Rope, ladders, zip lines and more

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  1. Mataclysm Piranha

    New game mechanics for glory!
    If you want any of these implemented, please Like this post and keep it active.
    All suggestions welcome below - credit will be given for added ideas and major modifications.

    • Crafted from cactus, silk, or hemp.
    • Limited length, perhaps 50ft-100ft.
    • Attached to one or multiple pitons, can be used to climb up a wall or descend into a hole, particularly useful when you can't see the bottom.
    • Anchored to a ceiling, a rope may allow swinging back and forth with the Left and Right keys, lengthening or shortening with Up and Down. Jungle trees could grow vines that are usable in the same way.
    • Rope bridge: stretch a rope horizontally between two points, then place platforms on it.
    • Zip line: stretch a rope diagonally between two points, then jump onto it with a zipline glider(see below.) Suggested by zephyrdragoon, perfected by Zoey here.
    • Potentially one end of the rope could be given to a friend, who will then become a mobile anchor for the rope. Rappelling, bridging gaps, etc.
    • Additionally, stretched between two people, the rope could serve as a sort of trampoline for a third person to jump on.
    • Could be used to wrangle animals such as sheep into pens, if such a thing were implemented.
    • Ropes decay after 60 minutes if they are free-hanging(attached to a single piton.)
    Rope Ladder
    • Crafted with two ropes and 30 wooden platforms.
    • Maximum length of 50ft.
    • Can only be attached beneath a wooden platform, or at the bottom end of another rope ladder. Considered background furniture.
    • Automatically stretches down to maximum length or until it reaches a platform or solid block.
    • Climb/descend with Up and Down keys. Jump down by holding Down and pressing Jump. Jump to the left or right by holding Left/Right and pressing Jump.
    • You cannot use any other item unless stationary on the ladder. No swinging a sword while climbing.
    • Right-clicking at any length rolls the ladder up to where it was clicked. Click again to unroll it.
    • Found in chests and crafted from iron.
    • Can be placed on any wood, stone or 'harder' block(not on grass-free dirt, sand or mud)
    • Acts as an anchor for rope.
    • Up to three ropes can be anchored to the same piton
    • Material
    • Ammunition for the Junk Launcher
    • When fired from the Junk Launcher, places a piton where it hits, provided it's a valid block.
    • Crafted from one or two ropes.
    • Ammunition for the Junk Launcher
    • Material
    • When fired from the Junk Launcher:
      • Deals a little(2-5) damage and slows ground enemies.
      • Brings down flying enemies and grounds them for a short time, making them easier to kill for people with lesser gear.
      • Very small flying enemies, such as bats, are unaffected(they fly right through the nets.)
      • The effect wears off very quickly on fire-based or burning enemies(Cursed Skulls, Fire Imps, Lava Slimes) as they burn through the net.
    Anchored Rope
    • Crafted from a rope and a piton
    • Ammunition for the Junk Launcher
    • When fired from the Junk Launcher:
      • Places a piton with rope attached where it hits, provided it's a valid block.
      • The player automatically grabs hold of the end of the rope.
      • Limited range - about the same as the Ivy Whip.
    Hammock (suggested by Frogstar, discussion in pages 3-4)
    • Crafted from 2 nets, 1 rope, and 4 wood(subject to change.)
    • Can be placed outdoors.
    • When placed indoors, same usage as a bed, it's just a different style.
    • Outdoors, it'll "deactivate" itself upon respawning/recalling/leaving the world. Individually, of course - one player using it won't disable it for another.
    • It must be reactivated by right-clicking on it to set your spawn point again. This prevents people recalling back and forth between a main bed and a secondary respawn point deep underground, or spawning at the hammock upon entering the world.
    Fishing Net(suggested by Per Øyvind Nygård)
    • Crafted from a net and wood.
    • Basically a net on a hoop and handle, like a butterfly net.
    • Can be used to catch non-hostile fish!
    • Limited usefulness until more fish are implemented.
    Zipline Glider(suggested by zephyrdragoon and Zoey)
    • Crafted from 5 iron and 1 piton
    • When selected in the hotkey bar, the glider is held up high, like the breathing reed.
    • Normally the player falls right through a rope, but with the glider in hand, it will catch on, suspending the player. If the rope is stretched diagonally, the player slides down the rope!
    • The player may jump from this suspended position. If the glider is still selected, falling through the rope again will once again suspend the player.
    • Press Down or select another item to drop down.
    • No fall damage at the bottom of the zipline, even at high speeds!
    • See discussion on page 6.
    Updated with suggestions and adjustments. Recent additions in maroon.

    I need sprites for these! If you'd like to help, please send me a private message!
  2. Aphillise_Chaos Green Slime

    I love this idea. I just do. Can't say why.
  3. Mataclysm Piranha

    Updated with another rule for pitons. Please support!
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  4. Per Øyvind Nygård Green Slime

  5. Mataclysm Piranha

    Awesome. Any suggestions, guys? More uses for rope, maybe?
  6. Frogstar Green Slime

    If rope can be crafted like you're suggesting, how about using it to make a hammock? It'd be awesome to string between two trees, especially if you have a tree farm like I do on my house. Could even replace beds or be used as an alternate bed.
  7. Mataclysm Piranha

    Good idea. Updated original post with that, more new items and more uses! Net Launcher!
  8. Krazykorn Green Slime

    Very detailed, one of the best ideas someone has come up with in quite a while. Perhaps you can use the rope and use as a lasso to tie up animals?
  9. Mataclysm Piranha

    That's what I was thinking, too, it was suggested to me privately by Frogstar. Such animals aren't in the game(yet?) however. Sheep would be cool to have, and the possible uses for wool are endless.
  10. Krazykorn Green Slime

    Then the lasso could turn into the leash? Even though, there's not very many animals in the game yet you could always make it so the rope acts like a leash. That way, you can have your very own pet bunny or even a goldfish!

    Or pet shark, fine by me....
  11. Sackofblacks Green Slime

    Good suggestion, in fact, I was thinking of a somewhat similar idea. I've always thought this game needed some more variety in the mechanics section. But my mind usually travels with those sorts of ideas, after all, the game is just over a month old :p
  12. Per Øyvind Nygård Green Slime

    Rope ladders. I guess it's really just a different style for regular ladders (which will hopefully be added at some point), but it's nice to have alternatives. Also, rope ladders doesn't require a work bench, but regular ladders do. Or something. =P
  13. Frogstar Green Slime

    I want a pet bunneh. If they don't implement this I will be sad. :C
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  14. Mataclysm Piranha

    I thought I had mentioned ladders. Fixed!
  15. West Eskimo Zombie

    I support this idea. Lots of interesting mechanics to come from this. I would also rather see rope bridges then sky bridges just because it will look better and more realistic.

    If you built sky bridges with using rope bridges then maybe metorite wouldn't hit them. I know there has to be two points but it could still be done.

    Ropes and rope bridges would be a very cool theme for a treehouse base.

    If you could attatch heavy objects to one end and have the phyics lift the lighter end, could be used for getting up and down places like a pully system...
  16. Sackofblacks Green Slime

    How about fuses, to craft bombs with? (Of course other things will be needed) but since you've covered so many ideas its the best I could think of!
  17. Mataclysm Piranha

    Ahaha. Place a barrel of gunpowder, attach rope, stretch to desired length, light by swinging a torch! Explosion twice the size of dynamite.
  18. Per Øyvind Nygård Green Slime

    I was thinking more actual ladders (either made entirely from rope, or from rope and wood), than just leaving the ropes in place, though. Another difference between rope ladders and regular ladders could be that regular ladders can be built from the ground up, but rope ladders can only be built downwards from wooden platforms or something similar.
  19. West Eskimo Zombie

    Now that is cool.

    As for the rope ladder idea. How about a ladder that can be rolled up or rolled down as desired... a ladder from your tower and roll it up if you don't want anyone else to be able to get up there.
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  20. Mataclysm Piranha

    You have a point. I'd go for wooden steps linked with rope. How about two ropes and 30 wooden platforms to craft a 50ft ladder?

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