Requesting World Information.

Discussion in 'PC' started by CodeG, May 16, 2011.

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  1. CodeG Green Slime

    I can't seem to get beyond this. I can connect but then it's "Requesting world information"forever"...
  2. Zaine Squirrel

    I am having the EXACT problem, this is the reason i cant play online. I cant even play locally on the same pc! I dont get it :/ I thought the new port change in the latest update would have done something, for some reason i thought that might have been the problem anyways turns out it wasnt. I just want to know how to fix it... If you find anything out please let me know asap. Thanks
  3. NickBrahz Green Slime

    Might want to try the support section, will have more luck there and the answer has prob been answered/asked there
  4. Zaine Squirrel

    Alright Ill give it a shot, thats dude.
    Edit: I remembered I already tried in there few days ago with no luck :/ Im not really sure what to do.
  5. Skyler318 Green Slime

    Same thing, this is hella gay i actually bought the game >.<
  6. Skyler318 Green Slime

    Zaine did you get a fix? im really dying to play multiplayer
  7. FrankyPlaysGames Green Slime

    Please, watch your tongue, human.
    Try reinstalling the game, works for almost every problem in every game on Steam.
  8. Zaine Squirrel

    Ive tried re installing, ive tried port forwarding. Ive read so many posts and ive tried so much and nothing works. Im sorry skyler, No. I havent fixed this yet but if I do find a way I will post but ive pretty much given up. I too bought this game pretty much for the multiplayer. Sorry.. If you fix it please post aswel. Thanks :)
  9. Kalen Green Slime

    okay so i had this same problem and i realized that someone had the same name as me on the sam server...-___- so make sure no one has the same name
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