Replace Corruption in Normalmode.

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by DarthEnderX, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Possessed Armor

    I was just thinking that since the Corruption and the Hallow are the "stars" of Hardmode, that the Corruption shouldn't be added to the world until after you enter Hardmode.

    Instead, replace the Corruption with another, similar biome. Like a Swamp or something. Something that's thematically similar, but doesn't spread like the Corruption and Hallow.

    EDIT: Ended up making some pics to show what I was talking about later in the thread. Added them here also.


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  2. spazythespaz

    spazythespaz Hell Bat

    *face palm* the point of corruption early is so that there is the bane of the world. It still spreads, and is usefull... Now swamp biome is called Surface jungle...

    The point of Hardmode is to add in hallow, being the only biome capable to preventing and stopping corruption spread. Your currently suggestion has no point, as your suggesting we remove a current biome, and replace it with an already existing current biome...
  3. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Possessed Armor

    I don't really care WHAT you replace it with. I just think it's stupid that there's supposed to be this dichotomy between Corruption and Hallow, that doesn't really exist in normalmode.

    Either there shouldn't be corruption in normalmode at all, or there should be a lesser version of the Hallow in normalmode also.
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  4. DarkDXZ

    DarkDXZ Cursed Skull

    Underworld the heck NO!

    Corruption is intended normalmode biome that is the main threat in the game (for the most part).
    What would happen to Eater of Worlds? Shadow Orbs? Demonite?

    The Hallow is a...Bless to allow you to fight the improved Corruption off in hardmode.
    So, no replacing Corruption.
  5. Namorax

    Namorax Bunny

    I think that removing or replacing the surface Corruption at the start of the game is not possible:

    The "corruption" consists of the tainted dirt/rock, the very deep chasms, the cavern(s) you can find at the bottom of some chasms, the democ altars and the shadow orbs. If you remove corruption during world-creation, you have to remove everything connected to it.
    Furthermore, I cannot imagine pockets of Hallow during normal mode without feeling that the world gets too crowded.

    But I admit that I like the idea that killing the WoF causes the chasms to spawn (Apocalypse now?), leaving the consequences for player-made structures aside.
  6. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Possessed Armor

    And your right, which is stupid, because a Jungle is not the same thing as a Swamp, and yet the Surface Jungle is clearly modeled after a swamp. They should be two separate things. With the swamp being like the Jungle is now, and the Jungle being made into just a denser forest, you know, like a real jungle. And for the Underground Swamp you'd use the mushroom caverns the game already has.

    Let it be summoned anywhere, just like every other boss in the game?

    Put them in the Dungeon? Or the Underground Swamp?

    It would continue to be found all over the map and drops off bosses, like it does already?

    You know how the Hallow and Corruption spawn in a giant wide bar when you start Hardmode? It would be cool if the game added one giant chasm in the middle of each of those that cuts all the way through the map.
  7. WolfieNM

    WolfieNM Cursed Man

    As I can see it.. 5-6 chasms of corruption already exists in normal mode.. it's annoying already as it is. When hardmode enters the corruption is on steroids, anything near them or between them is lost in corruption the chance of strip taking over is an annoying case figure too, corruption is the high tail freak out mostly as I can see. only way I see it is.. seeding through hallow seeds in normal mode to fight it before hand.. unless that's out of the question, then just needs less annoying chasms and just make it a single huge biome of death.
  8. snark

    snark Green Slime

    you are stupid
    the corruption is there and the hallowed is blocked by wall of flesh's dark powers xD once you defeat wall of flesh you free hallowed and hallowed does its work done stop the press ! xDD
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  9. Namorax

    Namorax Bunny

    Dont forget that the corruption suddenly boosts its spreading speed! :p

    No matter what the corruption gets replaced with during pre-hardmode... fact is that once the WoF is dead the chasms have to magically appear... any iideas how to make that transition easier? Or do I just have to imagine that a giant imaginary claw rakes across the world and the slashes become the shasms?
  10. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Possessed Armor

    *shrug* I don't even know why you'd need the chasms. The chasms are just a way for the corruption to reach into the underground. Which you don't need in hardmode because a huge slice of the underground gets converted to corruption automatically.

    That, or that could be what you replace normalmode Corruption with instead of a swamp. Chasms. Not corrupted chasms. Just a regular, natural Chasms biome.

    And yet apparently the Corruptions is also being blocked by the Wall's "dark powers". That makes total sense...
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  11. snark

    snark Green Slime

    yes and thats cool becous its like a story a sandbox rpg game like terraria has a strory ???? that helps amagination and people start to make stories like wall of flesh keeps coruptin in or something and when wall of **** is defeated the hallow comes to your world by a magical force xD and helps you XD.
    but thats enought EOW ?? were will he go ?he will be there only on harmode ?
  12. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Possessed Armor

    Make him summonable anywhere, like every other boss in the game?
  13. Fishbertus

    Fishbertus Herpling

    I have a great idea! Instead of normalmode corruption or swamp... the Blight!
    It would be great because it makes that area like 'endgame' for normalmode. Like the dungeon.
  14. Valanthril

    Valanthril Rikku

    Please refrain from calling people stupid.
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  15. snark

    snark Green Slime

    ok monster from corruption can spawn without corruption ?
    where are we going to find corruption monsters to get the materials from ?
  16. Fishbertus

    Fishbertus Herpling

    ... Think of it like this, if swamp replaces corruption, eater of worls will look like a swamp worm, eater of souls will also look swampy. Just like they turned cobalt armor into jungle.
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  17. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Possessed Armor

    Exactly. You could make the Devourers into, like, giant centipedes. Same monster. Different look.
  18. Fishbertus

    Fishbertus Herpling

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  19. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Possessed Armor

    Also, kind of like how it's always snowing in the new Snow biome, it could always be raining in the Swamp biome.

    Just like Misery Mire in Link to the Past.
  20. Sprog

    Sprog Green Slime

    facepalm is one word last i checked

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