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Discussion in 'PC' started by Droopy, Jun 5, 2011.

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  1. Droopy

    Droopy Green Slime

    Hey guys I'm new to terraria and I just want to know what the best weapons and armor sets and accesories are for like melee and magic situations
  2. doobie

    doobie Squirrel

    Personally, when fighting:

    Armor: Jungle

    Hotbar : Muramasa, Sunfury, Phoenix Blaster​
    Inv: Fiery Greatsword, Flower Of Fire, Molten Fury [sometimes Blade of Grass for reach]​

    Accessories: Shiny Red Baloon, Cobalt Shield, Feral Claws, Health/Mana Ring, Rocket Boots/Cloud in a Bottle
  3. UVERkill

    UVERkill Green Slime

    My setup for ranged DPS/mobility:

    Armor: Jungle
    Weapons: Phoenix Blaster (with meteor shots), Sunfury, and (sometimes) Flamelash
    Accessories: Rocket Boots, Hermes Boots, Shiny Red Balloon, Cobalt Shield, Lucky Horseshoe

    edit: if you have a ton of stars... starcannon just owns everything
  4. Loot

    Loot Green Slime

    For Melee:

    Armor: Shadow Armor
    Weapon: Muramasa with Phoenix Blaster for ranged mobs
    Accessory: 2 Feral claws than any 3 of your choice

    The above setup will give the maximum melee dps with the most customization. Shadow can be subbed with Jungle but will require a 3rd Feral Claw to reach attack speed cap, leaving you less freedom in accessories.
  5. topbannana100

    topbannana100 Green Slime

    Weapon:Muramasa phoenix blaster and maybe minishark (good for killing bosses)
    Armour: Not really sure it depends what your weapon your using but i like to use necro armor for melee
    Accessory: Rocket boots, lucky horseshoe, shiny red balloon, cobalt shield and Hermes boots.
  6. Hosko21

    Hosko21 Green Slime

    I notice how everyone kind of gave you end game content gear lol.

    Jungle armor + feral claws will probably the last gear you get, for now just try and make good gear from the ore you mine (increases in defence from Copper => Iron => Silver => Gold) this is followed by Shadowscale armor (melee speed bonus) which you make from Demonite ore dropped from the Eye of Cthulu and the Eater of Worlds (eater of worlds also drops an armor piece usually).

    Once you've got Shadowscale you can either try and find the Jungle biome for jungle armor, or do what most prefer and dig down to Hellworld and mine some Hellstone & Obsidian to make Molten tools & armor (i recommend this as the Molten tools especially make the gameplay a lot faster... no one like mining slowly).

    Hope this helps!
  7. Reflex

    Reflex Cave Bat

    Weapons: Fiery Greatsword,Phoenix blaser,Muramasa,Flamelash,Sunfury
    Armour:Molton,Jungle or Necro I use Necro speed is usfull
    Accessory:Rocket Boots,HermesBoots,Red Balloon,Cloud in a bottle,Lucky horseshoe
    Its mainly a speed set and it works
  8. Loot

    Loot Green Slime

    While this is mostly true, the Nightmare Pickaxe mines faster than the Molten.
  9. Reflex

    Reflex Cave Bat

    u forgot necro
  10. Fewd

    Fewd Cursed Skull


    Armor: Molten
    Weapons: Sunfury
    Accessories: Cloud/ Hermes/ Shield/ Horseshoe/ Rocket


    Armor: Jungle
    Weapons: Flamelash
    Accessories: Cloud / Starpower Ring/ Shield/ Rocket/ Horseshoe
  11. Hosko21

    Hosko21 Green Slime

    Really? I guess it's faster for Dirt n stuff, or is it faster for Meteor/Hellstone?

    No i didn't. Necro comes from bones you collect from mobs in the Dungeon and takes quite some time to collect all the cobwebs. I figure a new player would have more luck and an easier time going to Hellworld first, well i did lol.

    There's technically a 'lot' that i missed, i have every item in the game x2 at least i just tried not to overload with information and keep to the point
  12. Reflex

    Reflex Cave Bat

    no i mean u didn't mention it
  13. Loot

    Loot Green Slime

    Faster for everything iirc.
  14. Ghilleh

    Ghilleh Cursed Man

    It's only faster for soft blocks, as for everything else the Nightmare Pickaxe needs twice as many hits.
  15. Droopy

    Droopy Green Slime

    Honestly, I only really do monster fights and pvp with people so I just spawn my gear. Most of everything you guys said was bad though. The stuff that I found to be good was:

    Wizard Hat
    Jungle Chest
    Jungle Pants
    Rocket Boots
    4x Ring of Starpower
    Aqua Scepter

    Molten Helmet
    Molten Breastplate
    Molten Greaves
    Rocket Boots
    4x Feral Claws

    For Traveling I use:
    Necro Set
    Rocket Boots
    Hermes Boots
    Cloud in a Bottle
    Shiny Red Ballon
    Cobalt Shield

    Yea I'm only really looking for things that will max my damage.
    Oh and I do use Star Cannon occasionally :D
    If you think it's noob that I spawn items I really don't have the time to gather everything myself. I have school and exams to do I'd rather have that instant gratification rather than using my studying time getting one piece of armor.
  16. Jerryman

    Jerryman Demon Eye

    Armor: [Jungle Armor 3/3]
    Accessories: [Lucky Horseshoe], [Cloud in a Bottle], [Rocket Boots], [Red Shiny Baloon], [Hermes Boots]
    Weapons on Hotbar: [Muramasa] For close combat, [Flamelash] For PvP, [Starfury] For fighting Skeletron

    I think it just comes down to personal preference but that's how I like to play everyday.
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  17. Archina

    Archina Fire Imp

    Just stating opinion here but I don't think you need lucky horseshoe. You already have 2 accessories with the potential to negate fall damage (CiaB and RB.) It's probably replace is with something like the Band of Regen or Cobalt Shield.
  18. Jerryman

    Jerryman Demon Eye

    Oh so.. double jumping with CiaB now negage fall damage? :eek:
  19. Archina

    Archina Fire Imp

    Yea they put it back in 1.0.3. Rocket Boots still negated fall damage in 1.0.2 though. After I get one of these two items I never use the Lucky Horseshoe any more as they fill in the job nicely.
  20. Jerryman

    Jerryman Demon Eye

    Oh nice, didn't know, thanks! :) Gonna replace Lucky Horseshoe with Cobalt Shield then :)
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