PC Running Your Own Server: With or Without Hamachi

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  1. confuzzledyma

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    We've already told you how fun it is to play with others on a multiplayer server; but how do you start hosting your own? Today we're showcasing two guides from the Terraria Online forums, written by member dlprentice and complete with comprehensive steps illustrated with helpful screenshots.

    The first guide describes setting up a server without Hamachi using a Linksys router for an example (assuming you're running Vista/Windows 7). Here's a quick rundown of what you need to do; detailed instructions with screenshots can be found at the guide's thread:


    ● Find your router IP for access, using www.portforward.com
    ● Log in to your router, forward your ports
    ● Disable Hamachi (if you have it)
    ● Make sure your firewall allows Terraria through
    ● Success!

    The second guide serves both as an easy newbie guide and a fallback for if the first guide doesn't work for you - it covers servers that connect through Hamachi. Here's another quick rundown; again, detailed instructions and screenshots may be found at the corresponding thread:


    ● If not done already, port forward using www.portforward.com
    ● Download Hamachi (Unmanaged)
    ● Set up a Hamachi network
    ● Configure your firewall to allow connections on the Terraria port
    ● Success!

    Hopefully these great guides send you successfully on your way to hosting a great Terraria multiplayer server. If you like the guides or have questions for the writer (dlprentice), be sure to reply to the guide threads!

    (No Hamachi) http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/correct-proper-server-guide-without-hamachi-win-7-vista.9560/
    (Hamachi) http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/correct-proper-server-guide-hamachi-win-7-vista.6402/
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  2. Serisho

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    tyvm! great guide of guides!
  3. borninla

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    @SneakyCorndog taught me how to do port forwarding. :)
  4. Mister Magical

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    It isn't very detailed, I could make a better one but I'm not sure if I should reveal my IP on a video. You forgot the part (or it wasn't very detailed) where you go into your advanced firewall settings, click new rule, port, 7777, next, next, and then name it. You do that with both TCP and UDP. I think this is an important thing that needs to be involved in the guide because when I made a server I had no idea that you had to do that.
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  5. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

  6. Chunjee

    Chunjee Green Slime

    When can we expect dedicated server software? Weeks? Months?

    Specifically I am interested in Linux Server Hosting.
  7. RageX.ca

    RageX.ca Green Slime

    Server start everytime on a random port thought... wondering if we can manually set it?
    Also might consider adding a DNS guide later on for example my friends connect to my 24/7 server on the IP terra.ragex.ca *not doing publicity its passworded and private anyway*
  8. XonoTheDude

    XonoTheDude Green Slime

    I have done everything it doesn't let me play multiplayer :( i always get this thing "A connection failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because" etc...

    please help i forward every port 7777 and 31337 and nothing i tried playing with hamachi nothing T-T
  9. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    If you have not forwarded your ports, you get another message than this. You get something like "the machine refused the connection".

    Your problem is something like you're not using the right IP to connect.
  10. XonoTheDude

    XonoTheDude Green Slime

    Can you help me or can u send me a like to check this?
  11. Legendary

    Legendary Green Slime

    Any help on Socket errors?

    (When hosting and others tries to connect.)
  12. Calthaer

    Calthaer Green Slime

    Blue has stated that full(er) Steam integration is coming in the next few weeks. I've never hosted a game server before, although I do have a Win2k8 domain running (so obviously port forwarding and the like isn't a problem). Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Hamachi plays very nicely with domains, which means that a lot of servers are out for me - since people seem to prefer this gimpy VPN program.

    I'm going to preemptively ask the following, hoping that, shortly after a patch comes that allows Steam dedicated servers and whatnot, they'll be answered, and I can get into the multiplayer of this awesome game (by hosting my own, 24/7, dedicated box for me and a few friends). I realize that we don't have any answers for this quite yet - just hoping that we get these answers when this becomes available.

    -Can we get a tutorial for how, exactly, this is done? I see some FAQs out there for dedicated Steam servers, (for instance: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6758-TCMF-2234) but some of them seem to differ...some indicate that you'll need a second Steam account, some are more like the aforelinked tutorial. I'm kind of hoping it can be done through the command line. In addition, all the basics mentioned in the current tutorials: which ports need to be opened / forwarded, etc.

    -Can we get some tips for how to optimize the Terraria server processes on a Windows server so that things run super-smoothly?

    -This one would be important for some, although maybe not for others (who don't have their own domain, or are running it on a home box): what are the minimum account permissions required for running the Terraria dedicated server process? Can it be run as a process without having someone logged in to the machine?

    -How exactly would it work for users connecting to the Terraria dedicated box from a local connection? This might be more of a generic Steam API question...they mention something like this here:

    but I'd just like the clarification.

    Again, this is all a preemptive request for information, as I realize that none of this is in the game as of today. Thanks for making an awesome game!
  13. loco_poco_zombie

    loco_poco_zombie Green Slime

    i died all the steps for non hamachi i let the firewall get terraria up and i get a error message saying something like connect to server or something like that.
  14. XonoTheDude

    XonoTheDude Green Slime

    We need help to connect to other people please help developers D:!!
  15. Goodpancakes

    Goodpancakes Green Slime

    Describe your network in greater detail.

    What OS are you running,
    Is Windows Firewall running? Are other Firewalls running?
    How is your computer connected to the internet? (for example compiter -> switch -> router -> internet)
    Are you in a situation where you are not completely in control of your internet? (for example are you at a University/School network)
  16. colinjay9000

    colinjay9000 Penguin

    How do i log into my router?
  17. Mirzero

    Mirzero Green Slime

    Every router is different...
    Really, you'll have to look at the documentation for your specific router and/or call the manufacturer's support line.

    If you're a little more of a DIY person... just Google your router model number and "port forward" and you should find some help.
  18. peRv | WTF

    peRv | WTF Green Slime

    frankly the whole process is redundant, why couldnt have connecting a friends server been standardized like the rest of the multiplayer online games out there? not gonna bother playing until they fix this tbh, as i dont have the time to fiddle with my router and other network settings...
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  19. Bawb

    Bawb Squirrel

    Hey Confuzzledyma,

    How do I login to my router?
  20. Blue Lit

    Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    Dude, not only you dug up an old thread, your postin' your stupid wee server on a thread thats about RUNNING servers W/O Hamachi, NOT a thread to show your Freakin' Servers!

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