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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by MrGameNerd1998, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. MrGameNerd1998

    MrGameNerd1998 Green Slime

    Pokemon is one of my favorite series. I also love Terraria. Can somebody make a mod or link me to a mod that will bring these together. Many thanks!
  2. FireballJoe

    FireballJoe Eskimo Zombie

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  3. smokesjackson

    smokesjackson Snow Flinx

    no +2
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  4. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Please accept my entire disapproval to the request. (no+3)
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  5. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

  6. MrGameNerd1998

    MrGameNerd1998 Green Slime

    Wow. Shot down by Yoraiz0r...
  7. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Don't get me wrong , IF the request made any sense to upbring the concept of having tame-able standstill command-able mobs turn based into a tile based real-time 2d world with an emphasis about the character , I would have totally accepted it with my so called 'challenge accepted'.


    -Pokemon is turn based , the latter plays a LARGE priority in that game , as opposed to terraria's real-time gameplay.

    -Pokemons in the game can be opened up everywhere , because the fights are turn based and don't have any impact on the surroundings , I doubt a charizard would EVER fit inside a cave random encounter.

    -Tile based systems (terraria world) provide many issues for things such as movement and attacks for artificial intelligent objects , just watch as neither the zombies nor the bunny pet can follow the player properly and use cheap tricks to do what they must (pet bunny skyrockets to you if its stuck)

    -Also , I assume most players are occupied enough with fighting using their own items , assigning keys to potential pokemon partners just to use their abilities will make more trouble then its worth to my assumption.

    I know many of us wish 'this was here' or 'I wish these two things were combined' , but in practicality half the ideas just fail.....miserably.
  8. St Fo

    St Fo Green Slime

    I made a really crappy mod which just had a Pikachu pet and a Pidgeot pet. I also at one stage attempted to achieve something in the way of a Pokemon TCG mod, I gave up. (I'm not a modder haha)

    Also forgive the terrible quality.
  9. Nakano15

    Nakano15 Devourer

    Hey Yoraizor,everything is possible when you have the source.
    By the way,i was even going to work on a tbs game mode for my mod.
    May look's fail,but possible,by the way.
    If someone whould do a pokémon battle system...
    Whould need...
    1. Pokémon Sprites
    2. Items Sprites
    3. Sprite all pokémons,or make a random encounter,by adding some sprite monster to jump or touch the player.
    4. Create a script for the pokémons systems.
    5. Create another script for the habilities.
    6. Create another script for the battle.
    7. Make character completelly freeze and be invulnerable when on battle.
    8. Make good use of interface.
    9. Script all moves as on the game.
    Kind of that's all.
    Not so easy,but could be harder.
  10. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I did not once say not possible , but the amount of effort required to actually make it work well seems rather unworthy of anyone's time , not counting in dedication.

    1. Sprites are not an issue , they can always be made by someone like Omnir or Phlebas or Jojiro or myself or.......a lot of other people easily within a day or two per a pokemon or two - if using an existing NPC's animation as a template and not requiring a bazzilion animations.

    2. Item sprites are even faster.

    3. if you want to play the game with standstill pokemons in terraria I'd rather call it a mini-game or .......just go play pokemon rather then sit in terraria and try to play a copied version of it , there's no need to make a 'random encounter' if you want the content to be immersive.

    4 , 5 & 6. The amount of effort required to create dozens of NPCs in two versions where one is wild and one is following an owner sounds like too much of a hassle , especially when wishing them to be command-able , and regarding 6 again - if you want to play the original pokemon game's fights go play the original pokemon game , there's no need to put the exact same system inside terraria.

    7. I'd just laugh at the next time I play multiplayer.

    8. no argument.

    9. gl&hf losing a month of your life making copypasted moves.

    Anyways , major point here is that what you think is a proper pokemon mod is different.
    Given that the OP didn't decide to splash any kind of descriptive idea information at us , it could go either way. :p

    One last note on that first sentence again - Everything is possible even without the source mod , Empio already made a complete pokemon capturing , summoning , and commanding system using tConfig , yet his content was badly ignored due to being unusable because of Delra's poor handling...
  11. MrGameNerd1998

    MrGameNerd1998 Green Slime

    It can be done in Minecraft, why not Terraria?
  12. Empio

    Empio Blazing Wheel

    Yes, it can be done... but it was an absolute nightmare to work on.

    Also, you'd have to code hundreds of NPCs, hundreds of skills, the ability to change a Pokemon's skills.
    Not likely to be done. Anyone who does try to start it will lose motivation and focus for it.

    Delra didn't really have an idea of scope when it came to modding, especially the programming side.
    Doing something like this would take an eternity to finish.

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