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  1. wonay

    wonay Green Slime

    Hi everybody !

    FAQ (open)

    • How do I install it ?
      • open WonRak.zip
      • go to your Terraria's steam folder ( should be program file/steam/steamaps/common/terraria )
      • replace the "content" folder
      • replace terraria.exe
      • replace TerrariaServer.exe
      • go back to steam and play the game as usual
    • How do I uninstall it ?
      • Go to steam
      • Use the checking function, steam will erase the mod
    • Will I loose my classic game's saves ?
      • No ! The classic game and the Mod dont share the same folder.
    • If I uninstall it, will I lose my mod game's saves ?
      • No ! The classic game and the Mod dont share the same folder.

    ALPHA Version
    Release : Click HERE

    mirror: HERE

    Servers (open)

    Server1 (open)

    Thanks to Bakon
    WEBITE :
    Hostname: upinsmoke.no-ip.org
    port: 410
    password: ganja

    Server2 (open)

    thanks to Azure :
    IP: TerrariaRPG.us.to
    Port: 410
    Pass: Everything

    RP server (open)

    More information, RP story : http://www.terrariaonline.com/threa...sia-wonrak-rpg-mod-leveling-quests-ect.82563/

    Wiki (open)

    Screenshots! (open)

    Thanks to Nakano15

    Progress ! (open)

    Skills (open)

    • Quest Level, allow you to get more difficult quests
    • Pickaxe Skill, allow you to use better pickaxes
    • Hammer Skill, allow you to use better hammers
    • Axe Skill, allow you to use better axes
    • Dead Skill, respawn faster and with more life
    • Jump Skill, jump higher
    • Magic Skill, consume less mana, more mana damage and critic, allow you to use better magic weapons
    • Melee Ability, more damage and critic, allow you to use better melee weapons
    • Ranged Skill, more damage and critic, allow you to use better range weapon
    • Armor Skill, more based armor , allow you to use better armors
    • Cooking Skill, not useful for the moment
    • Farming Skill, not useful for the moment
    • Drinking Skill, make the cold down for the potion slower, increase by drinking potions
    • Swimming Skill, you can breath longer under water ( cannot grow up yet )

    Quests (lvl) (open)

    • Rabbit hunt (1)
    • Slime hunt (2)
    • Zombie hunt (3)
    • Jumping (1)
    • Minning (1)
    • Eye hunting (5)
    • Kill EOC (10)
    • Kill flying beast (6)
    • Wood Harvest (1)
    • Fishing (5)
    • Clean corruption (8)
    • Collect Durt (1)
    • Collect Ores (2)
    • Goblin Invasion (11)
    • Thanks to WarfighterSev for these quests :
      • Collect Electronic Stuff (7)
      • Kill Skeletron (17)
      • Kill EOW (14)
      • Kill skeletrons (4)
      • Dungeon expert (17)
      • Kill Soul eaters (7)
      • Craft a crown (7)
      • Kill WOF (20)
      • Kill Twins (25)
      • Kill skeleton prime (30)
      • Meteor harvesting (23)
      • Kill clown (23)
      • Kill king slime (11)
      • holy warrior (22)
      • Rainbow Hater (22)
      • Deep Sea Diver (11)

    Items (id) (open)

    • Armor set ( Hallow armor but for the copper/iron/silver/gold)
      • helmet (591) : 1 copper helmet, 1 iron helmet, 1 silver helmet, 1 gold helmet
      • pants (592) : 1 copper greaves, 1 iron greaves , 1 silver greaves , 1 gold greaves
      • body (593): 1 copper chainmail, 1 iron chainmail , 1 silver chainmail , 1 gold chainmail
    • Chainsaw Sword (594)
      • 1 iron broadsword + 10 wires + 15 silver bar
    • wizard wand ( earn it from a quest or by killing EOC ) (589)
    • rocket launcher (586)
      • 1 illegal part + 30 iron bar
    • rocket (587)
      • 2 dynamite + 20 gel + 2 iron bar
    • targetting rocket (588)
      • 2 dynamite + 20 gel + 5 iron bar + 1 fallen star
    • a bolter (590)
      • 2 musket, 1 space gun
    • Gazmask (595)
      • 15 Uranium Barrel
    • Radiation Suite (596)
      • 20 Uranium Barrel
    • Plastique Boots (597)
      • 15 Uranium Barrel
    • Iode Pills (598)
      • 1 Bottled Water -> 5 pills
      • 1 Water Bucket -> 15 pills
    • Fusion Gun (599)
      • 1 illegal part + 25 Uranium Barrel + 1 Sunfury
    • Uranium Powder (600)
    • Uranium Barrel (601)
      • 3 Uranium Powder
    • Uranium Combustible (602)
      • 2 Uranium Barrels
    • Radiation Stone (603)

    Commands (open)

    (don't abuse about these commands, this will write a note in your character file (for a fair pvp ;)) )
    • Give a mark :
      • give objects ( giveitem [playerid] [objectid] [quatity, by default = 1])
      • set the level of a skill (setlvl [playerid] [statid (can be 'ALL')] [lvl])
    • Don't give a mark :
      • get the ids' skill list (statid)
      • get the ids' player list (playerid)
      • get the ids' quests list (questid)
      • clean quest of a player (cleanquest [playerid])
      • give a quest to a player (givequest [playerid] [questid])
      • change spawn rate (hardspawnmode)
      • start the hardmode (gohardmode)
      • get the ids' npc list (npcid)
      • make a specific npc spawned (makespawn [playerid] [npcid]

    Random things done/fixed (open)

    • Boost XP earn for the axe skill
    • trouble about harpies and quest "cut some wings" ( need some checking )
    • Display a 'global level' when your mouse is over a player
    • fix the glitch when a npc kill a rabbit it valids the condition for the elder to come
    • Synchronization real time about skill in multiplayer
    • cooperation quest
    • new first screens with WonRak name
    • some quests didnt work with ranged and magic
    • EOC drop the first magic weapon which need level 0 in magic to be used
    • add a produceVersion boolean, now cheats wont be able in the public version
    • the mod has a version
    • Drinking skill
    • Help in the guide about how to get the new npc ( The Elder, who give the quests )
    • add an effect to the new armor set
    • add some commands on the server side
    • max level for skills : 150
    • All quests turn green when only one is done
    • Thanks to Gom PE :
      • Copper, iron, silver and gold breastplates craft armored pants.
      • Blade of grass requires only level 2 melee ability. (fix to level 13)
      • Pickaxe quest says "ressource" instead of "resource"
      • Hallow mushrooms and some hallowgrass are solid tiles.
      • Jungle armor, arcane items, etc. do not increase max mana visually.
      • Bolter and space gun cost nothing.
      • When mobs die by traps or stars, you level up magic. Message: "Falling star just earned 45 XP by killing Zombie!!"
      • Ranged weapon kills are strange: "Wooden Arrow just earned 5 XP by killing Bunny!!"

    TODO ( no ordered by importance ) (open)

    • Healing spell
    • Cooking skill
    • Farming skill
    • Swimming skill
    • Ammo skill
    • Speed skill
    • Immunity skill
    • Heat resistance skill
    • Builder skill
      • increase the distance where you can place a block
      • X% chance to dont use the item
    • More Quests
    • More items
    • Try to update from 1.1 to 1.1.2; and after :
      • new npc who sell pets
    • Better computing about damage / defense
    • Special item, when you craft it, the result depends on your skills
    • new bosses
    • bosses should drop items ( weapons and armors )
    • problem about jump in water
    • weird trouble with sand has to be fixed in multiplayer (critical bugg)
    • new biome.... Surprise !
    • don't get twice the same quests
    • new npc which sell basic armor once the hardmode is on
    • quest available with condition ( event in the game like kill EOC )
    • be able to cancel a quest
    • (FIND, KILL or ESCORT) "NPC" from a "BIOME" to home quest
    • bugg report from Grom PE :
      • And several other misspellings and language inconsistencies.
      • Several items: bolter, harpoon, chainsaw sword, others cannot be reforged.
      • Could level up magic not only by damaging enemies but also by using utility
        magic items: magic mirror, light orb, etc.
      • Drinking skill could level up by drinking buff potions, too. Currently it levels too slowly.
    • add some commands on the server side
      • teleport player
    • Thanks to WarfighterSev for these quests :
      • A line of quests ... surprise :p
  2. forevermining

    forevermining Green Slime

    no offense but im only an idea guy so if that is cool with you then i could send you some stuff
  3. wonay

    wonay Green Slime

    yes great ! its what im looking for :)
    actually there is a skill about 5 skills
    3 basic quests
    a complete new armor
    and two new weapons
    XboyQ likes this.
  4. DannyB

    DannyB Green Slime

    i could also help with ideas i actually have some right now ;)
  5. forevermining

    forevermining Green Slime

    ok then one question i need to ask then is what do you want to make of this mod?
  6. wonay

    wonay Green Slime

    I want to add a RPG aspect to Terraria, some goals, to have something to do during this journey.

    I remember my first game in terraria i was lost without aims, nothing to do , just mining , mining all day, it was quiet boring.

    and to every body dont say " i have some ideas " , just post them lol ^^ I will program them , and when the mod will be interresting, i'll post the result :)
    XboyQ likes this.
  7. DannyB

    DannyB Green Slime

    ok you know how there is just ONE end game armor. why not implement another and then the player can choose to either go the holy way or the cursed way. and also matching swords ;D
  8. wonay

    wonay Green Slime

    i began some thing like that :
    i make 3 skills : melee , range and magic,
    which grow up when you use melee , range or magic weapons
    so i could make as you suggest several armors specific to these skills
  9. DannyB

    DannyB Green Slime

    awsome! will this be for servers or just singleplayer?
  10. Locks

    Locks Green Slime

    Sounds great, I'll be sure to help along by suggesting some ideas, maybe even sprites. Good luck!
  11. alakifan

    alakifan Cursed Man

    Make it for TMA!
    Chocorate likes this.
  12. DannyB

    DannyB Green Slime

    with the "!" and your profile pic i feel like your kinda yelling at the screen
    Klokinator and Joergerbomb like this.
  13. wonay

    wonay Green Slime

    it suposed to be multiplayer but today i just discover some trouble when i want launch a server, that sucks !
  14. Ikaro

    Ikaro Hornet

    If you need graphics to be done then I'm up for it.
  15. DannyB

    DannyB Green Slime

    aaw too bad :(
  16. fightersharp

    fightersharp Dark Caster

    a good quest would be like stuff during the beginning like get a dryad or get 10 lenses but l8r it could be like get 1000 pixie dust or shit like that.
  17. wonay

    wonay Green Slime

    I juste made a quest to kill "eye of ctulhu" this quest will give special reward. I added too some basic quest, like use your pickaxe or jump to increase your skill at the begining of the game.

    I just fixed it yesterday ^^ i worked until 3am lol some synchronisation trouble :p but multiplayer is working now.

    And I took a long time to add a requiered level to all the basic items, i dont know if the progression is good or not but it looks fine :) Like to use the gold pickaxe you have to train melee skill and pickaxe skill to 10 something like that, so its quiet nice !
  18. Skele

    Skele Green Slime

    Can we see some pics?
    Is it so hard?
  19. DannyB

    DannyB Green Slime

    nice :D and if you would want testers i would love to because this mod sounds awsome :D
  20. fightersharp

    fightersharp Dark Caster

    So when will this mod be up?
    Also im with danny if u need beta testers im free to do it.

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