Rich's Parkour Map! Test your jumping skills

Discussion in 'General Map Discussion' started by Rich, May 27, 2011.

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  1. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    Update v3.2!
    -Fixed momentum levels by adding in swiftness potions and aglets because of changes in patch 1.0.6.
    -Fixed the items in chest so that you can play with up to 8 players after 1.0.6

    Download v3.1 (preferred):

    There is also a download at the bottom of the post for anyone that cannot use adfly.

    This map was made for fun and as my first custom/jump map. It consists of 10 levels which utilize certain accessories to help you make harder jumps. Some of the levels require a bit of thinking to pass as well. The chests at the beginning of each level contain 100 silver each and you should collect them and post your score when you finish the map.

    1. Download and open the file with Winrar or another program that can unzip it.
    2. Make sure that you don't already have five worlds, or backup one of them if you do.
    3. Copy the files into your My Games -> Terraria -> Worlds folder.
    4. Create a new character.
    5. Load the map, read the rules on the signs and get started!

    Map with new v3.0 levels:




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  2. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    Nice and Hard for beginners

    I got 40 Silver...
  3. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    Nice, I expect quite a few 40s but I think a decent amount of people will lose money to the lava :)
  4. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    Yea the anklet one was hard
  5. Beauseant

    Beauseant Green Slime

    Completed it all in 1 try.
  6. Walter Sullivan

    Walter Sullivan Squirrel

    Ok, you made me realize that I suck at jumping hehe(I'm atm on the Level 4, already without any money :p)

    EDIT: LOL, a pinky slime just died in front of me in the lava and I managed to get it loot because I was close to it :p:p:p:p (You really should add walls to prevent the spawning)

    EDIT2: Hehe, just lost the gold that the pinky has droped falling in the lava again, damn >_<

    EDIT3: Yeah, now I'm without any money again...(Still in lvl 4, btw :p)

    EDIT4: Yay, finally beat it!(Final score: 0 hehe). Think I'll try again later :D
  7. Mumblerful

    Mumblerful Demon Eye

    Ok ive just spent Half an Hour on level 1..... Il post when i finsih, Dont expect to see that anytime soon XD
  8. Mumblerful

    Mumblerful Demon Eye

    Ragequit on Level 2-

    Silver: 0
  9. Klumpen

    Klumpen Green Slime

    Ill try it now!
  10. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    I may add walls at some point it just takes FOREVER to do it for a large area like this :(.
  11. Yon

    Yon Green Slime

    Score: 5
  12. JKings77

    JKings77 Green Slime

    Score: 5
    Level 2 caused me the most trouble. For whatever reason that last jump was hard for me. Then on the last jump of lvl3 a flying eye knocked me to my death and I realized i forgot to set spawn at the start of 3. Maybe u should include a cobalt shield with the gold sword lol. Thanks for the good times!
  13. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    Ah that's a great idea. Expect a cobalt shield in v2.0 which should be out in just a matter of minutes :)
  14. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    Version 2.0 released everyone! Good luck with the new levels :D
  15. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    The new levels may be a bit too hard, taking me quite a few tries to finish them myself lol.

    Took about 25-30 minutes for me to finish ending with a score of 0 :)
    Pretty bad scoring 0 on my own map.
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  16. BlackFoxBravo

    BlackFoxBravo Green Slime

    Very nice map loved it! I made a little youtube video on it if you wish to check it out! Again make more awesome maps! And improve on this map!
    Total Coins: 1...
  17. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    Watched your vid, glad you like the map! And yeah that movement one is pretty tricky since you need to run and jump at the very last possible point. Just wait until the level called "Movement +" lol

    Edit: Oh wow you made vids of all of it already nvm, I'll watch them all then :)
  18. Walter Sullivan

    Walter Sullivan Squirrel

    I'm stuck at level 7 with no money at all :p
    That little block that I have to jump is f****** hard to land. I always walk too much and fall into lava >_<

    Edit: Playing your map feels like playing Super Meat Boy: It's frustrating, but addictive :p

    Edit2: Damn, when I finally land on the damn block, I try to jump to the other side and fall. DAMN!

    Edit3: Now I can easily land on the block, but can't reach the other side. Damn!
    BTW, you should add torchs here:
  19. Rookery

    Rookery Green Slime

    If you dont wanna loose money in the lava make a backup for your character.
  20. Walter Sullivan

    Walter Sullivan Squirrel

    what? You are supposed to create a new character for this map, and you are supposed to lose money if you fall into the lava, since it's used as the "score", so I don't see what is your point...
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