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  1. himthecool21 Green Slime

    I love to play adventure maps in terraria so I started working on an rpg/adventure map.
    I started working on it I think it does a pretty good job the thing is that this map isn't the best but has some unique stuff in it.
    Cool Features:
    I tryed my best to give it a rpg look so I added some quests ofcourse it's pretty brutal and I have to trust the player that he will first compelte the task and then take the reward
    It has some tricky puzzles in it
    Best played in 4 players otherwise it's extremly hard.
    Pick only one class you'll know what I mean when you get in the game.
    You are allowed to cut wood and place it ony when told so.
    Start with a new char and the rest are eafult rules.


    Play Time:20 minutes

    I hope you'll like my map more to come in the next update
    Your feedback is appreciated.
    Here's the download link :http://www.mediafire.com/?c9e66o5php9jhzg
  2. smukke12348 Green Slime

    i need more pics to join it
  3. himthecool21 Green Slime

    This is all you get you have to explore it !
  4. smukke12348 Green Slime

    sorry i will not take it so this picture looks a normal house :I
  5. himthecool21 Green Slime

    Such a newb.
  6. hignos Demon Eye

    im ging to try now ^^
    i'll edit my post when i end and i'll post some pics too
    Time wasted to complete 29 mins
    completed all side quests and killed the boss
    some pics:

  7. himthecool21 Green Slime

    Thanks for posting thee pics for me I owe you.
    Can you please give me your feedback did you enjoy the map?
    This means alot for me.
  8. hignos Demon Eye

    Yeah the maps is cool but need more challenge ^^
    if u going to make a part 2 u shoulde make more jump,lava,water puzzles and make a history of the map ^^
    that should be awsome
  9. himthecool21 Green Slime

  10. himthecool21 Green Slime

    Let's do this.
  11. smukke12348 Green Slime

    i am not a newb i will not have virus so i take not all
    and i playing not maps from people there calling other people newbs
  12. hignos Demon Eye

    well you just can download and the scan for virus if u are afraid ¬¬
    if have virus just report to a moderator dont troll the topic please.
  13. smukke12348 Green Slime

    he call me newb if i will see pictures ^^
  14. hignos Demon Eye

    well no one can judge a map only because of the pic.
    not saying only for you but this is for everyone.
    Test the map first and then u can make a feedback just saying your opinion.
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  15. himthecool21 Green Slime

    You're still a newb.
  16. smukke12348 Green Slime

    your are noob
  17. himthecool21 Green Slime

    Arrogant and btw learn how to speak you said and I quote:your are? Wtf is that man?

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