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  1. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    Please only use this thread to make Requests and Suggestions and Ideas of Mods that you would like to see made. Please try to make your requests as detailed as possible.
  2. Milly Rainbowskittlez

    Milly Rainbowskittlez Voodoo Demon

    He says lets use this thread? then lets use this thread!
    I want to see creepers in Terraria. >:l
  3. Cobellanez

    Cobellanez Cursed Man

    If I could find someone or somewhere to teach me how to get started modding, that would be the first thing I'd make.
  4. Bobrocket


    I could teach you, it's hard but I can probably help.
  5. Cobellanez

    Cobellanez Cursed Man

    It's not that I would require someone to teach me how to code in general, it would be nice but no one needs to go that far.
    I'd just like to know how to get to the point where I can actually get a working file system to even work with.
  6. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    I would like a mod which changes the grappling hooks physics so that it launches similarly to the harpoon. Never really liked the way grappling hooks shoot straight out.
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  7. Milly Rainbowskittlez

    Milly Rainbowskittlez Voodoo Demon

    I agree, I also never really liked how it quickly drags you there, and the fact that you cant change the length of the chain so that you could use it as sort of a hanging rope and swing side to side. I remember using the grappling hook in the WoD mod for quake 2 xD that was a true grappling hook!
  8. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    Yeah the hanging/swinging and adjustable chain would be great too but that could get really difficult to mod in I would imagine.
  9. Milly Rainbowskittlez

    Milly Rainbowskittlez Voodoo Demon

    True... Buuut if your gonna mod the hookshot to make it more like a hookshot, you might as well go all the way xD
    Mah great grandpa said 'if you aint gonna do it right, then dun do it at all!'
  10. Tthing

    Tthing Voodoo Demon

    I want a potion that make tree's grow Fast like bonemeal.........................or something but that's easy to make like
    a Recipe:
    40 gel + 30 bones + Lava bottle = TREEMEAL
    ANGEL HELMENT (There was a word to the angel helment i forgot)
    : 10 SIVLER BARS 2 angels statues
    Angel Chain-Mail
    : 20 silver BARS 4 angel statues
    15 silver Bars 3 ANGEL STATUES
  11. Milly Rainbowskittlez

    Milly Rainbowskittlez Voodoo Demon

    all that for one tree?
    You would have several trees grow while you get that. you could be spending that time getting other stuff.
    I say make it 10 gel, 10 bones, and 30 dirt= one treemeal =one full grown tree.
  12. Tthing

    Tthing Voodoo Demon

    Lava Bottle FTW And yes it can grow 3 acorn's at a time
  13. Milly Rainbowskittlez

    Milly Rainbowskittlez Voodoo Demon

    How about like, make a liquid. You pour it, and it expands only so far, and every acorn it hits will grow, so long as theres room for it to. Once the liquids completely spread out, it vanishes! so you have to make it again.
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  14. Tthing

    Tthing Voodoo Demon

    Nice........... but how about if.... the bottle can get bigger by the liquid you use or better if anything fail's the trees die
  15. Milly Rainbowskittlez

    Milly Rainbowskittlez Voodoo Demon

    what do you mean 'get bigger'?
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  16. Lightmagician60

    Lightmagician60 Slimed Zombie

    (Rant Time!) most these mods i see are nice i guess, but are missing something.
    they don't feel like Terraria, i feel if i get them i'm not playing Terraria anymore.
    Because of the way Terraria is biome based, in order to make a mod feel like Terraria, you need too add something to a biome already there, or make a new biome.

    also all these RPG, Class, Ect, mods out there, are i feel are a dumb idea, once again it's not Terraria.
    Terraria's "Class" is your play style
    Terraria's "Level" is the power of your weapons & armor
    Blue & Red said this from the very beginning.

    the ONLY thing i have see that i like is Cmod's "Water Pipes", because this is a mechanic. in away this doesn't add anything, it just makes things easier, like minecraft's "Timber Mod"

    the point i am trying to get to is.
    Adding Weapons without Monsters, says "what the point? i get to beat up the same thing, with different stick"
    Adding Monster without a matching Biome, says "this thing is out place"
    So Add a Biome!
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  17. Marsgreekgod

    Marsgreekgod Cursed Skull

    So, the rules say no requests, but there is an offical tread for it?

    Sorry but that seems a LITTLE GLARING

    but I would like to officaly request help with moding, mostly with what I should use to do so. my mod is very simple, more changing things like monster health/speed, which if terraria is programed like any game I have looked at the code of, are single variables.

    It's reading and editing the variables I don't know how to do


    The point of adding weapons with out monsters is to have new ways to beat up the monsters, or to be overpowered. some people like it, nothing wrong with it, even if I personaly don't

    Monsters can be added to fit into a biome, it's harder to make THAT fit in. Not that it isn't worth it. The idea is good, the logic behind it is a little weak though

    But that sad, didn't they ask for detailed requests/ you should say what kind of biomes you want
  18. Lightmagician60

    Lightmagician60 Slimed Zombie


    The point of adding weapons with out monsters is to have new ways to beat up the monsters, or to be overpowered. some people like it, nothing wrong with it, even if I personaly don't

    Monsters can be added to fit into a biome, it's harder to make THAT fit in. Not that it isn't worth it. The idea is good, the logic behind it is a little weak though

    But that sad, didn't they ask for detailed requests/ you should say what kind of biomes you want[/quote]

    "new ways to beat up monster" - most of what i'v seen so far is weapons with added effects.
    "to be overpowered" - i did that is neverwinter nights' map editor, made it too easy, never played the game after that.
    "Monsters can be added to fit into a biome" - didn't say they can't, but you will only be able to go so far with that without having spawn trouble.
    "didn't they ask for detailed requests" who said i was done, i have ideas for biomes already in the game, but they are about adding things to the biomes in world Gen.
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  19. Lightmagician60

    Lightmagician60 Slimed Zombie

    here is my LONG list of ideas. (Marsgreekgod ask for it lol)

    Desert & Floating Islands: Remastered
    (PS: Bosses will be covered further down)


    a lot of sand on the surface (wow big plot-twist:eek:)
    under ground there are "Tombs" (they look & act very much like dungeons)
    in these "Tombs" there are chests.
    there is also a throne (i will get back to that later;))

    Scorpion: spawns on screen, from 3x3's of sand,
    spawns anywhere there is a lot of sand (checking it as a desert) at anytime
    Cactor: a rare monster with High Attack & High movement speed.
    it also runs away after some time
    (yes it's a cactuar!:D)
    Mummy: has a ton of HP, moves slow, has high attack,
    only Spawns in on the surface
    Pharaoh's Guard: high HP, Defense & attack,
    only Spawns in Tombs
    Pharaoh's Sage: Spell Cast AI,
    only Spawns in Tombs
    Pharaoh's Priest: Spell Cast AI, however casts healing spells on other mobs
    only Spawns in Tombs

    Floating Islands:
    (may need to rise the sky limit) make more islands, a lot more,
    so many that the odds of islands joining are uncommon, but not rare
    keep the shrines, just keep them at the same in the spawn rate (4-5 a world)
    And about half way up the islands you find a Floating fortress (it looks & acts very much like dungeons)
    chests can be found in the Floating fortress
    are your wondering about falling star & meteors?:confused:
    why not have them start falling below the islands?:cool:

    Wind Spirit: flying mobs that there attack does not do damage,
    but knocks you a far distance (the distance is only halved by the Cobalt Shield)
    why not make them drop a wand that with some mana it can to the same as there attack? (great PvP item there:D)
    Angel Slime: a slime with wings! has x2.5 the jump distance & height
    Avians: Avians are angel like monsters that only spawn in the Floating Fortress.
    they come in many versions,
    (Note: these monsters are references to a game called "Bayonetta")

    Avian Peon: Average stats, but can swich from flying to walking AI
    ("Bayonetta" counter part "Affinity")

    Avaian Acher: Average stats, uses a bow & can swich from flying to walking AI
    ("Bayonetta" counter part "Applaud")

    Avian Knight: high Attack, Defense & HP, slow movement
    ("Bayonetta" counter part "Ardor")

    Avian Beast: can comes in 2 version fire or lightning,
    fire have higher attack, lightning are faster
    ("Bayonetta" counter parts "Fearless" & "Fairness")

    Avaian Berkserer: high movement speed & they attack is a dash
    once again comes in 2 versions (Fire & lightning)
    ("Bayonetta" counter parts "Grace" & "Glory")

    Avaian Ray: a Manta-Ray like monster that fly & shoots electric balls.
    ("Bayonetta" counter part "Harmony")

    Avaian Dancer: spellcaster AI, however they attack with beams of lights in stead
    ("Bayonetta" counter part "Joy")

    The Next World

    look at the biomes and where they are. 1 in sky, 2 on the surface, 1 at the bottom and 1 at the each end. and they are going to add 1 more, do you see much room after that?

    so i have a idea. "World Types"!
    once one bunch is done & full, start over. make a new bunch of biomes.
    it can be a option when making your world

    Q) well, why do you think this is a good idea?
    A) it gives the game more room to grow. with a new world can come a new difficulty, think of a surface biome the is harder then underworld! a new world with new biomes can make this happen

    Q) how do you stop players from going there before they are ready?
    A) they will need to use a item on themselves that lets them enter those worlds, if a player trys without using the item (online or not) it won't let them

    Q) how do you get this item? & what is it?
    A) it's a orb. how to get it i will be covered further down

    Lords Of the Land:

    as i talked about above, you will need a orb to unlock a new world, how to get the orb is by crafting, crafting the 7 shards of the orb together, how you the shards you ask? in my idea every biome will have a boss, each boss will drop 1 of the 7 shards, and i have make up a armor set for each (only some not all) & 2 Accessories/weapons/magic items.

    Eye of Cthulhu: Grasslands Boss

    HP: Fine where it is
    Suspicious Looking Eye: crafted with 15 lens (yes i think it need rising)
    Randomly at the fall of night

    Eye Armor: each piece is 20% drop.
    Eye of Truth: 30% Drop Chance
    Wand of Light: 30% Drop Chance
    Shard of Sight: 10% Drop Chance
    (no longer drops Demonite Ore or Unholy arrows)

    Eye Armor:
    Def: 5/6/5 (head/body/legs)
    Effect: each piece makes it easier to see in the dark
    Set Effect: you can see the path your weapon will take when used, (great for achers)
    (can also be made: using iron armor & a lot of lens)

    Eye of Truth:
    you don't need to mouse over mobs to see there HP, if the mob is near you can see it
    (it looks like Len of Truth from LoZ)

    Wand of Light:
    Mana cost: 15
    casts a orbs of light where ever your mouse is

    Eater of Worlds: Corruption Boss

    HP: fine where it is
    Worm Food: Crafted with 25 Rotten Chunks & 50 Vile Powders (again, it's Rised)
    when ever you brake a 5th shadow orb,
    (i rised because, with the 1 potion a minute. unless "A" they get lucky & get the ball-o'-hurt on or before the 3rd, "B" they logoff, they are going to get there but kicked. and in hardcore, that would be bad)

    Shadow Armor: each piece is 20% drop.
    Thorn Whip: 30% Drop Chance
    Armlet of Thorns: 30% Drop Chance
    Shard of Corruption: 10% Drop Chance
    (no longer drops, ores & scales, both can be dropped by Devourers)

    Thorn whip:
    works like a flail, but much faster & after returns right away after it hits it's max range

    Armlet of Thorn:
    whenever you get hit your attacker takes 25% of the damage you got


    Skeletron: Dungeon Boss

    HP: it fine where it is
    Cursed Armlet: Crafted with, 30 Bones, & 50 Cobwebs
    (you need a water candle in your hand or placed near the Demon Altar to craft this)
    (only works after he is killed once already)
    Forced spawn by talking to the "old man"

    Necro Armor: each piece is 20% drop
    Sword of the Dead: 30% Drop Chance
    Hand of Doom: 30% Drop Chance
    Shard of the Dead: 10% Drop Chance

    Sword of the Dead:
    Damage 20, Average speed
    a sword that gets more powerful the more health you have lost

    Hand of Doom:
    a sell book that casts a bone hand from the ground, aimed with the mouse

    Pharaoh's Magician: Desert Boss (he looks like the Dark Magician:D)
    (Flys aroud the room much like the Eye of Cthulhu)

    HP: 2500
    Pharaoh's Glyph, made with 1 Pharaoh's Flail (rare drop from "Pharaoh's Guard")
    1 Pharaoh's Cane (rare drop from a "Pharaoh's Sage")
    1 Pharaoh's Ankh (rare drop from a "Pharaoh's Priest")
    (must be used by a throne)

    spins his staff in front of him, summoning 5 balls of magic that he will fire at you
    spins his staff above his head, Summoning 2 Snakes of black fire, that snake around the ground under him
    focus' Energy in his staff, & fires a big blast of energy from his staff

    Magician's Armor: each piece is 20% drop
    Swords of Light: 30% Drop Chance
    Magic Attack: 30% Drop Chance
    Shard of the Pharaoh: 10% Drop Chance

    Magician's Armor: (you look like the Dark Magician:D)
    Def: 5/6/5 (head/body/legs)
    Effect: Each piece gives +5% magic damage
    Set Effect: -30% mana cost from Books
    can be found very rarely in sarcophagi

    Swords of Light: (yes I'm a Yu-Gi-Oh fan)
    a book that casts 3 sword around you, they don't hurt enemies but do knock them back and they give off light

    Magic Attack:
    a book that casts a blast of Energy, (Much like his 3rd attack)


    Serpenite: Floating Islands Boss ("Bayonetta" counter part "Inspired")
    (a Dragon that fellows the Worm AI, however goes in front of blocks)
    (all his body parts share HP)

    HP: 10000
    spawns the 1st time you near the floating Fortess
    Avian Summoning Horn: made with 50 halos, (common drop from all avians)
    25 Angel Wings. (uncommon drop from all avians)
    (only work after he is killed once already)

    Angel Armor: each piece is 20% drop
    Galearang: 30% Drop Chance
    Wind Slicer: 30% Drop Chance
    Shard of the Sky: 10% Drop Chance

    Angel Armor:
    Def 7/8/7 (head/body/legs)
    Effect: rises jump hight with each piece
    Set Effect: slows fall speed
    can also be made with, Sliver armor, halos & Angel wings

    a Mana using Boomarang, that when thrown, get 3 gales of wind aroud it
    (looks like the Gale Boomarang from LoZ)

    Wind Slicer:
    A mana using Sword, that when you swing it you fire a slade of wind.
    (aimed with mouse)

    Tritrap: Jungle Boss (a three headed flytrap)
    (is tied to the ground like a man-eater/snacher, however has AI like the Eye of Cthulhu)

    HP: 2500 a head
    rarely you can find a bud on the surface, if you use 3 buckets of water on it it spawns the the boss
    use a item call "Overgrown Seed" made with 10 vines, 50 stingers, 100 Spores

    Jungle Armor: each piece is 20% drop.
    Vinesnare: 30% Drop Chance
    Dryad's Gift: 30% Drop Chance
    Shard of the Jungle: 10% Drop Chance

    a book, that when used makes vines grow from floor blocks & snare mobs
    (it's AOE, 5 block wide, 5 blocks high. is aimed with the mouse)

    Dryad's Gift:
    a book that fires like the magic Missile/flamelash, but heals any thing "firendly" it hits

    Cerberus: Underworld Boss
    (if he walks on lava it turns to Obsidian)
    (he roars when he spawns, scaring away all other mobs)

    HP: 7000
    Spawns: Hades' Dog Whistle - rare drop from Demons
    brake a Statue of Hades, (they can respawn - "Statue gets repaired")

    shoots 3 fire balls at you, (they go thought blocks)
    a big pounce attack (sometimes just used to get over you)
    a roar attack (if your to close, you are frozen with fear for a bit)

    Molten Armor: each piece is 20% drop
    Cerberus Shield: 30% Drop Chance
    Cerberus Sword: 30% Drop Chance
    Shard of Hell: 10% Drop Chance

    Cerberus Shield
    sometimes when your hit, the thing that hit you gets scared

    Cerberus Sword
    Sometimes when you hit something, it will get scared

    World Regen Fix: Mimics

    this is my last idea,
    this idea is to fix all the Re-Gen'ing worlds Crap.
    the biggest thing that does this, is chests.
    how to fix that you ask?
    Mimics, a monster that when killed,
    randomly drop things that you can find in that area's chests.
  20. Marsgreekgod

    Marsgreekgod Cursed Skull

    Just becuse it hasn't been done well yet doesn't mean it can.

    I agree with you 100% but some people really DO just being overpowered. Even if we can't have fun that way, others can, so more power to them right?

    True but I can think of lots of ways to add new monsters before we get to that point.

    The end of the post said that more or less. I assumed you ment that was the end. I see you have a lot of ideas there now though

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