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  1. Keromega

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    V 1.21 is out! Added more Life Crystals throughout the map among other things as suggested.

    The Necropolis: Episode One



    Basic Overview:
    This map is not designed to strenously test your jumping abilities and anger management (okay, the first part has a little bit of that, but I added some things to make it easier:rolleyes:). This map is not a series of mazes, nor will you be required to fight a summonable boss with some gear you picked up along the way.
    The Necropolis is a puzzling solving and roleplay map based upon clever use of game mechanics rather than a linear progression of movement-enhancing accessories (aside from the Grappling Hook, if you count that...). You will have to explore the corners of the map, gauge your options, and above all, use your head to reach the end.

    The Story:
    You are dead. You don't know how you died, or how long you have been dead, but you soon realize that those questions are irrelevant. You come to your senses as you splash into a pool of water. Suddenly, a strange voice breaks the eery silence around you, informing you that your soul has drifted into this realm from somewhere in the afterlife. But most importantly, this entity may hold the key to leaving this place and returning to the world of the living--for a price.
    Can you solve the riddles of the Necropolis, or will your soul linger in Corruption for eternity?

    The Rules:
    Very few actually! Okay, you have to start with a new character, but contrary to what the first sign says you don't have to stow away any of your starting equipment (had to change one of the puzzles and editing signs that are already written is a total pain).
    You'll quickly notice that the walls of the map are all cheater-proofed; there's hardly anything you can mine. As a general guideline, if you can mine it, feel free to do so, as in the first few rooms you have to place bricks you mine to advance. I put some chests containing the bricks you should have from mining throughout the story in case you die after placing a brick in an area you can't get back to.
    Biggest rule of this map: DON'T take bricks from chests if you DON'T need to! Everything can be solved with the number of bricks you will mine in the map; the chests are ONLY for if you die and can't reclaim your brick(s)!
    Also, there are enough items to support up to eight people playing the map. If you see eight sets of the same number of items, you should only take one set, unless you run out of potions or something. Lastly, in one of the first chests you'll find many items that generate light: take one!

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  2. looks interesting.will download this weekend most likley!!!
  3. ugratonty

    ugratonty Green Slime

    Gonna try it out right now. :3.

    Will post back when I'm done

    EDIT:Ok, as of right now, this is really annoying. The amount of particle effects from the ebonstone and hellstone is making my frames reeeaaally jumpy.

    EDIT 2 : Okay, I finished the first hellstone tower, and released the plug. Now its just unclear as to where to actually go... some more guidance in the signs would be nice. I have the "door of opportunity" but i honestly have no idea what to do with it.... its impossible to retrieve the block i used to get to the spot with it, so i couldn't reuse it to get up further... Am I supposed to bounce off of the spikes? I take too much damage and would die almost instantly if I tried to (which I did)


    EDIT 3 : Thought I needed a higher tier pickaxe to mine meteorite. disregard edit 2 for now : < (yes I cheated to get the pickaxe.)

    Edit 4 : signs tell me i should have had a hellstone ore, which I didnt. guessing I was supposed to do something else other than get the golden pick. Stuck again, going to give this map a rest for a bit

    Edit 5 : realized that if I am quick enough I can break blocks in mid air then quick replace them and get higher up. I think I am unstuck for now, going to go some places. Not sure what the door was for still.

    Edit 6: Can't set spawn on the bed in the catacombs of contempt. Unclear as to where to go again. Going to go to the dungeon.
  4. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Will try sometime tomorrow or the day after.
    Tired right now and im feeling too lazy to place blocks. (been doing it alll day)
  5. Ginley15

    Ginley15 Green Slime

    bad frame rate with all that ebonstone.. not even gunna bother playing past the first level
  6. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Congratulations on making the 2nd hardest map i've ever played. Unfortunately after about 5mins all the lighting and stone effects destroy the frame rate of the game. I'd suggest using obsidian ore instead which is also unbreakable but does not have an effect so is less taxing on the framerate.

    the door lets you place it in certain places to activate beds.
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  7. ugratonty

    ugratonty Green Slime

    Thank you. So much. at the part where you use lava to destroy stuff.
  8. Battlebente

    Battlebente Yellow Slime

    It's really nice to see some alternative ways of utilizing game mechanics. However, in my opinion, this is just too hard. Not to mention the effect-overflow (which you HAVE to fix soon) that is making the game lag big time. If you wanted to create a hardcore map, though, so you did. I couldn't even get past the second jump.

    Note that you can enter the two passages while falling down from the starting point, you might want to fix that.
  9. Novate

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    well i've gone and replaced everything with obsidian and have proceeded to play again, i reached the end of the harrowing haunt only to find it goes nowhere which is disapointing... though making the near impossible gap felt rewarding.

    I've seen these ways of using game mechanics before in other maps,

    oh wow grapple glitching yay.
  10. ugratonty

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    Finished the map. Was very confusing at first, the signs were misguiding to me, but hey, thats just me.

    Not sure if the map was extremely hard to just extremely pesky to do. Maybe both.

    Interesting use of mechanics, I'd give it an 8/10. Sorry about the wall of text in my first post. :X
  11. Keromega

    Keromega Green Slime

    Damn, I have failed - very sorry to the people experiencing lag issues. While making this, I had some schizophrenic lag that usually didn't happen, and in my defense, I made a solid map of Ebonstone thinking that was the culprit, but I experienced no lag there. Anyways, I remade the whole map in Obsidian, thanks for the suggestion. Hope this helps with that issue.
    Now if only we could custom set the music so that the Corruption tune still plays...
  12. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    sigh boost glitch. already posted this ages ago my friend.
    edit: quite a few amusing ways to exit your level =)

    Hah now i realise i was suppose to have the grapple for the harrowing but i did it with just dirtaxe lol
    grapple for splitting tight space gap.
  13. Keromega

    Keromega Green Slime

    Dangit, I don't keep up to date with everything going on in the community, my bad. Was getting ahead of myself with trying to be clever. I feel silly now, I might just remove that and use something similar in a later map.
  14. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    nah it's cool i didn't exactly advertise it i kind of hid it in the support forums for the devs to fix ;p
  15. Keromega

    Keromega Green Slime

    Ah haha but then I'd have to fix it anyway :p And yeah, I realize now how confusing it could have been - I'll try fixing this with a bit more plot-based guidance.
  16. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent


    Phew.. played through that finally definately some nice ideas floating about in there.
    I ended up replacing the map with obsidian myself before you posted it just to finish it, though nice on the quick update! =)

    I found the harrowing a bit weird since it's actually possible to get to the end without the grapple except you can't go through the final gap without it. Then i find out it's completely optional/skippable. (i cried inside a little haha)
    I definately recommend making the signs a little more informative as to where to go next.

    Honestly the difficulty for me is nice and refreshing but i would put in at least 5 heart crystals in a easy to get to place just to remove a little frustraion of being able to die too quickly. (for the mere mortals as well)
    Possibly also natures gift to refresh health easier after dieing if you put in extra hearts.
    (though i found the little glitch hole so health wasn't an issue for me

    I progressed through the different ideas quite easily since i've explored them myself at one point or another making my own map, which i've discontined updating for the public for now.
    I can see someone who has never seen these types of things before going wth and possibly giving up.
    I mainly mean the grapple glitch, hurting yourself for a boost, and axing and catching and placing in mid air
    So maybe put in a very brief 1 liner on a sign for those.
    (actually you did give a hint for the axe catching i think nvm that one)

    The idea of making your own light to progress is quite interesting and would work pretty well with an adventure map id say though personally i donned the mining light for convinience of traversing what seemed more like a puzzle/jump map.

    I think the other puzzles are fine and don't really need explaining or hints to someone playing the map for the first time.

    Some of the stuff inside is definately on the v.easy side of impossible, which may be too hard for some.
    I predict most people give up trying to get to the top of that first tower =)

    Anyway i enjoyed it and it was a nice difficulty for me, i'll be on the lookout for more from you in the future =)

    eheh sorry bout the multiple posts was kind of chatting as i was progressing =)
    i think the only place i used the hellstone brick was in the harrowing to do some immunity walking to get past some spikes. where was i suppose to use it?
  17. Tycholarfero

    Tycholarfero Demon Eye

    I loved this map.

    It is awesome. Make more. Also, I like that final "Crafting Recipe" you added in the end. Made me chuckle.
  18. Asgard

    Asgard Green Slime

    I almost finished it! Is very fun! :D
  19. Keromega

    Keromega Green Slime

    Thanks for the awesome feedback. I added more direction and changed some signs, but I still have a bad habit of ending up with walls of text. Also put in more Life Crystals and things you suggested, hopefully should make it easier for most players. Currently I'm planning to make two more maps in this series, but I'll probably just make them single player instead of spamming eight stacks of stuff.

    As for the lighting, yeah the concept didn't come across so great, but I have a better idea for that in a section in another map that hopefully will come across better. Yeah, the tower ended up getting a worse reaction than I expected, so I added some things to make it easier haha.

    My idea for the hellstone brick was to use is in the narrow gap between the chest with the door and the Golden Pickaxe. I tried to make this more clear in the sign there (in an update), but basically if you used one of the pink bricks to get up there, you'd have one pink and one hellstone left, and if you placed them as far as you could reach, you'd bounce high enough to get to the chest with the Pickaxe from jumping between pink and hellstone, since I found the hellstone bounces you up one square. Essentially, a recreation of the same mechanic the player had to use going up the tower. You could also alternate between the two pink bricks by mining and jumping a little at a time to have both of them for that area, making the hellstone useless, aside from any invincibility walking later on. I probably won't have something like this in a later map, but definitely planning on two more in this series!

    Edit: been thinking about it and yeah, realized that once you get two pink bricks you can basically complete the whole map (if you know where to go...). It's not as fun or easy, since you're supposed to get the Grappling Hook and then Ivy Whip, and I made more signs/changed text to point this out. When I first visualized this map I wanted to create a non-linear sort of map progression, but it kinda backfired a bit. I'll definitely change this next time. Also going to fix the glitch hole that you're only supposed to be able to fall down through - should be an easy fix.
  20. boxhead149

    boxhead149 Cursed Man

    The ending confused me very much, I'm not sure if I even finished it. I just came to a room with a tunnel in the middle going up but is a dead end. Please clarify this for me, I don't know what to do.

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