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Discussion in 'Texture Packs' started by Pedguin, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    Okay guys to start it off, I've seen way too many request threads out there asking for specific textures and its a shame to see junk threads bump down really impressive work. My ultimate goal for this thread is it to get it to become a "Sticky" which has now been achieved, people hopefully will now think before making threads asking for any texture they desire.

    A use for this thread will be to highlight popular requested textures and sprites so that if someone decide to make a texture pack they will know if it will be popular with the community or not, you can help someone decide whether or not that it is popular by giving the texture pack suggestion a like too! Another use for this thread could be to highlight suggested textures and point them towards a already existing texture pack that they might enjoy.
  2. Ruari

    Ruari Yellow Slime

    Seems like a good idea for a thread to me, i can't seem to find any texture packs anywhere, ever. So yeah, i can imagine this could be really helpful to people (unless there is already a thread of this nature, of course). I think i saw a zelda texture pack somewhere which i can imagine would be a pretty awesome texture pack, it can't be that hard to find XD.
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  3. drachire

    drachire Cursed Man

    not one for making requests, but is indeed a good idea so good packs dont get pushed off page for req threads.
  4. JeremyT

    JeremyT Green Slime

    For the love of God some wonderful mod PLEASE sticky this!

    Also, I request someone create Castlevania Medusa heads to replace the Demon Eyes.
  5. LukeTheElfDoT

    LukeTheElfDoT Green Slime

    Of course a genius like Pedguin will make this thread!
  6. Wil1691

    Wil1691 Dark Caster

    this is quite brilliant, id like to see a tex pack that makes everything NINJA
    P.S. OH MY GOD PEDGUIN I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! no homo but you are amazing
  7. Glace

    Glace Eskimo Zombie

    I'm a bit worried that other good requests will get lost in the sea of tons of other requests, but this idea still sounds pretty good.

    Well, I made a request for some Steampunk armor and/or clothing. I would request for steampunk equipment, but I want it to be used to retexture something that makes more sense to be in steampunk form (for instance: The upcoming drill).

    However, any steampunk-ish thing would be nice.
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  8. Squaff

    Squaff Cursed Man

    A subforum for requests would be a better solution. Solving the problem of texture packs being bumped down by making it so requests are stuck in one thread only solves the problem some users are having, while making a problem for those who rely on others for textures.
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  9. darkscanner

    darkscanner Zombie

    I wouldn't mind a sprite for sepulchre from Dragon Fable.
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  10. kurosakiichigo

    kurosakiichigo Cave Bat

    sprite for kurosaki ichigo bankai would be neat or the one in my profile =P
  11. Seviraph

    Seviraph Green Slime

    to help keep this thread alive, I'll make some requests as well

    for now does anyone have/can make some

    -HD clouds?
    some HD Icons for items in the inventory
  12. jora

    jora Cave Bat

    I too have a challenging request , could somone make Yoko from Gurren Lagan? (heres a pic of her)
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  13. Seviraph

    Seviraph Green Slime

    lol ironically(wrong word apparently <-<) I'm watching Gurren Lagann atm

    it might not be hard to do if they base it off the Dryad
  14. ShadowSoul

    ShadowSoul Lava Slime

    I am completely serious.
    Mmm... eater of breakfast sausage.
    Do it. NOW.
  15. HD cartoon pack. A cartoon pack that makes things look like TF2. Not a pack that takes away all shading.
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  16. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    Make sure you give a big "like" to the texture pack ideas you think are good so people know they're popular!

    Thanks for the support.
  17. PoundSake

    PoundSake Dark Caster

    Thats not ironic lol.
  18. Seviraph

    Seviraph Green Slime

    would be nice if you told me the correct word for it, if I was wrong :C
  19. PoundSake

    PoundSake Dark Caster

    Im not sure but ironic means like: "Died in the water of live"
  20. Seviraph

    Seviraph Green Slime

    well I checked what it meant again just to make sure, so simply put it's "not what you would expect"

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