Requesting Item Hack for server fun

Discussion in 'PC' started by Xesh, May 24, 2011.

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  1. Xesh

    Xesh Green Slime

    hi! I run a storyline server and would like to build and create a unique world using an inventory hack program for my guests to survive in. this is purely for fun and at the moment due to a crash we have lost our legit actual world we built so..i've written in that a catastrophe has befallen the place..anyway

    So yeah! Anyone have a link to an item hack program?
  2. xd flames

    xd flames Blazing Wheel

    Google is your friend.
    Don't think you're allowed to post hacking things on the forums though.
  3. Xesh

    Xesh Green Slime

    aw~! alright, thanks then! sorry mods!
  4. Drewdawg

    Drewdawg Cursed Skull

    Request Denied! ;)
  5. Zenexer

    Zenexer Green Slime

    Being the author of a few mods, both benign and controversial, I can assure you that the moderatorss are VERY strict when it comes to this sort of thing. You won't find any hacks on these forums.

    This would fall in the controversial category. Your request won't stand a chance.
  6. Nixitur

    Nixitur Green Slime

    Question is: Is it really a hack? I mean, sure, it edits the files the game uses, but you do not change the game itself or even access the .exe file, so I am interested whether it counts as a hack. If it does, the power of copy-paste is also a hack, so *shrug*.
  7. Zenexer

    Zenexer Green Slime

    Nixitur, trust me, been there. No question about it. This thread is a no-no. ;)

    That being said, I'd be lying if I told you that there aren't tools out there to do it. These aren't the only forums dedicated to Terraria. But what's welcome on those forums isn't welcome in this community, and I've learned to respect that.
  8. Ed-

    Ed- Demon Eye

    First of all, it's not a hack, it just edits the .plr file. Second of all, you are an idiot. I'm pretty sure I can report you for this, even though the rules don't say anything about editors.
  9. Zenexer

    Zenexer Green Slime

    From what I've seen, the mods consider it a hack, regardless of whether or not it actually is. :/
  10. Ed-

    Ed- Demon Eye

    They consider it cheating. Regardless of whether they consider it a hack or not, this is not a hack. A hack is a program that (basically) forces change in another program.
  11. Xesh

    Xesh Green Slime

    wow, out of control thread! Haha, i didn't expect this many replies!
  12. Roger Smith

    Roger Smith Green Slime

    WAHH because cheating in single player or in a server where the entire community of that server is fine with it ruins everyone's experience, even though they don't have to even take part in the cheating or even join that server. You guys are being as ignorent as the guys who think an inventory editor for minecraft should be bannable, if it's not made so taboo and you keep it in single player, it won't be a problem and there'd be less of a chance for any files released to be viruses or scams for people as the word would get around that it's a virus or such as it's not a taboo, hush-hush subject.

    That'd be like if you banned people from your gym because they cheated their own workout. It won't help you because all it did was prevent them from wanting to further give you money and honestly, it's their loss either way. Deciding to have no mod support at all and giving the community a harsh, no cheating policy is just plain ignorent, I don't care how you look at it.

    I know it's unfair for those in servers and obviously the devs havn't handled server code well yet, but honestly, once those things roll around, cheating will become a nearly non existant problem for multiplayer.
  13. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    Its nice to see someone that isn't ignorant on this subject. But this forum likes to bury its head in the sand because it can't accept reality.
  14. xd flames

    xd flames Blazing Wheel

    Lol. I haven't seen anyone really complaining about whether it should be allowed or not, it was whether the forums actually allow you to post stuff like this on here. You're the only one who came up with a random rant.
    Some forums just don't want to have any kind of hacking or modding support until they know the developers support it or not. This is kind of the "Official Terraria Forums." Why would they allow something the developers don't like be posted around on their forum?
  15. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

    Yeah, these are the official forums now, so we really have to disallow this if/until we get the go-ahead from the devs.
  16. Xesh

    Xesh Green Slime

    thanks guy
  17. Froggyman

    Froggyman Green Slime

    You're really not supposed to talk about hacking, or post hacks on the boards, HOWEVER, I can fully understand the request. In Diablo 2, there used to be two different types of servers you could play on. Legit servers, where you couldn't do anything to items, and had to play the game normally, and non-legit servers where you could go absolutely crazy, and no one gave a crud, because everyone on that server was allowed to do it. It was their place to have so the people who wanted to play the game normally wouldn't be bothered, as hacking was a HUGE, HUGE problem in D2, as were using exploits, duping, etc.

    Now, that didn't stop every single person and their mother from cheating on legit servers, but it did help to alleviate the problem. Some people use cheats and hacks for their own personal benefit just to see what they would do, not to get an advantage over anyone else, or to hinder someone else's playing experience, but just to enhance their own. I don't really see anything wrong with that. If you had the same kind of thing going on here, I also wouldn't see a problem.

    Again, not everyone cheats to see what it can do, there are people who cheat to grief other people, or get a leg up on competition, though what competition you're going to find on Terraria, I couldn't really say.
  18. Xesh

    Xesh Green Slime

    let's not forget the meaning of this thread.. I host a competitive server that i sculpt the terrain and do crazy things with buildings to provide an interesting play field. I'm not looking to 'cheat' in Terraria because I've spent about 80 hours playing and i'm satisfied with the single player legit aspect..i love hackers and hacking (Legit and real coders) because they get to make the rules.. I remember i was playing GunZ: The Duel once and a hacker came on and we played Grenade Dodge Ball for the rest of the match..something just crazy and fun and spontaneous. I absolutely have problems with, myself, cheating items. (Even dirt)

    anyway with -that- said..LOCK THIS!
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