Return of The Platinum Armour

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    Hi there! For the final time in the Terraria-Mycroft Series/ The Infinite Archipelago Series. :(

    This is the final confrontation with the Goblins, as the forces of the Original Slime unite under the name of the Platinum Blade and prepare for The Final War.

    Melissa, Andrew, Dryad (Celestia now, more on that in the story)...they're all here, ready to disembody hordes of Goblins.

    And at the centre of this legendary conflict, a suit of armour sits...

    The Platinum Armour is returning...


    Chapter One: The Gathering

    SPACEThe Dryad burst out of the waves.
    SPACEExcept, she wasn't called the Dryad anymore. Her name was Celestia.
    SPACEThe Queen of Nature swam to the shore, and noticed the changes to her body. For a start, she wasn't covered in her infamous vines. Instead, she wore sky blue plates of pearlstone.
    SPACESky blue seemed to fit Celestia; her long hair had gone from leaf green to diamond cyan, her eyes were a light turquoise... she fit perfectly into the Hallowed Islands.
    SPACESpitting out sugary water, Celestia looked at the archipelago.
    SPACEFluorescent trees gently swayed in the sea breeze, as bisque mountains loomed overhead. A rainbow surveyed the landscape, looking towards the newest visitor: Celestia, Commander of the Hallow and the Jungle Forces.
    SPACECelestia thought it was beautiful, but the Jungle was more majestic by far. However much she would love to go there again before the Final War begins, there was no professional need. The jungle animals were so loyal to her that they were preparing to defend the world from the Gods at this instant. It took a bit of persuasion from the Original Slime, but they had abandoned their masters in the end. Meanwhile, the Gods would be doing the same.
    SPACEThe Corruption had already been taken by the Gods, as with the Desert. The forest beings had stated their neutrality, but to be honest it was because no one needed them. After all, armies of Bunnies (corrupt or not) were pretty useless.
    SPACEThat left the Hallow.
    SPACEA creature burst from the pale blue foliage. A golden mane, a silver body and four proud iron hooves stood in front of Celestia. Its horn of solid pearlstone pointed menacingly at the soon-to-be mush.
    SPACE"Neighoian certio daer leasti neadighiyan gnneureuuf!" the Unicorn King stated. Why have you come here, worthless being? The Hallowed Islands do not need your puny settlements. Leave now!
    SPACECelestia smiled sadly. "Geuid neighaonioa klerir u iandoe quieritinad." Great Lord of the Hallow, I have come in aid of your forces. The Gods prepare to march upon us all, and you shall be crushed unless you join the Original Slime."
    SPACEThe gallant equestrian was a bit surprised that he got a reply from the human, but being king meant surprises and replied swiftly. By spitting at Celestia's feet.
    SPACE"Pah! Teewrti fartionioncsadi lamborgintiront! Gartiuse! GARTISUE!" Pah! That worthless pile of slime will do nothing but lose against the mighty power of the Gods! Get out! GET OUT!"
    SPACEThe Chief of the Islands sprinted towards the former Dryad, preparing to spear her with his horn.
    SPACECelestia sighed. "Weriuto n'ghas..." Your loss...
    SPACEWith the power of the Original Slime in her blood, thorns of blue dug their way out from the ground. Like missiles, they penetrated into the pale belly of the charging unicorn.
    SPACEAs the vegetation grew into the internal systems of the magical horse, he fell to the ground, wounded. However, being the king, he resisted the urge to scream in pain and simply grunted.
    SPACE"Dehg yuarti cedranto lerasd onio Zerlitniyu Spirata ewa Xardor?" Celestia said, walking over to the dying monarch. Don't you remember who created the Ancient Spirit of Light?
    SPACEThe Unicorn struggled more.
    SPACE"Dofingart, Unicor King." Celestia said, putting her hand on his forehead. Sorry, Unicorn King.
    SPACEIn a flash of blue, the Unicorn was the slave of Celestia. The thorns disappeared, as well as the wounds.
    SPACE"Gather your forces, and meet back here at the shore." the new Hallowed Queen said, in Equestraniol.
    SPACEThe Unicorn did as he was told, and galloped away, preparing for war.
    SPACE"To the the right...No! Too far! A Little to the left? Yes! Perfect! Oh wait, that's where the cot goes..."
    SPACEAndrew sighed, the weight of the painting in his hands numbing him. Right now, he wouldn't mind decapitating hordes of goblins.
    SPACE"Oh, don't look like that!" Myrth exclaimed. "We just had our wedding yesterday, you should be overjoyed!"
    SPACEAndrew decided to just put the picture between the baby pink cot and the left corner of the room. he had just been toiling away, painting the whole room.
    SPACE"Of course I'm happy, Myrth... It's just I'm a bit...bored."
    SPACEMyrth laughed, and pecked Andrew on the cheek.
    SPACE"Want a battalion of Goblins to slash through?"
    SPACEAndrew stood up, and went over to the window.
    SPACE"Actually, yes."
    SPACEThe two-year-old town below was peaceful. A golden dawn sprinkled over the wooden buildings, as did the noise of women talking, men grunting and children laughing.
    SPACEMyrth came beside her husband, oblivious to a distant rumble in the background. She dismissed it as a tree that had just been cut down.
    SPACE"Think about it, Andrew," she said. "Would you rather have a new family in a peaceful world, or a wasteland with no hope left?"
    SPACEA louder thud echoed throughout the palace, along with a few panicked voices.
    SPACEAndrew smiled, oblivious to the chaos that was happening in the corridors of his mansion.
    SPACE"I'll take you."
    SPACEThe door exploded.
    SPACEShocked, Myrth and Andrew spun around, guns pointing to whatever enemy was about to appear out of the cloud of dust that surrounded the nursery. Thoughts racked through the couple's head; what could have done that? Is it a goblin? How did the guards miss it? Both of them prepared to fight an evil, giant mutant of some kind.
    SPACE Instead, a young woman stumbled out, coughing. The confusion that Andrew experienced was too great to describe.
    SPACEShaking her hair to get any debris out, she forced a smile to the king and put out her shaking hand towards him.
    SPACE"Melissa Mycroft," she stuttered out, recovering from the aftershock of time travel. "Treasure hunter, and also Head Recruiter for the Platinum Blade. Also, your Great-Great-Great-Great Grand-daughter."
    SPACEThe goblin and the ancestor were speechless. Melissa continued.
    SPACE"You both need to come with me. The Original Slime calls for you to come."
    SPACEAt the mention of the creator of all things, Andrew snapped back from amazement.
    SPACE"Wait, did you say time travel?"
    SPACEMelissa rolled her eyes, and looked at her pocket watch in impatience.
    SPACE"Look, I'll explain everything later, but right now we don't have time. If we don't hurry now, the cosmos will unravel itself into a void again. Now, step here please..."
    SPACEMelissa grabbed the two by the arms and shoved them to a marble tile, just beside the broken fragments of the door.
    SPACE"What happened to the guards?" Myrth asked. Melissa tried to shake the subject off casually.
    SPACE"Oh, you know...serious life-threatening paralysis. Not my fault they got in the way of my warp jump! Anyway, here we go!"
    SPACEThe couple both shouted "WHAT?!" in unison, just as a beam of orange light came from above, struck into the trio and exploded throughout time and space, ready to reassemble at another point in time.
    SPACEThe last Mycroft coughed, spitting out blood.
    SPACEHer hand shaking, the nomad human gripped the sword tight.
    SPACEThe gladiator sprinted with all the energy s/he could muster, kicking up a cloud of ash and dust as the dying gladiator prepared to spear the monster in front of his/er eyes.
    SPACEWith a strong thrust, the sword whipped out of the relived warrior's hand and plunged in to the heart of the Troll.
    SPACE With a guttural groan, the mutant Goblin fell to the arena floor in defeat. Energy lifted out of him in transparent spirals, entering the god that sat above.
    SPACE "Is that all you can throw at me?" the frail sound of the small figure down below shouted. It was a miracle that she had survived all the ordeals that had been thrown at her.
    SPACEMeanwhile, the recently appointed God of the Infinite Archipelago laughed.
    SPACE"Oh, of course not! Why, that is only the first round!" Followed by more hysterical fits, the omnipotent figure began to craft the new abominations that the survivor of the Apocalypse would have to face. Even the Goblins were dead, either in the Final War or all exterminated by other gladiators, after they had been mutated.
    SPACE All that existed was this arena, a desert of ash, the Last Mycroft and the God that sat on his floating throne.
    SPACE"Well," the last mortal of the world stated the true name of the deity that looked upon her. "It's a big shame I cannot fight your 'creations' as I have to go now!"
    SPACEThe careless creator looked confused.
    SPACE"What are you talking about? There is nowhere else to go!" he said, gripping the copper sky-box his existential hands in fear.
    SPACEThe fighter below took out a scratched, old golden pocket watch. Inside, complex pieces of machinery were ready to make the whole device explode.
    SPACE"Enjoy this ruin you created!" she said cheerfully, as she pressed the button.
    SPACE Orange light flooded from the clock, vaporizing the watch in seconds. When the flames had subsided, Melissa had gone.
    SPACE"NO!" the lazy deity screamed in fury. But no one could hear him; only the eternal night, the abandoned arena and himself.
    SPACEThroughout the spectrum of time, the Mycroft family died.
    SPACE Presidents were assassinated. Chief leaders committed suicide. Kings died in hunting accidents. Scientists drowned.
    SPACEYet this time, the spectrum was different. The Mycroft family didn't exist.
    SPACEBefore James Mycroft prepared to die beneath the waves, a flash of orange transported him somewhere else.
    SPACEAs Arthur jumped off the Vessel of Nature, sunset flames roared in front of his shocked eyes, burning him and spreading his reassembled ashes throughout the universe.
    SPACEJust as Uriel Mycroft lost his grip on his hiking pickaxe, dug into the ice of the Dwarven Mountains, he exploded in a time traveling inferno.
    SPACESlowly, paradoxes appeared on the existential map of reality. Diamond blue cracks of energy, energy that was impossible.
    SPACEIn a few months the universe would collapse into chaos energy.
    SPACENot that it mattered.
    SPACEThe universe was nearing the end of the line anyway.

    Chapter Two: Godly Forces

    SPACEKing Solon marveled at the army below his feet.
    SPACEIt truly was magnificent.
    SPACEWith the power of flight invested in him, he hovered across the moorlands of his forgotten world. He loved flying, it made him feel like a god. Of course, he did not have the responsibility or the mind to be a god, for that was up to the bountiful, kind pantheon that had resurrected his race.
    SPACEStanding in perfect unison, each shimmering sentinel stood unnaturally still. All they needed was the order, and they would march in perfect time to their target: the city across the sea.
    SPACEThere was no fear in their minds, no desire, no blood lust. Just the wish to serve and kill.
    SPACEThe Gods had done well in recreating them.
    SPACE But they had done better with the King.
    SPACEOh yes, Solon thought, grinning at his power. I. Am. Amazing.
    SPACENot only was he made bigger, his muscles had bulged to near-ridiculous sizes. He wore a robe of pure, liquid gold, forming shapes the second Solon thought of them. Everything from extra hands to powerful weapons, which would prove useful in battle.
    SPACESolon was also equipped with sharper eyes. He saw everything in great detail. From up in the clouds he could see a chink in the armour of a soldier.
    SPACEThe Goblin King couldn't help but giggle, and forward rolled in the sky. Why not? Victory was certain, and by tomorrow a new era would begin. A new era without the filth of humanity. A new era without the filth of the Original Slime.
    SPACEA new era without the filth of the world.
    SPACESolon! The sharp voices of five gods exploded in the reptilian leader's ear.
    SPACEWhere are you? Get here now!
    SPACE"Yes sir." Solon said, brimming with loyalty. With a backwards cartwheel, he headed towards the Gods.
    SPACEThe Gods themselves resided in a mobile palace, which floated over millions of Golden Goblins.
    SPACEEight totems rose from a gilded octagon, to support a roof of topaz. There were no walls, so the Combined God could patrol his miles-long army from the safety of the skies.
    SPACEWhen Solon entered the palace, the gods were surveying the 1337th Battalion; three million lines of golden soldiers with the experience of an age-worn general.
    SPACE"You have come," the metagod said, swimming through the air towards the deputy leader of the Goblins.
    SPACEThe king bowed to the king of kings.
    SPACE"Yes, my lords," he humbly said. He quickly added, "And ladies."
    SPACEThe God nodded.
    SPACE"We are nearly ready to start the massacre. Yet we have some things to do."
    SPACEHe and she looked at Solon.
    SPACE"If the humans get the Platinum Armour, our battle will last a bit longer than expected."
    SPACEThe omnipotent being grinned.
    SPACE"We'll still kill them all, but I don't want this to last longer than ten minutes. So, I am giving you this."
    SPACEA stopwatch entered reality, and landed in the Goblin King's palm.
    SPACE"This will allow you to go to the Platinum Armour. Destroy it with your powers, and come back here in a second."
    SPACESolon nodded, ready to do perform his masters and mistress' wish.
    SPACE"It shouldn't take you long; only a few minutes at least."
    SPACESolon nodded again. With a quick bow, he pressed the stopwatch and in a flash of fruity orange flames he was gone.
    SPACE"Now," the gods all in one shell said. "We must see Cthulu."
    SPACEThe waves trembled.
    SPACEThe front line of the Goblin army stepped away from the rising water. They may have no fear, but they knew it was illogical to get wet now.
    SPACEA smooth hill rose from the froth, growing in size every second. The ocean shook in terror.
    SPACEThe island of scales stopped growing, and started to rise. Under the sea an empty eye socket stared at the figures above. Soon, the ants were below him.
    SPACEWith a last shudder from the high water, Cthulu was revealed. A snake of gold swam through the air to meet him.
    SPACE "You're late," it said.
    SPACE"Sorry," he grumbled, his voice echoing through the empty lands of the Goblins. "I was busy picking the remains of New Dungeon City from my teeth."
    SPACEThe gods simultaneously rolled their eyes.
    SPACE"Well, now you will have to fight separately. The ritual has already been performed."
    SPACECthulu grinned, his right eye twinkling with delight.
    SPACE"I'll be fine," the gruff voice of the Sea said. "I will effortlessly flood the puny humans from existence."
    SPACEThe golden deity's eyes squinted in doubt.
    SPACE"Good. All we need now is the God of the Underworld and-"
    SPACECthulu's laugh boomed throughout the world, the faint echo reaching sailors on the beach of New New Coastania.
    SPACE"The Betrayer, join us, to fight his master?" Cthulu mocked. "Please, you'll have more luck in being defeated by the humans."
    SPACEThe other gods snarled.
    SPACE "If we don't get him on our side, do you know what that means? The ground will split under our soldiers feet. Hordes of demons will rise from below to smite us. Your precious ocean will be turned to nothing but steam. We may like to see the Betrayer as a weak coward, but his powers are the differences between victory and defeat."
    SPACECthulu was silent.
    SPACE"What do you propose we do?" he asked solemnly.
    SPACEFive gods grinned with one god's mouth.
    SPACECthulu smirked after hearing the plan.
    SPACE"Good..." he mused. "So, what are my orders?"
    SPACEThe order was an easy one.
    SPACE"Split the waves, and let my soldiers march upon the Human World." The Combined God said.
    SPACECthulu nodded. "Sure thing."
    SPACEThe aqua deity spread his fins over the waves, the cold serenity of the water absorbing into his veins. A slow release of energy was released into the water.
    SPACEWith one explosion of baby blue, the dome of energy split the water into two walls of ice cold.
    SPACECthulu smiled, an expression of sly euphoria painted across his scaly face.
    SPACEAs millions of golden statues marched in prefect time towards the inferior maggots named "humanity," Cthulu knew his time of glory was coming.

    Chapter Three: Original Forces

    SPACEThe Original Slime drummed his newly-made fingers on his throne of silver and platinum. He had created his new arm solely for the purpose of telling the empty air around him that he was growing impatient. And worried.
    SPACEThe deity that started it all regretted getting only Melissa to recruit the Platinum Blade. He would have done it himself, it wouldn't have even taken that long.
    SPACEBut the Gods were interfering with him. The awesome power of all the Gods combined had dampened the Original Slime so much that his omnipotence was gradual fading.
    SPACEWell, the massive dome of Dimensional Slime thought. Not all the Gods...
    SPACEThe God of The Underworld was sure to join the First One; he always did. Cthulu would be busy finishing the scraps of New Dungeon City.
    SPACEThe Original Slime flinched at the memory of his glorious city being wiped off the face of the world.
    SPACEDo not fear, he mused to himself. The Platinum Blade will avenge the Merpeople. there is still hope!
    SPACEInstead of eagerly looking at his cobalt and silver palace, waiting for his subjects to arrive, the Original Slime gazed out of his Adamanite-strengthened window.
    SPACEThe wall of Giant Worms was doing well. The blur of clay red skin obstructed the view of the massive cave system, but it did protect the Original Slime.
    SPACERecruiting the monsters of the Underground wasn't that hard. For a start, they were so dim that they could throw away their freedom for a hunk of human meat. Secondly, the awe of the original Slime was so mesmerizing that they couldn't resists following him.
    SPACEThey might not help too much in the Final battle, but the Platinum Blade needed all the support they could get.
    SPACEOrange flames burst through the skin of the universe, and out tumbled numerous figures.
    SPACEJames smashed his copper helmet on a cobalt tile with great momentum.
    SPACEHe didn't have a clue at what the hell was going along. One minute ago he was preparing to let the ocean gush through his lungs, but now he was in...the Heavens?
    SPACEWell, it would make sense. He was sure to die beneath the waves. How else could he have survived?
    SPACEGroaning, he got up.
    SPACEYup, he thought, squeezing out of his diving suit. I'm in The Heavens. 'Cause where else would you find a palace made of virgin white stone?
    SPACE"Are you alright?"
    SPACEThe Oceanologist spun around in surprise, to find a familiar figure. Black hair, tall figure, piercing blue eyes...
    SPACE"Son?" he gasped in delight.
    SPACE"Father!" Arthur exclaimed. Together, they embraced.
    SPACE"I thought you were dead!" a tearful son said.
    SPACE"Aren't we?," James said, looking at his grown son. He regretted not watching him grow up.
    SPACE"Look around us! We're surrounded by our family. In a pearly palace. Where else could we be?"
    SPACEMeanwhile, other relived members of the Mycroft clan exchanged in emotional displays of compassion. Which annoyed the Original Slime.
    SPACE"All right, all right, stop that!" he shouted indignantly. "You can catch up with each other when we win The Final Battle. For now, listen to me."
    SPACEEveryone fell silent, dumbstruck.
    SPACE"I can't send you all the information you need via brainwaves because of the Gods dampening my powers, so I'll have to explain it to you the old fashioned time wasting way."
    SPACE"After the sacrifice of Melissa, the Goddess-Incarnate, the last survivor of the Goblins has combined the Gods together. With a resurrected army of Goblins coming our way any time now, I have brought my Chosen Family together." He nodded at the hundred or so humans in the room. "As well as Celestia and Myrth." He nodded towards the two woman. A few early Mycrofts snarled.
    SPACE"What is she doing here?" Deran, a brave warrior who was decapitated in the Chieftain Wars, said. "She looks like she will eat us all!"
    SPACEA few muttered their agreements.
    SPACE"Don't talk about my wife like that!" Andrew roared, ready to punch the warrior in the face. He was restrained by Uriel the Third.
    SPACE"You married that beast?!"
    SPACEAndrew Senior barged his way through his descendants and ancestors.
    SPACEThe second Andrew scowled at his father. He looked exactly like he had been told; muscled, that rugged look and a general mess.
    SPACE"AND YOU FUCKED HER!" he roared, pointing at Myrth's bump.
    SPACE"You sick man," the dad muttered, boiling with anger.
    SPACEAndrew began a slur of swear words, before suddenly hearing no words of his own come out his mouth. In fact, he couldn't hear anyone's words.
    SPACE"Right!" the Original Slime said. "Thank me for getting you to shut up."
    SPACEHe continued:"Before you, the Platinum Blade, meet up with the Goblins, we need to do two things: one, travel through time and get the Platinum Armour. Secondly, we need to find the only God that will help us: The God of the Underworld, the Fortress of Blood, the Wall of Flesh."
    SPACE"Because the Goblins will be doing the same, you will be split up into teams. One to the Original War, where Diou Mycroft wore the valiant suit." The first deity nodded at the 12ft tall figure in the centre if the room.
    SPACE"...While one will go to the time post-Goblin Reign, when new New Coastania was just starting. The Platinum Armour is kept in a case there, it should be easy to get.
    SPACE"The other team, meanwhile, will travel to the Underworld without any time travel shenanigans, to recruit the Hellish Deity."
    SPACEEveryone in the room was silent. They're lips moved frantically in rage, but no sound came out.
    SPACE"I'll answer all your questions after we have won, but for now you have to trust me," the Original Slime said in an urgent tone.
    SPACE"Otherwise, we all die."
    SPACEAndrew walked through the tall grass, amazed that one little patch he had seen at the spark of New New Coastania had engulfed the world over the course of years.
    SPACE"How did it grow so quickly?!" he thought out loud.
    SPACE"My help, mainly," the former dryad said. "Although the Anti-Goblin Potion helped a lot."
    SPACEThe group, also known as "Team D", were slowly making their way towards the entrance to Hell. The Original Slime knew it would take too long to just have his warriors dig, so had given them the directions to an ancient tunnel that ran straight to the Underworld.
    SPACE"It was once used for sacrificing ages ago, it'll be covered in vines," the god had said.
    SPACECelestia felt uneasy. That tunnel reminded her a lot of her early childhood.
    SPACEWhich she tried to avoid as much as possible.
    SPACE"Are you okay, Dryad?"
    SPACECelestia blinked away from nightmarish daydreams, and turned around to Andrew. The second problem.
    SPACE"Yeah," she murmured, rubbing fictional sleet from her eyes. "I'm just..."
    SPACEAndrew finished her question.
    SPACECelestia nodded her head. She wasn't tired at all; she had something much worse weighing her down.
    SPACEWhen is he going to ask?
    SPACESilence reigned, albeit the rustling of trees and the mute orchestra of nature.
    SPACE"Dryad..." Andrew broke the silence.
    SPACECelestia bit her lip. She knew this question was going to come eventually.
    SPACEShe tried to quickly change the subject.
    SPACE"You know I hate being called that. I'm not a Dryad anymore, I'm the Queen of the Hallow; The Commander of Nature. I've been promoted."
    SPACEAndrew stopped walking. Celestia was forced to stop.
    SPACEThe Platinum Knight scowled into Celestia's azure eyes, hungry for an answer."Why did you leave me back in the Goblin City?"
    SPACECelestia gulped.
    SPACEAndrew was firmer."Drya-Celestia. Why. Did. You. Leave. Me. There."
    SPACECelestia looked down.
    SPACE"What?" Andrew asked, angrier.
    SPACECelestia gulped again.
    SPACE"I was scared."
    SPACEAndrew looked at a tear fall down from his adopted mother's cheek.
    SPACEStop being a bastard, he thought to himself.
    SPACE"I'm sorry for asking." He continued walking again.
    SPACECelestia was silent.
    SPACEAndrew continued."It was just... being alone, with a barbaric Goblin coming to kill me... I was scared, Celestia. I mean, I pretend I like a good old massacre of Goblins time to time but really... I hate fighting."
    SPACECelestia nodded, still silent.
    SPACEWell done, Andrew, Andrew bitterly thought to himself."You know the only reason I kept on fighting?"
    SPACECelestia looked up.
    SPACE"The only reason I fought...was because I really thought I would fail. I was barely 19! And yet somehow, thanks to The God- I mean Original Slime, I won."
    SPACECelestia smiled, but still with a twinge of regret and sadness.
    SPACE"You Mycrofts always had it in you.Now come on," Celestia said with more enthusiasm. "Let's go to Hell!"
    SPACEGroup D hit the slab of brimstone, with no injuries. The Original Slime had blessed them with incredibly strong feet, which seemed a bit pointless.
    SPACEThen again, gods always worked in mysterious ways.
    SPACEThe whole team brought out platinum Flintlock Pistols, ready to fire beams of holy energy at any oncoming demons.
    SPACEBut there were none.
    SPACEThe magma lake the islands of ash sat on were still. Bone Serpents were nowhere to be seen, and scythes didn't spin through the humid air.
    SPACEHell was dead.
    SPACE"Where is everyone?" Celestia murmured, crafting a bridge of Hallowed vines to cross the ocean of lava. The Underworld didn't retaliate.
    SPACEEveryone still had their guard up. A general from a failed uprising against the Princedom, a physicist who had married James Mycroft and a priest from before the Chieftain Wars held their guns up, shaking in fear and anxiety.
    SPACE"Do we have the doll?" Andrew asked.
    SPACE"No need," Celestia said. "I can contact all existential beings with my mind.
    SPACEAndrew chuckled."Enjoying your fancy powers then?"
    SPACECelestia shrugged. "It's alright... I still think the promotion was unnecessary."
    SPACEAndrew hopped over a crack between two islands, and stepped into a pile of red sand."How so?" he asked.
    SPACEThe commander of Nature whisked up another bridge made from Hallowed energy."'s just, you know, I don't really think I'm up for it. I mean, most of my life was running away and hiding."Celestia stopped.
    SPACE"This is the place; the centre of the Underworld. I'll contact him here."
    SPACEShe closed here eyes, and started to wander through the minds of the Gods. A big, mental dangerous golden orb told her that it was the Combined God, while a deep blue tetrahedron revealed itself as the God of the Ocean.
    SPACECthulu is separate. Interesting.
    SPACEYet however hard she tried, she couldn't find the crimson pyramid of the Bastion of Cartilage, God of the Underworld.
    SPACECelestia opened her eyes.
    SPACEThey were surrounded by golden goblins.
    SPACEAnd a pile of flesh, definitely dead, was slumped over behind them.
    SPACESolon emerged.
    SPACEWith a satanic grin, he started to hover over the pitiful human beings slumped in a pile below him.
    SPACEHe chuckled at the memory of their execution. He had morphed his golden tentacles into razor blades for their decapitation.
    SPACENow Celestia was slumped over, her head burnt in magma. It was impossible for her to survive. Everyone knew a resurrection spell required a brain to work.
    SPACEWith the snap of his fingers, the Goblin King summoned his ten gilded warriors.
    SPACEOh, how proud he was of them. They flawlessly dodged the eye lasers, ducked under the worms...and beautifully ended with a dead God.
    SPACEWithout the help of the Underworld, victory was surely imminent for the Gods. The rightful heirs to the holy throne would rise, and a new golden age would occur.
    SPACEAll that could stop them now was the Platinum Armour. And that was impossible.
    SPACEEvery single instance in time that the Platinum Armour was there ended with the Goblins slaughtering the humans, and that version of the Platinum Armour always ended up being melted into useless platinum discs.
    SPACEThe only Goblins that had not returned was the group sent back to the first war between the Original Slime and the Gods; but they would soon.
    SPACEThe same went for the team sent to the start of New New Coastania.
    SPACENow is not the time for paranoia! King Solon thought. I must return for the march of honour into the human world!
    SPACEWaving his tentacles in a complex fashion, he used the power of the Gods to transport his squad back to base.
    SPACEThe Last Mycroft fell through Limbo for what seemed an eternity, before exploding in the Original Slime's face.
    SPACEThe power of the Time Spectrum sent him/er flying backwards, ready to smash into the marble wall. But with remarkable flexibility, s/he performed a backward flip, jumping off the tiles and landing crouched in front of the amazed deity.
    SPACE"Who are you?" he asked.
    SPACEThe warrior lifted her/is head, and lied straight to his face.
    SPACE"My name is Serena Mycroft," she said, revealing her feminine voice, muffled behind her ash-covered veil.
    SPACEWhat she said next wasn't a lie however.
    SPACE"I am the Last Mycroft. I have came back from a violent future in which the Gods have invaded, and turned the world into a wasteland. I am here to stop that happening."
    SPACEWith the Gods slowly draining his powers, the Original Slime didn't have the power to see through lies.
    SPACEHe beamed.
    SPACE"Excellent! The more people we have, the better chance we have at crushing the demonic Gods!"He then frowned."May I ask you to remove your shawl? In case you're some kind of Goblin spy, haha!"
    SPACE'Serena,' as we'll call her, looked to the floor, her olive eyes trying to convey the emotion of regret.
    SPACE"I'm afraid...the Goblins have done horrible things to me... I'd rather not show."
    SPACEThe Original Slime decided not to push any further, and let it be."All right."He beamed at his new recruit."Welcome to the Platinum Blade, Selena."
    SPACEBehind her shawl, the one known as "The Gladiator" smiled.
    SPACEShe was one step closer to destroying the future.

    Chapter Four: Destroying Time

    SPACEMelissa appeared out of the orange flames.
    SPACEAnd realised something was definitely wrong.
    SPACEThe room she had appeared in, an opulent family room, was charcoal black. Furniture lay in pieces, the window was smashed, and the sound of chaos drafted through the broken wall, from the town outside.
    SPACEEven worse, Melissa was alone.
    SPACESomething was wrong.
    SPACEVery wrong.
    SPACEMelissa didn't waste any time. Phoenix Blaster and Platinum Pistol at hand, she ran through what used to be a door, and sped through the palace.
    SPACEShe came to a wounded soldier, tanned from the scorching flames that had been bestowed on him by some sadistic monster. All he could do was moan a few words.
    SPACE"Who...who..." he coughed up blood. "Who are you?"
    SPACEMelissa keeled down, angry at whoever had ruined time.
    SPACE"I'm Melissa, that's all you need to know. What happened here?"
    SPACEThe guard croaked out one word.
    SPACEWith a last hacking cough, he died.
    SPACEMelissa didn't waste any time, rushing through the corridor. She glanced out at the window for a bit; all she could see was flames lapping to a stormy night sky.
    SPACELightning forked its way to earth.
    SPACEThe burnt silhouettes of whatever used to be people seemed to be wherever Melissa looked. The whole scene made her want to puke.
    SPACEEventually (after five minutes) she reached the throne room, following the finger points of a many now deceased guards. The Goblins had to be inside.
    SPACEWithout any hesitation, she barged the door open... find herself face to face with a thousand god-like goblins and a very happy floating king.

    SPACE"Well isn't THIS a nice surprise!"
    SPACETentacles squirming, he hovered to the adventurer. Melissa pointed her holy firearms at the evil monarch.
    SPACEAll she got in reply was a laugh.
    SPACE"The Original Slime is nothing to the Gods, Melissa!" he crooned. He held his hand out to Melissa, and held her chin.
    SPACE"Shame. You would have been a good Goblin."
    SPACEHis back to the Anti-Goddess, he flicked his hand and casually remarked "Kill her."
    SPACEA thousand spears, swords and guns were used in perfect unison. They all aimed at Mellisa.
    SPACEShe stood still.
    SPACEAt the last moment, she leaped into the air, straight into the maw of a hundred holy (or demonic, depending on your allegiance) spear men.
    SPACEWith one fist she smacked the Goblin King right in the face.
    SPACEBefore he could retaliate, Melissa took out a certain device: a copper pocketwatch, enhanced with technology designed for one purpose.
    SPACEGrabbing the slightly bemused yet surprised king with her hand, they travelled through time.
    SPACEIn limbo, as a woman of steel and a man of black gold brawled, a certain coin fell from the pocket of Melissa.
    SPACEAway from her pocket it fell, until materialising into a battle.
    SPACEDeran, still held in reality by paradox energy, decapitated another of his kind mercilessly. They were from the Dwarven Mountains, so it didn't matter. they were the ones who had caused the whole war.
    SPACEAmidst the chaos, a coin fell to his feet. Curious, the warrior picked it up.
    SPACEAs he was bent over, a sword that would surely have killed him whipped over his head.
    SPACEIn surprised retaliation, he killed the soldier thanks to a stab in the chest.
    SPACEThat coin just saved me! he thought, putting it in his leather satchel. It has magical properties, I know!
    SPACEHe continued his fight.
    SPACEThe glass cloud floated in the sky, brushing on a white mist, covering the top of the world. Below was a vibrant world, filled with forests, lakes, jungles and a big city on the golden coast of the Eastern Ocean. This blue sapphire stretched out to another world, devastated from a a deadly weapon, from the past. A golden bricked building, closed up by cautious humans, stood next to another ocean, to the west.
    SPACEMelissa saw all of this, with childlike wonder. She flicked her ginger hair, frizzy and quite messy. Goggles were placed on her eyes, allowing her to see clearer. She left the little balcony, and went inside when suddenly she was crushed by two figures falling from the sky.
    SPACESolon parried Melissa's bullets, aiming for a low karate chop to her knees.
    SPACEMelissa flawlessly jumped over the king's attack, and elbowed him in the ribcage. This did nothing, and Solon grinned.
    SPACEHis three left tentacles lashed at the former archaeologist (not the one lying dead on the floor) , leaving her with long crimson scars.
    SPACEShe growled, and pushed the Goblin Monarch off the side of Cloud 5, to the world below.
    SPACEMelissa followed suit.
    SPACEIt's just like the Fallflight Bridge, right? she thought, to try and calm her nerves. She ignored the voice in her head telling her that on this journey she didn't have a Lucky Horseshoe.
    SPACEBeing more agile, Melissa landed on the King before he got over surprise and began to hover.
    SPACEhe began to hover, with a pesky human clinging on to his back like some kind of parasite.
    SPACEWith a time machine.
    SPACEFor at that moment, Melissa pressed the button of her stopwatch, and the two fighters travelled in time.
    SPACE"Arthur! Come here, please!"
    SPACEThe teenager, barely fifteen, came into his father's study. It was filled with maps, papers and a lot of artefacts from the ocean.
    SPACE"Yes, father?"
    SPACEJames took out a small coin from his pocket.
    SPACE"As you know, I am going on a great expedition to the bottom of the ocean tomorrow,"
    SPACEHe handed the valuable disc to his son.
    SPACE"You are now able to carry it. Remember, don't lose it, for that coin goes back a long way..."
    SPACEArthur frowned.
    SPACE"But, papa... it looks like a modern one! In fact... if anything, it looks more modern than our coins. How come?"
    SPACEJames chuckled, and ruffled James' hair.
    SPACE"Exactly. I'm sure one day you'll find out."
    SPACEThe goblin war cry echoed through the world, a terrifying roar. It passed through trees, through corrupt lands, even scaring the Devourers. It passed through the desert, causing a Vulture to rise in blind panic, leaving behind his dinner for the day, an Antillion. Jungle Bats started to pick on the roots of Man-Eaters, which in turn tried to eat Jungle Slimes. To the far west, near the edge of the world, everyone in the small, wooden village froze, in blind fear. The Goblin army was coming from the East, ready to slaughter those who oppose their rule. Their leader Andrew, a young man with piercing sapphires for eyes, immediately jumped into action.
    SPACE“Demolitionist! Get your bombs from th- GOOD GODS WHAT IS THAT FALLING FROM THE SKY?!"
    SPACESolon and Melissa, locked in a fistfight, crashed through Andrew's hut.
    SPACEA tentacle jabbed at the woman. Melissa parried it with her gun, shooting the king in the head.
    SPACEHe took the blow, and simply grunted.
    SPACEMelissa jumped, somersaulted and kicked Solon in the stomach.
    SPACEThe monarch caught the human's foot, and preceded to flail here around the house.
    SPACECrashing into the wooden walls, the house started to collapse.
    SPACEVision blurred by pain and blood, Melissa did the only thing she could: the archaeologist dug her teeth into the tentacle.
    SPACESolon howled and let go of his victim. Melissa took her chance, and punched him in the face.
    SPACEThe stopwatch, in her pocket, released it's energy.
    SPACEThe two time travellers were whisked away to another time period.
    SPACE"I'm sorry, Melissa..."
    SPACEThe mother shed a tear.
    SPACE"But... Daddy has...gone for a while."
    SPACEMelissa stood there, holding her teddy. Her lip quivered.
    SPACEShe broke into tears, like the rest of the family.
    SPACE After the funeral, she went to her room.
    SPACEShe took out a coin from the drawer. Arthur had given it to her before he left for the Corruption.
    SPACEI will never forget you Dad. she thought. I'm going to be an archeolowogist-or-something, and I'm going to make Daddy proud.
    SPACETo this day, she has always kept that coin beside her.
    SPACEA minute before Solon and a handful of his men stormed the Mycroft Manor, Melissa and future Solon crashed to the marble tiles.
    SPACEUsing one such slab, the Goblin King's tentacle threw it towards Melissa's stomach.
    SPACELike a ragdoll, the wounded explorer lay beside the set of Platinum Armour, placed in a glass case.
    SPACEOnly three extra appendages left, the golden goblin hovered to where his prey sat.
    SPACE"You can't beat me!" he shouted, before breaking into a maniacal laugh.
    SPACE"The Gods forbid you humans to ever have victory! You should not fight against your superiors!"
    SPACEMelissa waited for death.
    SPACEThe golden organic flail caught her neck. She was raised up two feet into the air, vision blending into silver stars.
    SPACESo, I'm going to die. she thought. Again.
    SPACEHer hand fell limp, when she felt the presence of a small object in her pocket.
    SPACEOf course! The Mycroft family coin! She had completely forgotten abut it!
    SPACEIn a last ditch effort of survival, she flipped the coin right into Solon's eye.
    SPACEHowling in pain, he let Melissa go. Relieved at having yet another chance to live, the archaeologist sprinted to the glass case.
    SPACEHolding on to it, she pushed her pocket watch, taking the Platinum Armour to the Original Slime.
    SPACEThankfully, this time she had the precious extra seconds of confusion to make her location more detailed.
    SPACEAll Solon saw last of Melissa was her middle finger.
    SPACETwo hundred years in the future, in Hell, a swirl of milky energy encircled Celestia and Andrew.
    SPACEThe power of the Original Slime was enough to spark life back into the two heroes, and soon a new head was atop their bodies.
    SPACEFlickering baby eyes, Andrew was up on his feet in an instant, confused.
    SPACEWasn't I dead? He said.
    SPACEThe knight looked at the pile of bodies he stood beside.
    SPACEAnd why aren't the rest of the group still alive?
    SPACE"We need to get out of here, before they come back."
    SPACECelestia took a confused Andrew by the hand.
    SPACE"" he asked.
    SPACEEx-Dryad shrugged. "I don't know. The sooner we get out of here, the sooner we can ask."
    SPACEBuilding a stairway of teal vines the two ascended.
    SPACEMelissa appeared in a worryingly empty room.
    SPACE"Where is everyone?" she asked.
    SPACEThe Original Slime was hunched over his throne, leaking existential tears. He had only done this an eternity ago.
    SPACE"It was a trap, Melissa," he blurted out. "The Gods...they knew my moves."
    SPACEMelissa dropped the armour to the ground.
    SPACE"How many do we have now?"
    SPACEThe Original Slime gulped (if such a thing could be performed by a slime).
    SPACEMelissa replied angrily.
    SPACE"Five?! How the hell are we meant to fight against an innumerable amount of invincible soldiers with only five people?!"
    SPACEWaving his hand, the crying god created seven versions of the holy armour.
    SPACE"We have to try, Melissa."
    SPACEMelissa scowled. "That's suicide."
    SPACE"It's our only choice." The Original Slime hopped off his throne.
    SPACEThe other five Mycrofts, in the corner of the room, watched the quarrel.
    SPACE"What now?" Arthur asked.
    SPACEJames had no answer, as did Uriel III. Serena was about to answer when Uriel IV answered.
    SPACE"Simple," he said.
    SPACE"We go to war."
    SPACEThrough the hills, they came.
    SPACEEven the two extra members found on the long trek, Andrew and Celestia, were not enough to give the Mycroft family the confidence they would need to take down the Goblin soldiers.
    SPACESilence reigned, except for the trickling of streams and the chirps of birds.
    SPACELeading the motley crew was a bitter Original Slime. He had no need for invisibility, with no humans ever out of the city these days.
    SPACEHe had to fight back tears. His plan had failed; his sons and daughters had stopped his plan. they had been ready.
    SPACEBut he couldn't have a traitor. it was impossible. Every single Mycroft was dedicated to him.
    SPACEHe liked the ring to that.
    SPACEA glum Celestia walked with Melissa. She had been overjoyed at first to see her friend, but the loss of around a hundred or so family members and ancestors was a heavy load.
    SPACEThe didn't speak much.
    SPACEOn the other hand, Melissa was enquiring with the ominous Selena.
    SPACE"So... what's it like?"
    SPACEThe malachite eyes of the Last Mycroft frowned.
    SPACE"Terrible," she said, muffled from her shawl. "The Gods have turned the world into a wasteland of ash. Everyone was dead par me, put to death in bloody arenas."
    SPACEMelissa enquired; "What about the goblins though?
    SPACESelena shook her head sadly. "When the Gods somehow ran out of inspiration for new monsters for humans to fight, they took to mutating the aristocratic Goblins left in the Marble Domes, deep within the earth."
    SPACEThe wanderer sighed.
    SPACE"I don't think they have a favourite race, Melissa... I think they just like seeing pain."
    SPACEThis left Melissa in silence.
    SPACEThey walked on, until the spires of the city showed themselves.
    SPACE"Good Go- Original Slime!" Uriel IV exclaimed. "Is that... is that a city? Made of gold?!"
    SPACEThe Original Slime wobbled forwards, frowning.
    SPACE"Yes..." he muttered. "...But it shouldn't be night in the city..."
    SPACE"Have you got everything?!" Jonna cried out. Another streak of deafening lightning struck Cloud 5.
    SPACEThe glass roof shattered under the strain of the storm. Rain water flooded into the laboratories, washing years of research to the dark streets below. With the piercingly loud thunder, the glass walls of the 'Diamond of The Sky" had shattered long ago.
    SPACEBattered by ice cold rain, smashed glass and a dangerous tempest, the Underworld researcher was finding it hard to get the scientific results of a million tests safe. Jonna knew she had to find an escape pod as quickly as possible.
    SPACESome researchers had already jumped off, still with their Lucky Horseshoes on. Jonna was repeatedly kicking herself for forgetting it today.
    SPACEAnother explosion of light, and in a second more lightning had smashed into the floating laboratory.
    SPACEThe research centre flipped over. With screams many fell to their dooms; all without their lucky charms.
    SPACEJonna watched five glass cylinders fall to the city below.
    SPACEOnly one escape pod remained.
    SPACEJonna didn't like to think of herself as selfish, but she was scared for her life and she was adamant to get to that little capsule of safety first. She was prepared to leave her colleagues.
    SPACEAgain, she reminded herself she she wasn't selfish. She was just self-conscious for her life.
    SPACEJumping to one shard of wall left (now the floor) she began to perform life threatening parkour, leaping to each individual piece of glass, slowly inching towards her goal: the last escape pod.
    SPACEBut her closest opponent, the old Dungeon professor, leaped ahead of her with surprising speed.
    SPACEThe collision of glass and lightning, screams and all that was left was Jonna and Billo.
    SPACEAs Jonna accepted defeat (grudgingly), Billo stopped.
    SPACEWith a sad smile, he said;
    SPACE"Take the pod. I have lived here since I can remember, and so will die here with my memories."
    SPACENodding thanks, Jonaa went to take her place in the capsule.
    SPACEFate, however, had other ideas.
    SPACEWith a final blast of light, Cloud 5 shattered into pieces, along with the flailing inferno that was Billo and Jonaa.
    SPACEThe ashes settled on to Garneac Avenue, in which the Platinum Blade walked.
    SPACEIt was hell.
    SPACEThe tempest was curling its grip around the city; the fingers of a god made of rainclouds.
    SPACEIf the people of the city knew that was true, they would be running in fear a lot more.
    SPACEAndrew unsheathed his sword. it glinted in the moonlight and torrential rain. It shook with fear.
    SPACE"You ready?" he murmured.
    SPACEMelissa drew her Phoenix Blaster out.
    SPACE"I suppose so," she laughed out.
    SPACECelestia absorbed the energy around her into an orb of blindingly holy light.
    SPACEThe two Uriels drew out their bows of pure platinum.
    SPACEWith a click Selena had her 'pulse arm gauntlet adjustment' fitted (whatever the hell that meant)
    SPACEMyrth loaded her malachite rifle.
    SPACEThey waited for the Goblins to come.
    SPACEThey didn't have to wait long.
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    Part 2

    Chapter 5: The Fall Of The Third City
    SPACEAnother slash. Another victim.
    SPACEAndrew dodged, and headbutted straight into the Goblin's chest. He merely grunted.
    SPACEWith the whoosh of his lance, he prepared to make mice out of Andrew's brain.
    SPACEA shaft of white light struck the gilded warrior. Screaming in agony, he fell to the ground, without an arm.
    SPACE"You okay?" the gunslinger asked the knight.
    SPACEMelissa gave a hand to Andrew. He took it, picked up his broadsword and proceeded to decapitate another soldier who thought it was a good idea to sneak up on Melissa.
    SPACE"I'm fine, thanks," he grunted, before charging back into the horde of shining bodies.
    SPACEMelissa followed.
    SPACE"Which way do you think is the way to the Combined God?" she asked, firing off another holy blaze into a legion of golden reptiles.
    SPACEAndrew smashed a Goblin's face with his pommel, rushing through the alley alongside
    SPACEhis descendant.
    SPACE"Dunno. Split up?"
    SPACEMelissa forward rolled into the path of three burly scaled men, and proceeded to blow their stomachs to kingdom come.
    SPACE"Is that a wise idea?" she asked, pointing her gun through the cracked walls of a ransacked tower.
    SPACEAndrew swiped his way through a crowd of the bloodthirsty snakes, cutting them all in two.
    SPACE"It would be qui- GET OUT OF MY WAY, FILTH!- Sorry, stupid goblins and their resurrection spells... Anyway, I would say it would be quicker to get this hellish battle over and done with if we split up."
    SPACEMelissa agreed. They had been fighting for nearly two days now and the Goblins just never stopped.
    SPACE"Hey," she asked. "If we don't make it out ali-"
    SPACE"We will." Andrew's response wasn't open for debate.
    SPACEMelissa nodded with scepticism. She pistol whipped another auxiliary goblin that got in her way.
    SPACEI wonder how Celestia's doing... she thought as she delved deeper into the rain drenched citadel.
    SPACECelestia was doing quite fine, frazzling battalions of the demonic beings in front of her.
    SPACEWith a whisper and the thrust of her hands, she vaporised another ten with a divine blaze.
    SPACEThe goblins seeped further into the building, stepping over dead customers and tables. They were told to kill all humans, and this magic woman was no exception.
    SPACEThe former dryad kneeled, calm and with no worry.
    SPACEClasping her hands together, word slipped through into the stormy air.
    SPACEShe started to glow virgin white. Energy crackled in forks around her, slowly enveloping her in some kind of cocoon of light.
    SPACEA goblin shot a golden arrow into the orb. It fizzled and exploded into embers.
    SPACEThe shell started to float, still drawing energy from invisible pockets in the universe.
    SPACECelestia couldn't hold it anymore. Eyes blind with the brilliance of the Original Slime, she opened them.
    SPACEThe building exploded.
    SPACE"What the hell was that?!"
    SPACEUriel turned around form his slaying to see what his son was screaming about.
    SPACE"What is it?" he asked, punching a soldier straight in the gut.
    SPACEThe young prince Uriel the Third shook his head in confusion. "I thought I saw some kind of bright flash... like an explosion..."
    SPACEHis father shrugged.
    SPACE"Whatever," he said. "Help me slay more of these bitches."
    SPACEThe son chuckled, raised his bow and fired.
    SPACEThe arrow sliced through a Goblin's head.
    SPACEOn the other side of the crumbling town, a Goblin outcast impaled more of her kind.
    SPACEMyrth was incredibly busy spearing the foes that wanted her dead with a makeshift supporting pole of a now-crumbled skyscraper, and was doing surprisingly well.
    SPACEA golden Goblin grabbed for her ankle, yet she was ready for it; with one swift movement she karate kicked the intruder straight in his flat nose.
    SPACEUsing his face as a support, she somersaulted back to her little fortress of shrapnel, little hands scratching the lower levels. It was no more than a mound, but had kept them at bay for a few hours now.
    SPACESPACE Sighing with relief, Myrth sat on a soggy coach and gulped down some fine Coastania Pier Brandy she had found on her raid. The outpost swayed with the movements of a million angelic demons.
    SPACEThe base had done very well for keeping Myrth safe for the two days of war she had been here. The Platinum Blade's plan of splitting up had failed in the first few hours, and now they were all scattered across the city. Much to her lament, Myrth had lost her rifle. However, she had made do with bits and bobs of hastily put-together shrapnel, and had seemed to work.
    SPACEMyrth went over the creaking flattened piece of cracked concrete that made up some kind of primitive floor, and added fifty new tally marks to the Killing Board. Of course, it was just a pub table flipped on it's side with waterproof chalk scrawled on its surface, but it still served the purpose of ceasing boredom.
    SPACEThe new raid brought the total up to 10'261. An impressive number, but compared to the God's army it was as meaningless as a millisecond.
    SPACEYawning from surprised boredom, Myrth looked over the sea.
    SPACEThe two curtains of water were still open, letting a giant river of golden warriors with blood in their minds enter the falling town. If there wasn't a never ending rain storm encircling the city, the army would go beyond the horizon.
    SPACEMyrth breathed in deeply, picked up her scaffolding pole and jumped into the savages once more.
    SPACEOn the other side of the world, a living green mountain sighed in exhaustion.
    SPACEThe legions of bloodthirsty demigods below tickled his feet, clambering over Cthulu's webbed toes.
    SPACEThere he stood, arms stretched, defeating the water around him, subjugating the aqua to allow a passage through to the Human world.
    SPACEA thick sheet of ice separated the army from the canyons below.
    SPACE Cthulu spat out a piece of marble (It squashed five men, who were then replaced by more of the golden swarm) reminding him of his feast for later, when celebrating the birth of the Goblin utopia. They could not escape. They would only escape when the maw of Cthulu beckoned them.
    SPACEThe Water God looked towards the horizon, and looked straight into the maw of the mother of the legions marching to war. He nearly dropped his jaw at the sheer beauty of the energy, but was able to regain his posture in time for a meeting with the Combined God.
    SPACESPACE Cthulu nearly spat looking at the gods all together in one body. The minute Cthulu could have escaped from that snake, he did. The air was a grudging ally; not a playground for his fellow omnipotent to abide in.
    SPACE(The Platinum Blade are being more stifling than we thought.) The Combined God said, speaking straight into the mind of the scaled behemoth. He tutted.
    SPACE(I told you they would not be as easy to kill as your obnoxious patriotism implied.) Cthulu sneered. (Send me to kill them, and I will finish the job like a God should.)
    SPACE(We were going to.) The other gods said in impassive unison. (Go forward, and kill our father's pawns.)
    SPACECthulu nodded with some kind of cynical respect. With the touch of hi flipper, the split sea turned to ice.
    SPACEGrinning, Cthulu submerged under the sea and swam towards his victims.
    SPACEThe sentient vortex chugged out new soldiers. In seconds, they knew battle techniques beyond the skill of the League of Ninjas and strength tougher than the Dwarven Tribe.
    SPACEIf the portal could, it would grin.
    SPACEInstead, the Motherlin Cryptofi continued it's production line of death.
    SPACE"Take that you little son-of-bitches! HRRGHA!"
    SPACEMyrth unsheathed her scaffolding pole, with a golden brain and dismembered eye.
    SPACEThe cranium fell to the ground with a pitiful splat. More boots fell to the ground, and the organ was mush.
    SPACERods of energy whistled past, as the goblin sprinted through the streets.
    SPACEThe level of water had risen dramatically. The lower buildings were on their way to being submerged, the waves were growing bigger and the golden warriors were starting to thin out slightly.
    SPACEIs luck on our side? Myrth thought as she half-sprinted half-waded to Original Slime-knows where. Are we actually slaying the-OOF.
    SPACEAndrew groaned at the force of the collision, but recovered in a few seconds and already had his broadsword to his wife's neck.
    SPACE"Good to see you're back from work." Myrth remarked curtly, pushing the knife slowly away form her windpipe.
    SPACE"Oh hey honey," Andrew sighed. "I think you're wanting this?"
    SPACEAndrew unstrapped a long object from his back.
    SPACEMyrth grinned in delight when looking at the malachite barrel, the emerald trigger and aventurine chamber.
    SPACE"Better use it," Andrew warned, preparing his sword against the glistening diamonds of rain.
    SPACE"We got company."
    SPACELike a rabid herd of armoured death, the golden warriors screamed for human blood. They were getting impatient.
    SPACE"Andrew?" Myrth murmured.
    SPACE"I just remembered something."
    SPACEAndrew frowned.
    SPACE"What is it?"
    SPACEMyrth aimed.
    SPACE"We forgot to turn the cooker off."
    SPACE"Karzekri. Centaratsahun viexo'l. Pertudon." The fluent Goblineese stated in the minds of a million soldiers. They obeyed their god, and began the purge of the Platinum Blade.
    SPACEBows at the ready, a platoon on Portside Pass (or what was left of it; some survivors named it Portside Pile after seeing the shipyards drown in scree) entered the disused tavern.
    SPACEMusty cobwebs, smashed stairs, crushed chairs, toppled table. Pale corpses, a thin beggar barely twelve scavenging for any breadcrumbs under the table. An arrow strung, released, and a dead adolescent left.
    SPACEA figure, swift as the wind, dropped to the floor. Her feet touched the ground as if they didn't exist, and with footsteps as light as nothing Selena made her way to the humo-snakes that glowed in the pale dusk of another day of battle.
    SPACEOf course, she hadn't expected the Goblins to have sensitive hearing to the point of every noise amplified to a considerable amount, and so the future Mycroft was about as loud as a sea god ascending from the abyss to land.
    SPACEIn routine the soldier spun, hand clenched in fist, and punctured straight through her intestines. He ripped them from their seams, not bothering to look at his victim.
    SPACEHe stared at wires, spluttering a few sparks of mana.
    SPACE"Hey!" A cocky Selena cried from outside. In her hand was a remote, which she dangled in front of a smashed window leading to the old drinking hole.
    SPACE"Nice metal shell you've caught there!"
    SPACEWith a leap, the gladiator pressed the button. The building behind her ignited into a ball of angelic fire, and took a legion or two of goblins away from the world.
    SPACEThat's one group of enemies gone. She thought to herself, casually dismembering any garrison stationed outside the ablaze building that came her way.
    SPACENow let's deal with the other one.Selena stopped by the remains of a dock, a graveyard of charred trawlers and the skeletons of cruisers. The sea lapped at her feet.
    SPACE"It's been a long time since I've seen you," she murmured. "And now you get revenge."
    SPACEThe earth rumbled. Selena equipped her pulse-powered arm braces.
    SPACEA god rose from his kingdom, and began his campaign.
    SPACEThe tempest darkens. Forks from the aether puncture the sky, rain pelts the rubble desert SPACEand six warriors emerge to the sea line. The waves eat the city
    SPACECthulu smirks.
    SPACEA casual flick of a tentacle, and towers of gold have fallen. One Uriel ducks under the SPACEshower of scree and the other king leaps from a collapsing iron strut and rips a patch of SPACEthe algae-green mountain with his powered fist.
    SPACEThe sea god chuckles, thinks and creates a typhoon.
    SPACEHe raises his fins (ARE YOU READY?) and brings them down into a deafening implosion SPACEof sound and rising water.
    The battle has begun.
    Chapter 6: Battle of Cthulu

    Flash. A storm of white-purple, verging on primordial lilac. The burning of fish scales. The smell of celestial smoke.
    Original Slime landed back to the shattered dockyard, expelling all remaining energy into Cthulu's fins. It failed.
    Barely harmed, Cthulu flicked his arm and a frigate ascended, descended and exploded into a million fragments of wood across the city remains.
    Melissa leapt and dug her grappling hook into the sea-god's mountainous thigh. With all her strength she began to climb.
    The deity acknowledged her with a flick of the flipper. It found no target, much to his confusion.
    By then, he didn't realise the cable snaked across his leg, and the minuscule beams of light attacking his knee.
    Hmph, Cthulu thought. Stubborn little bastards. Stomp, ocean rising, ocean falling, seaweed rains. Out of the wet missiles, Melissa fell.
    SPACE Before anyone can give aid, she stands up and sprints back into the fray. She mentally counts that as her 36th try.
    SPACE SPACE On the other side of the city, an archer dodges colossal waves and dives on to a rotting pier. Uriel (the third) rolls to the side of spike of frozen spray, and sends a volley of divine power to the flank of the oceanic deity.
    SPACE From the rooftop above, a crossbow is aimed, fired and reloaded in a matter of seconds; his blow hit the algae-green cranium. In punishment the storm above crafts lightning and shatters them all across the building.
    SPACE Bracing for impact with the cold, Uriel IV watched the world lurch. At the last second, as the ground prepared to meet his face, he dived out of the window and plunged into the ocean below.
    SPACE Arms spraying in timed strength, he swam with all his power could provide him, hoping to harm the mountainous enemy that stood proud as a sentinel of death.
    Cthulu saw him in the corner of his peripheral vision, and waved his hand without much thought to generate a whirlpool.
    By the time the waves had crashed back to the city, Uriel senior was back on his feet and then in the waves again.
    The cycle continued.

    In the shadow of some obscure building, Selena crept. She stalked the city outskirts with feline flexibility, so silent that no god could hear her footsteps.
    Sea spray arched as the gladiator sprinted across the rubble-scape, darting between torpedoes of rain and hail. The distant rumble of brawling and Cthulu's roars echoed in the distance.
    And she was there. She could now prevent her horrible future, prevent the death of all sentient beings, prevent that so-called "god" on turning the world to ash.
    Months of fixing her time machine in between breaks of duels had now paid off. Thanks to her, The Last Mycroft, the world would be saved...
    ... and she wouldn't be the last Mycroft. Perhaps now she could find a husband, get some children and continue the family line,
    When that demonic little shit was dead New New Coastania would rebuild to become the greatest citadel of all time. All of it's stains would be wiped clean from the world, and humanity could finally rise to it's full potential.
    A long time ago, Selena realised that the Gods had to go if her people could live to their ultimate state of existence. No omnipotents or omniscients could be left alive.
    With a grin, the future warrior sprang from the tarmac. With a flick, her arm blades switched from blinding white energy to ebony darkness, crackling across her frame, poised at the victim.
    With a thrust, the blade entered the membrane...
    ... and struck the Original Slime down.
    His scream left the city silent.
    "What the hell was that?! A heard a scre-"
    Melissa fell silent. Her confusion, surprise and sadness turned to anger in the click of a loaded bullet.
    "What the fuck have you done?!" Crosshairs fell on Selena. A gentle hand fell across the barrel, and pushed it to the ground.
    "Don't," Andrew stated. "We need more answers."
    The two Uriel's kept Selena from escaping, clamping her arms with an iron grip.
    The Original Slime spluttered in a spew of Galactic Blood. "Don't listen to her..." was all he could say, dimensional gel dribbling between his sliced face. "She lies. She is a spy of the Gods!"
    Myrth frowned. "How do you know that?"
    The father of Gods coughed out his own skin. "I am... a god, I... know... everything!"
    "Then why did you do not tell us this before?!" Celestia exclaimed, keeping the force field strong enough to fight off Cthulu's attacks. By now, the city would be submerged.
    A pause, and then more guttural coughing. "I... can not... explain... right now... I do not... have... much time..."
    Selena laughed through her dust-grey shawl.
    "Do you not see his pathetic lies?! Have you not seen them throughout this escape, this plan he has put to motion, this plan which will result in him ruling over the universe?!"
    Melissa punched the god-assassin in the face, all her strength in one swing. Blood seeped through the fabric of Selena's balaclava.
    "Your a disgrace to the Mycroft family. Let's see who the hell you are."
    In one sharp tug, Melissa ripped the fabric-
    -and looked into her own eyes.
    Chapter 7: The Original Slime
    The silver-haired Melissa gave a crooked, forced smile.
    "Wow," she murmured, her voice clearly that of a croakier Melissa now no shawl covered her mouth. "You really were a giant dork."
    The punch came before Melissa realised her hand was flying. In response, her future self laughed.
    "Oh my, feisty as ever!" Hands still restrained by the two shocked Uriels, the ex-archaeologist tried her best to get rid of dripping blood by shaking her head.
    Her past self sneered in her own face.
    The futuristic Mycroft looked quizzical. "About what?" she mocked.
    Another punch. Less laughter now.
    "All right then," she said. "It'll take me a while, but I'll explain everything. How you've been duped, how we are all doomed, how that fat pile of slime I nearly killed is responsible for this whole mess... seeing as we don't have much time left though, I'll make it quick."
    As if to illustrate her point, Cthulu hammered glacial currents of water on the shield.
    "She's right," Celestia said, drenched in sweat. "He's getting stronger."
    Melissa looked into her own eyes, eyes that had seen the world end and unimaginable torture.
    Supporters of the Original Slime begin their tales of our world's creation with him being exiled unjustly from a pantheon of other gods to what used to be a void. And in a way, they're right. he one bit they got wrong, however, was the "unjustly" part. The Original Slime deserved every second of his imprisonment.
    He was, literally, the shit of the omnipotent. All the effuse, the waste of the ethereal, turned into a blob of wasted power and creativity, that we all just went fighting for. You lot have been fighting for the glory of a multidimensional turd.
    The moment he gained sentience, he began to lead unsuccessful rebellions against the Throned... which all ended horribly. By the fifty eight time he had tried to kill the master gods, they were tired and bored of his "entertainment" and so banished him into the void.
    Floating in para-nothing, the Original Slime began to create. Except its not the idyllic world we think of as now, no, it was the hellish Underworld. It was his personal factory, his workshop for experimental weapons and fearsome new creatures. All of this was for his planned coup d'eat against the Pantheon. Of course, to launch the counter offensive he had to rip open the void and go through the wound. For that, he created his son, Sun.
    A blazing spirit orb, its sole purpose was to melt the sky. After the existential wax had drifted away, his army would strike.
    He crafted Demons, people just like you or I, if not for their red complexion. Master craftsmen, they helped shape the spirit of Sun, with microscopic precision. The Original Slime loved him, and asked for him to be made hotter and hotter every non-day.
    The Demons, however, started to cool him down. As they were still mortals, the Demons were susceptible to the heat of Sun, and many died from it. To stop their own kind from dying, they began to cool it down... and angered the Original Slime.
    Enraged that his plan was not going exactly the way he thought it should, he tortured the demons until they mutated into the hideous beasts they are today. He chained them, and caused as much pain as he could for the otherwise innocent, wise beings.
    The Original Slime began to do the work himself, leaving the Demons to rot at the bottom of their pits. Some broke out, however, and planned their revenge.
    They managed to gain goblets of Sun's spirit, and rank it. The power of Sun gave these demons the power of Gods.
    Free, they ascended into the void and created their own bastion. This one, they called Terraria.
    And so, that is how the Gods went to war. For 10'000 years, sisters known as the Moons rose, Goblins found themselves on the battlefields against these vicious beings known as Humans... it did not stop. That is, until the Gods came up with a clever plan.
    Using their combined powers, the Terrarian Pantheon controlled the minds of humans, and made them turn against their leader. With both armies under their rule, the Gods easily banished the Original Slime to the darkness of the void beyond whatever embers remained of the true Underworld.
    Victorious and with no intention of revolution against some greater power, the Gods found ease in creating the peaceful world we live in today. Well, the world we lived in. The Original Slime has played us all, and this world is now on the brink of death.
    I tried to prevent it... but it seems I was too late. And would defy the laws of the multiverse.
    When I was sacrificed to unleash the power of the Gods on the world, I was indebted to the Original Slime. I was as oblivious and as incompetent as the rest of you; I believed the Gods were an evil force and the thoughts the Original Slime put in my head all seemed to make sense.
    I followed his pointless crusade, and at the brinks of a disintegrating New New Coastania the Platinum Order slaughtered the Combined God. It was at a great loss, however. We had lost Uriel III, IV, Selena... all martyrs for a cause that had no reason to have authority.
    Covered in ichor, the Original Slime bounced over to the wheezing, dying breaths of a divine being. His grin was what worried me first; it was a sadistic horrible thing that screamed "I will enjoy your death" in my mind. Before I could ask what he was doing, he had created whips of snow-white energy from the air and brought out a glowing orb of light... the conglomeration of every single God-heart in our universe, put into one physical form.
    Flicking it with psionic powers, he devoured it through his gelatinous skin. The moans of warning from whatever was left of the exiled rulers of Terraria went silent.
    Now infused with the power of his children, all I remember was his demonic laugh.
    When I woke up again, the world was ash and the only face to welcome me to a shattered world was the face of a teenage girl.
    Her name was Selena, and the second I heard her name I winced in pain. For I had seen another Selena die in front of me, being ripped into two halves by a Goblin horde. Was this is a daughter? Or... what?
    She had all the qualities of the other Selena I knew, however. Fierce, intelligent, quick-thinking and still kept an air of optimism around her, even after the world was nothing but plains and plains of sand.
    She was thirteen. After asking questions, I discovered from her the fate of the world.
    According to some kind of voice she had been hearing in her head (which at the time I didn't think was very reliable) the Original Slime had ascended to become true ruler of this world after devouring the heart of the Combined God. He turned out to be a horrible ruler; he destroyed the balance of nature for his glorifying schemes. From giant statues to shrines dedicated to himself, most of humanity was killed in brutal slave labor. The overseers of the slavery was given to the Goblins, as they were physically superior. He had no preference, it seems.
    As he became bored with his power, he began to pit humanity against mutations and abominations he himself created, for his enjoyment. The survivors left from the slave labor were halved... quite literally; Selena gave me a graphic description of how many of these gladiators died much to my displeasure.
    The rest of the Platinum Blade had been ruthlessly executed, a vicious beheading that took place in the shattered ruins of Cloud 5. Apparently, the Original Slime was enraged at their inability to die at the end of his creatures.
    And all of this had happened in the past five days, while I was out stone cold.
    When I asked how she had survived, she said that she crawled out of the slave cages after she watched her father die at the hands of a Gastrornetpod, and so had ran back to her apartment.
    Luckily for me and her, her home was half-buried under the ash of the world. This made it hard for goblin patrols to find us, as well as concealing ourselves from cannibals that had arose from the lack of food. Fortunately, we had a big stock of food in Selena's home.
    She said we had to leave soon, however. I asked her why. She said that she had to finish her Dad's invention; a stopwatch that had an assortment of other parts sticking out from its metallic shell. When she showed me it, I asked what it did. With a twinkle in her eye and a grin, she said,
    "It lets you control time".
    So we wandered the ash deserts from then on, for decades. We salvaged failed mannequin-droids, fought with savage tribe-like survivor groups and dodged the overpowered Goblins.
    Me and Selena could never stay in a large group. Large groups got raided by Goblins in three or four days of their inception; we just stole from them and slept for one night before disappearing.
    Selena was one talented girl. Over the years I saw her grow into this woman who could fix machines in a minute or less. She was thin... like us all.
    We finished the machine in a ruined Hallow cave (all the fauna had died many years ago). the second Selena clicked the crystal fragment into place, the Goblins stormed in.
    Selena died in the fight. An arrow straight to the stomach, blood puddling around her limp form.
    During my grief I surrendered. Before being taken away to the arena, I hid the stopwatch.
    It's a good thing the Goblins were stupid enough to not bother search me.
    The gladiator matches weren't that challenging. I had fought bigger things when part of the Platinum Blade.
    Eventually humanity seeped into death, the groups get less frequent and soon I was sure I was the last human left. The Original Slime started to even use his own soldiers as entertainment, forcing them to fight each other in mock battles.
    All this time I kept on fighting, waiting for the chance.
    It came around years later. I pressed the stopwatch, and found myself in the past. Seeing as I was still alive in this time, I took the name of that girl, Selena, and wriggled my way back here.
    And so I killed the Original Slime.
    And now the only way to live is to surrender to the Gods.
    Silence but for the distant roars of Cthulu, pounding currents like an aquatic timpani, the ragged breathing of the Mycrofts.​
    "Otherwise," the grey haired Melissa suppressed hysterics. "Otherwise, you're all going to die. The Gods are getting their grips bak inb reality as they speak, you will be dismantled and forgotten in a blink! There is no hope, let the golden age of-"​
    Melissa let her foot fly up and crush her future self's aged cheekbone.​
    "Why the hell should we trust you?! I've seen shape-shifting potions at work, you could easily be a Goblin trying to get us to sympathize with the enemy."​
    The bleeding ex-archaeologist shuddered in hysterics.​
    "Oh, really? I'm a Goblin, huh? In which case, why did the Original Slime not smell me out?"​
    Her younger counterpart was mute.​
    "If he's oh-so-omniscient, surely he'd have known I had the potential to kill him, no?​
    "I..." Ginger Melissa stuttered.​
    "He was a fake! The real Gods are the ones you've been fighting. He's just a lump of godly jelly who somehow got a conscience. If we could, we'd have to change sides..." the silver haired woman chuckled.​
    "Of course, now we're gonna drown."​
    "No we're not!" Ginger Melissa snapped.​
    "Oh? Want to try and find a way out? Be my guest, I don't give a damn about my own life now."​
    Melissa turned away from herself in rage. Her eyes darted around the small dome, trying to find any solution to her and her peers predicament.​
    She glanced at the Original Slime, his white light inside slowly dimming away. Eureka.​
    The ex archaeologist walked over to the lying deity, stuck her hand in the Primordial Gel, and yanked out his white-hot heart.​
    He screamed in agony, then silence. He turned black and smaller, until he melted into a pool of murk.​
    Hand on holy fire, Melissa threw the power source with all her remaining strength at the dome of water. Just as she had hoped, the power of the god evaporated the water into steam, shooting straight through the ocean and leaving beyond a wall of steam.​
    Silence. The scream of Cthulhu, a tremor, and like that he was dead.​
    The steam wall drifted into the air, lapped away by the rain. The divine star glowed in the centre of Cthulhu's head, his form slumped over the rubblescape.​
    Melissa glanced down at her left hand. It was black, and crumbling. She had already lost two fingers.​
    "Come on," she said. "We have to surrender."​
    The Combined God descended from the skies to meet them.​
    The group, what was once the Platinum Blade, sat on waterlogged rubble in the ruins of the human city. The city where the evil race lived, Melissa thought. If her alternative future self was right, that is.​
    Her bandaged hand was squeezed by Andrew.​
    "You sure about this?"​
    She sighed. "Do we have any other choice?"​
    "We could go out fighting. Martyrs to the glory of humanity!"​
    "Stop it."​
    Andrew looked to the ground in disappointment.​
    "We're not the 'evil' race. There is no such thing. Might not hurt to have dignity."​
    The golden tail swooped through the rain-lashed air, whooshed into hovering position above present-day Melissa.​
    "You humans are stubborn," several voices said. "It takes an apocalypse to make you wake up and realize the truth."​
    The gilded deity looked at future-Melissa. "For being part of the Original Slime's clan, you are noble. You shall be rewarded."​
    Her aged face smiles, a sign of relief.​
    "You lot on the other hand..." it gave a sad smile. "When we begin to rebuild this world, there will be no humans. There will be permanent changes made to your appearance, so you can all fit in."​
    The group nodded gravely.​
    "Your memories won't be erased, however. As a reminder that you were in the wrong. Fortunately for you, the Gods can forgive."​
    A crackle of orange energy rocketed off the Combined God's fur and materialized into a portal.​
    "Walk through to our new world. Come, leave this dimension behind."​
    "That was quick." Uriel III said.​
    "We are gods."​
    The last of humanity shuffled into the swirling vortex of amber, slurped into another space.​
    Andrew was the last to go in. He looked back at the ruined world behind him.​
    There was the rubble fields of a once glorious city, the fields in which clans had fought over, the jungle in which Celestia had lived out a lot of her life, and a beach on the other side of the world in which he had once (a lifetime ago) had heard a war cry by the Goblins, the noble and pure blooded race of the Gods.​
    He turned back, and stepped into the new unknown.​
    When he arrived, humanity was gone.


    "See that, sweetie?"
    "The big mossy shiny armour?"
    Andrew smiled. "Yes, that. I used to wear it. I used to ride into war against us Goblins."
    Her daughter looked up in perplexity. "Goblins? Why would you do that?"
    "Well, a long time ago Goblins used to be the baddies. And these pink things called humans were the nice ones."
    Melissa, not the one working in the science quarter of the citadel complex, giggled. "Silly daddy! Humans are big smelly apes that went extinct a long time ago. Humans couldn't do anything fancy like making an army!"
    Andrew gulped. "Mhm. Yes, well... I guess you're right. Silly daddy, huh?"
    "You always tell the silliest stories!"
    A big Goblin entered the marble hall. "Closing time, all out of the museum!"
    "Time to go, Melissa." Andrew couldn't help but chuckle at her pout. "Oh come on, we can always come back tomorrow."
    Taking her by the hand, the two left along with the other visitors.
    The lights snapped out, until there was only darkness.
    Darkness, and the pale glow of platinum.

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    I KNEW the dryad was gonna be in it.I KNEW it.
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    So, Part 1 of Chapter 1 is complete! (Please note that these chapters are a lot bigger than my other ones, so six-or-so "normal" chapters would make one chapter for ROPA)

    EDIT: Okay, maybe three or so would be more accurate.
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    This is pretty nice. I haven't read the other ones though, so I'll catch up on them :D

    Some spelling and grammatical errors are present, however. Beware of those.
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    I'm suppressing my inner brony at this moment.Either way,great! The series ends where it all started: The Platinum Armor.
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    Part 2 of Chapter 1 complete!

    Also, thanks for the comments so far!

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    Grammars (open)
    The Dryad burst out of the waves.
    Except, she wasn't called the Dryad anymore. Her name was Celestia.
    The Queen of Nature swam to the shore, and noticed the changes to her body. For a start, she wasn't covered in her infamous vines. Instead, she wore sky blue plates of Pearlstone (Should it be capitalized?).
    Sky blue seemed to fit for Celestia; her long hair had gone from leaf green to diamond cyan, her eyes where(Were?) a light turquoise... she fitted perfectly into the Hallowed Islands.
    Spitting out sugary water, Celestia looked at the utopian(Seems to be in the wrong context) archipelago.
    Fluorescent tress(trees) gently blew(Swayed?) in the sea breeze, as bisque mountains loomed overhead. A rainbow surveyed the landscape, looking towards the newest visitor: Celestia, Commander of the Hallow and the Jungle Forces.
    Celestia thought it(it needs to be specified) was beautiful, but the Jungle was more majestic by far. However much she would love to go there again before the Final War begins(began), there was no professional need. The jungle animals were so loyal to her that they were preparing to defend the world from the Gods at this(this?) instant. It took a bit of persuasion from the Original Slime, but they abandoned their masters in the end. Meanwhile, the Gods would be doing the same.
    The Corruption had already been taken by the Gods, as with the Desert. The forest beings had stated their neutrality, but to be honest it was because no one needed them. After all, armies of Bunnies (corrupt or not) were pretty useless (HERESY).
    That left the Hallow.
    (Perhaps some explaining of the previous paragraph would be in due order -- it's quite ambiguous.)
    A creature burst from the pale blue foliage. He had a golden mane, a silver body and four proud iron hooves. A horn of solid Pearlstone pointed menacingly at the soon-to-be mush.
    "Neighoian certio daer leasti neadighiyan gnneureuuf!" the Unicorn King stated. Why have you come here, worthless being? The Hallowed Islands do not need your puny settlements. I shall gouge(Gouge? A little out of place) you myself!
    Celestia smiled sadly. "Geuid neighaonioa klerir u iandoe quieritinad." Great Lord of the Hallow, I have come in aid of your forces. The Gods prepare to march upon us all, and you shall be crushed unless you join the Original Slime."
    The gallant equestrian was a bit surprised that he got a reply from the human, but being king meant surprises and replied swiftly. By spitting at Celestia's feet.
    "Pah! Teewrti fartionioncsadi lamborgintiront! Gartiuse! GARTISUE!" Pah! That worthless pile of slime will do nothing but lose against the mighty power of the Gods! Get out! GET OUT!"
    The Chief of the Islands sprinted towards the former Dryad, preparing to spear her with his horn.
    Celestia sighed. "Weriuto n'ghas..." Your loss...
    With the power of the Original Slime in her blood, thorns of blue dug their way out from the ground. Like missiles, they penetrated into the pale belly of the charging unicorn.
    As the vegetation grew into the internal systems of the magical horse, he fell to the ground, wounded. However, being the king, he resisted the urge to scream in pain and simply grunted.
    "Dehg yuarti cedranto lerasd onio Zerlitniyu Spirata ewa Xardor?" Celestia said, walking over to the dying monarch. Don't you remember who created the Ancient Spirit of Light?
    The Unicorn struggled more.
    "Dofingart, Unicorn King." Celestia said, putting her hand on his forehead. Sorry, Unicorn King.
    In a flash of blue, the Unicorn was the slave of Celestia. The thorns disappeared, as well as the wounds.
    "Gather your forces, and meet back here at the shore." the new Hallowed Queen said, in Equestraniol.
    The Unicorn did as he was told, and galloped away, preparing for war.

    Too lazy to do the rest.
    Good story though.
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    Also, they could just be a distraction while you make your great escape. I mean, there's such a giant amount of bunnies in Terraria. And I imagine they mate as fast as real life bunnies.
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    Again though, thanks for the offer!
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    Sorry for double posting, but;

    Part 3 of Chapter 1 has been uploaded! A bit shorter than the others, but it does introduce a new character... ;)
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    Epilogue of Chapter 1 of The Return of The Platinum finished!
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