Pre 1.2 Running tshock on gameranger (how to)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by ace/56, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. ace/56

    ace/56 Green Slime

    if you have seen people running tshock on gameranger like (box, R, me(PRO7) and you probably whant to know how... well open gameranger start a game, then once that game has opend and people are joining press esc and clik disconect then open tshock server and pres the num for your map, after that clik on the multyplayer button then click on host and play, then clik the map u have opend on ur tshock server and join typing ur /login password, once you have joined others will join and you can leave it going all day without coming back to see that the spawn is a helavator made with tnt or some HAX guy has turned ur house into an huge 100x100 block house of spikes by typing (.pt 48-.size 100) so i hope you can also use this to help combat the war on TERRA HAX and ban grifers for ever!

    Look out for 'PRO' on gameranger
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  2. Poster Dude

    Poster Dude Giant Worm

    Cool, thanks for the heads up.
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  3. uliks

    uliks Green Slime

    i think this is only for 1.1.1 version, becouse whit 1.1.1 i culd host Tshock on gameranger, but on 1.1.2 i cant.
    Can somone fix this, or make some guide who to do it. Becouse TerrariaServer (not even normal) can not be opened in Gameranger.
  4. ace/56

    ace/56 Green Slime

    i was using tshock v3.905
    and that is 1.1.2 and it worked fine
  5. ivogelezarov

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    You sir, just divided by zero.:D
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  6. makmoud98

    makmoud98 Angel Statue

    I made a video on how to do this on YouTube. Feel free to watch it if you can't understand his explanation.
    The link to it is here.
  7. GodlyProdigy

    GodlyProdigy Green Slime

    I got this to work and all on gameranger and i made myself superadmin but how do i make my friend a superadmin too. i googled and stuff and it said to try "/user <name>:<password> superadmin" but that didnt work and anotherone said to gin my user.txt but i dont havethat file in my folder.
  8. makmoud98

    makmoud98 Angel Statue

    Just give your friend the authcode
    You can find the authcode in a file called authcode.txt or you can see the authcode in the console right when you start your server.

    Edit: I believe the command is /auth <your server's auth code>

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