu, hits me once, dealing 400+ HP Damage... i was insta killed and was like O_O...

    Does the Damage out put also effects world Difficulty as well has Amped HP?
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    I noticed an exploitable bug, if you place a rough bed facing away from a door with one block inbetween, you can get infinite rough beds back by simply spam-opening the door next to the door!

    See here:
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    i believe it has been noted before, several times, it memory serves me well
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    Added a bunch of edits to my post as I went through and did more stuff
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    Great mod, definitley brings Terraria alive again. Anyway i stopped playing Terraria for a few months after Re-digit left, and i came back now and started looking for some mods to install. Could you possibly make this work with tConfig as i would like to run it with other mods. I attempted to do this by renaming the "contents" folder to toparia and then renaming the "toparia.gli" to "toparia.obj" it worked because it showed up in tconfig with the on off option but when i tried to turn it on it told me that the files were in the wrong order. Now not knowing how to program anything to save my life i have no idea how to remedy this, so yeah it would be kind of nice to be able to play this with my other mods. Still playing this mod alone, but you know...
    Anyway a few suggestions include maybe making the ability to use your fists to kill monsters, then you could add some classes from DnD(another suggestion) such as the monk. RPG games also include quests so maybe adding an NPC that you can get that gives you quests is an idea. Also maybe after you kill the wall of flesh you can choose to turn to the side of Corruption or the side of Hallow giving you bonuses towards certain creatures each way.
    Nothing to complex i hope just a few ideas that i thought would be good.
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    @Neverwinterkni, Your request has been discussed several times throughout this thread. Unfortunately, it's simply not feasible. First of all, Toparia makes some changes that just aren't possible with tConfig. It's essentially a completely different game, building off of Terraria's engine. Even if you could get Toparia's code to run under tConfig, though, any mod you wanted to run with it would have to be specially coded to work with Toparia, as there are changes to how pretty much every aspect of the game is handled. Especially, anything adding mobs would need to be recoded, in order for those mobs to work correctly with Toparia's experience and level system. So, really, it's not a matter of getting Toparia to work with tConfig, it's a matter of getting everything else to work with Toparia. If you'd like, you can try asking for them to make a Toparia version of tConfig, and finding people to mod for it, but I'm sorry to say that I don't fancy your chances.
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    Wasn't Toparia Coded with C#, that would explain why its Engine is more, Advanced then your Average tConfig mod, what Topazg is doing, is way Beyond Modding, which makes this a Truely Unique mod, Which is pretty Epic, if you think about it

    P.S. I'm too Working on a Mod now :), so, I'm no intending to Poach players, or steal Loyalty, but instead, read what i have on the front page, and may even help Test :)
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    Thanks for the feedback, what you said makes sense it was actually something i thought would be a problem, along with that most terraria mods are huge, being large mods with several different aspects unlike MC mods which are usually smaller with one piece of content. Anyway i don't want to go and pester other modders about this, because they probably have enough to worry about without me coming in a begging for a huge add-on to their all ready crazily massive mod. Still like the idea of classes and such in Terraria, and it's a terrible shame that this just isn't able to work with other mods.
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    Hey Topazg, Me and my freind are gonna make a lets play of this video. Just wanted to let you know! This mod is my favorite mod for Terraria, keep up the good work!
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    Before I say this, let me explain: I know how ungodly difficult and extensive this must have been, and I understand it's not compatible with tConfig or what-have-you. I say what I'm about to say, not as a call for you to fix anything, but to understand that - as one of many users or would-be users of this mod - this is my problem and someone else may or may not know what to do about it, if anything.

    Simply put, I play Terraria for the adventure and - more importantly - the creative aspect. I was hoping to make a Castlevania-esque world, and so with this mod adding in a ton of NPC's to fill the home like the king and such, I thought this mod would be perfect. I guess I should have known that because it can't utilize tConfig and it's a complete overhaul, programs like Tedit and Terrariviewer would not be able to edit my character. Reason being, I play single player and would rather not sit around and grind out ores for the entire day to build my castle. I'd rather grind for item materials and special blocks, but after the 500th stone ore you begin saying to yourself, "What am I doing here? Why am I doing this? Where is that hot dog smell coming from?"

    So, since I cannot give myself blue brick to plop out a beginning castle and set myself up with some wood for furniture, I must ask: is there no way to make this compatible with anything like Tedit or Terrariviewer? Is there an external program that WILL work with it? Or is this mod solely for bare-boned grinding and beginning everything all over again like a limited vanilla? Don't get me wrong, this mod is GREAT, but... With no way to use blocks to make a massive castle (that would not only require massive time to place, but with blocks that can't even be crafted), I'm not sure I want to use this mod.

    Yeah, yeah, that sounds bad: "I can't cheat, so screw this." But it's not like that. I just want to create a massive work of art like I do with tConfig Terraria, and still be able to utilize the awesome features of your mod including the NPC's, leveling system, and monsters. In other words, be free with the aesthetics and artistic licensing, but work hard at earning the NPC's, endgame content, so forth. Any suggestions?
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    Since i maybe the first to read this and Comment on it, I would say this, if you are in for the Creative and Building side, this mod may not be the one for you, but if your into HardCore Challenge game play, and work for it, then this mod is diffidently for you, either way, all this is written in C# Unlike tConfig, (Not saying tConfig is impossible to do this sort of skill) But this is what Topazg chosen, and many people love it, such as my self, but things are deffently Possible to change, but right now, all we can do is Sit Patiently, I'm hoping this Mod will be Updated soon :)
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    You are pathetic. I hope you and your stupidity are brought to justice.

    As far as the response to my comment, I'm certain the main goals were hardcore game grindage and not for serious building. I'm simply stating that in my shoes, this mod is perfect for me except for that *one* issue. It may never be resolved, but I'm just putting it out there as feedback in case something is possible in the future.
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    Do not post any further useless comments. This is considered spamming and doesn't serve any purpose. Dont do it again.
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    I dont see why not, will Require a Coder to make such a Program, but i guess its possible, Ask the Devs of them Programs to see if they can make Compatability Components.

    I know TEdit aint compatable, but if they know "This" Exists, they would probably make it work :)
  20. Merancapeman

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    Well, I'm glad you see where I'm coming from. The reason I posted on here was partly because I'm surprised this mod isn't as popular as it is. Granted, overhauls that don't work with a widely accepted mod program like tConfig are considered somewhat tedious (probably for small reasons like this), but it's a lot of excellent mods and ideas rolled into one. It handles very well, offers some great challenges, and breathes some new life into Terraria that it should have had since the beginning. I just hope there's a way to make this work.

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